Palworld Early Access Gains Massive Success on Steam


A new title coming with many adorable little monsters that are very closely familiar to another big franchise, Palworld developed by a Japanese Studio Pocket Pair has gained massive success just by its Early Access on Steam with a huge 1 million users in the game as of this time and more than 3 million units of the game already sold within 40 hours of its release.

It holds the top Number 1 Position on Steam charts right now, and many fans are commending the satirical nature of the game that comes with a little more humour and whacky fun than other games with cute little creatures you can befriend. The game is being called by many “Pokemon with Guns” as you can have your pals turn into weapons or hold some as you explore the open world that acts as a survival title.

It’s a rather unique change of gameplay to this mode of videogame, and it’s one that players are loving all around the world.

The Early Access is already filled with players exploring the world with more than 100 monsters called Pals which players can catch and tame. But it’s not that simple as to leave it there that there is just a straightforward story of using pals to battle other players with pals until they become the best one. You can actually use the catching mechanic on many other things as well, including other humans, who themselves have many different traits such as a workaholic human, and the use of weapons like guns and arrows and more isn’t just for show too, you’ll be consistently using them on many targets so it’s not your average happy-go-lucky experience. Palworld also has a vast open world that is full of different biomes that include water bodies, grassy areas, snowy lands and many more, each containing different varieties of pals. So those who want just a whole new collection of pet pals can look to this game, and those who want to fully utilise little monsters’ abilities like raining thunder or shooting out flames, or just using a gun, that all comes alongside the cuteness of pals. Obviously, monsters and animals just don’t faint any longer as well, and the practicality of using monsters in ‘various’ ways is certainly a tad more ‘diverse’ than what people think with this kind of game.

The basis of the game works as many other survival titles that reward you for exploring and getting different varieties of items that you can use to craft and build upgrades, this includes upgrades for players, buildings, and pals. From what it looks like, Developer Pocket Pair has made a worthwhile game that is full of fun, as the game isn’t even officially complete. The future prospects of the game look promising as the developer stated the game will undergo changes based upon the userbase joining its Early Access, and that is already massive. Players on Xbox and PC are enjoying it as the game gains a brilliant start and only looks to get bigger from here on.


Palworld is available as Early Access on Steam and Xbox Series X and S, with a bundle including its Soundtrack also available. Going on a new adventure that is full of creatures you can befriend and a world you can explore by using them in the manner Palworld enables is one that players should check out.

Interested viewers can also check the game’s website over here.


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