Dragon’s Dogma II Dragonsplague Is The Arisen’s True Enemy

Dragon’s Dogma II is all the hype these days, with good reason, too, since it’s hella enjoyable, but the Dragonsplague is makin’ things complicated. Look, we get there are some problems, but Capcom’s promising fixes, so shut yer traps, and chill out about Dragon’s Dogma II ‘kay? But dat Dragonsplague, though? It’s annoying.

Yep, so that’s why we’re gonna be diving into this hot topic with our take. We’ll tell y’all everything about it, and how to watch out for its signs, and how to prevent it. Also, you’ll learn what happens if ya don’t pay attention to it, and then what ta’ do once the consequences hit ya like a Cyclops’ club, straight to the face. Let’s go~

What Is The Dragonsplague In Dragon’s Dogma II?

Dragon's Dogma II dragonsplague.

So, the thing about Dragonsplague in Dragon’s Dogma II is that you’ll get one prompt about it. Just, one, to tell you it’s a thing, then poof~ you’re on your own. Naturally, if you’re a perfectionist paranoid like us, you’ll wanna be on the lookout for this new feature. Basically, unlike other debilitations or negative status effects, Dragonsplague is a permanent thing, mostly. It’s kinda like corruption that’ll infect your pawns, including the main and the hired ones. If y’all leave it unchecked, it can and will spread to other pawns in your party.

Dragonplague is a big deal.

Once a pawn’s got Dragonsplague, you’ll see them behaving strangely and becoming rude. Their words are gonna be dripping with venom, so if you’re a snowflake, ya might need to steel yourself (hehe). But, also, you’ll see the infected pawn are gonna start disobeying your orders, which is a huuuge no, no. After all, part of the charm and fun in Dragon’s Dogma II is you working with your pawns to slay enemies together. If that arrangement’s compromised, well… it’s a cause to panic, people!

But more importantly, the Dragonplague in Dragon’s Dogma II is a serious issue for some people cause of what it can do in the long term. The dramatic escalation will make your entire playthrough either a headache to complete or a never-ending nightmare that’ll make y’all wanna start a new game to avoid ever letting it linger on. The point is, Dragonsplague will cause annoyance for players, especially new ones. So, it’s best to not take it lightly. Now, we’re gonna talk about what it does.

Why You Should Be Afraid Of The Dragonsplague In Dragon’s Dogma II?

Dragonplague is ominous in Dragon's Dogma II.

We’ll cut to the chase now and tell y’all exactly what’ll happen if ya let the Dragonsplague in Dragon’s Dogma II unchecked. Basically, you’ll see that the infected pawns are becoming stronger in combat, which is good, right? Well, yeah, it is, but that’s a double-edged sword; here’s why. You see, the Dragonsplague makes the pawns physically/magically stronger, yes, but it also makes them rabid. They’ll become dismissive of the Arisen, not bothering with following specific instructions, either.

But that’s not even the concerning part, no. ‘Cause the true horror of the Dragonsplague in Dragon’s Dogma II is when you rest at an inn with an infected pawn. You’ll get the horrifying prompt about the advertised calamity that the pawn with Dragonsplague has brought. The pawn will go rogue, and their bloodlust will have’em go on a killin’ spree. That’s right, they’ll murder NPCs left and right, not just throwaway ones, too. The quest-givers, the ones important to the story, will also be killed off by the Dragonsplague-infected pawn.

Pawn getting infected.

That’s intense, right? Well, the game’s advertising and Wiki weren’t kidding around when they said calamity would strike, thanks to the Dragonsplague. So, now that y’all know the consequences of this deadly game mechanic let’s look at how you can prevent or cure it. But first, we gotta learn about its symptoms, its causes, and then some workarounds for it, too. For the signs of Dragonsplague, we’ve covered them mostly by the way, but we’ll still list three major telltale signs of corruption.

What Are The Signs/Symptoms Of The Dragonsplague?

Well, here it is: these 3 signs are the guaran-damn-tee that your pawn in Dragon’s Dogma II has the Dragonsplague. So keep an eye out for’em, and don’t sit on your butt waiting for the you-know-what to hit the fan. Immediately check, then proceed to the cures or workarounds for it.

1.) Purple/Red-ish Colored Sinister Eyes

Spooky eyes.

So, the first thing you wanna see in your pawns are the purpley or reddish eyes; this is the first sign. Well, technically, if the purple color is there, that signals the Dragonsplague in Dragon’s Dogma II in the early stages. It’ll eventually evolve, and then you’ll see pawns with really evil red eyes. This means the curse has spread. We realize sometimes the eye color you select for pawns will make it difficult to spot the signs of Dragonsplague, so then we move on to symptom number 2.

2.) Pawns Holding Their Heads, Coughing, Not Feeling Well Have The Dragonsplague

Holding heads is a sign of Dragonsplague in Dragon's Dogma II.

The other sign of the Dragonsplague in Dragon’s Dogma II is the strange, uncomfortable sight of pawns in distress. They’ll cough, they’ll touch their own foreheads, and you’ll feel sorry for them, honesty. It’s not just that they’re battle-worn and tired, but because the corruption is instilling further within them. Slowly, it’ll impact their mental state further, and you’ll see them act drastically differently, too. Which is a good transition to the third symptom of the Dragonsplague.

3.) Aggression, Hostile, And Dismissive Behavior Toward The Arisen Equal The Dragonsplague In Dragon’s Dogma II

Hostility is strong in the Dragonsplague.

Well, this is probably the final stage of the Dragonsplague in Dragon’s Dogma II. You’ll see the infected pawns go rogue and just do their own thing. They’ll talk down to the Arisen, even going so far as to throw some sick burns your way. Insubordination and hostility will be like their forte going forward. On a side note: We really think Microsoft needs to up the aggressive approach to fight back against its competition for winning gamers over.

Anyway, if ya see this sign, it’s time to look for a solution. We’ll get to those, but first! Let’s see just how the Dragonsplague infection happens. So, let’s look at the cause and then for the treatment. Spoiler alert: it’s not lupus (Dr. House reference, right there).

Causes Of The Dragonsplague In Dragon’s Dogma II

So there are mainly two reasons for the darn Dragonplague in Dragon’s Dogma II; let’s look at’em individually, yeah?

It's always the Drakes.

If y’all remember the first Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen and compare it to Dragon’s Dogma II to see what’s new, you’ll notice it’s a lot different. Seriously, there’s more going on in this one than you can possibly imagine. But one of the core things that has evolved from the first game is that Drakes are as annoying as they’re terrifying. Oh, and they have this grab attack animation that’ll capture a pawn, then they do the voodoo hypnotic gaze doo-hickey on’em. The result? They’ll catch the Dragonsplague in Dragon’s Dogma II.

The rift will, too.

The other major culprit of the Dragon’splague is the rift itself, ya know, the place where you hire pawns. Well, technically, y’all can hire pawns by findin’ them on the road roaming about, too, but the rift is where you can sort through’em. So, anyway, the point we’re making here is: the rift space and using port crystals through the rift stones to fast travel is one of the big ways that’ll infect pawns with the Dragonsplague. Capeesh? Oh, and we should mention that if ya do have a pawn that’s infected, there’s a good chance the corruption will spread and transfer to other pawns, too, including your main one.

How To Cure Dragonsplague In Dragon’s Dogma II?


Well, now comes the big question, doesn’t it? Just how in the heck do ya cure the annoying Dragonsplague in Dragon’s Dogma II? Well, there are a few ways to do that. Let’s talk about’em one by one.

Yeet, Yeet, And Away!

I believe I can fly~

So, ya got a pawn with the Dragonsplague, and it’s only a matter of time before the calamity occurs. Here’s what ya do: grab that blasted pawn, walk over to the edge of a cliff, and throw’em high and far as ya can. Yeetin them away to the depths where the Brine, an entity that’ll consume pawns and Arisen alike, is the only way to rid them of the curse. That’s a sure-fire solution for curing the Dragonsplague in Dragon’s Dogma II.

Dismissing Hired Pawns With The Symptoms Of Dragonsplague

Dismiss the pawns in Dragon's Dogma II with the Dragonsplague.

If ya see some pawns behaving weirdly and acting aggressively, then it’s time to tell’em to take a hike. Dismissing pawns with the Dragonsplague symptoms is necessary if ya wanna avoid the calamity event. Or have the plague infecting your main pawn, too. Oh, and make sure to grab whatever items you gave them just in case before dismissing them.

Have Your Main Pawn Hired By Other Arisen To Pass On the Dragonplague

Get your pawn hired.

Not an ideal solution, and definitely kind of a really scummy move this one. But you can make the Dragonsplague pass onto other Arisen’s main pawn when your main one is hired by them. This method is crude, but it is there, so if y’all are in for an evil Arisen playthrough, do this method. Otherwise, better to do the yeet option we mentioned above.

Swapping Out Pawns Constantly And Carefully Is The Workaround

Hire and swap pawns constantly.

The weird, wonky gameplay design of Dragon’s Dogma II by Hideaki Itsuno-San is bonkers. But we’ll be damned if the game ain’t fun because of it. Like the idea of constantly being on your toes and worrying about the Dragonsplague in Dragon’s Dogma II is gonna make you wanna pay attention. This is a divisive choice but one we’re actually digging as it’s sharpening our gamer instincts. The idea behind the implementation of this game mechanic is to constantly experiment and swap out pawns. If that’s too much of a hassle, well, y’all can yolo solo this bad boy if you’re feeling particularly brave.

What To Do If Calamity Of The Dragonsplague Happens In Dragon’s Dogma 2?


Look, sometimes, goofing up and not having the right backup save can screw you over with the Dragonsplague calamity in Dragon’s Dogma II. That’s a major setback, no doubt. However, there is a way out of the mess, well, kind of, provided ya got tons of G, the in-game currency, and lots of Wakestones, including the Eternal Wakestone.

Basically, using the Wakestones revives the killed NPC, pawn, or even the Arisen to life. This will be a heavy task as you’ll need lots of Wakestones on hand to do this. Not ideal, but it is something. Plus, if you can farm enough of them, you’ll get the town NPCs back to the land of the living in no time. There is an Eternal Wakestone that can revive multiple NPCs nearby the Arisen, but it’s an end-game item, so there’s that.

Another way to lessen the calamity of the Dragonsplague in Dragon’s Dogma II is to wait it out. Don’t quote us on this, but some NPCs do get revived as time passes when you rest at an inn. Wait a couple of in-game days, and you’ll see NPCs walking around. Those that’re still dead, you can use the aforementioned Wakestones and Eternal Waketone to revive. OR rather than go through any of this hassle, just load up a save before the calamity and follow our prevention/cure methods we listed, ya know, the right thing to do.

Final Thoughts

Phew~ what a doozy of a problem in Dragon’s Dogma II this Dragonsplague is, huh? We know, and we totally get that not everybody’s having the best time with this mechanic. Perhaps, if y’all make enough noise, maybe Capcom might lessen the blow of this one, too? Who knows, but ya know, this quirk is what makes Dragon’s Dogma II stand out from the pack of other big RPGS. But anyway, that’s our sold take, our explanation of its causes and effects, and solutions to the pesky Dragonsplague. How’d you rate our breakdown? Leave your feedback in the comments below; we’re really looking forward to it.

In the meantime, we’ve got some great guides about the game, like finding the forger and making forgeries in Dragon’s Dogma II. Give it a look-see and tell us if y’all find it helpful. Well, that’s gonna do it for now, but stay tuned for more Dragon’s Dogma II info drops and other useful guides. Until next time, take care, everybody, stay safe, and happy gaming!

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