Romance In Dragon’s Dogma II? Find The Best Girl In Our Guide

Aahh~ we just love the smell of love in the air, and it’s topical, too, since we’re gonna cover the romance angle in Dragon’s Dogma II. Yep, time to arise, our fellow Arisen. The fair maidens beckon for your attention, so pay attention, ya ding dongs! We’re gonna go over this aspect of the game and tell you how y’all can woo the two candidates for best girl this game has to offer.

It’s the whole Tifa vs. Aerith debate all over again, eh? But fret not. That one’s already settled by the devs in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, giving players THAT romance. Now, we’ll judge which one’s the best girl in Dragon’s Dogma II. Ready, of course, y’are; now let’s dive down this rabbit hole.

Who Is The Best Girl In Dragon’s Dogma II To Romance?

The race for best girl in Dragon's Dogma II romance begins!

Look, it ain’t no rocket science to see that this time around, Capcom’s all in with changing things up. Like, we’ve got a ballpark comparison to see what’s new from Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen in Dragon’s Dogma II. And yet, we still feel like we’re only scratchin’ the surface to fully appreciate Dragon’s Dogma II. Like, there are similarities from the first game, such as the affinity system in Dragon’s Dogma II returns from the original. You simply give gifts and do quests to raise your affinity points with an NPC.

Easy and simple, right? But there are other new things, too. Take, for instance, the inclusion of full-fledged quests that’re wholly romance-centric. Well, maybe not fully, as they involve a bit of a grind to get to the saucy bits, but still! There’s full-on cutscenes for the romance with two particularly lovely ladies. Wilhelmina, the femme fatale with a seductive allure, and the kind, brave, and absolute sweetheart, Ulrika. Let’s get into how you’ll score with’em.

How To Romance Wilhelmina In Dragon’s Dogma II?

Here's how to romance Wilhelmina in Dragon's Dogma II.

Welp, let’s not beat around the bush here and jump right into our guide. The first candidate for best girl in Dragon’s Dogma II that you can romance is the seductive vixen Wilhelmina. She’s pretty bold, relentless in her pursuit of goals, and loves the thrill of danger, but has a level head, too. You first see her fiery personality in action when doing the quests A Stolen Throne and escaping during the secret passage during An Unsettling Encounter. It’s a memorable encounter with a spy-fiction-level smooch.

(Note: Complete all, if not most, quests to get the quest that tasks you to travel to Battahl. In Battahal, travel to the Rose Chateau Borderlrie to trigger the romance-specific quest with Wilhelmina). Anyway, here’s what y’all need to do to unlock the questline and romance path for Wilhelmina.

Head inside the brothel and go upstairs.
  • Once inside the brothel, aka the Rose Chateau Borderlrie, head upstairs to the main chamber to see Wilhelmina.
Get the flowers to romance Wilhelmina in Dragon's Dogma II.
  • There will be a bunch of flowers to the left inside a chest; get it, then gift it to Wilhelmina and speak with her.
Give her the flowers and speak to her.
  • She will compliment your different vibe and then tell you about her past. Leave and rest.
Speak to her to learn about her history.
  • The next day, try to find Wilhelmina again in her chamber, but you won’t be able to. Instead, one of the people at the Rose Chateau Borderlrie’s rooms next to her bed chamber will tell you she’s busy with a patron. (Nyuk, nyuk~).
Where is she? Hmm maybe check her room.
  • Mosey on back to Wilhelmina’s room, and head to the back where you’ll see a painting. Interact with it and watch the scene unfold to be well on your way with the romance in Dragon’s Dogma II.
  • Peek-a-boo~
  • After the cut-scene, Wilhelmina will call you out for your snooping and invite you in. You’ll learn about her past, then offer her your help in her singular goal of bringing Allard, an NPC, to justice.
Offer your assistance.
  • This begins the quest, Every Rose Has Its Thorn. You’ll need 2 pieces of evidence to expose Allard and 3 days to gather them.
Every Rose Has It's Thorn Quest begins.
  • Next, visit SVEN in his chambers at Vernworth Castle on the upper floor. He’ll tell you he can’t directly involve himself, but if you speak to Patrick, the guards won’t be an issue. (Trust us, this running around is necessary if you wanna do this romance in Dragon’s Dogma II.)
Sven to the rescue!
  • Head to Patrick’s Mansion at night and go inside, then speak to him. Patrick will tell you of a plan to get Allard out of his mansion, while you can then go inside and collect evidence for Wilhelmina. Agree to this plan and head to Allard’s Estate.
Patrick will help you out in the quest to indirectly allow you to pursue your romance in Dragon's Dogma II.
  • Wait for Allard to leave his estate with his guard, then go inside.
Wait for Allard.
  • Enter Allard’s Estate, head upstairs, and enter the room on the left, where you’ll see a painting. Interact with it to see the 1st evidence: a Murder Report falling from behind it. Pick it up.
First Evidence: Murder Report.
  • Next, head to the house next to the front and a little bit to the right of the Barber’s shop.
Second evidence is here in the house next to the barbershop.
  • Inside, you’ll find the 2nd piece of evidence: the Bribery Investigation Findings. Pick it up, and you’ll be another step closer to your romance with Wilhelmina in Dragon’s Dogma II.
Talk to Brant.
  • Talk to Brant, a quest-giver NPC in the pub next to the Inn in Wentworth. Tell him about your dealings with Wilhelmina and your plan of action to take out Allard. He’ll agree to help to bring Allard to justice but not kill him.
Present both evidences.
  • Talk to Brant again. Provide your evidence, starting with the Bribery Investigation Findings. When he asks you for your course of action, pick the gather more evidence option. Talk to him again to give the Murder Report. He’ll offer you his help; choose: I’ll accept whatever aid you can give. He still won’t agree to the assassination plot, but don’t worry about it. Leave to find Wilhelmina at the Rose Chateau Borderlrie.
Romance in Dragon's Dogma II with Wilhelmina requires a strong stomach.
  • Give Wilhelmina the evidence Murder Report, and agree to further assist her with her assassination.
Get ready!
  • You’ll be given a disguise and told by Wilhelmina to subdue Allard in one of the rooms of the Rose Chateaue Borderlrie.
Subdue Allard and enjoy the aftermath.
  • Go inside, then do it, and enjoy the cutscene of the murder ya’ sick freaks
The window!
  • When the commotion starts, escape through the window and jump down to the safety of the haystack Assassin’s Creed style. Well, maybe not exactly an eagle-dive, but you’ll live. The things you do for romance in Dragon’s Dogma II, eh?
Disappoint Brant.
  • Disappoint Brant, Wilhelmina will appear, too. Let Wilhelmina express her gratitude, then follow Brant out.
Meet up with her.
  • Visit Wilhelmina the next day, and talk to her at the Rose Chateau Borderlrie to receive your reward.
Receive your reward.
  • Enjoy your romance scene with Wilhelmina in Dragon’s Dogma II.
This romance plot line in Dragon's Dogma II was worth it!
  • Aww, the seemingly cold and cunning lady’s got a soft spot for the Arisen. Ain’t that just adorable?

How To Romance Ulrika In Dragon’s Dogma II?

Ulrika is one of the best romance options for the Arisen in Dragon's Dogma II.

Now, then, what’s the other best girl to romance in Dragon’s Dogma II like? Well, Ulrika is the kinda gal we dream of, honestly. Sweet, kind, gentle, sincere, selfless, caring, and pretty, too. You’d have to be heartless (hehe ironic) to hate her. But anywway, her romance is rather more on the heartfelt innocent side of the spectrum. The romance pursuit is gonna be a long one, but ya know? It’s darn worth it. Now, let’s get into how you can impress and have Ulrika craving for your presence.

The quests to keep in mind for Ulrica’s romance are 5: Monster Culling, Scaly Invaders, Readvent Of Calamity, Home Is Where The Hearth Is, and Trouble On The Cape. Here’s how you do it all:

romance Ulrika in Dragon's Dogma II.
  • The first quest, Monster Culling, triggers when you’re in Vernworth, and talk with Brant. Follow this quest to the locations to complete it. You’ll come to a place called Melve when you activate the Scaly Invaders quest after finishing Monster Culling. It’s here you’ll encounter Ulrika.
  • Wait a couple of days then return to Melve. It’s here you’ll encounter Ulrika and trigger the Readvent Of Calamity quest. Kill the dragon or make it flee, then return to Melve in a few days to talk to Ulrika.
Dragon slaying!
  • When you’re in Melve to meet with Ulrika, go ahead and enter her house. You’ll overhear an argument going on between Martin and Ulrika.
Conflict between Ultrika and Ultrika.
  • This will prompt a cutscene where the cutie-pie will ask you to stay the night, and while it’s a fade-to-black moment, it’s still pretty endearing since she’s blushing beforehand. The implication, people, the implication!
Ulrika cute moment of romance in Dragon's Dogma II.
  • The next morning, Ulrika disappears from Melve, and you get a conflict stand-off between Lenart and Martin. Lenart, by the way, is looking out for Ulrika, in case you’re wondering. If you speak to him, he’ll task you to check up on Ulrika in Harve Village, continuing the Readvent of Calamity quest. So go do that. But before that~
More Saurians!
  • Surprise! More Saurians form the quest Scaly Invaders. Kill’em all; then you can proceed to handle the drama in Harve Village. But, once you’re done, go speak with Ulrika to continue your romance pursuit in Dragon’s Dogma II. The poor girl’s still trying to bait out the dragon and is in hiding from Martin.
There she is best girl!
  • Speaking with Ulrika will continue the Readvent Of Calamity quest. She’ll tell you to report back to Lenart that she’s fine and her reasons for not returning to Melve. So, on your merry way, then.
Tis a relief indeed, that the best girl for romance in Dragon's Dogma II is safe.
  • Return to Melve, head to Ulrika’s home, speak with Lennart. Informing him of Ulrika’s safety completes the quest Readvent Of Calamity. Rest for a few days, then head to a Borderwatch Outpost. Buy 4 swords from the shop at the outpost, then head back to Meleve.
Buy these 4 swords to really be on the trail of romance in Dragon's Dogma II.
  • When you’ll get to Melve, there’ll be a guard who won’t let you pass. We recommend just bribing him, so it’ll be quicker. It’ll cost 5,000 G.
Money money money.
  • After bribing, go to Ulrika’s home and speak to Lennart. You’ll learn about the tyranny that the villagers are living under in.
Give the 4 swords.
  • Hand over the 4 swords you purchased from the Borderwatch Outpost to Lennart’s villagers. Then prepare to fight alongside them.
Fight alongside Lennart and his villagers.
  • The fight is epic but short, and for whatever reason, when you’re about to kill them all, the corrupt soldiers retreat. This’ll prompt the quest Home Is Where The Hearth Is. Make your way back to Harve Village after 2 or 3 days.
Almost there for that sweet romance.
  • When you’ll speak to Ulrika at Harve Village there’ll be another commotion, and you’ll trigger the other quest, Trouble At The Cape. From Harve Village make your way to the Stormwind Cape.
Stormwind Cave
  • Rescue the villagers stuck inside the Stormwind Cave, eliminating Saurans and clearing the entire nest until you’ve found every last one of the villagers.
Talk to Ulrika after finishing quest Trouble On The Cape.
  • Once you clear out the enemies in the Stormfront Cave, report back to Ulrika, and you’ll have completed the quest Trouble At The Cape. After that, speak to Ulrika, and you’ll learn she plans to return to Melve. Wait a day, then seek Ulrika out near the docks a little far off from Harve Village.
Invite from bae~
  • Ulrica will invite you to come back after nightfall. Here’s a hint, if you’re planning on pursuing a romance with her in Dragon’s Dogma II: DO NOT keep the lady waiting.
It's happening! The romance with the best girl in Dragon's Dogma II!
  • Enjoy the pure ecstasy and the wholesomeness of this sweet and heart-warming romantic scene. The writing is just *Chef’s Kiss*.
The romance in Dragon's Dogma II happened!
  • Enjoy, and then leave the rest to your imagination.
Romance complete.
  • That’ll do it. Home Is Where The Hearth Is finally complete as is this romance with Ulrika.

Can You Romance Both Wilhelmina And Ulrika In The Same Playthough?

Can you romance both?

Phew-whee~ wow, those guides were a challenge to make, but for romance enthusiasts in Dragon’s Dogma II, you’re welcome! Now, comes the question on every player’s mind, can ya two-time the ladies? Well, we’ve got some great news buddies~ instead of fighting over who’s the best girl, you can romance both Ulrika and Wilhelmina. So, YES! You can!

How’s that for an answer? Shocking than the high levin spell, eh? Well, that’s how it is in Dragon’s Dogma II. Plus, there aren’t any consequences, of romancing both women, either. Literally no downside, so why not do both?!

What About Romancing Other NPCs?

More romance options needed in Dragon's Dogma II.

Sadly, while Whilhemina and Ulrika have the show-stealing romance in Dragon’s Dogma II, no other NPCs are on that level. That’s a real shame considering there are quite a few of those pretty NPCs that make us wanna court them. Like seriously, if there’s one major aspect of the game we wanna see improve, it’s this. Y’all can still voice your opinion to Capcom about this, too in the official Dragon’s Dogma II survey.

But anyway, back to the original question, can y’all romance other NPCs in the game? Well, yes, but don’t go expecting any cinematic touch and theatric flare for those. They’ll still be sweet and endearing but kinda generic, too. Disappointing we know, but hey, we’ve voiced our opinion about that in our suggestions on our piece about Dragon’s Dogma II survey.

Does Romance Impact The Ending?

Romance impacting the ending Dragon's Dogma II.

Now, the other important question about the romance in Dragon’s Dogma II. Does it impact the ending of the game? The simple answer is no, not really. You’ll see glimpses of your beloved in the ending credits, but nothing substantial. This is a let down, honestly, but then again, the strong suit of the game isn’t the romance department. Still, we would have liked a more satisfying depiction, execution, and finale of the romance.

Kind of like our favorite dating simulator romance games with great stories, cause they’ve put on a clinic. They have stories and character moments where you’ll swoon, you’ll gush, you’ll fawn, and you’ll feel fulfilled with how those handle the mature themes. Dragon’s Dogma II could and should do better. Meanwhile only teases and then doesn’t commit, which is a shame. Let’s face it, fading to black while paying 20K, G, the in-game currency, at a brothel is a hilarious rip-off. As long as we’re getting an expansion, there’s still hope for seeing their improvements, too. So, fingers crossed!

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s gonna do it for this one, folks, we’re beat, wooing the ladies is hard work after all. Hehe… but anyway, that’s our guide to the complete romance aspect of Dragon’s Dogma II. You usually can romance anyone, but come on. It’s not even close, to who most will go for unless things change drastically. Which is quite a possibility since Capcom’s promising fixes for Dragon’s Dogma II.

Anyway, that’s gonna do it for now but check back in for more Dragon’s Dogma II goodness. We’ve got a bunch of more guides coming. But one vital one we recommend y’all check out is about, the Dragonsplague that’s the true enemy of the Arisen. Alrighty then, take care y’all, happy gaming!

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