Palworld Pals: All You Need To Know About Cute New Monsters

Palworld Pals

Palworld came out on January 19th on Steam and Xbox Series X and S consoles in Early Access and it is already a massive hit, gaining more than 1 million concurrent users on Steam and selling 3 million units in the first 40 hours. The game includes solo mode as well as Online Multiplayer where friends can join a single server if preferred, with up to 32 players on a single server map.

The game is a unique new mode of Survival genre mixed in with Creature Collecting, very similar to Pokemon, but with many differences that make it stand alone. The game’s name takes its name from the overworld that is full of different varieties of monsters called Pals, hence Palworld. These creatures come in various shapes and sizes and each comes with different abilities that players who catch them can use.

It’s not as simple as getting a whole party full of favourite monsters anymore, these monsters can now do many different things aside from just being cute, they can help players in different ways, they can scour for items, they can protect their master, they can help build things, they can help by being workers, they can do much more than what players may think.

Palworld Pal Types:

Pals come in all shapes and sizes, and even Pals of the same kind aren’t always the same. Some look different and have different Attributes from the normal species. These Pals aren’t so uncommon, so players can find these relatively easily, but they can be used differently so they might be handy to get.

Lucky Pals are the rare ones that are strong kinds found in the overworld. Players will need some strong firearms to take these Pals down but it would be worthwhile as these are very strong and very useful to catch.

Palworld Pals Usage and Mechanics:

You can command Pals to Attack, to Retreat, you can release them, and most importantly, you can pet them. They’re absolutely adorable, and each one comes with different uses and abilities. Getting them all is a fun and beneficial way to have the whole game revolve around Pals.

Pals don’t just have certain moves that players can use against other players and challengers who have Pals of their own. Palworld enables many different mechanics to make better use of the different varieties the world has of these monsters, and these add more depth to the gameplay mechanic of the game’s Survival and Creature Collecting. For example, if players find a fire-breathing fox, it would be much more practical for the little creature to help out with things that involve fire. Similarly, water creatures would help with things involving the usage of water and water bodies such as swimming, putting out fires, and more. Hence Pals can work as partners and workers, as even equipment of a certain kind and in many other unique ways.


Obviously, besides this usage to help out with the building aspect of the game, the gameplay also involves a little more violence than other generic monster-collecting games. Weapons are a big part of the game, so aside from Bows and guns, your fire-breathing Fox wouldn’t just do that, it could be used as a full-fledged flamethrower now, and many other Pals will have their own manner of usage in various ways too. Pals can be used in different ways by upgrading either them or upgrading other parts such as crafting new items.

This is how the game gives more variety to the gameplay and puts more prominence on every Pal it contains. Various places in the Palworld contain different varieties of Pals, these places also contain terrain that would be helpful with Pals suited to it. You can also use Pals to ride and cover ground faster, you can use Pals that can fly to scour the skies, and obviously battle other Pals to grow stronger.

How to Grow Pals:

Pals work on Levels and as they grow, they gain more Skills. To level up your Pals, players have to use their caught Pals and battle and defeat other Pals to make them gain EXP. It is to note, however, that the game comes with Fighting Mechanics for players themselves so they can attack Pals with weapons now, so they need to be careful and let the Pal get the last defeating blow so it gains EXP and Level Up.

Palworld Pal UI

Pals are very weak in the beginning and require levelling up to get stronger and get more Skills so they can be more useful to players. Additionally aside from them automatically learning new skills, Pals can also be taught Skills by using Skill Fruits. There is also the option to use souls of Pals to make the same kind of Pal stronger by increasing its Stats.

Palworld is based upon surviving and mastering the world and all the Pals that it contains, and both these aspects go hand in hand and complement each other. As players get more Pals and help them grow, they unlock more ways of progressing further ahead in the game and get stronger together.

By working to explore and get more varieties of items, and getting more Pals, players can make their way through the whole game and the story.

Check out more about Pals and Palworld by visiting Palworld’s official website.


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