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Backlight Flashlight in MW3 – Where is it? How to get Tactical Stance in MW3? Hold your horses, buddy. With MW3 Season 1 Reloaded finally released, players got a limited-time event to enjoy, dubbed The Boys: Supe Takedown Event, which will end on 24 January 2024, and the end reward is a sweet Mastery Camo dubbed Death to Supes.

So, players are supposed to complete 6 challenges in The Boys MW3 Event, but there’s an issue with the fifth event, stating that players must get 25 Operator Melee kills with the Blacklight Flashlight equipped. But where’s the MW3 Blacklight Flashlight? Don’t worry, we’ll show you everything you need to know to unlock the Death to Supes Mastery Camo and all the challenges associated with The Boys Event in MW3.

  • To find the Backlight Flashlight in MW3, head to your loadout or class setup and equip a melee weapon such as the “Tonfa” or “Lion’s Share”. 
  • Now navigate to the “Seventh Tab” of Your Loadout Screen and select “Gear”. Inside the Gear Section, you’ll find the “Backlight Flashlight Perk”, which enables you to see enemy footsteps.
  • Equip the Melee Weapon with the Backlight Flashlight in The Boys Event in MW3 and get 25 Operator kills to compete in the challenge. 
  • Get 2 Temp V doses and make use of the melee weapon and the Backlight Flashlight Perk to quickly complete the challenge and get the Terror Weapon Charm. That’s one step closer to unlocking the Death to Supes Weapon Camo in The Boys MW3 Event.
  • To enable Tactical Stance or TAC stance in MW3 for the KVD Enforcer, ADS+V on PC, LT+Down on Xbox, and L2+Down on PS5.

The Boys Event MW3: Supe Takedown Event – New Characters And Temp V Super Powers

The Boys Supe Takedown Event in MW3 gives you 6 challenges and also allows you to get 2 new Operator Skins, A-Train, and Firecracker (a new character in the upcoming The Boys Season 4).

After finishing all of these challenges, players will unlock the Death To Supes Mastery Camo. In this Kill Confirmed Game Mode, players get Temp V Syringes which give you superpowers, similar to what we’ve seen in the hit show:

  1. 1 Temp V Dose gives you increased Durability (Increased Health – 220 HP)
  2. 2 Temp V Doses you Super Speed (Movement Speed 3x)
  3. 3 Temp V Doses give you Super Strength (Kill enemies with one melee hit)
  4. 4 Vials give you the Electrical Shock Ability
  5. 5 Vials give you Heat Vision similar to Homelander

Note: Electric Shock and Heat Vision can only be used once, akin to Killstreaks. Also, you’ll lose Durability, Super Speed, and Super Strength if you die.

How To Unlock The Death to Supes Mastery Camo – The Boys MW3 Event (Backlight Flashlight MW3)

How To Unlock The Death to Supes Mastery CAMO

To get the Death to Supes Master CAMO in MW3, you’ll need to complete 6 challenges. But you first need to figure out how to perform TAC stance or tactical stance kills in MW3, and also find the MW3 Backlight flashlight. For now, here’s the list of Challenges for The Boys Event in MW3:

The Boys Event MW3 Challenges

The Boys Event MW3 ChallengesThe Boys Event MW3 Rewards
Get 3 Operator Eliminations without reloading 7 times.The Boys Calling Card
2.  Get 5 Operator Kills with the Electric Shock Ability in The Boys LTM.“F**k Supes” Emblem
3. Get 10 Operator TAC Stance kills using the KVD Enforcer *1x Battle Pass Tier Skip
4. Collect a total of 35 Temp V Doses in The Boys Supe Takedown Event“Vought-a-Burger” Decal
5. Get 25 Operator Melee Kills with the Blacklight Flashlight Equipped **“Terror” Weapon Charm
6. Get 7 wins in the Boys Supe Takedown LTM “Double XP” Token
Complete All The Boys Supe Takedown Event Challenges in MW3Death to Supes Mastery Camo with 4 attachments, 150-round drum, and incendiary ammunition

Where Is The Backlight Flashlight in MW3? – Get 25 Operator Melee Kills The Boys Event MW3

MW3 Backlight Flashlight

To find the backlight flashlight in MW3 to get your 25 Operator Melee kills in The Boys event, head over to your Class or Loadout in The Gunsmith Section. The Backlight Flashlight is a Gear or Perk that can be equipped on your Loadout Setup Screen.

  • First, head over to your Loadout or Class Setup screen and equip a Melee Weapon such as the Tonfa or the Lion’s Share.
Backlight Flashlight MW3
  • Simply navigate to your loadout or class setup tab and select the Seventh Tab, which is reserved for Gear. Edit your gear and find the Backlight Flashlight in your gear section. Normally, the Backlight Flashlight is the fifth item in the Gear Section.
Backlight Flashlight MW3 
Tac Stance MW3
  • This makes the challenge a bit easier too, since the Backlight Flashlight allows you to see recent enemy footsteps, allowing you to easily get those melee weapon kills easily, combined with Super Speed.
Where Is The Backlight Flashlight MW3
The Boys Event MW3
  • Now, all you have to do is get 25 Operator kills with your melee weapon and the Backlight Flashlight equipped to complete challenge 5 and get the “Terror” Weapon Charm.

How to do or Activate TAC Stance (Tactical Stance) in MW3 (PC, PS5, Xbox) – Get 10 Operator TAC stance kills using the KVD Enforcer

How to do Tac Stance in MW3 - How to enable tac stance mw3 - How to do tactical stance mw3

Since you’ve made it this far into Season 1 reloaded, you’ve already unlocked the KVD Enforcer at Level 4. But how do you get into TAC Stance in MW3?

  • To enable TAC stance in MW3 on PC, Hold Aim Down Sights (ADS) and press V. Additionally, you can set up a keyboard bind in the Mouse and Keyboard Bind Settings to activate TAC Stance by double-tapping the ADS bind.
  • To activate the TAC stance in MW3 on Xbox Series S|X, Hold Aim Down Sights (ADS) LT Trigger and press the Down button on your D-Pad.
  • To get TAC stance in MW3 on PlayStation 5, Hold Aim Down Sights (ADS) L2 Trigger and press the Down Button on your D-Pad.

Now, proceed to get those 10 Operator TAC stance kills as your gun shifts direction while ADS-ing using the KVD Enforcer. And you’ll finally complete and get a Battle Pass Tier Skip.

The Death to Supes Mastery Camo In MW3 Is Now Yours!

After you complete all challenges, you’ll finally unlock Death To Supes Mastery Camo with 4 attachments, A 150-round drum, and some sweet incendiary rounds. But time is ticking! Find and Equip the Backlight Flashlight in MW3 and get those KVD Enforcer TAC Stance kills to finish your remaining challenges.

And that pretty much sums up our guide on how to unlock the Death To Supes Mastery Camo, Find the MW3 Backlight Flashlight, and get Tactical Stance kills with the KVD Enforcer. Stay tuned for more guides, updates, and MW3 news on Esports Next.


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