What Is a Moniker in Dragon’s Dogma II? (Moniker DD2)

Moniker in Dragons’s Dogma II? What is it? Dragons Dogma 2 is finally out and players are confused about a lot of things. CAPCOM surprisingly created a true successor to the original game, thanks to the efforts of Game Director Hideaki Itsuno. Dragon’s Dogma II is pretty complex with tons of vocations to choose from in the character creation system, but after it’s all said and done. You’re supposed to decide on a Moniker in Dragon’s Dogma II. So what are Monikers in DD2, and why are you supposed to decide on one?

Moniker Dragon’s Dogma II — Summarized

A Moniker is a username that takes the place of any rude or inappropriate usernames, instead of replacing them with asterisks. The devs implemented the Moniker System in DD2 to protect new gamers from being exposed to foul language when Online Play becomes available.

What is a Moniker Dragon’s Dogma II? Moniker DD2

Moniker Dragon's Dogma II — Moniker DD2

In the character creation section of Dragon’s Dogma II, players are supposed to customize their character and pick a Vocation or Class. After it’s all said and done, you’re supposed to decide on a Moniker, which consists of a list of pre-selected names or a Moniker.

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Why Do I Need To Choose A Moniker in Dragon’s Dogma II?

But why do you need to decide on a Moniker in Dragon’s Dogma II? It’s primarily for censorship reasons. CAPCOM implemented the Moniker System back in the days of the original Dragon’s Dogma, and it worked quite well. The Moniker System censors any rude or inappropriate names since kids or tweens might be playing the game as well. 

The Moniker System is enabled for players with Parental Controls. Once, online play is available for Dragon’s Dogma II, some growing gamers who have started playing the game might run into some derogatory names or slurs as usernames. So, parents, with Parental Controls enabled, will be able to create some degree of censorship and safety for their growing gamers.

You can choose whatever horrible name you want in Dragon’s Dogma II and instead of censoring the name with asterisks, Monikers will replace your horrible usernames. Keep in mind, that you cannot edit a Moniker in DD2. You’re only allowed to select Monikers from a pre-approved list, which is pretty big if you ask us.


That pretty much wraps everything you need to know about what a Moniker is in Dragon’s Dogma II. It’s a returning feature from the original title, and it did its job of creating a sense of Censorship. Capcom took the approach of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” and reimplemented the system. 

So, select a possibly nasty username if you see it befitting, and select a pre-selected name for those growing gamers. Otherwise, they might end up learning some new words. 

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