Fastest Way To Unlock HRM 9 In MW3 Zombies (COD Zombies)


Unlock The HRM 9 in MW3 Zombies? Piece of Cake. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3’s lineup of weapons is growing rapidly, and a new SMG making its way to the arsenal is the HRM 9 in Modern Warfare 3. But players need to complete a couple of challenges and kill some special zombies in MW3. Also, you need to get some TAC stance kills in MW3. So how do you unlock the HRM 9 in MW3 fast – What are Special Zombies in MW3, and how do you find and kill them? So, here are two of the fastest ways to unlock the HRM 9 – in just one match of MW3 Zombies.

To quickly unlock the HRM 9, there are two methods:
One method requires no effort at all. You need and a friend who has already unlocked the HRM 9. In MW3 Zombies, ask him to drop the HRM 9 and exfil to unlock the new HRM 9 SMG with no effort.

The second involves calling in an Exfil. You need an overpowered Pack-a-Punched Level 3 WSP Swarm and need to call in an Exfil in Zone 2 in B Line. This will spawn multiple Special Zombies in MW3, allowing you to quickly unlock the HRM 9 in just one game – or under 20 minutes.

Fastest Way To Unlock The HRM-9 SMG in Call of Duty Modern Warfare Zombies

There are two methods to unlock the HRM 9 in MW3 Zombies. The first method involves a glitch or bug that allows you to pick up the HRM 9 from a squad or teammate who dropped it and exfiling. Once Exfiled, the HRM 9 will be unlocked in your inventory.

The second method involves calling in an Exfil at B Line in Tier Zone 2. Spruce up your SMG – preferably the WSP Swarm with Dead Wire Ammo Mod, Legendary Aether Tool, and Pack a Punch 3. Call in the Exfil and multiple specials will repeatedly spawn, allowing you to complete all challenges in one game.

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Method 1: Ask a friend to drop you the HRM 9 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare Zombies

As simple as it sounds and gutless indeed. You can quickly get the HRM 9 by asking a friend to drop it for you. Then, Exfil as you normally would, and you’ve unlocked the HRM 9 without doing any of the hard work.

Method 2: Complete all A21 Sector Challenges To Unlock The HRM 9 in MW3 Zombies

How To Unlock HRM 9 In MW3 Zombies COD Zombies Modern Warfare 3

To unlock the HRM 9 SMG, you first need to progress your way through to the Classified Battle Pass Sector A21. Keep in mind that you don’t need to get your hands on the Paid Black Cell Battle Pass to unlock the HRM 9. In addition, you could purchase a System Error Bundle which comes with the HRM 9 Severed Security Blueprint, but it will set you back by nearly 2,000 COD Points.

To unlock the HRM-9 via the Classified A21 Battle Pass Sector, you’ll need to complete a few tiers of missions:

Battle Pass Sector A21 ChallengesBattle Pass Sector A21 Rewards
Eliminate 10 Special Zombies (ADS) with an SMG.JAK Thunder LMG Aftermarket Kit
Kill 10 Special Zombies While Hipfiring an SMG JAK BFB Muzzle Attachment
3.  Get 10 Critical (Headshots) Special Zombie Kills Using an SMGCranium Cranked Emblem
4. Get 10 Special Zombie Kills With An SMG in TAC Stance30 Minute Double Battle Pass XP Token
5. Get 20 Special Kills While Moving With An SMGUnlocks The HRM 9 SMG

Step 1: Choose Your Recommended Loadout – How To Unlock the HRM 9 In MW3 Zombies

How To Unlock HRM 9 in MW3 Zombies - Recommended Loadout

Time to customize your loadout in the Gunsmith! For this guide, it’s recommended that you use a Legendary Aether Tool and a Flawless Crystal on your WSP Swarm or preferred choice of SMG. But don’t go akimbo, else the challenges won’t be completed. But what about special zombies in MW3?

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Special Zombies consist of your usual Tanky Manglers, Disciples, and Mimics. So be on the watch for them. Make sure to get a Speed Boost Perk to reload faster, use a Pack-a-Punch (PAP) Level 3, the Tombstone Perk, and a Flawless Crystal to unlock the HRM 9 fast–in just one match of MW3 Zombies.

Recommended Loadout and Perks To Kill Special Zombies Fast
  • Non-Akimbo WSP Swarm SMG
  • Legendary Aether Tool
  • Pack-A-Punch PAP Level 3
  • Tombstone Perk
  • Speed Boost Cola
  • Flawless Aethereum Crystal
  • Dead Wire Ammo Mod

BONUS: It’s understood Legendary Aether Tools are pretty hard to come by and can mainly be unlocked by completing Tier 3 HV Contracts. But players who play a game of MW3 Zombies before Season 2 will be awarded:

  • 3 Legendary Aether Tools
  • 3 Flawless Aethereum Crystals
  • Wunderwaffe DG-2 Case
  • Ray Gun Case
  • The Scorcher Case
  • VR-11 Case

Step 2: Head to Tier Zone 2 To Call An Exfil in COD Zombies

This is pretty simple as it is. All you need to do is head into Tier Zone 2 and call in an Exfil in B Line. This will spawn multiple zombies along with your usual dose of Manglers and Disciples. Make sure to use all of your perks and tools before hopping into battle.

  1. Complete the first challenge by getting 10 special zombie ADS kills in MW3 Zombies. Make sure to keep your sights Aimed Down at all times while doing this.
  1. Now it’s time to get some hipfire kills with your spruced-up WSP Swarm SMG. Hip Fire and quickly eliminate all 10 Special Zombies to complete the second challenge.
How To Unlock HRM 9 In MW3 Zombies COD Zombies Modern Warfare 3 - Recommended Loadout
  1. The third challenge is now your priority. You’re supposed to get 10 Critical Special Zombie Kills. Critical Kills count as headshots. So, aim down your sights and pop some Special Zombie heads to complete the third challenge.
How To Unlock HRM 9 In MW3 Zombies COD Zombies Modern Warfare 3
  1. The fourth challenge is to kill 10 Special Zombies in TAC stance or Tactical Stance in MW3 Zombies with an SMG – which in this case is the WSP Swarm. Don’t know how to do Tactical Stance in MW3?

    To TAC stance your WSP Swarm, Press the ADS bind the down bind; on PC, it’s Right Click+V. On Xbox Series S|X or PlayStation 5, it’s LT or L2 + the down button on your D-Pad. Now get your 10 Special Zombie Kills in TAC Stance and call it a wrap.
  1. But you still have to unlock the HRM 9, which features one final challenge, but it’s fairly simple. Strafe and kill 20 Special Zombies.
How To Unlock HRM 9 In MW3 Zombies COD Zombies Modern Warfare 3

Congratulations! You Unlocked The HRM 9 In One Match of MW3 Zombies!

How To Unlock HRM 9 In MW3 Zombies COD Zombies Modern Warfare 3

Now, it’s time to Exfil and clear out the remaining zombies! After you’ve Exfiled, you’ll finally unlock the HRM 9 SMG in MW3 Zombies – in just one game.

How To Unlock HRM 9 In MW3 Zombies COD Zombies Modern Warfare 3

That pretty much wraps up our fastest methods to unlock the HRM 9 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. Stay tuned for more updates, loadouts, weapons unlocks, guides, and news at EsportsNext.

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