8 Of The Worst Video Game Remakes Of All Time (So Far)

The worst video game remakes ever.

Hey, hey, look at that, we’re doing the opposite of what everyone else is by doing a list of the worst video game remakes ever! Like we’re talkin’ the most vile, the utterly pointless, the but-why-though meme-worthy stuff. No, really, this one’s gonna ruffle some fanboy feathers, but trust us on this one. Somebody’s gotta call out this B.S. from corporate morons who they know what the people want.

Remakes when done right, can be really awesome! Just take a gander at how great FF7 is doin’. In fact, it’s the benchmark for this practice; we’ve even got a whole list of classic games that should get remakes like Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. But right now, though? We’re goin’ on the opposite end of the spectrum and diving into the abysmal remakes that shouldn’t have seen the light of day. Abandon all hope ye who enter.

Which Video Game Remakes Are The Absolute Worst That Shouldn’t Have Been Made?

So, then, now we’re gonna be talkin’ ‘bout 8 horrendous attempts at video game remakes that are the worst. No hyperbole here, folks, we’re talkin’ the honest truth. Either the games didn’t live up to the expectations, or they were nothing more than corporate greed at work. Ya know, the kind that thrives on mikin’ the fanbase dry for every penny they got. Oh, trust us, there were some surprising candidates for this one.

Now, let’s not waste time here and jump right into our list. It’s gonna sting for us, too, since some of the games are guilty pleasures of ours. But, hey, we’re gonna take that plunge cause we wanna call out the practice of pointless remakes. One more thing: We’re gonna use the term remake interchangeably with reboot and reimagining, cause the essence is the same between them all. Now, let’s go!


Persona 3 Reload (2024) – Great Story, Wonderful Gameplay, All Butchered By Corporate Mandates

Persona 3 Reload is one of the worst kinds of video game remakes because of corporate actions.

So, on the downlow Persona 3 Reload is a great game by itself. But since Atlus gonna Atlus by lying about Persona 3 Reload DLC, then make things even worse, you can bet your bottom dollar we’re gonna bomb it. Even though it pains us, we gotta call out Atlus and Sega here. Persona as a series is reaching out to casual players, so their numbers are gonna do great. But if they don’t stop with the predatory practices, people will catch on. It’ll be only a matter of time before they face the music, too.

Look, the ambiance, the suspenseful story with the right mix of horror and mystery, the colorful visuals, and the head-bobbing worthy soundtrack of Persona 3 Reload are just top-tier. In fact, we’re pretty sure we’ll prefer Persona 3 over Persona 5, too. Yeah we said it! But as far as remakes go, Persona 3 Reload is one video game, where the game dev’s attitude has soured the experience for us. Might not be the case for some of y’all, but for us, it’s a matter of principle.

To hide story content behind a season pass is the scummiest move possible. The thing that’s such a pet peeve with Atlus is that, just you wait. Either at the end of the year or sometime next year, we’ll see a more definitive version of the game with a huuuge asking price from Atlus with nothing more than the minimum effort put into it. So, we cannot, in good conscience, spare Persona 3 Reload from selection on our list of the worst video game remakes ever!


Resident Evil 3 Remake – One Of The Worst, Lifeless, And Sterile Reimaginings Of A Beloved Video Game

Resident Evil 3 Remake is one of the worst video game remakes in recent memory.

Next up on our list of the worst video game remakes is another eye-brow raisin’ choice. Yep, Resident Evil 3: Remake is the one we’re pickin’ and it’s gonna upset a lot of ya’. Well, maybe not, if y’all paid the upfront price for this one and then saw what little it offered. Seriously, the game’s visuals, Jii Valentine’s character design is pure fire~ dat RE Engine is indeed a thing of beauty. But that’s where the praises end and the complaints begin for Resident Evil 3 Remake. ‘Cause, let’s face it: Capcom severely underdelivered here and did nothing to elevate the original.

In fact, we’d argue, for all its dated PS1-era graphics, the original Resident Evil 3 Nemesis is objectively the better game. The sense of tension, the unnerving build-up of the Tyrant popping up when you least expect is gone in the remake. What you’re left with is a pale imitation with little to no replay value, and severely lacking in game content. The reuse of levels and enemy designs feels so bland and unimpressive. Which is a real shame, too, since the Resident Evil 3 Remake could have done wonders. Taking a bold new direction with the level designs, and more memorable character cameos were needed.

The story’s ‘twist’ was predictable as hell. There was nothing remotely scary in Resident Evil 3 Remake. Even the Tyrant was like a scripted encounter, unlike the menacing presence of the original or hell, Mr. X in Resident Evil 2 Remake. Now, we don’t know what happened behind the scenes, maybe it was a top management decision. But the fact is, at the end of the day, this new iteration of Resident Evil 3 is among the rare video game duds by Capcom and just one of the worst remakes overall.


Shadow Of The Beast (2016) – Untapped Potential And The Pain Of Seeing What Could Have Been

Shadow Of The Beast (2016) is another case of the worst video game remakes ever.

For this next one we’re gonna take a little trip dowm memory lane all the way back to 2016 during the PS4’s heyday. There was buzz and real hype surrounding the remake for Shadow Of The Beast (2016). Unfortunately, the only great thing about the remake is the ability to let you play the original game via emulation. We’re not kiddin’, Shadow Of The Beast (2016) is one of the PS4 exclusives that bungled up real bad. What was looking promising as the next genre-defining hack-and-slaher title, ended up little more than one of the worst video game remakes ever.

It’s a grand total of 3 hours of game time, and we were playing it casually, too. The so-called fast-paced combat though visually satisfying and visceral, feels clunky and hampered. You’ll often feel overwhelmed quickly, and your attacks might not register due to being stuck behind an environmental obstacle, ruining your combo chain. Oh, and tedious and repetitive nature feels like a chore to sit through, but that’s not even the worst part. 

Oh no, if you’re a completionist, you gotta play through Shadow Of The Beast (2016) multiple times to unlock the different species languages. It’s a neat idea but the execution is severely lacking. If it wasn’t obvious, we don’t actively hate Shadow Of the Beast (2016) but having played the OG? It’s not even close the original is miles better. Especially the puzzle and platforming segments are so uninspired and bland in comparison to the original. We felt bored out of our mind that we preferred the tedious combat to that. Not a good video game, and definitely among the worst remakes, too.


DmC Reboot (2013) – The Unholy Abomination That United The Majority Of The Fandom In Bashing It

DmC reboot kill it with fire!

Time for Nightmare Fuel Central with one of the uniquely worst video game remakes of all time, DmC (2013). This one’s a no-brainer, and why it’s such a fascinating subject in hindsight. Ninja Theory when it wasn’t part of Xbox Game Studios, was commissioned by Capcom, to remake or rather reboot Devil May Cry. It was a dark time for us all, and it was a rarity to see the fandom unite. Not in its acceptance, oh hell no, but in tearing DmC (2013) to bits. Gone was the badass, cool-headed, wise-cracking, demon-slaying hunter, and in came…. The edgelord wanna-be, chain-smoker, sleazy in the most obnoxious kinda way, Donte. We know what we’re spelling, that ain’t no typo, cause DmC (2013) had no Dante.

Seriously, these devs look like they’ve never heard of the expression if it ain’t broke, don’t fix. Dante was already the perfect protagonist as he is, there was no need to reimagine him. Just give’m more wacky, over-the-top, and outlandishly ridiculous devil-arms, and we’re good. The audacity to completely change his appearance, and personality, and make a mockery of the original design? Yeah, that was met with memes that make us laugh even today. Despite somewhat competent gameplay, there’s no point if the protagonist is so despised by the player base.

Oh, and the entire lore of the Devil May Cry canon was in doubt, too. Yeah, this was a flop on arrival as soon as that initial reveal trailer dropped. After DmC (2016), Capcom put Mr. Hideaki Itsuno back in charge, the guy behind the original Dante and the Devil May Cry games you love. He delivered Devil May Cry V. Nowadays Mr. Itsuno is on Dragon’s Dogma II fixes duty. Anyway DmC (2016), of course, it’s one of the worst video game remakes ever!


Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 – The Biggest Remake Flop After A Masterful Part 1 Video Game

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2.

Another case of experimentation with video game remakes that went sideways is Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2. This one’s such a complicated letdown that we’re gonna have ta’ do some mental gymnastics to explain it. So, here goes~ you see back in 2010, Mercury Steam, now famous for Metroid Dread these days, was makin’ a reboot/remake of the Castlevania franchise. The first game, Castlevania Lords Of Shadow was a surprise hit. The first 3D Castlevania title that didn’t suck and offered a twist on the narrative that was mind-blowingly epic. Then, came the sequel in 2014.

**Sigh** This one, to say was a total letdown and a colossal disappointment would be accurate. The story’s intriguing, the game design was still pretty good, and the combat was addictive, too, until it wasn’t. We’re all for games that make you think about your combos and strategies, but, damn was it a nightmare to see enemies block you if you chain up a pattern. It took the fun out and made the combat feel like homework. The modern-day settings while we appreciate what the devs were tryin’ to do, but just doesn’t mesh well. The modern environments feel lifeless and generic as hell in comparison to fantasy-themed ones.

But the worst part about this video game is that it’s one of those remakes that forgets what made the source material so intriguing. Case in point: who’s bright idea was it to make Dracula, the most recognizable character of the franchise, hell, in all of fiction, a cowardly rat? The stealth segments in Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 are just awful, there’s just no two ways about it. Seriously it make no sense lore-wise, and it ain’t fun to play. That’s why Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 sucks so much.


Saints Row Reboot – The Video Game Nobody Asked For, And Yet It Exists For Us To Despise

Saints Row Reboot, NOPE!

Now, we’re entering the elite-level territory of video game remakes that are not only the worst but their existence is criminal. No joke, the Saints Row Reboot, reimagining, or remake, whatever label you wanna put on it, is a disaster. This game’s the prime example of bad game design, poor narrative direction, and un-fun gameplay. The bugs alone were hilarious for all the wrong reasons. The lack of depth in the writing was the final nail in the coffin of this dumpster fire. The lead character was supposed to be an obnoxious girl-boss, not a create-a-character, but after the backlash, the devs backtracked.

Is that a pattern you’re sensing? Of course, it is! It’s one of the very reasons that we have lists like the worst female characters in video games. Don’t even get us started on the abysmal progression system. It had so many locks, and the whole process was a grindfest, too. It’s baffling that they decided to just make everything feel so uninteresting. What’s the point of an open-world if ya can’t even explore it proper? Then, there’s the hilarious bit where there are buildings with shops, but you can’t go inside, and if you wanna buy stuff there’s a vendor outside! **Cue the Stone Cold Steve Austin WHAT?! chants**

We haven’t even talked about the gun upgrade that Saints Row Reboor/Remake botched. No, remember how the guns changed their appearance in the previous Saints Row games? Welp, not anymore, every upgrade feels so unsatisfying that you’ll give up. One of the things that make Saints Row Reboot one of the worst video game remakes ever is how badly the in-game AI is. The lack of physics makes everything like a slippery eel, and how bad the police chases, go? It’s a train wreck.


Alone In The Dark (2024) – One Of The Wost Video Game Remakes In Recent Memory

Alone In The Dark, better left alone.

For the runner-up choice of video game remakes that are just the worst, we have this year’s Alone In The Dark. Now, don’t get us wrong, this game’s redeeming qualities are there, its premise is certainly interesting. The whole edge of mystery and the level transitions into the bizarre are excellent. The voice cast and dialogue delivery are top-notch, too. But! Here’s the thing with Alone In The Dark (2024): it’s not scary, it’s not fun to play, and it is definitely non-sensical when you break down the story full of plot holes. For a 2024 horror title in the aftermath of RE2 Remake, and Dead Space Remake, that’s not gonna fly.

No joke, people, the game’s a mess in just about every aspect. Our review of Alone In The Dark (2024) where we rip the game to shreds will tell you it’s mediocre at best. The puzzle sections feel so mundane, while the exploration aspect is not rewarding at all. The characters, especially the protagonists feel like imbeciles who’re spouting nonsense. They behave irrationally, too, not questioning what’s happening at the first sign of dismissal from others. The strange behavior of the different characters and their motivations also don’t make any sense either.

Another huge reason for Alone In The Dark (2024) occupying such a high spot on the unenviable list of the worst video game remakes is its combat. Ugh, dry, no sense of danger, and little to no enemy variety. Every enemy just dies with 4 or 5 shots, and the horrid stealth mechanic ruins everything and is redundant. This game succeeds in doing the opposite of everything its legacy deserves, which was breathing new life into survival horror. That’s a darn shame, because we love the idea but hate the execution of Alone In The Dark.


The Last Of Us Part 1 – This Was Sony’s Attempt At Cash Grab, Don’t Deny It Fanboys

The Last Of Us Part 1

Finally~ we’re gonna cap off today’s list of vile and the worst video game remakes with a controversial choice. Yep, The Last Of Us Part 1 which is the remake of the PS3-era game of the same name. Adding nothing of value, but will swindle you of your money if you’re a blind fanboy of the franchise. Seriously, if it had added more story-wise, or given something new and substantial to the lore, we wouldn’t have minded this. But as things rolled out, this was a quick turn-around after the Last Of Us Part 2, when Sony and Uncle Drunkman (Hehe) wanted some more cash flow.

Oh, and sure, the graphics are nice and all, but let’s stop pretending that this was for artistic vision’s sake. If Mr. Drunkman (hehe) wanted better hardware, the original The Last Of Us was already facing multiple delays pre-release. They might as well have waited out until the PS4 was out to launch it. But you know what irks us the most? The original game isn’t even that old, there are several Sony first-party IPs that could have gotten Naughty Dog’s attention. Instead, it’s either Uncharted or The Last Of Us. Anybody remember Jak & Daxter? Or here’s an idea~ how about another new IP?

You know, something fresh that isn’t bogged down by anything else. It’s right in Sony’s wheelhouse, too. But the problem is that it would take effort and some risk to try something new, whereas using an established brand like The Last Of Us to milk the fanbase dry is the easier route. Business-wise we gotta hand it to Sony, they fooled y’all good. But, it’s time to wake up! The Last Of Us Part 1 is one of those video game remakes that were pointless, and unnecessary. Mic drop~

Final Thoughts

Ohh~ stings doesn’t it, huh? Well, we did warn y’all, though. Today’s list of the worst video game remakes is gonna have some of y’all fanboys foamin’ at the mouth. But, don’t worry, we’re not snowflakes, here, we can take it. Tell us about your own opinions on these lousiest video games in the comments below. While you’re at it, tell us if there’s a remake, a reboot, or a reimagining we’re missing on our list today. We look forward to what you bring us, especially the arguments y’all are gonna present. If you’re in the mood for more remake lists, don’t worry, we’ve got plenty in the pipeline, so stay tuned.

In face, here’s a whole list of classic Xbox first-party exclusives that should get remakes. Give it a read, tell us about your own thoughts on the matter, too. Well, we’re gonna take off now, so, until next time, take care, everybody, stay safe, and happy gaming!


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