WB Games Insanely All In To Embrace Live-Service Model

Y’all know how we feel about WB Games pushing the live-service model in the Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League, right? Well, guess what?! Even after the abysmal reception, the forced discount, and us doing our best with alternative games to help you overcome Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, they’re not backing down.

Oh, well, if that’s the case, time to unleash the fanboyism on these thick-headed business executives sharing a single brain cell. We’re gonna spell things out today, so even someone with a little bit of common sense will get why this approach is a disaster. Let’s roll!

The Gold Rush Era Of Live-Service Is Over, Especially For WB Games

Live-service games are a dying breed, WB!

Let’s get this out the way first: WB Games are chasing a dying trend that gamers are fed up with. We’ve got statistics to back this up. So, ya know, we’re not blowing hot air here, no, that’s David Zaslav, CEO of WB Discovery’s job. In case you didn’t know, he’s the head honcho making the calls for more live-service push in every WB’s games, too.

The idea behind the live-service model or the GaaS model is to get players to play your games daily. You monetize in-game items and cosmetics, then throw in a subscription to milk the fanbase as much as you can. The out-of-touch executives like David Zaslav and his like-minded gaming division’s overseer, J.B. Perrette, are so clueless that they can’t see the forest for the trees. Or they’re just stubborn fools.

There’s no point in chasing success in the live-service gaming market because it’s oversaturated. Every successful title that’s caught on has the market cornered, and now there’s not enough room to compete with giants like Fortnite, GTA Online, CS2, and Apex Legends. Hell, those games have followings with pros who make the games compelling to watch in 2024.

The Executives At WB Games Clearly Aren’t Reading The Room

Here’s some context and a few bombshells. Hogwarts Legacy, one of the premier offerings of 2023, and a standalone AAA WB single-player title broke sales records. We’re talking 22 million units by the end of last year, and just in January alone, those figures climbed up to 24 million. Impressive as heck, right? It’s no rocket science; money maker equals good! 

Now, look at Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League numbers, a 2024 title that was in development after Batman Arkham Knight. The game is a travesty to the Arkham Trilogy from Rocksteady Studios. Leaving aside that Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has a heavy live service dump in its DNA, WB Games executives admitted that the title is a colossal commercial failure.

But what do those in charge do? Instead of making the rational decision of sticking to what works, sales-wise, and what the gamers want, the dinguses wanna double down on the strategy that didn’t work and embrace live-service elements as the new standard. The very one they self-admitted to as a failure. Now, do y’all see the problem? Seriously, what-the-fudge!

The Gamers Wallets Have Spoken, WB Games Should Know, Live-Service Isn’t The Answer

Look, we get it. Business-wise, it makes sense to have that golden goose you can have to keep the revenue stream flowing. But, the core design of most live-service elements is predatory and exploitative. That’s gonna have to change. Maybe look to Helldivers 2 free battle passes as the new normal standard in the gaming industry

Like, legitimately, if you wanna have good sales, make good games. Adding and making live-service the main component of every title WB Games is pushing for is definitely not it. The sales data is proof of this as the majority have spoken with their wallets. Now, unless WB wants to burn money, we suggest they get with the program.

On a related note, the awful, classless, and embarrassing way the narrative was handled didn’t sit right with the fan base in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. Like how difficult is it to hire competent writers? Ones who know how to respect the source material of your IPs with respect and proper care? Know what your audience wants, or they will fight back against force-fed agendas. Nuff said!

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s our rambling for today. The thickheadedness and sheer stupidity of WB Games business executives to embrace live-service knows no bounds, apparently. So, on behalf of fellow gamers who just wanna play one-and-done single-player titles and just have a good time, we’re championing your voice. Hopefully, the bigwigs and shareholders get the picture up the pressure to course correct.

Anyway, let’s end on a happy note, and we do mean happy; check out our list of the steamiest dating simulator romance games with great stories. You’re welcome~ we’re signing off now, so until next time, good night!

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