Top 10 Most Anticipated Upcoming Roblox Games Of 2024

Roblox games in 2024 have steadily been giving players some great alternatives to mainstream AAA blockbuster games like Helldivers 2. Why do we say that? Well, it’s cause the upcoming titles on the creative platform have some of the most anticipated content in gaming. The tie-ins to niches that are growing in popularity are another factor, too.

Well, like Alfred Pennyworth says to Bruce, ‘Let’s not stand on ceremony, Mr. Wayne,’ it’s time to kick off our list. Here we go!

2024’s Most Anticipated Upcoming Roblox Games To Watch Out For

Well, we’re gonna spoil y’all for choices today. That’s cause today’s list of 2024 upcoming most anticipated Roblox games is a top 10. So, yeah, whether you need breaks from farming samples in Helldivers 2 or you’re just looking for games to help you overcome Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. Today’s selection will feel like a nice change of pace.

Here are our top 10 favorite upcoming titles in Roblox to keep an eye on.


Tower Of Hell

Tower Of Hell is aptly named, because it's 2024 Roblox games equivalent of one.

If you’re not aware, Tower Of Hell is one of the most ambitious Roblox games heading into 2024 and one of our most anticipated, too. If for the simple reason that this game will test your patience, muscle memory, and your willpower. The level design in Tower Of Hell is exactly what you think. You’ll be navigating the treacherous layouts, facing absurd physics and wonky platforming sections.

What’s great (worse) is the punishing level of difficulty in the Tower Of Hell. Seriously, if you’re a fan of the classic era of gaming when there weren’t handholding checkpoints and reloads, Tower Of Hell will feel right at home. There is zero room for fumbling up, as then you’re gonna have to restart the level from the beginning. This one is not for the weak-willed; you’ve been warned.

There are perilous and deceptively cunning traps that will trigger as soon as you’re in range. Tower Of Hell is the equivalent of Dark Souls of Roblox games making it one of our most anticipated titles of 2024. We can only imagine what the future updates will bring to Tower Of Hell. It’s a bloody brilliant concept that’s handled exceptionally well.

[9 /10]

Adopt Me!

One of the most impressive Roblox games that's our 2024's most anticipated is Adopt Me!

Our next entry on the list of most anticipated Roblox Games involves the complete antithesis of the previous one, Adopt Me! Yeah, this one’s all about relaxation, stress relief, and just feeling good about yourself by taking care of virtual pets. In Adopt Me! You don’t gotta worry about any sort of high-stakes vibes or pressure-inducing gameplay. It’s all chill vibes here.

The idea behind Adopt Me! revolves around creating a safe space for yourself where you make the rules. It’s just you, your virtual pet, and, if you allow it, a close circle of trusted friends hanging out and chilling. The best thing about Adopt Me! is the level of freedom the game offers. You can adopt simple creatures like cats, dogs, and hamsters or really dive into fantasy elements with dragons, unicorns, or even triceratops.

Basically, you get to also have your own little playground with your virtual pets in Adopt Me! Whether you enjoy heading outdoors in the game or staying in for a more mellow experience, you can’t go wrong either way. You can even customize your place and pets to give that personal touch and unique identity. Adopt Me! is one of our most anticipated Roblox games of 2024 because of its wholesomeness.


Dystovia – One Of The Finest In-Development Roblox Games In 2024

Dystovia is one of the most incredibly polished anticiated Roblox games of 2024.

If you’re a glutton for punishment and are anticipating a few Roblox games in 2024 to scratch the SoulsBorne itch, then look no further than Dystovia. This game’s got the best components of hack-and-slash games, including epic boss fights and fantasy roleplaying. There’s really something cathartic about taking on powerful foes and cutting them down to size.

Dystovia blends the character customization and adds magical attacks to the player’s arsenal to give the power-fantasy tools. You can travel to diverse vistas and explore to your heart’s content, maybe even discover something really cool for your efforts, too. The traversal is also kinda cool to see, as you unlock the ability to port between unlocked levels.

Dystovia is easy on the wallet, too, than, say, loads of AAA titles? Heck, after the colossal disappointment of Skull Bones, the first quadruple A title, being inferior to Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Dystovia is a diamond among gems. If you can stomach a slight downgrade of visuals, then Dystovia is among the best of 2024’s anticipated Roblox games.


Over The Seas

Over The Seas is among the most gorgeous-looking 2024 Roblox games with a lot of anticipation.

Here’s another looker among 2024 top-tier Roblox games with much hype and anticipation behind it. Over The Seas unapologetically borrows its anime inspiration and wears it on its proverbial sleeve. Extremely gorgeous and scenic backdrops and a peacefully serene sense of adventure await players in this magnificent game. Over The Seas pulls you in immediately with its picturesque aesthetic.

There’s a great innovative expansion to the gameplay that you don’t see in many games on this platform. Over the Seas gives players a lot of freedom to dive into crafting mechanics because you’ll need it. There are some really exciting hunts to go on, so you’ll need to prepare in advance. Plus, there’s a high level of immersion in the game’s physics and animations.

It’s clear that Over The Seas is a labor of love and passion with a creative lead who wants to give players a unique sandbox to play in. So, if you’re looking for something that hasn’t been copied to death, you might wanna take a gander at Over The Seas. It’s one of 2024’s most anticipated Roblox games, and let us tell you, the hype is real, folks.


Drive Cars Down A Hill!

Drive Cars Down A Hill!

We’re gonna bend the rules a bit to include a relatively older game, but it’s getting updates in 2024, so it counts, capeesh? Good! So, the anticipation is always strong with this Roblox title, and even its name, Driving Cars Down A Hill, is quirky among other games. Yep, we’re not kidding. That’s the name, and it’s exactly as the name suggests.

You pick your vehicle, then drive it off the top of a hill. The goal is to keep driving and prevent a complete crash of your car. The longer you can manage that, the more points you score. It’s really hilarious to play with friends; seeing everyone’s reaction is a treat on its own. Basically, the gravity and obstacles are gonna work against you to make you crash early.

The incentive is the coins you collect down the hill. Collect enough, and you’ll be able to unlock sturdy cars with faster manoeuvrability and better handling, too. Driving Cars Down A Hill has a super simple premise, but it brings a ton of replay value and entertainment that most gamers won’t be able to get enough of. So, we highly recommend checking it out; it’s one of 2024’s most prized Roblox games, with every update’s anticipated release.


Holy War X

Holy War X.

If you’re clamouring for the most anime title ever in the upcoming 2024 most anticipated Roblox games, presenting Holy War X. This one’s a guilty pleasure of ours, one we’ve been looking forward to because of its mish-mash of themes and ideas. Basically, there’s no rigid structure to the power-scaling and epic fights you can find yourself in in Holy War X.

You can master different types of fighting styles, learn new skills, and even take the abilities of the enemies you beat. Naturally, this means there will be loads of different combinations and builds for players to experiment with in Holy War X. Working together will help make the powerful boss fights easier, but they sure as heck will gain double HP and even more powerful attacks to balance things out.

The devs behind Holy War X are doing a terrific job of piquing our interest. Now, let’s see if they can deliver the final product. It’s been in development for quite some time, and we’re willing to bet that sometime in 2024, we’ll see the full release and, if not, at least some playable demo version. Either way, Holy War X is one of the most anticipated Roblox games whenever it comes out.


Devas Of Creation

We’re officially nearing the end of our list of exciting 2024 Roblox games that are our most anticipated. So, to shake up the formula, we’re gonna change the genre to an MMO-style title, Devas Of Creation. This game’s impressed the heck outta us at every dev showcase we’ve seen of it. The idea of dungeon-crawling with your buddies in a Roblox-esque setting? Yes, please!

What’s more, you can assign specific roles, like in an actual MMO. Devas Of Creation will not hold back, and its bosses will pound your character into a paste. Working strategically is the key to winning in this one; otherwise, there’s a chance of another Leroy Jenkins situation. The character customization in Devas Of Creation will keep you busy for hours cause you’ll tinker around with it a lot. Hey, perfection takes time, and we agree.

There’s some serious PVP-style combat to practice your moves and see which ones are worth assigning a hotkey to. The depth of gameplay in Devas Of Creation is something that should be appreciated. It’s this hard work that’s ignited our interest in Devas Of Creation and why we consider it one of the best upcoming Roblox games.


Vast Seas – Another One Of The Excellent Upcoming 2024 Roblox Games

So, up in the final 3, we’re gonna go anime again with Vast Seas. It’s a One Piece-inspired Roblox title and definitely one of the most anticipated games of 2024. The sheer breadth of the game gives off that grandiose sense of adventure that’ll hook you immediately. Did we mention you get to tweak your ship’s appearance? And even improve its performance?

It’s pretty cool to sail off and discover new powers, buried treasure, and encounter dangerous enemies to fight. Vast Seas is such a mesmerizingly beautiful game, and once you dive into what else it offers, you’ll see why we’re holding it in such high regard. There are also Easter Eggs from the anime in Vast Seas, and story beats from the original manga deliver fantastic fan service. You also get superpowers to use around the large maps.

The eureka moment when you read the maps and learn the location of buried treasure in Vast Seas is such a satisfying feeling. There’s an incredibly soothing soundtrack on top of everything else to keep you humming along as you play through the game. Honestly, Vast Seas could easily nab the crown for our most anticipated Roblox games coming out in 2024.


Roblox: Need More Heat

Roblox Need More Heat

Alright, look, Roblox Games that are upcoming in 2024 are all fine and dandy. But one game that’s already out more than lived up to our anticipated expectations is Roblox: Need More Heat. This gem is a phenomenal piece of work, one that’ll surprise you in every way. The depth in the gameplay, the freedom to go about and discover everything is just freaking amazing.

On that note, if you’re struggling to find out all the game’s epilogues, then we’ve got a guide to every ending on Roblox: Need More Heat. Not gonna lie; when we saw how dark and twisted the tone can shift in the later endings, we were blown away. But also, the wholesome side of the game balances things out nicely, too. Like for real, its premise is something we all could relate to just trying to call in sick to skip school.

The shenanigans and smooth way of operating the game’s physics, which border on the hilariously absurd, are delightful. When you realize the lengths to which the kid will go to, you kinda wanna root for him. It’s the heartfelt writing and creative designs that make Roblox: Need More Heat one of the outstanding games of the year. So, if you’ve not checked it out already, do it now!




We’re capping off our list of top-tier 2024’s most anticipated Roblox games with Yaiba. Surprise, surprise, another anime-esque game, right? Well, what can we say? These kinds of titles are our jam. Plus, this one is packing a lot of cinematic spectacle. Like seriously, the graphics are amazing for a Roblox platform offering. Not only that, but the flashy character-exclusive powers, especially the different breathing techniques, are stellar.

Another exciting little nugget of info is that Yaiba is borrowing combat from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. If you don’t know, it’s another Souls-like, game but with a more action-adventure style approach. Now, that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s fine, but know it’s borrowing elements instead of copying it 1 to 1. Frankly, we can’t wait to see how Yaiba brings its own originality to the gameplay format.

Yaiba is gonna be a huge hit and one of 2024’s hype beasts among Roblox games. The game is under huge pressure to deliver, but then it’s thematically apt. After all, Kimetsu No Yaiba, or Demon Slayer, is the source material for Yaiba, and it is an underdog story. Now, let’s wait for the full release and see how well it does.

Final Thoughts On The Most Anticipated 2024 Roblox Games

Well, there you have it, folks. Our list of the most exciting and anticipated Roblox games for 2024 is out for y’all to take a gander at. So, then, what’s the verdict? Y’all think our selection is a good one? Or do you think we’re missing some big names today? Either way, share your rage, rants, critiques, and ramblings down below.

If you’re in the mood for something other than an action-oriented or rapid-paced style of gameplay, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our handpicked, steamiest dating simulator romance games with great stories. You’ll thank us later, internet. Well, until next time, happy gaming, y’all.

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