Pokemon GO X Pokemon Horizons Adding Charcadet Evolutions

The Pokemon Presents stream included a new announcement featuring a collaboration of two different Pokemon media, the upcoming new Pokemon Anime and Pokemon GO, coming with new events and new debuts for the popular mobile title soon next month. The Pokemon GO x Pokemon Horizons Event brings fan favourite Evolutions of the Paldean Pokemon Charcadet, with Amarouge and Ceruledge both getting added to the game, a new look for Pikachu as it appears in the new anime, alongside a full event happening right now and another coming ahead soon in the game.

How to get Charcadet, Amarouge and Ceruledge in Pokemon GO

The newest Pokemon GO season, World of Wonders, comes with Charcadet as the face of the starting line, its two evolutions coming to the game from March 5th to March 11th where players can hatch it from 2km, 5km and 10km eggs in the game. Only this event lasting in the above-mentioned timeframe will allow players to hatch Charcadet from these eggs, and after the event concludes the Pokemon will be available only through 10km eggs.

Other Pokemon that hatch from 2km, 5km and 10km eggs still do have a chance to hatch as well, so players would need to have some luck and need to do some grinding to get Charcadet.

The evolution for this Pokemon will work according to requirements based on the Type Matchup of Amarouge and Ceruledge.

Amarouge is a Fire/Psychic Type Pokemon and players will be able to get it by evolving Charcadet by making it their Buddy Pokemon and defeating 30 Psychic Type Pokemon.

Charcadet Evolution Pokemon GO

Similarly, Ceruledge being a Fire/Ghost Type Pokemon, will require players to make Charcadet their buddy and defeat 30 Ghost Type Pokemon in the game.

Charcadet Pokemon GO

Players don’t necessarily need to defeat Pokemon with Charcadet itself, it only needs to be a Buddy Pokemon. This is how the three newest debuts from Paldea are making their way to Pokemon GO. These Pokemon were previously only available in the mainline Pokemon titles, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, where Amarouge was exclusive to Scarlet via an exclusive item that makes Charcadet evolve, and Ceruledge the same way having its exclusive Evolution Item in Violet.

These Pokemon are one of the most popular Paldean Pokemon among the fanbase and it is certainly an incentive for players to be able to get them in Pokemon GO now. So those who like the Pokemon and want to add them to their Pokemon GO roster, or for some reason weren’t able to purchase and play Pokemon Scarlet or Violet on the Nintendo Switch, this is the perfect time to get them.

How To Get Captain Pikachu in Pokemon GO

To go alongside Charcadet and its evolutions, Pikachu is also getting a new look and pose to commemorate the character from Pokemon Horizons, Captain Pikachu, who wears a Captain’s Hat and is a trusted partner of a character from the anime.

Pikachu wearing a Captain’s Hat will spawn as a costume Pokemon when throughout the event duration. What’s more, is that its shiny form will also be available to lucky players that can encounter one. There’s also a brand new Featured Attack being added to Pokemon GO that is Pikachu’s signature move in the Pokemon Anime, Volt Tackle.

Pikachu wearing the Captain’s Hat will know the Charged Move Volt Tackle that has a 90 Attack Damage in Trainer Battles and Gyms, but in Trainer Battles, it decreases the Defense Stat by 1 Stage. This is the same move that Ash’s Pikachu used and is the same signature move Captain Pikachu from Pokemon Horizons knows and uses.

Charcadet Event Bonuses and More

Alongside Charcadet hatching from eggs, there are also two more bonuses active during the event.

Players will get 2x XP from hatching Pokemon during the event time, and Team GO Rocket Balloons will be appearing more frequently in Pokemon GO. This would allow players to face opponents that can help them grind the requirements needed to evolve Charcadet into Amarouge or Ceruledge.

There will also be a special Snapshot view during the event that will feature characters from the anime, so players would like to try out that function during the event.


Just bonuses and the above-mentioned things are not all, there will also be many spawns featuring Paldean Starter Pokemon and more coming with the event in the ingame overworld.

The Pokemon Duecoco, Quaxly and Sprigatito will spawn in the overworld alongside Pawmi, Nosepass and Scyther.
Additionally, rarer spawns include Pikachu wearing Captain’s hat as mentioned above alongside Beldum and Alolan Grimer.
Out of these, all Pokemon aside from the three Paldean starters and Pawmi will also have their shiny forms available in the game.

Charcadet will not be a regular spawn and will only be available as a hatchable Pokemon, an unfortunate thing for players as they would need to grind a bit in order to get it and its evolutions.

Field Research

Field Research Rewards will include many featured Pokemon that appear in Pokemon Horizons. The full list of Pokemon appearing from clearing Event Themed Field Research is the following;

  • Pikachu wearing the Captain’s Hat.
  • Sprigatito.
  • Fuecoco.
  • Quaxly.
  • Skarmory.
  • Rockruff.
  • Golduck.

Pikachu, Skarmory and Rockruff will also have a chance to be shiny through this Field Research Reward Encounter.


Raids will get an update to 1 Star and 3 Star Raids in the game.

1 Star Raids: These will include Pikachu wearing the Captain’s Hat as a Raid Pokemon as an alternate way to get the special costume Pokemon during the event. Aside from Pikachu, there will be Rhyhorn and Rockruff also available in one-star raids.
All these 1 Star Raid Pokemon will have their shiny form available in the game as well so players could get lucky after defeating one in raids.
3 Star Raids: Three Star Raids will feature Chansey, Noctowl and Metagross as Raid Pokemon during the event. These Pokemon make an appearance in Pokemon Horizons which is why they’re the featured Raid Pokemon for the start of the new season and the collaboration event.
Chansey will have its shiny form also available.

Lastly, an Event Showcase will also be spawning in the game featuring event-themed Pokemon, so players should keep an eye out for one to get some exclusive showcase rewards.

There is also a new Item bundle via the Pokemon GO Web store that includes Premium Battle Passes, Super Incubators and Remote Raid Passes already available as a purchasable item, and it will be available till the end of the event on March 11.

This is all that the newest collaboration event of Pokemon GO with Pokemon Horizons brings to the table for players of the game. The anime will be premiering on Netflix on March 7th in English, so for those interested in that they can check the link over here. The newest season will bring plenty of new content ahead to Pokemon GO players so this event is only the beginning.

There’s also more happening in Pokemon such as the newest Pokemon game, Pokemon Legends ZA being announced in the Pokemon Presents Stream on Pokemon Day, a surprising moment as nobody was considering the Kalos Region and Gen 6 being taken instead of Gen 5 games, along with updates for other Pokemon titles like Pokemon Sleep and more.

Check out our website for all else that we have on Pokemon and more. Stay tuned for future news on Pokemon GO and everything else gaming.

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