Pokemon Sleep Raikou Research Bringing Legendary Beasts

Pokemon Sleep is one of the new mobile games featuring Pokemon that appear in various sleep styles to users who can feed them biscuits and catch them to add them to their roster. The game provides a very unique experience of merging sleep tracking applications and Pokemon collecting, and the game has consistently received content updates including balance patches as well as brand new content like new Areas and new Pokemon. Now, with a brand new announcement on Pokemon Day through the Pokemon Presents stream, the game will be adding its first lineup of Legendary Pokemon to the game, the Legendary Beasts Trio from Johto, Raikou, Suicune and Entei, and holding the Pokemon Sleep Raikou Research Event later this March.

The update is coming soon next month, and to prepare for it, new updates are already coming beforehand including an event for Electric Type Pokemon, Dedenne’s debut to Pokemon Sleep that comes with a brand new Skill, and much more in Pokemon Sleep.

Here is the official trailer that announced the news through the February Pokemon Day’s Pokemon Presents Stream;

In celebration of Pokemon Day, there is also a big Login Bonus for Pokemon Sleep right now that gives players a bunch of Biscuits and 1000 Diamonds, the latter being the paid currency for the game which would allow players to get some great bundles to start their gameplay regardless if they’re new or old players. The Pokemon Sleep Raikou Research, the Login Bonus and more news coming for the title giving some great new content to the game for players later this March.

Raikou Research:

The first content for the Legendary Beasts comes in the form of Raikou Research, arriving in Pokemon Sleep where players will have a chance to gather Raikou Mane. They will be able to exchange this for Raikou Incense, which will be used to find and research Raikou and its various different sleep styles.

Pokemon Sleep Raikou Research would be the first addition of Legendary Pokemon to the game, so it’s a big event, one that fans wouldn’t want to miss out on when it arrives at the end of March.

For another benefit of this Pokemon Sleep Raikou Research Event, Electric Type Pokemon will be getting big bonuses during the active period, so in preparation for it the game will hold an early Electric Event so players can gather up some worthwhile Pokemon to make the most out of March.

Raikou and the other Legendary Beasts are some of the most popular Legendary Pokemon of the franchise, with Johto being a favourite region of many, partly due to the fact of the Legendary Beasts Trio being present over there. Older games like Gold, Silver and Crystal and even remade titles like Heart Gold and Soul Silver included the chance appearance of the three Legendary Beasts, Entei, Raikou and Suicune, with Suicune even getting a dedicated plotline in the remakes and being the mascot for Pokemon Crystal. All three of these Pokemon will be added to Pokemon Sleep in due time.

It’s still unconfirmed exactly how much Biscuits players would need to feed Raikou to tame and add it to their roster, so it would be a good idea right now to get a Master Biscuit or two in advance so there wouldn’t be any problem later.

Pokemon Sleep Raikou Research

Pokemon Sleep Electric Event:

For the preparation of Pokemon Sleep Raikou Research, the early Electric Event will begin on March 11 till March 18. This will be available in all areas of the game except for Taupe Hollow, with Electric Type Pokemon appearing frequently in various sleep styles regardless of the kind players get through their Sleep Research.

Pokemon like Pikachu, Pichu, Jolteon, the whole Mareep Evolution line including itself, Flaffy and Ampharos, and the newest addition of Dedenne as another Electric Type Pokemon to the game will be some of the Pokemon appearing in this event.

For this early event, there will be a few bonuses active that include a Mini Candy Boost bonus. This bonus will allow players to get double the effectiveness of Pokemon Candy when it is active, allowing players to get twice the amount of exp through using candies on Pokemon in the game. This will be perfect for players who want to quickly increase their Electric Type Pokemon’s levels so that they’re perfectly prepared and suited for the Pokemon Sleep Raikou Research arriving after the event. All these Pokemon in this early Electric Event will benefit in the Raikou Research event as well.

Additionally, another bonus for this event will be Hungry Pokemon appearances, where at least one Pokemon that appears after Sleep Research will be extra Hungry. This would allow players to have a better chance of catching useful Pokemon to use later.

Lastly, there will also be a limited-time mission in this event that will reward players with Dedenne Incense, the newest Pokemon addition to the game that brings a brand new exclusive skill and some great stats.

How to Get Dedenne in Pokemon Sleep:

Dedenne will arrive in Pokemon Sleep with the Electric Event on March 11. The Pokemon would be normally found in Greengrass Isle and Lapis Lakeside, and it appears through the Snoozing Sleep Type. Since the Electric Event will have greater appearances for Electric Pokemon including Dedenne and all Sleep Type Electric Pokemon will appear, this will make it the perfect chance for players to get one.

Dedenne’s newest Skill in Pokemon Sleep is Tasty Chance S. This will give the Cooking Function in Pokemon Sleep a boost to the Extra Tasty Dish proc chance, the one where the final Strength of Dishes gets multiplied to give a huge bonus to Snorlax’s Strength. According to the info shared through the official site of the game, the Tastsy chance effect can even stack up to 70%, which will be used up once players get an Extra Tasty dish or when they leave or move to a new Area of the game. Additionally, the chance of getting an Extra Tasty dish will also be displayed on the Cooking screen, allowing players to get an idea about how the proc works and what would their chances be of getting a huge power boost for Snorlax.

Pokemon Sleep Dedenne

All these additions and updates coming through in Pokemon Sleep in March looks like a great time to play the game, and for fans who’ve been actively doing so already, they can look to a very fun month of March. Entei and Suicune will also be following up soon after in the next couple of months, so there’s a perfect incentive for players to dive into Pokemon Sleep Raikou Research and get the most out of the title.

There is plenty of additional content to compliment the Legendary Beasts in Pokemon Sleep that would give players tons of great bonuses and Pokemon appearances so even for those that wouldn’t be all that much excited for Raikou, Entei and Suicune, they can still get plenty of other things, so it’s a win-win situation for anyone that decides to play the game this month.

For more on Pokemon Sleep, check out the game’s official website. We’ll also be giving ample coverage to the game along with other Pokemon titles so if you’re a fan, check out our website for more on the latest for the franchise.

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