Roblox Need More Heat: All Endings Explained 

Roblox Need More Heat

Roblox Need More Heat takes you back to the good old school days, except it’s one of those Mondays where you don’t feel like taking chemistry. Now the only thing standing between you and a lazy day in bed is your father who won’t buy your excuses. Your goal – use every trick in the book to convince your dad you have a fever. 

Roblox Need More Heat comes with five different endings. Make the wrong choices and you will be in a world of trouble. Maybe even dead. Here’s a complete guide on how you can unlock all the Need More Endings. 

How to Unlock Different Roblox Need More Heat Endings?

There are multiple Need More Heat endings, all of which need to be unlocked differently.

The steps to unlock them have been outlined below.

Good Endings….?

The secret to unlocking the Good Ending….?  is trying to convince your father you have a temperature. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

Roblox Need More Heat
  1. When you launch the game, your first job is to step into the Hornet’s nest – aka tell your father you’re sick. Your dad will check your temperature and tell you to get ready for school.
  2. To raise your temperature, your first objective is to turn on the lights in your room.
  3. Go back to your father again. He’ll instruct you to have your breakfast and get ready for school.
  4. Next, go to the bathroom and fill the bathtub with warm water. Once filled, step inside to raise your temperature.
  5. Then, head to the kitchen and heat a mug in the microwave to drink your hot chocolate.
  6. Go back to your father. He will check your temperature and tell you to get ready for school again.
  7. Next, go back to your room and pull out winter clothes from your wardrobe.
  8. Interact with your father once more. Unfortunately, he will deny your request again.
  9. Try to raise your temperature one more time by closing all the windows in the house, and turning on the heating.
  10. Once done, get your temperature checked again.
  11. The next step is to turn on the stove and all the faucets in the house to raise the temperature.
  12. After being turned down by your father, head back to your room and burn your homework in the fireplace in the hall. 
  13. Once done, head back to your father. 
  14. Upon being turned away, head to the kitchen and microwave a fork. 
  15. Next, go to the garage and unleash the arsonist within you by pouring gasoline over the car. 
  16. Once you do, go to the yellow line at the garage’s entrance. Hold the interact button to start the fire. 
  17. Talk to your father again and once he tells you no, go outside the house and find a tree. Set it on fire. 
  18. That still won’t convince your father. So, the next step is to head to the back of the house and spot the pool. 
  19. Hold the interact button and summon the Devil. (Yes, you can do that). Once the Devil fills the pool with lava, take a swim and talk to your father again. 
  20. He still won’t let you stay home. So, head to the living room and turn on the TV. 
  21. Change the channel until you land upon the ad for the Dragon. 
  22. You’ll see a phone next to the TV. Interact with it and type in the number 321-456 to summon the dragon that will burn down your house. 
  23. Even with everything on fire, your father still won’t let you skip school. So, as the last straw, head outside the house. Look at the sun and interact with it. 
  24. Once you do, you will end up pulling the sun closer to yourself with a rope. 
  25. Interact with your father again. This time he will finally let you skip school. 

Good Ending 

To unlock the good ending, play the Roblox game until the point where you’re tasked with turning on the faucets in the house. Once you reach this point, follow the steps given below.

Roblox Need More Heat
  1. Instead of turning on the faucets, go to the back of your house. 
  2. Stand next to the window that lets you peer into your father’s room. 
  3. Make sure you can see his face to eavesdrop on his conversation.
  4. After the cutscene, pick a random flower from your surroundings to take to your mother’s grave. 
  5. The cemetery is located in the forest across from the house. Simply head into the forest and go down a straight path. 
  6. Once you reach the cemetery, look for a grave with a picture frame next to it. That’s your mother. Place down the flower you brought along next to the grave. 

And that’s how you unlock the Good Ending in Need More Heat. 

Bad Ending

To unlock the Bad ending, follow the steps given below:

  1. Upon waking up in the game, don’t interact with your father. Instead head to the bus stop, located across from your house. 
  2. Press the interact button to go to school. 
  3. A prompt will pop up telling you, you can’t go to school but keep interacting and you will eventually make the bus appear. 
  4. Board the bus and you will be off to school. 

Insanity Ending 

For the Insanity Ending, again play the Roblox game until you have to turn on the faucets, and then follow the steps outlined below. 

  1. Head to the bathroom to turn on the faucet. 
  2. Next, jump onto the sink and stare at your reflection in the mirror by holding the interact button. 
  3. Keep staring and your avatar will slowly lose his mind, causing the mirror to eventually break. 
  4. Once your avatar has achieved full insanity, it’s time to get to work. Head to the kitchen and break the table before you. 
  5. Using the broken parts of the table, barricade all the windows and doors. 
  6. With all the exits blocked off, head back into the kitchen and grab the fork from the floor.
  7. Go to your father and attack him. He will proceed to run away but keep chasing him and deliver the final blow. 

With your father dead, you will land in trouble with the police but on the bright, you successfully managed to avoid school.  

Fatal Ending 

To unlock the Fatal Ending, follow the steps of the Insanity Ending. However, when it’s time to attack your father, don’t do anything. The window of opportunity will pass and your father will give you a taste of your own medicine by killing you. 

And that’s how you unlock all five endings in Roblox Need More Heat. To check out codes for Roblox, we have Music ones listed over here.


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