Annihilape Holding Newest Battle Week in Pokemon GO

Annihilape Battle Week Pokemon GO

Annihilape, the newest final evolution of Maankey that debuted with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, is making its way to Pokemon GO in little more than a day’s time later this month to start off Battle Week. The newest event brings brand new Pokemon, many exclusive bonuses from Battle Week, as well as new encounters, raids, rewards from Research and much more starting tomorrow January 19th 10 AM till January 24th 8 PM.

Annihilape The Rage Monkey Pokemon:

The newest addition to Pokemon GO is the newest final evolution of Mankey, which players usually get after evolving Mankey into Primeape, and then to Annihilape in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet by having it learn a new signature move, Rage Fist. Players need to use this a set number of times in the mainline Pokemon titles to get Primeape to evolve, but in Pokemon GO, since the new move isn’t added, things work differently. To obtain Annihilape in Pokemon GO, players will need to do 2 basic things. They will need to make Primeape that they want to evolve their Buddy Pokemon in the game, and then simply beat 30 Psychic or Ghost Type Pokemon. It’s not necessary to use Primeape to beat these, so it is much easier to obtain the newest evolution that was previously exclusive to the Paldea region in the two Gen 9 games.

For a little about its stats, Annihilape in comparison to Primeape gets good stat boosts overall, but mostly to his HP and to his Speed and Attack stats. It is very durable hits back hard, and would prove very powerful to use in Raids or Battles in Pokemon GO. Its typing is Fighting and Ghost, similar to Marshadow from Gen 7.

Since its previous evolutions have their shiny forms available, players who own a shiny Primeape or Maankey can get a shiny Annihilape as it has been added alongside the normal version.


The two main bonuses of this event, aside from the Battle Week bonuses, are that Team Rocket makes a return to Pokestops and via Balloons, and secondly Throh and Sauk the Fighting Type Pokemon will be spawning very frequently in the wild for the whole duration of the event till January 24th when it ends. Both of them will also have their shiny forms available if players are lucky enough to encounter them.


Alongside Throh and Sauk, many other Pokemon are coming as wild spawns. These include Mankey, Machop, Lickitung, Gligar, Sableye and Scraggy. All of these also have their shiny forms available in the game so players could look to grind and try to find them. As the signature type for the battle is Fighting Type, there are many well-known Fighting Type Pokemon available in this event, and players can find themselves getting very strong Pokemon.

Mankey is also one of the spawns so players who don’t have a good Mankey that they can turn in to Annihilape can try to search for one during this event, giving them the perfect chance to get Annihilape all set and ready to take on Battle Week.


There is a whole new list of Raid Pokemon with this new Battle Week Event for 1 Star and 3 Star Raids. The Pokemon coming to raids is mentioned below:

1 Star Raids: New Raid Pokemon for the Battle Week Event are Snubbul, Houndour, Pancham and Mareanie. Except for Mareanie, all of the rest have their shiny forms encounterable as well.

3 Star Raids: New 3 Star Raid Pokemon include Primeape, Gyrados and Zweilous. The first two have their shiny forms encounterable in the game to lucky players.

Field Research:

Players will also be able to get exclusive event-themed Field Research during the event where the reward will be an encounter with Mankey. Its shiny form will also be up for grabs, and this will make it convenient for players to get a good CP and IV one that they can evolve into Primeape and then into Annihilape.

Collection Challenge:

The Collection Challenge will be coming back for players who want to show off their high-level Collection Medal and they will also get some good rewards like Fast TMs, Charged TMS, Stardust and more.

Battle Week:

The remaining thing is Battle Week itself. Players will have the option to participate in Player Battles where all three of the main Battle Leagues of the game will be live. Great League, Ultra League and Master League will all be joinable so players can pick which one would suit them and their Battle Party best and fight for the highest rank and reward.

To go along with this, there will be bonuses active which are the following:

  • Players will have 4 times the normal Stardust from rewards if they win battles. Do keep in mind this wouldn’t stack with other Stardust bonuses, however.
  • Players will be able to play 10 sets of battles during Battle Week per day so this would allow them to fight 50 battles each day.
  • There will be exclusive Timed Research for Battle Week whose reward will be the Ingo Style Hat.
  • Additionally, to go along with the abovementioned Timed Research, a purchasable Timed Research will also be available for $2 whose rewards will give players 3 Rare Candy, a Rocket Radar, Stardust and 2 Premium Battle Passes.

Keep in mind that Timed Research does expire so players would need to complete it before the event ends to get all the rewards.

Overall this is a great event of this year for players who seek a challenge from Pokemon GO and lean more towards the competitive edge of the game. Many available Pokemon are very useful in Players Battles, and this would be a great time to get some and also participate in Battle Week to take advantage of the bonuses active. Annihilape is another new cool addition that only provides more incentive to players to make some time and play Pokemon GO.

Check out Pokemon GO’s official website for all the latest that’s coming to the game this month and the next. Slowly the Sinnoh Tour is also approaching and the upcoming month of February holds Pokemon Day which would look to have my news and special new looks at future Pokemon content coming our way.


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