Capcom Promises Fixes In Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2) Update

Dragon's Dogma II fixes and patches.

Capcom, in a rush to get Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2) out the door, couldn’t address a bunch of performance issues and now has announced an update with fixes. Not only that, but they’re going the extra mile to address some features that are gonna improve the gameplay experience. Let’s be real here and not deny Hideaki Itsuno is the master of action games; the gameplay shows he knows what he’s doin, so we trust him. After all, what’s new from Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen in Dragon’s Dogma II speaks volumes.

So, what’re those noisy people on the internet complainin’ ‘bout? Well, we’ll tell ya that today and how Capcom’s planning updates to fix’em; let’s roll!

Which Fixes Are Coming To Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2) In The Upcoming Update?

Update fixes coming to DD2.

Dragon’s Dogma II is the very definition of a creative passion project, even the small details are incredible. It feels awesome to play, regardless of issues. So, the big thing that most people were yammerin’ ‘bout was the uncapped frame rate in Dragon’s Dogma II. This causes sluggish and janky movement, visual degradation, and some really weird-looking character models. Well, now, Capcom’s heard the backlash and is now promising fixes to Dragon’s Dogma II with its update.

Let’s break down what Capcom’s offering to change for the game. Note: Some of the updates are gonna lay the groundwork for future fixes. So, don’t expect one update to make everything perfect for you, capeesh? We’ll also categorize the updates separately for consoles and PC/Steam versions of the game. Though, first, we’ll cover the joint changes across all gaming systems.

For PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, And PC – (Early Lodging/House, New Game With Existing Saves, More Art Of Metamorphosis)

Now you can start new game playthrough while having the previous playthrough save data.

The first update of Capcom fixes for Dragon’s Dogma II will address the lack of player’s option to create a new save file. Ya know, so y’all can make separate saves for multiple playthroughs simultaneously. Yep, if you’re unaware or did know, previously, it was not possible to create a new playthrough as its save file would overwrite your previous one. Safe to say this one’s a much-welcome improvement from Capcom.

You can earlier access to lodging in DD2 which is one of the much needed fixes in this update.

Secondly, if y’all are somehow struggling to get your own lodging in Dragon’s Dogma II, well, worry not. The next patch will ease up on the requirements and trigger the quest early to help you find your own place/home. It’s super important to have one early game so you can save up G, the game’s currency. But also, resting regularly ensures you don’t lose your overall health. Plus, you get your inventory box and the option to save manually.

Change your look as much as ya want.

Last but not least, cause, ya know, Dragon’s Dogma II is an RPG, so it’s vital to the experience that Capcom’s update fixes this issue. With the upcoming patch, you’ll be able to purchase ‘The Art Of Metamorphosis‘ a lot more. The inventory count will bump to 99. This particular little item is a rarity but will be available aplenty real soon. It allows you to tweak or even give a massive overhaul to your Arisen’s or main pawn’s appearance.

Side-note: There are gonna be minor bug fixes and some text display improvements to address some of the display issues, too.

Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2) Update Exclusive For Home Consoles That Will Bring Some Fixes

Update fixes for the console versions of Dragon's Dogma II (DD2)

Aside from the update fixes for Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2) we listed above, the home console versions get a few more. They’re mostly there to spruce up the visual fidelity somewhat but don’t expect something drastic. So, the three things you can tweak are as follows:

  • Y’all can switch the motion blur option on or off. Now, normally, we don’t bother with this setting too much, but here, ya might need to tinker with your system to see what works for ya. For us, it’s best to turn motion blur off for a better-looking visual experience. But you do do, buddies.
  • Next, the option for ray tracing is there, ya can turn it on or off for whatever suits your system. Personally, the ray tracing, though nice and gives Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2) a beautiful feel, it can cause frame drops, too. It’s a double-edged sword, but for pure gameplay reasons, turning ray-tracing off is the way to go. But, like we said, if it’s not doing that badly for you, keep it on.
  • Setting a hard cap of 30 fps is gonna be an option in the update for fixes in Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2)). You can let it remain variable or set the limit. Fixing it will not significantly alter the performance of the game but will give a slight nudge toward stability. Capcom’s left a fine print that even mentions that the frame rate issue is gonna get addressed with more focus later, not now.

Which Update Is Exclusive For Steam/PC Versions Of Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Well, there’s no shame in admitting that the PC version is the superior version of Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2) and has it’s own exclusive update fixes. Well, two, to be precise, not a lot, but ya know, they were needed to optimize. Anyway, here’s the PC/Steam version breakdown of the changes coming to the game.

  • So, the console versions of Dragon’s Dogma II have the motion blur, ray tracing, and frame rate cap, right? Well, for the PC/Steam equivalent, or rather better than those, is the option to enable DLSS Super Resolution. This will markedly improve the gameplay experience in Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2), or at least, according to Capcom, it’s gonna. Test it out for yourself, PC crowd, then tell us the results, will ya? Pretty please?
  • Finally, there’s some course correcting that’ll come in the update fixes for Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2). Specifically, we’re talking ’bout the character models appearing ugly as sin in the game if you mess with the settings. Sometimes, you won’t mess up the settings, but the weird character models still happen anyway, which is not cool. So, Capcom’s gonna fix that in the PC/Steam version.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s a wrap, folks. Our bite-size info for each of the promised fixes in the update for Dragon’s Dogma II (DD2) dropping soon is there. We hope y’all have a clear understanding of what’s what now. If y’all have questions, drop’em in the comments section below, along with any requests for guides for the game. We’ll cover what we can to give you the best, concise, and easy-to-digest content for the game. We love geeking out with fellow gamers, too, so please leave some feedback, too.

Anyway, that’s gonna do it for this one, folks. We’re gonna take a hike, but before we go, we got some a little nugget of info for y’all. Did y’all know what a moniker is and does in Dragon’s Dogma 2 (DD2)? We’ve covered it, so take a look. Alrighty, we’ll see y’all soon, take care, everybody, and happy gaming!


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