Huge Variety Of Nostalgic Pixel Pins Available At Pokemon Center

Pokemon Pixel Pins

Pokemon fans who have seen the days of the Game Boy Advance at the times of Gen 3 games and the first titles getting remade would all remember the fondness of having the first ever Kanto Pokemon with fully coloured looks in the design of the classic sprites. 3D has been the only manner of modern titles taking up Pokemon looks, but many fans hold the older designs close to their hearts, not just because it was the first manner that welcomed them to the world of videogames and Pokemon, but also because it would give unique looks that would be very sharp and intriguing as compared to a somewhat bland 3D design of the same Pokemon. Few even consider having newer games go back to the older Sprite design which only adds more reason because of nostalgia.

The Pokemon Center website currently holds an enormous lineup of all Kanto Pokemon from Gen 1 and many more as Pixel pins for purchase that look the same as the sprites from older Pokemon videogame titles, and they look great. Catching them all seems to have a new manner now so it seems.

Pokemon Pikachu Pixel Pins

The Kanto lineup comes in parts where whole evolutionary lines and grouped-up rares come in bundles fans can get right now. This includes the starters and even the legendaries, as well as a big chonky boy who needs to have a bigger-sized pin because that is what it’s known for.

It doesn’t look like anyone is missing; Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, all of their evolutions, Pikachu, Magikarp, Fossil Pokemon like Omanyte and Kabuto, Rarer ones like Lapras, Snorlax, even special ones like Porygon, Legendaries like Mew and Mewtwo as well as the Legendary Kanto Birds, all of them and more are available as Pixel Pins. Eevee comes with a bundle for all of its evolutions that it had in Kanto, Safari Zone exclusive Pokemon like Kangaskhan and Chansey and more are here too. Interested viewers can go check the Pokemon Center and pick up the ones they would like, with the entire lineup available so players can choose out the ones they had for their first-ever teams when they played the games back in the day for the first time, or if their wallets would allow them, get all of them for a big new Pokemon Pixel Pin Collection.

Pokemon Eevee Pixel Pins

Pokemon outside Kanto are also available in Pixel Pins, although in less variety currently. Johto Starters are currently up if anyone would like to get those.

To check up and purchase them, check out the Pokemon Center Pixel Pins List over here on this whole website link.

There is an incentive found over here to make pins with the pixel look as many of the products are already going out of stock. It is hopeful that the website has plenty in stock and restock them so if you do find a pin that’s out of stock, you could check back later. It is a pleasant thing to see that The Pokemon Company does deem the old look worthy to market it in such a way, now if only they can have it return in some manner in the videogames, and not just in the Party-List view.

Rare Pokemon Pixel Pins

For those who would want to check up on pins that aren’t in pixel looks, they can check out the website for many other forms because Pokemon pins come in all shapes and sizes and many would find ones to their liking. The franchise is available in all forms and it is not a bad time to be a Pokemon fan with some spare money to spend.


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