The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic Is 2024’s Breakout Anime

Attention anime enthusiasts, The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic is the breakout of the year. Yep, bet you weren’t expectin’ that, eh? This bold claim’s a callout to everyone who’s fanboyin’ over the other diverse 2024 offering. It’s the one new show that’s actually puttin’ in the effort to actually try somethin’ original. Given the state of oversaturation, the use and abuse of tired old cliché and generic tropes because that’s what passes for ‘trendy’ these days, this one just feels like a breath of fresh air.

In fact, we’re so impressed by it, we bumped it into our list of 12 awesome Isekai anime with unique twists you gotta watch. Which is why we’re gonna give you a thorough review of this delightfully charming anime. Let’s go~

The Unique Protagonist (s) Makes For An Excellent Premise In The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic

The main characters of The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic.

Let’s face it, if your main character ain’t relatable or charmin’ enough, the anime won’t be much of a standout. With that said the main protagonist trio in The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic are actually really well-written characters. Well, since there’re only 13 episodes (so far), we’d say the anime does more than a decent job of fleshing out their personalities and making them likable. Here’s a lil’ rundown ‘bout’em.

1.) Ken Usato, Voiced By The Talented Alejandro Saab, Is Humble, Hard-Working, And Isn’t A Pushover

Usato the main protagonist of The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic.

Ken Usato is the real main character of The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic. Down to earth, he considers himself a side character ironically wishing to be a main character. SPOILER ALERT BUT NOT REALLY, he gets his wish. He looks up to the two seniors who got Isekaied with him. The Japanese and English Dub do a fantastic job of capturing his hesitance to adjusting and accepting his new role. Speaking of which, he’s immediately force-recruited (literally~) to the Rescue Team, ‘cause the dude’s got healing magic affinity.

Really goofy Usato.

We’re not gonna lie, the depiction of the importance of healing front and centre got us hooked. It was always somewhat of an afterthought, especially in JRPGS. ‘Cause most healers were just there for a Deus Ex Machina scenario, to fix/heal. That’s what their role entailed, nothing more, where you need’em, but not on the frontlines. But, no, not here, cause this anime flips the freakin’ script.

Usato in combat.

Usato goes through hellish training to mould his body to withstand the onslaught of the battlefield. The guy’s thoughts, his snarky remarks, and his reactions to the situations he’s put in, make him feel really cool. When he gets his mojo back and his Rocky trainin’ montage, that’s when he’s super fun to watch in action. Plus, his growth doesn’t feel forced, yes, he gets OP, but it’s a trial by fair, and it’s really enjoyable seeing his development.

2.) Suzune Inukami, Voiced By The Energetic Alexis Tipton, Is A Standout Female Anime Heroine

Suzume Inukami.

One of the two other yeeted characters who got Isekai-ed along with our boy Usato is Suzune Inukami. She’s seemingly the typical class president arch-type. Ya know the one who’s the picture-perfect example of straight A’s, always the top of the class, in sports, and other extracurricular activities, always logical and born to lead. Well, she’s all of that, but so much more, too. Turns out, her whole perfect girl vibes are something forced upon her and she’s constantly under pressure about it.

Suzume from The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic.

The girl’s got it tough, even more than you think. ‘Cause Suzune is so great at everything, it creates a barrier of awe and intimidation for others to even approach her. It’s only after the transportation to the new world she finally breaks down the walls and lets her true feelings and personality out. She’s lovin’ her time in the new fantasy world, she’s got the affinity to use thunder elemental magic. The lady’s a shocker, eh, eh? She’s the exact opposite of the worst female characters in video games. Go figure~

Battle gear for Suzume.

Her interactions with Usato and how she practically drools over his abs gave us a hearty chuckle. Seriously, we’re rootin’ for the two to get together. Her goofiness isn’t what defines her, though. She’s talented and capable, yes, but it’s her unique perspective of accepting the happiness of change. Her character development and relationship with others is what pushes The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic such a great anime this year.

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3.) Kazuki Ryusen – The Third Wheel Who’s Actually Ain’t Half Bad

Kazuki Ryusen is one of the three main characters of The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic.

Rounding out the third of the protagonists of The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic is Kazuki Ryusen. We’ll admit he’s one of the few leads who fits the main-characters-that’s-actually-a side-character trope. He gets a fair amount of screen time, but he was the weakest link. But thankfully Kazuki didn’t go down the villainous path. He also avoided the jealous rival teammate who turns into a massive a-hole route, either.

Kazuki became cooler over the course of the anime.

In that sense, Kazuki Ryusen is miles better than most other tritagonists in anime. Plus, it’s not like the guy’s sitting on his butt feelin’ sorry for himself, either. He trains hard and his talent for light magic makes him well-suited for combat, too. Yeah, he’s dense, too, cause the blond princess is fawnin’ over’im and yet the guy can’t take a hint. He’s actually someone we wouldn’t mind seeing more of to see how his POV to the life he’s living.

Kazuki & Usato having a moment.

Kazuki is also a kind and considerate character, too. Often shown worrying about his fellow classmates who got transported with him. Usato’s growth surprises him, and instead of feeling overshadowed, he’s actually a well-wisher of the hero. We gotta tell y’all that Kazuki is a swell fella, and we wouldn’t mind if companions in anime took this approach. Seriously, why hate when you can admire. His little heart-to-heart with Usato, in particular, is a standout conversation.

4.) Rose – The Deadly Commander Of The Medical Unit Is Easily The Best Character

Rose is the best character in The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic.

Alright, alright, officially there’re are 3, but come on, there’re 4 main characters. So, now we come to the MVP of of The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic, the former Knight now Commander of the Medical Unit, Rose. Without mincing words, she’s the scene-stealer, plain and simple. Projecting a strong dominating aura, Rose enthrals with her presence, and her writing is top-tier. She uses the strong-arming technique to whip her subordinates into shape.

Commander Rose.

She’s got the strength of a dozen ogres, the speed of Dragon Ball instant transmission, and she’s a powerful healer on top of it all. Rose is also the brains behind the infamous ‘Training From Hell’ regiment that she puts her pupils through. Naturally when she learns of Usato’s summoning and ‘bout his healing magic affinity, she goes bananas. No really, the lady practically kidnaps and coerces our lead character, then puts him through her ‘Training From Hell’. Her dark humor and witty comebacks are actually really delightful to hear.

Sadistic Rose.

The best part about Rose’s character development are her bonds with both Usato and her old comrades. Seriously, her backstory sets up the tragic elements of this anime in a compelling way. We see the how and the why behind Rose’s intense nature to find a true worthy disciple. The desperation and emphasis on the importance of healers, the in-depth look at how Rose’ views hold deeper meaning, it’s all done magnificently well.

How The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic Anime Sets Itself Apart From Other Isekai?

The characters are the best part about The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic anime.

So, here’s where things get interesting with The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic. In typical Isekai fashion, the protagonists gettin’ into the new fantasy land is there, but! Here’s the kicker: the focus actually shifts to the character development and growth in strength of the protagonist. Instead of makin’ Usato OP right away, the anime takes its time to show the effort, the failures, and the sweet-earned triumph.


Usato’s body goes through a harrowing thanks to Rose’s ‘training from hell’. Meanwhile, the anime also shows the brewing conflict of the demon kin preparing for war with the humans. The demons aren’t anything unique but they’re British accents do make’em stand out. (Yeah, we like English Dub, sue us~). On that note, the comical timing and expressions of the different characters are absolutely memorable moments from the animation department. The same’s true for when you see dramatic and emotional moments; they hit you with the feels, too.

Super fun moments.

The writing overall is really solid. The character interactions are a great strength of the anime. You’ll see them even addressing things which most of us are thinkin’, too. Like how Usato reacts to the obsession of Suzune with cute animals and his abs, too. It just feels natural, and organic, and nothing is forced. No characters are Mary/Gary Sues, they help, encourage, and actually support each other, and even share their anxieties, fears, and desires with each other. Plus, there’s a cute little blue bear, Blurin, with a sassy attitude of either chomping or slapping the hands of those who touch it.

The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic Magic Feels Like The Evolution Of Shonen Manga/Comic Category

The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic defies the tropes and redefines shonen.

The emphasis on story-telling, world-building, and giving characters breathing room to grow and develop it’s all there. The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic takes on the shonen-style back-to-basics approach to its plotting. Every set of challenges for Usato is shown in the context of the war he’ll be in the thick of. There are repercussions for failure, and his mentor, Rose is our eyes and ears into that trauma.

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The War.

The anime tackles the subject matter in a surprisingly mature way. Sure enough, you’ll see the war’s impending sense of dread without the fantasizing of it. The secondary characters get their time to actually form a bond with the main cast in some capacity. The ones in the flashback episodes of Rose’s backstory really were written really well. Their loss and sacrifice, and how it impacted her, play a huge role in her resolve to never let that tragedy occur again. It’s riveting stuff, folks.

Kill it!

When there’s a huge obstacle and danger in front of Usato, the way he resolves and overcomes it is sublime. The execution of the shonen tropes is carried out in a really engaging way. Take for instance the Sekiro-esque giant snake that Usato encounters. It’s terrifying and the growing pains he goes through really struck a chord with us. How he steels himself, then the last minute reverse-uno plot twist, and how throughout it all, our hero becomes even more battle-hardened and mentally stronger, it’s really awesome.

Is There Any Spciy Rule34 Romance In The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic Anime?

Heart to heart moment in The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic.

We’re not kiddin’ ‘round when we say The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic is taking a more unique route to the shonen formula. You see whenever there is something trendy and popular, most anime and the source material usually become trend chasers. But not this time, though, as there’s more of a realistic depiction and subtle hints to the romance between Usato and Suzune.

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The ship.

There’s one episode where they’re situationally alone and isolated from everyone else. But instead of just retreading old ground, the anime creates genuinely sweet moments between the two. They learn more about each other, and there’s clearly romantic tension between the two, but it’s not in your face. Also, nothing risque happens, ya ding dongs~ So, go look for the spicy stuff in our favorite steamiest dating simulator romance games with great stories, ya hear?

Tame but cute.

Then there’s the other side of the coin, where there’s clearly mutual and wholesome admiration between Kazuki and the Princess Celia. Their interactions might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we dug it. Mainly ‘cause it contrasts well between Suzune and Usato’s chemistry. When Kazuki is seeing Princess Celia before leaving for war, their bond, their affection, and expressions of worry yet care for one another felt genuinely heartfelt. Its vibe felt straight out Dragon’s Dogma II romance, in that it’s tamer but also fulfilling in a way.

The Pacing Issue And The Anti-Climactic Final Arc Showdown Pointed Out By MAL Are The Only Negatives

The pacing of The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic felt off.

Now, we gotta call a spade a spade here, folks. Yes, we’re probably fanboying hard and have the bias glasses on when we’re singin’ praises of this anime. But the fact is, there are a couple of problems in The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic. The First is the pacing issue that you’ll probably read about on forums like MAL or watch a review of anime reviewers on YouTube. It’s there, and it is a nuisance, but doesn’t detract too much from the overall enjoyment. But if you’re an anime elitist, it might bother ya’.

The Dark Knight.

Our hero Usato spends a lot of time during training, his growth is shown spectacularly well. That’s a positive, and we wish it had continued this pattern. But then, the anime decides to just breeze through this war and combat scenario that it had spent so much time hyping and building up. Like, no joke, the final confrontation feels like such an afterthought in the anime that it’s laughable. It was predictable as hell and nudged itself a little too deep in those tropes that it was avoiding in the first place. The whole conflict seems to resolve like a fairy tale, the metaphorical and the anime, both.

Healing Punch was like the biggest ass-pull.

The other glaring problem that this anime has is that the demonic side feels too underwhelming. Relying on nothing more than gimmicks and a cookie-cutter Dark Knight that get their butt whooped big time. The shock value of seeing Usato’s healing magic’s effectiveness against the seemingly unstoppable enemy diminishes considerably. Especially since the anime just pulls a Des Ex Machina trump card seemingly out of nowhere right before Usato heads into battle. It reeks of lazy writing. Like, why couldn’t we’ve seen this particular move during his training? That would’ve been a sweeter and full-circle moment.

How’s The Animation Quality And Soundtrack Rating?

The animation in The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic

Now that we’ve discussed the negatives and what we really love about the story, and characters in The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic, let’s discuss the two constant essentials. Firstly, the animation style and presentation of the overall production. Simply put, this anime does have consistency, and that’s actually a huge positive in our books. Your enjoyment mileage may vary if you feel like the animation is generic. For us, though, given how well things look in motion, and the animation frames don’t dive off a cliff, we liked the visuals of the anime. But it’s not winnin’ any awards, that’s for sure.

Op is fire~

Next up, we’re gonna talk about the soundtrack of the anime, which, in our opinion, is actually pretty decent. The opening song [Cure by Waterweed] is a head bangin’ slobber-knocker of a track. The visuals and the beats of the fast paced rhythm merge so brilliantly together to get you pumped up. Both, the lyrics and the delivery of the song’s beats do a great job of makin’ you root for the main characters. There’s high energy and intensity that gets you hooked immediately. It’s so good that we don’t skip the opening of this one, at all, so there.

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Ed song.

Finally, the ending song is a strikin’ contrast to the opening song of the anime. Seriously, if the opening was a pulse-pounder, then this ending theme [Green Jade by ChouCho] is the perfect detox. You’ll feel a wave of serenity and calm wash over you. This music takes you to your happy place and just provides a wholesomeness in your tum tum. The contrasting styles between the two themes are bloody fantastic. The rest of the tracks are alright, though, and nothing else really stood out for us which is a huge bummer.

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How Many Episodes Of The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic Are There And Will There Be A Season 2?

Is there going to be a season 2 of The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic?

Now we get to the meat of the issue surrounding The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic. Firstly, we’re gonna tackle its story length and the number of episodes it has. So, without further ado, here’s your answer. The anime has 13 full 24 minute episodes including the opening and ending themes in the duration. It’s not a big anime by any stretch, but it’s all the better for it. Wanna know why? ‘Cause it walks the tight-rope of carving out its own niche and identity in a sea of generic anime.

Let's hope!

As for the chances of a season 2 renewal, look, we’re not gonna sugarcoat this, but as of right now, it’s nada~ Basically, the anime just finished airing last month in March of 2024, and so far, there’s no signs of a renewal. But that’s not all that surprising, though. ‘Cause usually lots of anime take their sweet time to get sequels. Sometimes they don’t at all, but we’re hoping that’s not the case with this one. This anime is a refreshingly fun, highly entertaining, and really original anime out there. Not many can claim that in 2024.

Hold out hope.

We do know that there’s plenty of source material left to adapt and the ending is such a tease. The cliff-hanger finale for an anime that’s managed to subvert expectations in the best ways possible is just not gonna cut it. We’re gonna vote on behalf of the fandom to get a second season greenlit. We can’t wait, honesty, so whoever’s in charge of the business decision, don’t muck this up. It’s not like those execs can pull a WB Games moronic move to embrace live-service model, after all, it’s an anime, right? Right!!! Anyway, long story short, no season 2 yet, but we hope there is one in the future.

Does The Story Of The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic Continue After The Anime In The Web Novel, Light Novels And Manga?

The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic manga.

Okay, then, finally we’re gonna cap off our review with the look toward the finale and future of The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic. We’ve already mentioned that there is enough content to adapt the story further, so Yes, there is story after the anime ends. In fact, the main light novel’s recently finished and there’s already a sequel to the story currently cooking and underway. It’s great news for fans who wanna learn more about the characters and the world shown briefly in the anime.

We Novels.

There are three different mediums of source material that the animation studios can use to adapt it. Basically, there’s the manga which is usually the case for anime. But in the Isekai boom that’s goin’ on, it’s usually the light novels that’re adapted into the anime. Then there is the Web Novel, too which is mostly a draft or the author’s own head canon of the story. Now, the question becomes which one’s for you. Well, here’s our two cents on the issue. If you’re okay with waiting around for the story at a snail’s pace, then go for the manga.

Light Novels.

Plus side of the manga is that you’ll get to see the characters in action rather than using your imagination for it, thanks to the mangaka artists. But if you’re more of a literary connoisseur like us, and wanna know every inch of detail in the story, then go right on ahead with the light novel. You’ll find plenty of cut content that didn’t make it into the anime, too. For the Web novel, we’re a little hesitant to recommend it. If you’re wondering why, well, the main reason is ‘cause it’s not gonna be seen as canon. Though, in this particular case, the author took issue and diverged from the light novel. Your choice~

Final Verdict And Personal Enjoyment Review Score

So, then, how’s our overall personal enjoyment of The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic? Well, in simple terms, it’s freaking amazing! We weren’t holding out hope for anything special, and yet we’re blown away by all facets of the anime. The clever writing, the genuinely interesting characters, their bonds and interactions. The fire opening and soothing ending, not to mention the unique twists of its perspective of a healer class, it’s beyond top-tier. We give this anime a solid 8.5/10. Highly recommended.

Okay, that’s our take on the Isekai anime adaptation of The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic. We hope y’all found it thorough and insightful. We tried to keep the spoilers to a minimum, or vague, but apologies if not. Either way, we’re really curious to hear about your opinions on the anime, too. Also, feel free to bring up any area we forgot to talk about or even mention in our review, as well. We look forward to nerding out with fellow anime geeks about great shows like this one. Welp, until next time, folks, we’re gonna leave you with a solid recommendation of anime-inspired non-Japanese animated series. You’re welcome~

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