PlayStation PC 2024 Games’ Rumor States PS5 Exclusives Are Coming Soon!

PlayStation PC Games 2024

It appears that Sony is about to expand its roster of PlayStation Games For PC, with the release of a few key AAA titles that many PC gamers had to miss out on. PS5 owners enjoyed tons of exclusive titles in the previous years like Ghost of Tsushima, God of War Ragnarök, launch-title Demon Souls, and The Last of Us Part 2. Gran Turismo has been a Sony Classic since the dawn of the PlayStation, and GT 7 made strides in the Racing Sim scene. But things are about to change as GOW Ragnarok, TLOU 2, GT 7, and Ghost of Tsushima are coming to PC via PlayStation PC in 2024.

Here’s the list of PlayStation PC Games rumored to be released on PC in 2024:
1. God of War Ragnarok
2. The Last of Us Part 2
3. Ghost of Tsushima
4. Demon’s Souls

Spider-Man 2 is rumored to be released in early 2025.

PlayStation 5 Exclusives Rumored For 2024 PC Release

A 4chan user, claiming to be a Nixxes employee, states that The Last of Us Part 2, God of War Ragnarok, Ghost of Tsushima, and Grand Turismo 7 will be released on PC in 2024. This rumor was purported by X (formerly Twitter) user PC_Focus.

The 4chan Nixxes employee also claimed that the PC ports for Ghost of Tsushima and Demon Souls, despite being the mainstay of PlayStation 5 exclusives, took so long to port as it was the first time the developers tried to port their titles to PC.

The Last of Us Part 2 and God of War Ragnarok will be released on PC. Sure, most of us were aware of this, but the idea of Demon’s Souls, Ghost of Tsushima, and Gran Turismo 7 (Game of The Year Best Adaptation) coming to PC was quite a surprise. And to add to the list of surprises, the thread claims that Infamous Second Son could be a potential candidate for a PlayStation PC release.

But rumors and 4chan threads are rumors at the end of the day. So keep your expectations and hopes low, and take this rumor with a grain of salt.

When Is Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Coming to PC? Spider-Man 2 PC Release Date:

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Venom PlayStation PC Release Date

According to the 4chan user claiming to be a Nixxes employee, Sony PlayStation 5 Exclusive, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will make it to PC in early 2025, which is still a year away. But all of this is based on a rumor, so take it with a grain of salt.

And that pretty much wraps up everything we know about PlayStation PC 2024 releases. But with no official word from Sony, we’d have to cross our fingers and hope for the best while keeping our expectations low. For more news, guides, rumors, and updates, stay tuned for more at Esports Next!


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