Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League On Discount At Amazon

Suicide Squad

Rocksteady GamesSuicide Squad: Kill The Justice League keeps facing one embarrassment after another. The game hasn’t even completed its three months, yet it already seems like it’s quickly becoming a burden for retailers and game shops.

Suicide Squad

There are few stores in the world that could be used as a benchmark for understanding and analyzing the demand for any product by any company, and surely Amazon is one of those. The game was listed on Amazon with a whopping AAA-standard game price of almost $70 ($69.99 to be exact), but Warner Bros. has dropped their price to $49.99, which is almost a $20 price drop. For the type of game it is, $49.99 is still too much, and this price is still preposterous, to say the least.

It’s not about being too harsh towards the game; it simply doesn’t qualify as the kind of game that could be put in line with the rest of the AAA games, even from a couple of years back. So much so that even Warner Bros.’s financial team termed the game a failure for ‘not meeting the expectations of the fans’.

This news comes after previous reports of a decline in the number of gamers returning to play the game on Steam servers. The game just keeps hitting big ‘rocks’ and is not getting ‘steady’ at all.

Even though Rocksteady Games must have been trying its level best to get gamers back, which they likely are. They have just reported some updates regarding adding more content to the game, such as introducing a new character who appears to be Joker.

One must not resist but try to make connections with Marvel’s Avengers. It almost feels like a repeat of how that game went down: first the issues and bugs, the live service aspect, too much happening in the game, lowering of the prices, forceful new content to woo gamers back, but eventually the game ending up being taken off. Let’s just hope that the Joker does not end up becoming what Spider-Man was for Marvel’s Avengers—a mere attempt to attract players with a character that will always resonate with fans.

Sucide Squad

EsportsNext seems to be proven right on every prediction we made about the game. We had predicted everything that is happening with the game in our review article.


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