Microsoft Needs To Turn Up The Aggression To Win Players Over

Microsoft needs aggression to win.

The Xbox gamers know Microsoft needs to turn up the heat and aggression to win against the competition. The question is, does Microsoft itself know that? Or, more importantly, does it want to win? the whole hubbub of the Activision acquisition was a celebratory moment for Team Green. Yet, soon after, we get word of confirmation that 4 Xbox exclusives will launch on PS5 and Nintendo Switch. Excuse us as the hamster in our noggin stops running and go: WHAT-THE-ACTUAL-FUDGE?!

Seriously, this policy of gifting the enemy your console exclusives is what’s gonna de-incentivize the gamers to get an Xbox again. Oh, we get business-wise, your sales will go up, but do y’all see Sony ready to budge with dropping God Of War on Xbox? Or is Nintendo releasing Zelda on Xbox? No?~ Well, then it’s time to drop the nice-guy gimmick and go all in with the intent to win. Let’s dig into this further.

How Will Microsoft Win With Aggression And What It Needs Specifically?

Microsoft needs aggression to win in sales.

Look, it’s no secret Microsoft has admitted defeat in the past in terms of console sales. There’s just no competition, as the PS5 is outselling the Xbox X|S in a 2:1 ratio. So, instead of turning tail and packing it in, Microsoft needs to really brainstorm and get their act together. The best way to do that? Microsoft needs to stop playing catch-up and turn up the aggression to win over its existing player base. Specifically, Mr. Spencer needs to deliver during his tenure the big blockbusters that were promised, and they gotta be dope.

Let’s break down the individual steps of how Microsoft’s current strategy ain’t gonna cut it, and they need to course correct.

1.) Tap Into The Vast First-Party Xbox Catalog

Microsoft needs aggression to win and going back to the IPs that worked.

So, this might come as a shock to many, but Xbox had several fantastic exclusives during the OG Xbox, the Xbox 360, and even the Xbox One era. That number significantly took a nose-dive during the time of the present-gen Xbox X|S, until now. If Microsoft is in need of aggression to win, here’s how they can. 

Look at which I.P. have been dormant, and take chances on them. Find the right studio to handle them and have better quality control. After all, we all don’t want another Redfall fiasco, now, do we? So, step 1 is amassing the first-party IPs and prioritizing them to see which ones will make for AAA blockbuster titles that’re system sellers. Maybe see if there are some classic games that deserve the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth style remakes, and take a chance on those, too.

On that note, Microsoft! If you’re listening, you’re sitting on a gold mine of I.Ps after the Activision acquisition. Not only that, but you’ve got some OG classic ones, like Blue Dragon, famous for its art style of the late Akira Torimiya of Dragon Ball and Chrono Trigger fame. There’s Lost Odyssey, Jade Empire,  or hell just give us Gears 6 already! This radio silence is only gonna make the avid fanbase even more anxious. So, Microsoft, if ya wanna win us over, you’re gonna need some serious aggression.

2.) Hire Talented Veteran Game Developers To Work With Fresh Blood

Amy Hennig can lead Xbox to victory.

Naturally, it goes without saying that nothing can replace actual experience; this is true for game development, too. So, given the current slate of delays and the haphazard mess that is a lack of genuinely fun Xbox first-party exclusives, we think it’s a leadership and synergy problem. Microsoft needs to admit it goofed up, but that won’t do alone. No, if Microsoft needs to win with aggression, they need to hire the best talent available. Hiring people with a wealth of game development knowledge who served as creative leads during their past tenures will boost morale. 

They’ll pitch in their ideas while also guiding the young and up-comers to learn, maybe even take ideas from the newer generation, too. The collaborations will lead to a brilliant stream of ideas to decide the creative vision, develop the core concept, and decide on gameplay mechanics, too. From there, the development can proceed smoothly, too. For starters, we highly recommend reaching out to the most talented lady in the gaming world, Miss Amy Hennig. 

Her resume speaks for itself, and those who’ve worked with her have nothing but praise for her attention to detail, hard work, and wonderfully creative mind. She’s under-appreciated today thanks to scummy Drunkard’s propaganda politics **Cough** Last Of Us 2 **Coughs**. But, anyway, the opposition’s loss is Microsoft’s gain, if they care to pursue her. Plus, it’ll be a sign of strength and aggression from Microsoft which they need. It’ll help Microsoft avoid disasters like having the worst female characters in video games.

3.) Invest In New I.P, Secure Third-Party Titles, Either Timed Or Permanent Exclusives

Xbox has plenty of franchises.

One of the reasons that rival consoles are so successful is that they make opportunistic deals with third-party devs to secure exclusive games. Whether they’re timed or permanent exclusives, the point is, the perception is used to target gamers that it’s not gonna be on the competitive system. If Microsoft wants to succeed in swaying gamers to their side and win, they need a mindset of aggression. Locking down console exclusives is the way to go.

Common examples of such tactics are Bloodborne, Final Fantasy 16, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Rebirth. They’re tied to one home console and PC (except for Bloodborne because Sony hates it apparently). To counter this, Microsoft needs to throw its infinite wealth reserves to established third-party developers for exclusive titles. They’re quite a range of options Microsoft can go for. For cinematic storytelling, Quantic Dreams, Remedy for bizarre concept mystery adventure, FromSoftware for fantasy RPG, or hell go with CDProjekt Red to give the internet a meltdown.

Maybe outsource one of the several newly bought IPs to an external studio to commission a game. Thinking outside the box is what we’re trying to say. It’s not like Microsoft can’t afford it, they’re rolling in record-breaking +49% revenue. So, the whole throw money at the problem to fix it? That’s what Microsoft needs to win, well, that and aggression to really hammer home the point to gamers and opposition alike. These kinds of moves aren’t completely foreign for Microsoft either, anyone remember Sunset Overdrive? Quantum Break? Jade Empire?

4.) Microsoft Needs To Maintain The Edge In Hardware And Via Game Pass With Aggression To Win

OP hardware specs and Game Pass equals winning combo.

Finally, the final step isn’t something necessarily Microsoft needs much strain on, but rather maintaining it is key. The Xbox Series X was at the time of its reveal, the most powerful home console. With the PS5 PRO spec leaks and rumors buzzing, Microsoft needs aggression and pressure to win. So, whatever Sony’s got cooking, Microsoft needs the better hardware, and specs than it. Flipside, they also gotta mind the pricing, as that can make or break the Xbox brand. The disastrous reveal of the Xbox One, though funny, was a dark time for us Team Green fans.

Uncle Phil did a bang-up job on damage control and now it’s time to move in for the final push. To reclaim lost ground, and prove that Xbox isn’t going anywhere, and will compete and dominate the console wars. Speaking of doing great, the introduction of Xbox Game Pass was a saving grace that won many over, including us. The subscription service provides the most bang for your buck. The Xbox Game Pass is much better and more economical than PS Plus and its exorbitant tiers, and Nintendo Switch Online. These two advantages need to be pressed hard.

Making the best hardware with an even more enticing subscription service model that gives value to players? What an unheard-of concept, right? In all seriousness, though, this needs to continue. And if corporate greed rears its ugly head here, then Microsoft might as well call it quits. Microsoft needs to push these advantages with aggression if it wants to win the long haul. Seriously, these things aren’t rocket science, if we can come up with this stuff, why can’t the head honchos in charge do the same?

Final Thoughts

Welp, that’s our two cents four-pronged approach that Microsoft needs to win with aggression in the console gaming space. But what do we know, right? Think there’s an area we forgot to give our insight on? Or is Microsoft doing alright on its own, at the moment? Either way, give us your thoughts in the comments below, we look forward to an engaging discussion with fellow Xbox gamers. Also, tell us which Xbox-exclusive title that’s not migrated to other platforms is your favorite so far. Expect future Xbox gaming content in the future real soon.

In the meantime, before we sign off, we’re gonna leave you with something positive. Check out our list of unique games with the hottest and coolest female heroines. You’re welcome by the way~ well, until next time, happy gaming y’all!


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