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Pokemon Sleep

The Good Sleep Day is a mechanic that has been added to Pokemon Sleep, coming at the end of every month that is in cycle with the Lunar cycle, and with it comes a big bonus that players can use to get as much as 2 times the Sleeping Score, and possibly even more.

This is a full guide on everything that players need to know about the Good Sleep Day in the game, as well as everything that can affect their score to get them big scores and more Pokemon appearances.

Month’s End:

Pokemon Sleep’s Good Sleep Day is normally a three-day event that gives a boost to Snorlax’s strength, the number that calculates the kind and amount of Pokemon that appear after a Sleep Cycle, bonus EXP to Pokemon the player is using in his team, and Sleep Points. The Good Sleep Day acts as a multiplier to the Snorlax Strength, and the main day gives the highest multiplier.

Of three days, the main day usually has a 2x Multiplier, with the other days having a 1.5x multiplier. This makes it especially useful to play the game and run sleep cycles by the end of the month, and more so if they align with the end of the week where players would have the highest accumulated Snorlax strength.

Aside from the multiplier, there are also bonus Sleep Points given out during the same timeframe. Players can stock up to get some useful items in the game, such as a Master Cookie and much more. It’s only benefit that comes out of playing Pokemon Sleep during a Good Sleep Day.

The variety of Pokemon is the highest and can give 8 whole appearances if players combine the score with a Good Sleep Day.

Additionally, the Good Sleep Day is an added mechanic that benefits from other events in Pokemon Sleep. And since the developers are consistently giving new content as well as special events, players could almost always have a timeframe to take advantage of both, getting the most out of the Good Sleep Day and an ongoing event in the game.

Sometimes, the Good Sleep Day itself gets added days and added multiplier rates so it’s always a good idea to check the game to see the details for every month’s end.

How To Get The Most Out Of Good Sleep Day In Pokemon Sleep:

It’s the simplest thing ever to take advantage of a Good Sleep Day in the game.

Whenever there is one, the game will show it on the screen in some form, usually as a small window icon at the bottom when players have the mobile game app open. When another event is ongoing, it could usually be shown as a small icon on the right side, but in any case, it will be visible so players can always know when it is active.

When a Good Sleep Day is active, players just simply need to record their sleep cycle as they usually do in Pokemon Sleep. The day where it is active will automatically record their cycle, and when players wake up and conclude it to get the score, it will have the multiplier boost up the score. That’s simply it.

The multiplied score will affect the Pokemon that will show after the sleep cycle and will also get lots of Sleep Points to use in the ingame shop, and this is where players will get the most out of Pokemon Sleep and the Good Sleep Day mechanic.

Additionally, Good Sleep Day also brings along exclusive Boxes in the ingame shop that are purchasable with diamonds. These include items that would give an even higher bonus of Good Sleep Day if they’re used by stacking the bonuses together, so players that are willing to give some money can get even more out of the game.

Pokemon Sleep

Since the Good Sleep Day comes only once a month, players should look to actively use the Pokemon app by the end of the month. This isn’t the only thing that would incentivise players to play Pokemon Sleep, there are plenty of other great new events and content coming through so players can always see something unique in the game, and even without them, the game is a very convenient app to track a person’s sleep cycle, only benefitting from their daily slumber by progressing through the game, getting new Pokemon, and overall enjoying another unique title in the Pokemon franchise.

The Best Sleep:

Overall, this is just another enjoyable software app that users can enjoy on their mobile phones. The Pokemon Company has certainly made Pokemon Sleep a unique application that merges the aspects of a videogame title and a sleep tracking application, and so far, they’re proving to add plenty of content to it for users to enjoy, and hopefully, it would remain so for the foreseeable future.

With Pokemon Day here in just a few hours, Pokemon fans can be hopeful that there will be plenty of news and reveals coming from the Pokemon Company for its various games, maybe even including Pokemon Sleep. Even if not, the Pokemon Presents stream would probably definitely have something to show coming to the franchise later this year, so it’s a good time to be excited for a Pokemon fan.

For more on Pokemon, check out the franchise’s official website. Pokemon Sleep players can also check out the game’s X/Twitter page which regularly covers everything new coming to the game. We ourselves also cover the biggest franchise in the world regularly so check out other Pokemon articles we’ve written for its various titles including mainline ones, mobile titles, and much more.


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