What Are Special Zombies In MW3? (How To Cheese Them)

What are Special Zombies in MW3 Zombies - How to Kill Special Zombies in MW3 Zombies

Special Zombies in MW3? Treyarch’s MW3 Zombies adds some powerful zombies into the mix that soak up bullets like sponges, but there are multiple ways you can get around these zombies–either by using Wonder Weapons, sprucing them up with Legendary Aether tools, Aether Blades, Dog Bones or Aetherum crystals, or doing it the old-fashioned way–which isn’t recommended. So here’s all the Special Zombies in MW3 Zombies mode:

  • The Mangler is a Tanky Special Zombie who moves slowly and is vulnerable when his armor is pierced and shot in the head.
  • The Disciple is a Special Zombie who floats around, drains your health, and spawns powerful zombies. Increase the range to prevent its life drain ability and kill it when it’s underpowered.
  • The Mimic is a Special Zombie which is fast, agile, and has a long-ranged melee grab, which follows up with acid attacks. Keep the distance between the Mimic, shoot it in its mouth, and aggro along longer paths while deploying field upgrades.

All Special Zombies in MW3 Zombies

The MW3 Zombies mode is full of surprises, but they’re a bit cliché to what we’ve seen in other video games. As a newbie, they’re hard to kill and would need some tips along the way. But once you get the hang of MW3 Zombies and gather enough Wonder Weapon cases, classified schematics, and Legendary Aether tools, you’ll simply vaporize them. You’ll normally come across Special Zombies in the Tier 2 region of the MW3 Zombies map, Aether Nests, HVT Contracts, or Exfils.

The Mangler Is Your Tanky Sponge in MW3 Zombies

How to Kill The Mangler MW3 Special Zombies 

What are Special Zombies in MW3 Zombies

The Mangler is a tanky special zombie who boasts a large blade for close melee hits and an energy cannon for long-range shots–which are pretty slow-moving projectiles, but you’ll certainly use a chunk of health when going up against one.

How To Kill The Mangler in MWZ

The best course of action is to break off a piece of the Mangler’s Armor and aim for his exposed body parts. You can also aim for his head or the cannon to deal the most amount of damage.

The Disciple Uses Some Wizardry in MW3 Special Zombies

MW3 Zombies How to Kill the Disciple
What are Special Zombies in MW3 Zombies

Disciples are Special Zombies that are cloaked with ethereal energy, which means they have some wizardry up their sleeves. They’re capable of spawning zombies out of thin air and, due to their manoeuvrability, can attack from any angle.

In addition, Disciple’s Supercharge enemy zombies, making them harder to kill and also incurs more incoming damage. Annoyingly, the Disciple steals your life force, draining your energy, so you should focus on quickly killing any Disciples that you spot.

How to Quickly Kill the Disciple in MW3

Since the Disciple is always floating in the air, he’s an easy target and when he’s not supercharged, his HP is significantly low, making it an easier kill. A quick tip here is to shoot his hand when he’s using Life Drain to temporarily stun him.

He’s a slow-moving floater, so it’s best to create some distance between you and this Special Zombie. This will allow you to get out of range of his life-draining capabilities, all while getting some quick hits in. And if you’re looking to kill him quickly, always aim for the head and glowing parts.

Mimics Are The Sneakiest MW3 Special Zombies

Special Zombie MW3 - How to Kill The Mimic
What are special zombies in MW3

Mimics tend to disguise themselves as your everyday harmless objects but attack you once the opportunity presents itself. They’re fast and agile and deal a significant amount of damage, but not down you, if they manage to use its grab attack.

As for its ranged capabilities, the mimic throws balls of acid, which have an edge. The mimics melee range is pretty high, so it’s best to widen the gap before it pulls you in and dumps you in acid.

How to Kill the Mimic in MW3 Zombies

As obvious, the Mimic has a glowing mouth, which is where you shoot. You can also stall the mimic using any objects or taking longer routes. Also, when the mimic is trying to grab the player, it tends to stop moving, enabling it to become vulnerable to any incoming damage. You can also plant some field upgrades to take out chunks of the mimics’ health.

And that pretty much wraps up all the special zombies in MW3 Zombies so far. As the game progresses, more special zombies will make their way to the game, so make sure to gulp some soda cans, get those special MW3 Zombies perks, and save up on some Aether tools along the way.

You’ll need it for those harder battles in the Dark Aether Rift when you’re saving up to get some legendary items and acquisitions in MW3 Zombies. Stay tuned for more updates, guides, and MW3 news on Esports Next.


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