Best Roblox Anime Games 2024

Best Roblox Anime Games 2024
Best Roblox Anime Games 2024

With animes like One Piece and Jujutsu Kaisen releasing great episodes one after another, gamers might be interested in exploring their world through the realm of games. However, good anime games are hard to find with the last One Piece Pirate Warriors release being 4 years old and the Jujutsu Kaisen: Cursed Clash game recently opening to an abysmal reception from fans. However, Roblox has many great anime games in its library and we have compiled a few of the Best Roblox Anime Games you can play in 2024 that you need to try first. With Roblox games being free and not requiring downloads, you can try these and see which suits you best!
The best thing about these games is that they are made by fans themselves for other fans to enjoy!

Note: This Best Roblox Anime Games 2024 list is not in a particular order.

  1. Peroxide 
Peroxide - Best Roblox Anime Games 2024

Peroxide is based on Bleach, created by Tite Kubo. The game offers a compelling combat experience and is praised for its visuals. Its progression system is also one of the best. You can choose between three races which are Hollow, Quincy, and Soul Reaper. You have to first actually die in the game before being able to choose the class that you want to play as. You can use the quest board to do quests to earn money and level up simultaneously in the early game. After saving enough money, you can use it to up your potential and invest in abilities like agility. Overall, the game’s loop is pretty interesting and is sure to satisfy Bleach fans.

Peroxide Link

  1. Jujutsu Infinite
Jujutsu Infinite - Best Roblox Anime Games 2024

Jujutsu Infinite was one of the most hyped Roblox games and is an insanely fun game to play which as the name suggests is based on Gege Akutami’s creation Jujutsu Kaisen. However, Roblox temporarily banned the game for violating its TOS by selling tester access for 30 USD. Like other Roblox Anime games you choose from quests listed on a quest board but unlike almost every other Roblox game, the combat is fun and has depth in it. Personally, the most important thing for a Jujutsu Kaisen game is its combat which Jujutsu Infinite nails along with great visuals. Aside from leveling up, you can improve your abilities with innates like Rika to help you in combat. While the gaming is currently lacking end-game content, the developers are reportedly working on pushing big updates. 

Jujutsu Infinite Link

  1. Blox Fruits
Blox Fruits - Best Roblox Anime Games 2024

Based on the long-running manga One Piece, Blox Fruits is one of the most beloved anime games. It is also one of the most popular games due to it getting regular content updates by developer Gamer Robot, with the game currently sitting at 400K+ concurrent users. While One Piece has multiple fan-made projects on Roblox, Blox Fruits stumps them due to its sandbox experience. The game allows players to play out their pirate and marine fantasies by allowing them to play as both. Trying to mimic One Piece as much as possible, the game resembles an open world with different islands that you can explore using a boat. Aside from containing all of the fruits in the vast One Piece universe, its creators have also added fanmade fruits which can be fun to use. You can specialize in different classes and can obtain Blox Fruits or weapons by defeating different bosses on islands or buying them through a vendor if you have enough money saved up.

Blox Fruits Link

  1. Anime Battle Arena
Anime Battle Arena - Best Roblox Anime Games 2024

Let’s change gears and look at a PvP-focused game like Anime Battle Arena. The game contains many different anime characters with new additions present regularly due to timely updates by the developer. Characters from popular anime like One Piece and Fairy Tail are present in the game along with multiple different attires and abilities for each. The game’s ranked system has been successful in curating a dedicated player base. The game’s strongest point is its combat which is necessary due to it being a battle-focused PvP game. It is refined and feels very responsive. Aside from the ranked mode, if you are starting or want to play casually then you can fight in the normal Arena.

Anime Battle Arena Link

  1. Anime Dimensions Simulator
Anime Dimensions Simulator - Best Roblox Anime Games 2024

Anime Dimension Simulator is a very fascinating and ambitious take on Roblox anime games with the game’s adventure spanning into different anime worlds (dimensions), and letting you explore them all. The game includes popular anime like Dragon Ball Z . Aside from taking inspiration from all your favorite animes, the game bundles them with many fun modes that you can enjoy. Currently, you can choose your character from a selection of 20 anime protagonists whom you can take into battle. Each dimension features different quests and boss fights, which are enjoyable due to their riveting combat. Developer Albatross Games is working on new dimensions that will be added through content updates.

Anime Dimensions Simulator Link

  1. Shindo Life (Shinobi Life 2)
Shindo Life - Best Roblox Anime Games 2024

Shindo Life focuses more on exploring the world with your friends and fighting them, instead of continuous combat or a narrative-driven adventure. Shindo Life contains a ton of skills and stats you can improve through various upgrade paths, giving the player a lot of content, unlike other anime games. With traversal being the main highlight of the game, the developers have the map well populated with items and stuff to do. Best of all? You can fly through the whole map. The game also gets praise for its visuals and light art style mimicking anime like Naruto. If you want to explore an anime world with your friend with acceptable combat then don’t pass on Shindo Life.

Shindo Life Link

  1. Anime Sword Simulator
Anime Sword Simulator - Best Roblox Anime Games 2024

Had enough of playing as famous characters in anime? Anime Sword Simulator lets you beat them up! In this game, you create a custom character and get to fight popular characters like Goku and Obito. After defeating each boss, you will gain a sword and as this continues you can collect multiple of them with some rare swords having unique stats. The game’s loop is you defeating bosses, collecting swords, and upgrading them for harder bosses. Aside from swords, you can also obtain gems from bosses to unlock certain swords or characters previously locked. The game’s main pulling factor is it seamlessly brings in different characters from different anime verses while still providing a compelling gameplay experience to the player.

Anime Sword Simulator Link

  1. All Star Tower Defense
All Star Tower Defense - Best Roblox Anime Games 2024

All Star Tower Defense is a very popular anime game on Roblox that adds anime characters to the gameplay loop of tower defense games, which works great here with the game being very addictive. You have to defend your tower from waves of enemies while roleplaying as cool characters from different anime like One Piece. Unlike other mentioned anime games, the gameplay loop isn’t directly combat-focused and you have to rely on making strategies to successfully defend and improve your tower. The game also features a story mode that you slowly progress through after completing tower defense, but you can also compete with other players through a leaderboard in the Infinite Mode.

All Star Tower Defense Link

  1. Project Slayers
Project Slayers - Best Roblox Anime Games 2024

Koyoharu Gotouge’s Demon Slayer manga is brought to life in the Roblox game Project Slayers. The world is pretty huge containing many different quests, power-ups, and bosses you can encounter throughout. The game’s combat is also very enjoyable as it allows you to create combos by combining attacks, unlike other Roblox anime games. By using the world of Demon Slayer, propositions itself as an exciting RPG in which you can train yourself to learn different skills and level up. An interesting mechanic in the game is the use of clans to divide players into different ‘classes’. Each clan has its perks and benefits that you can utilize in completing quests and climbing to the top.

Project Slayers Link

  1. Your Bizarre Adventure
Your Bizarre Adventure - Best Roblox Anime Games 2024

Talking about anything anime and ignoring JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure? Blasphemy! Your Bizarre Adventure is a popular JoJo-inspired game that covers the canon story of the anime. The gameplay is also very fun and allows you to experiment by using different unlockable Stands. While its concurrent players’ userbase has dropped recently, the game’s status is iconic by reaching nearly 2 Billion visits on Roblox. This is mainly because of the true-to-style representation of the JoJo verse. The game also has you covered for fashion by offering multiple different skins of different styles so you’ll never get bored. With the game’s dedicated community still active, it’s a fun experience for anyone looking to jump in.

Your Bizzare Adventure Link

If you have other suggestions for the best Roblox Anime Games in 2024 that we might have missed then comment down below!
We have also compiled the upcoming Roblox games that you need to look out for here.


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