Forger Location And Making Forgeries In Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2)

Dragon's Dogma II Forger and Forgeries.

Greetings, fellow Arisens, we hope your time in Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2) is going swimmingly well, but are ye interested in knowing the location of the fabled forger and his forgeries? Well, wonder no longer ’cause we’re on it. We’ve taken a break from having the time of our lives in its rich and complex world to help y’all.

We’ll tell you all about the exact specifics ya need to know to get to this NPC. After all, before diving into the game, ya need to know what’s different in Dragon’s Dogma 2 from Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen. Well, let’s dive right in then and see why the forger’s such a big deal in the game. Here we go!

Who Is The Forger In Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2) And Why His Forgeries Are Important?

The forger in Dragon's Dogma II (DD2) has forgeries.

So, the forger in Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2) is the NPC with the name Ibrahim who makes forgeries. IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind there’s another NPC with the name Abrahim with an A., that’s not the forger. Ibrahim with an I is the one you want. Further, the forger aka Ibrahim isn’t available early-game, BUT! You can take a dangerous shortcut to get to him early. Though, honestly, given the perils along the way and the lack of G, the game’s currency, on hand, you’re better off not doing this on a lower level. But hey, who’re we to stop adventuring souls?


Normally, you’d be forgiven for not wanting to deal with shady characters in games. BUT! The forger is one NPC in both the original and Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2) whose forgeries are critical to many quests. It’s not just quests cause you’ll need his services to duplicate items. Yep, instead of exploiting tricks, the game lets you openly make copies of the original items, aka forgeries. Sometimes, this tactic opens new story paths/outcomes and helps you retain the original items, it’s a win-win, folks.

Request forgeries.

Another important little nugget of info for y’all is that the forger will restock his supplies every few days. BUT! Get this: he’ll also have access to one particular key item; the Jadeite Orb. But more importantly, this is guy you want for all your forgeries in the game. Sometimes, you’ll receive items that are intended for one use only, but with the forger, you can make copies of it. ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do use the forgeries, be careful as some items won’t work as the original items.

How Do You Find The Forger In Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2) To Make Forgeries?

Finding the forger in Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2) so you can have your jollies with forgeries is a bit of a tough ask. Your destination is in a far-off town called Checkpoint Rest. Don’t worry, we know it might seem a little intimidating to get there. If you follow our guide, you’ll find the guy in no time. So, here’s whatcha need ta do:

Get to Vernworth first if ya wanna find the forger and his forgeries in Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen 2 (DD2).
  • Find your way to the human Kingdom of Vernworth. If you’re not even there, well, what can we tell ya, buddy? Except for, ya need to get there first for a good frame of reference and pick up some levels along the way.
Find the Ox Cart to begin your journey.
  • Once you’re inside the capital (it’s its own thing, getting inside, we’ll not focus on that now), explore the Capital. You’ll come across the Vernworth Ox Cart, just past the hair-dresser and the Grand Port Crystal Of Vernworth. Ya can’t miss it.
pay the toll to board the ox cart.
  • Hop on aboard the Ox Cart; the owner will tell you they are bound for Checkpoint Rest and ask you to pay up front. Pay the G, and you’ll be off in a jiffy. Though, sometimes, it might take a while to trigger, so just be patient and don’t freak the f out, ya hear?
Almost there to the forger and having access to his forgeries in Dragon's Dogma 2 (DD2).
  • With any luck you should be in Checkpoint Rest without any hiccups, and huge enemy encounters along the way.
  • Hang a left immediately after entering Checkpoint Rest, then head straight up.
Building with red sign on your left cross it then turn right.
  • Then look for a path that’s heading right just after crossing a red sign with a sword on the left building. Immediately turn right.
Turn right after the sign.
  • You’ll see a path going up, but a shady dark path with a slope. Go down the slope, and turn right, you’ll see the man himself, Ibrahim, the forger from Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2) and his forgeries and his scrap shop.
Slope in the right side is the correct path.
  • Voila~
Voila~ you've found the forger to make forgeries in DD2

How To Make Forgeries?

Well, congrats, pally, ya made it to the forger in Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2), and now the forgeries are at your disposal. The question is, how do ya exactly do it, though? Well, it’s a really super easy step we’ll explain to y’all knuckleheads. Once you’re standing in front of the scrap shop of the forger, Ibrahim, interact with him.

Pick this option for making copies.

When you’ll do this, the options to request forgeries will appear; select it. All your available items will appear; pick the one you wanna replicate, then pay the fee. Wait a couple of days, then talk to him. Best way is to sleep at an inn.

Side-Note: We highly recommend making a forgery of the Gaol Key, you get from Brant when you first accept The Caged Magistrate quest. It’s like the master key to unlocking all the jail doors. Plus, the best thing about it is that it won’t be removed from your inventory after use. Just hand the forgery to the person who lent you the original, and you’re golden.

Oh, and one other thing: the forger, aside from forgeries in Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2), also has a ton of items for sale that you missed, or accidentally gave away. So, regret not, and just fork over the G, then buy back what you lost. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, and Bob’s your uncle. You can then go on with your thieving ways of slicing and dicing NPCS like a maniac, get thrown in jail, escape, then rinse and repeat.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you’ll have it, folks. Our guide to finding the forger in Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2) and what his purpose is, forgeries and selling important items. We hope everything’s simple to understand in the way we made it for you. If there are any questions on your end, drop’em in the comments below, along with your feedback on the game. We don’t know about y’all, but we’re having a blast with Dragon’s Dogma II. That won’t be stopping us anytime soon, either. So, might as well enjoy your time and ride the high of this magnificent gem.

We can’t get enough of this game. It’s the perfect blend of dark medieval fantasy with a Japanese flavor of combat. It kinda reminds us of our top 9 anime-inspired non-Japanse animated series. Give that list a look-see and tell us your favorites. Well, that’s gonna do it for now, take care everyone, and we’ll be back with more Dragon’s Dogma II goodness. Happy gaming, everybody!


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