MW3 Ranked Play Is Now LIVE!

MW3 Ranked Play

COD players had their eyes peeled for the release of the MW3 Ranked Play mode. However, in line with the disappointing release of the Season 1 Reloaded update, fans found themselves let down once more. The launch of the highly-anticipated game mode was delayed owing to a bug.

Fortunately, fans didn’t have to wait weeks for Activision to get on the case, as the bug has now been fixed and the MW3 Ranked Play is live. Ranked Play is now live as of January 18, 2024, 10:40 PM PT.

Ranked Play for MW3 Delayed

It’s been a difficult week for MW3 players. The much-awaited release of Season 1 Reloaded fell below expectations owing to issues across the board like the Default Loadout Bug. Ranked Play was due for release alongside the update on January 17, 2024.

However, one day prior to the launch, Activision broke a lot of hearts by announcing that Ranked Play won’t be available for players after downloading the update. At the time, the developer stated that the team “will be performing checks before enabling the mode.”

Things only went downhill from here as on the day of the launch, the official COD Updates account announced the MW3 Ranked Play will be delayed until further notice, “due to unforeseen circumstances.”

Ranked Play Has Finally Been Released

The good news is that for once Activision is not making players wait ions for a bug fix. As of January 18, 10:40 pm PT, MW3 Ranked Play is now available to play. Players can now test their skills in four versus four and rise through the ranks.

The highly competitive game mode was first introduced in Modern Warfare 2 and eventually made its way to Warzone. The MW3 mode follows the same rules as the ones in Call Duty of League. Players can compete in Ranked Play after reaching level 55 and select restricted items as well in loadouts.

Arm yourself and step into nail-biting matches to prove yourself as the real deal. And if you’re looking to bag more rewards for your troubles, you can check out free redeemable MW3 codes for Double XP here. Stay tuned for more guides, updates, camos, loadouts, and MW3 News on EsportsNext.


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