Pokemon GO New Season World of Wonders Highlights

A new season has already started the next chapter of Pokemon GO and the World Of Wonders includes many new Pokemon debuts, rewards, Battle League format and much more for players to enjoy going into this month and the next few. The Pokemon GO new season has already started with the newest addition of Charcadet and its evolutions and even a new Pikachu Costume with a pose and a signature move already available in the game, and moving onward there are new Shadow Pokemon, new Special Research featuring a popular Ultra Beast Pokemon from the Alola Region, new Community Day dates, seasonal rotation and much more all of which we’ve included here to give you the big picture about everything to enjoy in the World of Wonders.

Poipole in Pokemon GO New Season

The newest Special Research available to all players that log into the game right now and check their Research Tab gives them the way to befriend Poipole, the Poison Type Ultra Beast Pokemon that first debuted in Gen 7 titles, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Players could also know about it through the Pokemon Anime, where Ash befriended a Poipole of his own during his time in the Alola Region.

Poipole is a rare Pokemon not available in many games, and its evolution has a unique Type Matchup of Dragon and Poison Types. Poipole and Naganadel both are special Pokemon in the sense they’re not available in a normal manner even through the mainline games that have them, hence it’s more reason for players to get Poipole in Pokemon GO’s new season.

Poipole Pokemon Anime

The World of Wonders Special Research will be available to all Pokemon GO players that log in and check their Research Tab between March 1st 2024 10 AM and June 1st 2024 10 PM. The research will slowly unlock over this whole new season to give players a new Pokemon.

This Pokemon can be considered a Mythical or a legendary Pokemon because of its rarity and its inclusion in a full-fledged Special Research of the whole season. With its high Special Attack and Speed Stat and unique Type Matchup after evolving into Naganadel, it is one of the most formidable Pokemon to use in Pokemon GO for player battles as well as raids. The research is completely free, so it is very beneficial for players to give the game a go right now when the new season has just started, with plenty more content and rewards coming later through the next couple of months in the game.

To move ahead from the main Special research, players are also getting the Legendary Beasts, Entei, Suicune and Raikou as Shadow Pokemon.

Legendary Beasts as Shadow Pokemon

The Three Legendary Beasts of the Johto Region, Raikou, Suicune and Entei are coming alongside their shiny form debuts in Shadow Raids in Pokemon GO’s new season. Seemingly coming in multiple games, even in Pokemon Sleep, for the whole duration of the World of Wonders, 5 Star Shadow Raids will be happening on the weekends that will include this trio of Pokemon which players can defeat in order to add them to their collection.

Other raids will also be happening throughout the season, and there’s a chance these Pokemon could also come outside of their fixed timeframe on Saturdays and Sundays ahead. All three Pokemon are very strong and would be great additions as Shadow Pokemon, which gives them a big boost to their offensive power on top of their already legendary strength.

Players that participate and defeat them in raids will also have a chance to encounter them in their shiny forms which is great for shiny collectors, so this news is pleasant for all Pokemon GO players.

Alongside Poipole and Shadow Legendary Beasts, there’s much more to look forward to in the new Pokemon Go season.

Pokemon Go New Season Wonder Ticket

A new purchasable Seasonal Ticket for this new Pokemon Go season is the Wonder Ticket, available for $9.99 USD. It will give players a three-way Timed Seasonal Research that will give them many season-themed rewards. Each new part of the ticket will be revealed with each new month of the season going towards its conclusion that players can look to complete slowly or together at the season’s end.

Players can purchase the Ticket before June 1st 2024 and when the season ends on June 14th that will be the concluding time to obtain all the Ticket rewards in the game, so it’s recommendable that players buy it at the earliest right now as it’s already available since March 1st.

This does act as a Timed Research instead of a permanent Special Research so players need to complete it within this season to get all the rewards.

The reward contents from the first part of the Wonder Ticket include many rewards such as a special Poipole-themed avatar item, encounters with seasonal Pokemon, plenty of ingame items such as Premium Battle Passes, Lucky Eggs, Star Pieces and more to start things off. The 2nd and 3rd parts will come with their own rewards from the same purchased ticket that players can look to pursue and complete in the next three months.

Players can purchase the ticket either ingame or directly from the Pokemon Go Web Store over here, the latter giving a bonus of 2 Premium Battle Passes. The Web Store Wonder Ticket will be available till the same date as the one from the ingame shop, so players have till June 1st to make their choice. Regardless if they buy this or not, there’s much more to enjoy for completely free in World of Wonders, Pokemon GO’s new season.

Community Days

There can’t be any season or Pokemon GO without its signature Community Days coming through every month. Featuring mass appearances of the featured Pokemon, these days are perfect for players to get together and get some popular Pokemon and plenty of candy to make them grow. These days come with their own unique rewards, bonuses and much more so it’s a fan favourite time of the month to go out and play Pokemon GO together with friends.

For World of Wonders, the dates have already been set for March, April and May’s Community Days, as well as a special Community Day Classic also coming in April.

The dates for the upcoming Community Days across the Pokemon GO new season are the following:

March Community Day: 16th March.
April Community Day Classic: 7th April.
April Community Day: 20th April.
May Community Day: 19th May.

The March Community is arriving in 10 days and the featured Pokemon has already been announced, being the Alolan Fire Starter Pokemon Litten. The Fire Cat Pokemon will be arriving with its signature move for Incineroar later this month, so mark your calendar if you’d like to play on March’s Litten Community Day.

Seasonal Rotations

Breakthrough Research:

The newest rotations for Research Breakthrough encounters will reward players with new Pokemon by completing tasks. They can get Pokemon like Hisuian Sneasel, Goomy, and Furfrou as well as Jangmo-o, Dubwool and Sandygast. There will also be a chance to encounter shiny forms of the first three if players are lucky.


There are many new spawns for various biomes, including cities, forests, mountains and more.

Pokemon Go new season

Spawns for cities include Gardivoir, Scraggy, Purrloin, Gulpin and more. Spawns for forests include grass types like Fomantis, Phantump, and Jumpluff as well as others like Pawmi, Dewpider, Elgyem, Absol and more. Mountain places will have Phanpy, Magcargo, Carbink, Noibat and more. Beaches and places close to water bodies will have Inkay, Clauncher, Shuckle, Surskit, Clamperl and more. Many of these have their shiny forms also available in the game.

There is also a new lineup of Pokemon coming in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, with the North taking up Pokemon like the Gen 5 Starters that are Oshawott, Tepig, and Snivy as well as others like Litleo, Bagon, Mawile, Hisuian Growlithe and more. The South will get Johto Starters that include Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile as well as Hisuian Voltorb, Skarmory, Larvitar, Elektrike and more.


For eggs, 2KM eggs would carry Larvesta, Solosis, Togepi, Gothita and more, 5km eggs will have Sableye, Larvesta, Strelp Roggenrola and more as well as Adventure Sync rewards including Archen, Mantyke, Gligar, Tirtouga and more. 7km eggs will have many Galarian forms such as Galarian Slowpoke, Galarian Fartetch’d, Galarian Stunfisk as well as Alolan Vulpix, Paldean Wooper and more. Route rewards from these will have Hisuian Growlithe, Paldean Wooper, Hisuian Sneasel, Pawniart and more. Lastly, 10km eggs will have a chance to contain Charcadet (Only after its debut on March 11th), Turtinator, Goomy, Larvesta, Frigibax and more and Adventure Sync rewards will land players many Pokemon like Dratini, Deino, Gangmo-o and more.

There is a full lineup of new spawns, hatches and encounters in all forms in the Pokemon GO new season so there is plenty of reason for players to come back and play the game if they’ve grown tired of the same old previous spawns.

Pokemon GO New Season’s Battle League

There will be new Battle Leagues, new rewards and much more for players wanting a new competitive experience from the game, with leagues like Ultra Premier, Master Premier and more, as well as a new Spring Cup, a Jungle Cup, and more coming soon to the game in the new season. Rewards include Pikachu Libre, many Fighting Type Pokemon and even new Avatar items based on the Alolan character Hala. Some Moves are getting balanced and new Movesets are being added to many Pokemon as well that players can view on the official Pokemon GO website.

Overall, everyone can have a brand new refreshed experience if they look to play Pokemon GO with the new season in tow.

There’s been plenty of things to enjoy in the past three months, and there’s no stopping now with the next three looking equally nice if not even better than the previous.

Stay tuned to our website for more on Pokemon and other things gaming. If you’re more of a fan of other Pokemon things such as the mainline videogame titles and more, we have plenty of coverage for those as well so be sure to check out all that we have on Esportsnext.

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