Epilogue to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Out With Mystery Gift Item

Pokemon GO Scarlet and Violet Epilogue

GameFreak has officially released the Epilogue to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet through the release of a new Mystery Gift Item available to all that own the game via the Internet, thus apparently concluding the final bit of content to the current mainline Pokemon videogame titles. There is a bit of twist, however, as players notice that the special Epilogue is only available to those who have purchased and played through the DLC parts of the games.

This update comes free just like it happened in older Pokemon titles where special items would grant a piece of story. It does however need the completion of both parts of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero and a few more steps afterwards. This means that although players would get the special item if they don’t have the DLC, it will not be possible to get to the point where it starts the Epilogue sequence in either game. Everyone who has Pokemon Scarlet or Violet should still redeem the special item as they can always consider picking up the DLC later.

For now, the special item doesn’t seem to show an end date. The Mythical Pecha Berry is redeemable simply by going into the Mystery Gift Tab, connecting to the Internet, and selecting the Mythical Pecha Berry option.

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is available for $34.99 and comes with 2 parts, The Teal Mask and the Indigo Disk. What players need to do after redeeming the special item is they need to complete a certain postgame story in the main game, and then complete both stories of the two DLC parts. Then they simply need to go to Mossui Town and Visit Peachy’s.

It might be a bit frustrating to players who don’t have the DLC, but considering the two separate parts, $35 could be taken for granted because the DLC is considered a better part of the content of the games. There are also physical copies of both titles available at retail stores that come with the DLC included as well. We’ll leave it to the viewers to decide if they think which and if the game would be worthwhile for them to pick up.

While the main game does have its flaws and many point out its performance issues, the game does also have what some call one of the best ways to end the game, with a very intriguing finale story of the main game in comparison to older Pokemon games and their finales. For my own part, I considered the main game to be quite the grind even for a Pokemon fan and the game was catching dust on the shelf, but after making my way through to the Area Zero postgame, it was a pleasant surprise to see a completely different standard of quality of the music, the plotline and everything, and I am glad I made my way through. The DLC is similar in that regard as it holds worthwhile content for Pokemon fans, so it’s recommended that players give it a go if they already have the game but haven’t gone through it or if they’re interested in it despite the few performance and graphical critiques.

With this, it seems that GameFreak and The Pokemon Company are officially wrapping up the current games and now moving onwards as the new year is here and there is plenty more to come ahead for Pokemon. There have been many rumours and hints about what the newest upcoming Pokemon titles will be, and Pokemon Day is closer than one may think. Thus the main games of Gen 9 Pokemon are now conclusive.


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