The 100 Most Iconic Video-Game Soundtracks Of All Time (80-61)

Hey, hey, gamer music connoisseurs, it’s time for part 2 of our top 100 of the most iconic video-game soundtracks. Yep, in case y’all ‘re outta’ the loop, we’ve got some opinions on extreme ends of the spectrum like the worst video-game remakes ever to the greatest 32 action games of all time. But, for today, we’re doin’ the particular rankin’ in 5 parts and it’s part 2, starting from 80 to 61 out of a 100 gaming soundtracks overall, capeesh?

 Sure enough, lots of y’all are gonna feel triggered by the placement and choices of the gaming beats we’re goin’ with. And today, we’re gonna one up y’all by bringing modern and classic retro tracks, but this time there’s even more iconic ones. So, let’s get going~

Which Iconic Video-Game Soundtracks Are Unparalleled?

In case you’re wonderin’, yes, we’re playin’ favorites here. We’re definitely gonna give priority to the video-game soundtracks we love over the ones others do. That said, there’s gonna be common ground, too. Oh, and as much as it pains us, we’re only gonna pick one track per game. Ya know, otherwise, it’ll be a top 1,000 instead of a top 100.

Oh, and ‘efore we forget; if you’re interested in seeing which beats took the slots from 100 to 79, take a gander at part 1 of our favorite iconic video-game tracks. Once you’re done, head on down below to see which ones are in part 2.


Streets Of Rage II – Go Straight Theme

Streets Of Rage II has one of the most iconic video-game soundtracks of all time.

Streets Of Rage II has plenty of banger soundtracks but the ‘Go Straight’ theme just hits you with the nostalgia train. No really, this one’s just so full of buzz and upliftment that you feel the urge to go out and hit the gym. Well, back in the day, we got the urge to beat on hooligans but to be fair we were kids. This game’s biggest strength is its accessibility, and its soundtracks, too.

Streets Of Rage II was a huge part of our childhood growin’ up. The game just instantly takes us back to a simpler time, when the 80’s fad was transitioning to the 90’s cheese. The ‘Go Straight’ completely exemplifies the vibe of the gaming era. So, of course, we’re pickin’ this one over other favorites. The beat’em up style formula works so well with this theme and is the perfect blend for bar room brawls.


Donkey Kong Country: Aquatic Ambience – One Of The Most Mesmerizing Video-Game Soundtracks

Aquatic Ambience.

Aquatic Ambience from Donkey Kong Country is one of those video game soundtracks that are so out of place. It’s so out of left field that you’d feel right to think they’re from a much more serious game. But, lo and behold, it’s part of one of the most light-hearted and beloved franchises. Donkey Kong Country is a platform game where you play as a monkey, and you ride animal carts, collect bananas, unlock power ups, even swing through trees, and beat up other wicked animals.

Throughout all these shenanigans imagine you’re stressing out not to ruin any perfect platforming in the side-scrolling stages when you enter the aquatic level. That’s when ‘Aquatic Ambience’ begins to play. The sheer magnitude of brilliance this theme holds will give the unprepared an existential crisis. Seriously, it feels haunting and thought-provoking. You’ll feel like you’ve aged a decade just listening to it, it’s that mature and captivating.

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Alan Wake Remastered: The Well-Lit Room

Alan Wake Remastered's Well-Lit Room is one of the most immersive video game soundtracks ever.

The calmness and serenity of ‘The Well-Lit Room’ theme in Alan Wake Remastered is just dope as heck. No, really, the whole darkness and the evil entity that’s menacingly comin’ after our hero Alan Wake is bone-chillin’. So, now, in the midst of it all, you come across the cut-scene that takes you through the safe place and ‘The Well-Lit Room’ starts playin’. The timing, the presentation, and the aura that exudes from the execution of it all, it’s bloody perfect.

Don’t get us wrong, though. The other vocal tracks and the way the entire narrative structure unfolds in Alan Wake Remastered are excellent, too. But ‘The Welll-Lit Room’ just stuck with us over the others. It’s that calming melodic feeling of safety that feels so warm and inviting that makes The Well-Lit Room one of the memorable video game soundtracks ever. The notes just strike all the right soothing emotions.


Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga 2 – Divine Identity Is A Master Class On Video Game Soundtracks

Shin Megami Tensei Digial Devil Saga 2.

The changes and tonal shifts throughout Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga 2 theme ‘Divine Identity’ are sublime. You’ll feel like you’re wave surfing through the current and the tide is wild. The anime-esque aesthetics and darker story beats of the Shin Megami Tensei series just hit differently. Especially when you compare’em to the later Persona games that are its spin-offs. But anyway, the ‘Divine Identity’ theme kicks off with a rapid-fire pace.

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The real kicker is the intensity that it’s packing. There’s so much context you’ll need but it’s worth knowin’ to fully appreciate the musical notes of ‘Divine Identity’ in Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga 2. There is a slight calm there, expressin’ the toll of the journey that’ll happen to the protagonist. The shift happens again to signal the hero’s badass power. It’s these little touches that make it one of the most epic video game soundtracks ever.


Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – Eva’s Unveiling Is One Of The Most Evocatively Iconic Video Game Soundtracks

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater - Eva's Unveiling is one of the most sensual video game soundtracks ever.

Okay, we’ll admit it, this one’s a guilty pleasure of ours, ‘cause whoo~ nelly, did ‘Eva’s Unveiling’ from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater gave us restless nights. Sure, are there other soundtracks from the video-game that could be on here instead? Oh, absolutely, but here’s the thing, though: our list, our picks, capeesh? So, where were we? Oh, yeah! ‘Eva’s Unveiling’ plays around the femme fatale, Eva. She’s mysterious, beautiful, and really forward in her approach.

Snake sees her from time to time, and the two bond over their time throughout the events of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The scene that really took us by surprise was when Snake and Eva have a heart-to-heart if y’all catch our drift, hehe~ It’s not just a physical relationship, but something that grows mature throughout the series canonically. The risque nature of her appearance and the musical score. Yeah, it left an impression.

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Metroid Prime II: Echoes – The Quadraxis Battle Theme

The Quadraxis boss theme in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

The perilous journey and the impending ominous boss fight’s ambiance is perfectly captured in the’ Quadraxis Battle’ in Metroid Prime II: Echoes. This one’s just such a nightmare-inducing encounter with a titanic-sized enemy and the theme just adds to the ominous nature of the fight. Metroid Prime II: Echoes just has a different energy which rocks you. The choir vocals and mechanized steps in sync to the rest of the musical numbers as you’re constantly in a struggle for survival, it’s all just chef’s kiss~

The ‘Quadraxis Battle’ theme signifies how you’re supposed to tackle this towering foe with everything you’ve got. Samus, our resident badass female heroine has to pull out all the stops to triumph here. If the players have been paying attention and learning the game mechanics of Metroid Prime II: Echoes, then they’ll secure victory. The ‘Quadtrix Battle’ theme is rightfully deserving of its place in the hall of fame of video-game soundtracks.

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Hades: Out Of Tartarus – An Example Of Video Game Soundtracks That Pump You Up

Hades: Out Of Tartarus is one of the most iconic video-game soundtracks ever.

Hades is one of the most awesome hack-and-slash titles in like forever. A lot of that praise comes from its awesome video game soundtracks; in particular, the theme ‘Out Of Tartarus’. This one’s such a great mish-mash of the twin sides of the game’s core concept. The goal within reach, yet so far away at the same time. You’re constantly on the grind to clear a chamber which is chock full of enemies. Not just fodder, too, but powerful ones, as well.

Through this adversity, you guide the protagonist Zagrieus in hopes of escaping the hellish nightmare that is Tartarus. The acoustics that strike during the moments of intense final stages of a chamber as you deliver the killing blow. That adrenaline rush you experience is such a stellar feeling. The sense of accomplishment followed by ‘Out Of Tartarus’ runnin’ in the background makes it one of the most fulfilling video-game soundtracks.


Sonic The Hedgehog: Starlight Zone 

Sonic The Hedgehog: Starlight Zone.

‘Starlight Zone’ from the very first Sonic The Hedgehog is one of the most timeless video game soundtracks ever. The moment the high-energy beats kick in, you’re instantly blasted with a burst of positivity. You feel as if you’re Sonic, the blue blur himself. This was from Sega’s heyday when they weren’t just a publisher. Yep, Sega competed with the likes of industry giant Nintendo in the very first iteration of console wars.

Sonic is still a lovable mascot and has had several video game follow-ups. Naturally, the different iterations have had their ups and downs both in gameplay and the musical department. But something ‘bout ‘Starlight Zone’ from Sonic 1 is timeless. There’s also a bit of a tie-in story maybe that’s why we hold it in such high regard. The previous level was a labyrinth and it was anxiety-central. After you escape it, and hear ‘Starlight Zone’ kick in, well, it’s just dopamine bliss.


Tomb Raider Legend: Main Theme – One Of Gaming’s Iconic Soundtracks By Far

Tomb Raider Legend's Main Theme is one of the most iconic video-game soundtracks ever.

Now y’all can argue about which Tomb Raider video-game soundtracks are the most iconic, but for us, there’s one that edges out the competition. We’re talkin’ ‘bout Tomb Raider Legend’s ‘Main Theme’. The grandiose opening drums, the ambient vocals, and then the whole orchestra shebang that kicks in create such a spectacle in your mind, even without any visuals in front of you. Tomb Raider Legends is the definitive version of Lara Croft.

The blend that’s teetering on modernism gameplay while retaining the core Lara Croft persona that’s lost in the Survivor trilogy. The ‘Main Theme’ of Tomb Raider Legends foreshadows the adventures Lara will have and captures her liveliness flawlessly. There’s great intensity in the mid, too, which showcases the perilous traps Lara will counter. The diverse terrains players experience in Tomb Raider: Legend are also alluded to hear. Our praise might seem like fanboying, but we don’t care, cause we love it.


Uncharted 1, 2, 3, 4 – Nate’s Theme

Uncharted 1, 2, 3, and 4 Nate's Theme.

There’s just no denying the epicness of the different iterations of ‘Nate’s Theme’ from all the mainline Uncharted games. Listening to them all as each version depicts the evolution of Nathan Drake’s character, we’re ain’t gonna lie, we got misty-eyed. The tropical vibes and mysterious nature of the first game, the globe-trotting mission-impossible-esque stunt-filled adventure of the second, and then the most fulfilling and action-packed story-driven of the trilogy, they feel amazing.

When you’re in Uncharted 4, and hear ‘Nate’s Theme’ kick in, it’s a wholesome and bittersweet feeling. You know that the title rings true that it is definitely a Thief’s End. Nathan’s journey and time of playing the Indiana Jones lifestyle is coming to a close. The one last grand journey is what ties it all together so well. Every version of ‘Nate’s Theme’ ends on a hopeful note, which is the best form of compliment we can give it.


Bayonetta Trilogy: Mysterious Destiny – One Of The Catchiest Video-Game Soundtracks

Bayonetta trilogy, mysterious destiny theme.

Speaking of music that’s synonymous with a character, this next entry on our list of the best video-game soundtracks is the perfect example of what we’re talkin’ ‘bout. If there’s one piece of music that encompasses what Bayonetta’s journey is and the future it’ll take, it’s ‘Mysterious Destiny’. The vocals might be hard to hear due to players kickin’ butt and struttin’ in style with the titular protagonist, Bayonetta. But we assure you, if y’all pay attention you’ll be left stumped.

You’ll see how the musical score and the lyrics are tellin’ y’all of what’s to come. The beats are catchy, too as you slay demonic hordes by the dozens every few seconds. Every time ‘Mysterious Destiny’ plays during the game, we’re blown away every time. The delivery of emotions and how the UI even changes in Bayonetta 3 to the first game one’s. It was just too good~


Ys III: Wanderers From Ys – Trading Town Of Redmont Theme

Ys III: Wanderers From Ys - Trading Town Of Redmont Theme is one of the upbeat video-game soundtracks.

Another case of underappreciated and underrated video-game soundtracks is Ys III: Wanderers From Ys theme of ‘Trading Town Of Redmont’. This soundtrack’s beat is such a wonderfully uplifting and happy-vibe tune. You’ll bob your head and jam to it ‘cause it’ll turn your mood around in a jiffy. The retro Sega Genesis vibes add to the flavor of nostalgia, and that’s more than enough for us to bump up this gem.

Look, we get it, Ys III: Wanderers From Ys is a niche title, but that’s what makes it so unique, too. Also, the gameplay is severely outdated, even for us. We’re still bettin’ good money that the theme of ‘Trading Town Of Redmont’ in Ys III: Wanderers From Ys is still in a league of its own. The pure joy we experience from listening to it on repeat is indescribable. That theme can tussle with some of the bigger ones from niche JRPGS, too.


Final Fantasy IX – ‘You Are Not Alone’ Theme Is Perfection Among Video-Game Soundtracks

Final Fantasy IX theme 'You Are Not Alone'.

Final Fantasy IX is dope as hell, and its soundtracks are some of the most epic in video-game history. But the one that really sticks out for us to this day is the ‘You Are Not Alone’. Many of y’all will agree that Final Fantasy IX is the uncrowned king of the series when it comes to the musical score. ‘You Are Not Alone’ just stands out from the pack because it’s not only a full-circle and super emotional theme, but one that plays at the most critical part of the story, too.

Up until the point of the story, throughout the journey and events of Final Fantasy IX, the hero is the one helping others selflessly. Now, when the truth is revealed to him of his origins and his seemingly pre-destined fate, the music kicks in. We’re not gonna lie, it’s a ‘you had to be there moment’ to experience the grandness that was ‘You Are Not Alone’ in Final Fantasy IX. Square Enix! When you’re done milkin’ the fanbase for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, this one deserves remakes, too!

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The King Of Fighters ‘96 – Arashi No Saxophone Theme

The King Of Fighters - Arashi No Saxophone theme.

Entering the battle zone with fighting video-game soundtracks, we’ve got The King Of Fighters ‘96 and the theme is ‘Arashi No Saxphone’. True that The King Of Fighters franchise never got the mainstream sales numbers of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat or Tekken, but it’s done pretty well. One of the reasons it’s carved out its niche audience is because of the quirky cast of characters. Another one is ‘cause the soundtracks and gameplay go so well together.

In particular, the ‘Arashi No Saxophone’ from The King Of Fighters ‘96 is just pure ear bliss. The jazz influence and the rock-out beats just give you that wacky enough vibe to get you in the mood for a fight. It’s the perfect track to listen to when you’re plannin’ on goin’ to the gym. The high notes of the saxophone could easily make you feel like you’re at a beach cocktail party, too. 


Shinobi (PS2): Main Theme – The Electric Beats Are Still Better Than Most Video-Game Soundtracks

Shinobi from the PS2 era had some of the best video-game soundtracks ever.

Shinobi is one of our most beloved video-game franchises and it’s got some killer soundtracks, too. Our favorite one is the ‘Main Theme’ from the PS2 Shinobi game. The best thing about Shinobi is that the game’s constantly putting the players under pressure. You’re gonna have to play aggressively, or else, the cursed sword will consume the protagonist’s soul. It needs to feed on the victims you slay. When you’re in such a crunch, and then think it’s gonna be impossible, well, that’s when the ‘Main Theme’ of Shinobi kicks in.

Suddenly, the impossible no longer seems that difficult, as you go about slaughtering enemies and jiving. Seriously, the harmonious techno flute arrangement is such a contrastingly unique musical note that you’ll fall in love with Shinobi. The traversal and hack-and-slash combat are the cherry on top of the tune that’ll keep you glued to the game.


Persona 5 Royal: Victory Theme – One Of The Stylish Video-Game Soundtracks

Persona 5 Royal victory theme is fire.

Persona 5 Royal is the entry that made the entire series one of the most popular video-game franchises ever. Part of the reason for that is because of its smooth, jazzy video-game soundtracks like its ‘Victory Theme’. This track just puts the exclamation point on your hard-earned win out of a tough boss fight or enemy encounter. Plus, it’s wholly different from the rest of the recycled ost of Persona 5 Royal, yeah we said it! Don’t you dare deny it Person 5 fanboys.

In fact, we’re not gonna lie; we’re really addicted to the ‘Victory Theme’ of Persona 5 Royal. It’s to the point that we jokingly refer to it as the ‘running-in-circles’ theme. Ya know ‘cause we wanna listen to it on a loop while playin’ the game. This theme hammers home that you’ve done a great job of winning, and sometimes, that’s all ya really need.


X-Men Legends II: Rise Of Apocalypse – Madri Temple Theme

X-Men Legends II: Rise Of Apocalypse - Madri Temple theme.

We just love our X-Men comics, games, and animations, alright? What X-Men Legends II: Rise Of Apocalypse manages to do is achieve the impossible. The gameplay was vastly more improved than its predecessor, but the soundtracks were among the best we’ve heard in a video-game. Case in point, check out X-Men Legends: Rise Of Apocalypse ‘Madri Temple’ theme. The jaw-droppingly orchestral theme really hits you with the troubling and sinister energy of the level.

The threat of Apocalypse is such a huge one that bitter rivals must form an alliance against him. Seeing and pairing up your favorite X-Men and the Brotherhood Of Mutants characters is like a dream come true. But on top of it all, when you see and hear that epic choir of the ‘Madri Temple’ in X-Men Legends II: Rise Of Apocalypse, it’s just the very definition of marvellous. On that note, Marvel! Xbox! How about X-Men Legends III, eh?


Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening – Devils Never Cry Theme

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening the theme Devils Never Cry.

Capcom’s just got the IT factor when it comes to action video-game character depiction and awesome soundtracks to match, too. The best example of this is in Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening BGM ‘Devils Never Cry’. Now, we can argue all day ‘bout the gameplay GOAT-ness of Devil May Cry 3. It was so far ahead of the curve and still holds up today, even. But ‘Devils Never Cry’ is what’ll help cement DMC 3 as the top-tier title that it is.

From the moment that slow haunting beginning starts to the showdown between bitter rivals/brothers in the opening cinematic, it’s just the peak of cinematic video-game action. The theme just adds layers to the storytelling in Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening. When the action picks up, and Dante’s whipping fools left and right, well, you just know ‘Devils Never Cry’ is gonna elevate your enjoyment to the next level.


.hack// G.U. Last Recode Trilogy – Eternal City Mac Anu Theme

.hack// G.U. Last Recode Trilogy.

While there are really strong contenders for the best video-game soundtracks in .hack// G.U. Last Recode trilogy, there is one that just resonates with us more. The one we’re talkin’ ‘bout is the ‘Eternal City Mac Anu’ theme. The fun time and relaxing vibes aside, there’s enough of a melancholy to the tune as well, an air of a profound sense of wonder. The mysterious aura of exploring the marketplace and meeting all the NPCs, it really feels like you’re in an Isekai anime.

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.hack//G.U. Last Recode Trilogy is one of the finest JRPGS we’ve ever played. The ‘Eternal City Mac Anu’ theme is just on repeat for us because it’s such an atmospheric one. You get immersed in the world of the game, and it’s a game within a game, too. Game-ception right there, folks, Oh, by the way, .hack// G.U. Lat Recode is one of those video-games that’re based on anime. Neat, huh?


Dragon’s Dogma – Into Free Theme

Dragon's Dogma - Into Free theme.

Was there ever any doubt that this one wasn’t gonna make it onto our list of exciting video-game soundtracks? Well, dispel those doubts fellow Arisen, because Dragon’s Dogma just doesn’t feel as high energy without the ‘Into Free’ theme. The fun and goofiness of Dragon’s Dogma are perfectly highlighted in the out-of-place soundtrack. It’s a fascinating parallel of the medieval fantasy game by a non-Western gaming studio, Capcom. The execution is a masterpiece.

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When you hear the opening beats you think, oh cool, fancy, but then the lyrics kick in, and everything just skyrockets to 11. The brains behind Dragon’s Dogma is Mr. Hideaki Itsuno, one of the legendary Japanese video-game creators. His passion and talent are on full display in both, the original Dragon’s Dogma and what’s new in Dragon’s Dogma II. We seriously wish ‘Into Free’ makes it into the new game officially.

Final Thoughts

Welp, another stirrin’ of the proverbial hornet’s nest in the makin’, folks. We’re officially done with part two of our list of top-tier video-game soundtracks. So, are y’all keepin’ tabs on the ones we’ve covered and the ones we’ve yet to reveal? ‘Cause let us tell y’all, there are three more parts in the pipeline, and you’re in for way more surprises. But that’s for another day, right now, though, give us your thoughts on today’s list below. We look forward to the rage-inducin’ fireworks from y’all.

Now, before we sign off for the day, how’s ’bout y’all take a gander at our curation of the best no-WiFi mobile games you can play offline? You’ll thank us later, internet. Alrighty, then, we’re gonna be off now, so until next time, take care everybody, and happy gaming!

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