Pokemon Day Arrival This Month Amassing Fan Hype and Hopes

Pokemon Day is right around the corner, and with it comes another year full of hopes of brand new announcements from The Pokemon Company for what lies ahead. A Pokemon Presents stream is the basis for everything new coming our way, so fans are already convinced one is arriving later this month, with a few special announcements based on rumours and easter eggs players have found in the most recent content additions to Pokemon games and more.

There’s plenty of talk about which new game would be coming to mainline titles, as well as any new updates to currently running games of the franchise and much more among fans, and we’re here to go through all that people are thinking about and wanting from a potentially upcoming announcement stream from The Pokemon Company.

A general idea of all that players are hoping for the special day through a Presents Stream is all kinds of updates about the latest games such as mobile titles, currently ongoing games on the Nintendo Switch and a few more updates on different media. One thing seems certain for sure though, that everyone is expecting a new Pokemon game coming potentially at the end of this year.

There’s talk about the same old streak GameFreak has been following since the beginning where every other game after a new-gen game is a remake. And going through with that manner of new releases by GameFreak, the next title is looking to be Pokemon Black and White, or Black 2 and White 2 which came on the Nintendo DS. Since there have been new modes of games like Let’s Go and Pokemon Legends Arceus also released to a great reception, there’s talk about the chance a new game could be either a new Let’s Go title or a Legends title as well.

It’s just that time of the year that fans are speculating and hoping for their own kind of favourite Pokemon game, with others just hoping that GameFreak has something good up their sleeves.

Black and White Remakes?

To go over the first and the most likely option, it’s Black and White’s turn to get remade this time around. It’s still in question whether the games will be coming with modern updates or if will they be more similar to the originals like how Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl were to Diamond and Pearl.

Fans weren’t too happy with the above-mentioned games as compared to other remakes as the modern updates added more layers to the gameplay and added some fresh feel to the remade games. This is how people feel about other remade titles such as Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire for Ruby and Sapphire, which came with the added content of Emerald and even then some, like Mega Evolution and more. Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver are also considered some of the best Pokemon titles made because of the modern updates it had on top of the base game of Gold and Silver.

If we take into account which kind of remake players and fans would want, many more say they’d like to have modern remakes over similar ones to the originals. Centroleaks, a profile that is known to cover rumours and leaks about the franchise and Nintendo in general, even made a poll to ask viewers which choice they’d prefer;

While ILCA took over to develop Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, GameFreak did play and got done with a game which many consider the best Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch, Legends Arceus. The game took a new formula over the same one that the franchise has been following since the beginning, and it was praised by critics and fans alike. Since Legends Arceus came from the base Sinnoh Region from Diamond and Pearl, it could be something that would repeat this time around, as a Legends game could come with remakes similar to the original Black and White.

There have been plenty of easter eggs in the latest content for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet through the DLC, which had bits of Unova’s and Black and White’s content in one form or another. Areas were similar to areas in the original games, and a new OST for Scarlet and Violet DLC has a remade version of Black and White’s OST. Hence it is very likely Black and White are coming in one form or another ahead.

Since there is no news of what lies at the end of the year for the franchise right now, the next Pokemon Presents will contain information, and that’s on this February’s Pokemon Day.

A Pokemon Legends Game?

Pokemon Legends Arceus opened a window of evolution and innovation which fans have wanted for a very long time for Pokemon. The game took on an open-world feel, although the base game had areas instead of a full world, the feel worked as well as it could and it was the first experience for Pokemon fans. The game proved to be a great hit, with the critic and fan reception highly positive, and compared to other Pokemon titles on the Nintendo Switch, it stands with the best score. Hence now fans want another Legends game for another region, and since Black and White are on the table, for Unova.

There are even fanmade trailers for Pokemon Legends Kyurem and Celebii which show how a Legends game would take the Unova and Johto region, just adding to the hype and the want of a new Legends title.

If we do get a new Legends game, it will undoubtedly make the Legends series a true wish that fans would want regular games in the future after every few years by the looks of the first game and its impact.

It is a thought to think about the timeline for a Legends title for Unova, as the region is known for its modern take and design which based the original games in a very Urban setting as well. This leads to the speculation that we might actually have something completely new, something like a title that’s set in the future instead of the past like Legends Arceus. This leads us to the idea that Pokemon Black 3 or White 3, or a game that takes on a new direction, could be coming.

Black 3 White 3?

This is based on a few small ideas fans have had and shared on social media and subreddits, a game that is a complete redo and a mix of the Legends Innovation and the Modern feel of the original Pokemon Black and White or Black 2 and White 2. This would technically make it a sequel to the older titles if the setting is fixed in the future after the events of Black and White and Black 2 and White 2. This leaves room for many new things, and would potentially be an experimental try for GameFreak if they take the direction, making it something that would lead to how the 10th Gen of Pokemon games would be.

It’s a big question right now that exactly what would be the next Generation of Pokemon that would top the Open World and the current state of mainline Pokemon titles as they are with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. There is a fan theory that GameFreak plays an experimental try with each game to get a directive of how a Pokemon title coming right after would be, so it could definitely add up with the case being a completely new Pokemon game unlike any yet released.

Obviously, this one sparks the biggest discussion among fans as there is room for everyone to demand their points and ideas, that finally a game would be something that would truly blow fans away and would be one of the best Pokemon games released yet. There is a big critique on GameFreak for being very subpar with the franchise’s games as compared to other acclaimed games in the Industry. This isn’t just in comparison to other companies’ games, but Nintendo Switch titles themselves, as players point out the lack of polish, graphics and even performance for Pokemon games. Hence everyone wants something that is as close to perfect as a Pokemon game can be, something that addresses all the critiques and fulfils all the desires of fans, however unpractical they are. It can however at least be a really great polished title that stands as one of the best videogames released in the modern day.

So right now, time will tell what news comes on Pokemon Day and what the next Pokemon game will be.

Pokemon Day Updates:

Speaking of new games for the franchise and Pokemon Presents Streams, there’s obviously so much happening already in the franchise, with various different things coming in various media, new TCG cards, new plushes, pins, merchandise, and even Tournaments, as well as news of Pokemon anime and films, current Pokemon titles on mobile phones, and also content updates for Switch games like Scarlet and Violet. If there does come a Presents stream on Pokemon Day, it will most probably provide many updates for everything going on in the world of Pokemon.

Popular mobile games and apps such as Pokemon GO, Pokemon Unite and more would be providing new events and more, and if they’ve been announced already, the Presents Stream would also add reminders so as to give viewers the full package of all the current and upcoming content coming in the world of Pokemon.

This means Pokemon Day will have something for all its fans, so it’s just a great time to be one.

Pokemon Day 2024 and The Future:

With the current mainline Pokemon games reaching their conclusions and with the Nintendo Switch itself coming to the end of its life cycle, there is also the rumour and news leak that Nintendo is about to announce the successor console to the Nintendo Switch. This means the next games could potentially be available on the next console. Eventually, there will come a time afterwards when the shift will be made to the next console and Pokemon games will then take advantage of the new console’s exclusivity and power to run and play future Pokemon games.

Exactly how will GameFreak improve what it’s already doing with mainline Pokemon games, and how will the future look for the company? Players and fans can judge for themselves as time passes and we actually reach that stage. For now, fans can hope relatively safely based on all the talk and information that’s coming their way from various sources about what lies for Pokemon in 2024.

For more on Pokemon, check out the franchise’s official website where you can find many and everything it has to offer. The same website will cover everything that coming later as well. We’ll be sure to cover any official Pokemon news that comes our way on our website here as well so stay tuned to our website if you’d like a way to learn about the latest for the biggest franchise of the world and more. We already have plenty of coverage for various things such as the latest Epilogue content for Scarlet and Violet, how Legends Arceus gave a fresh feel with its new Formula with newHisuian Versions, and much more so viewers could definitely find something they’d like to read on.

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