Chill Out! In Defense Of Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma II MTX Scene

Dragon's Dogma II MTX.

Oh, hello, all of ya outraged denizens of the internet, well, most of ya Reddit ragers probably are anyway, ‘bout Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma II MTX. It’s okay; you got your opinion, and we respect it. Having said that, we’re here to say, tough luck! Yep~ we’re gonna tell you to suck it up and move on to other things to rage and rant about. Channel your fury toward Atlus for its Persona 3 Reload DLC fiasco, which got even worse. Or, maybe direct your anger at the moronic idiots of WB Games who are insanely all-in for the live-service gaming model.

But in Capcom’s case, don’t be negative nancies and whine about things that have no bearing on the gameplay. We’re gonna prove that this so-called backlash is unjustified. So, settle in, and grab some popcorn as we cause a meltdown.

Why MTX (Microtransactions) In Dragon’s Dogma II Aren’t That Big Of A Deal?

Dragon's Dogma II MTX.

So, then, let’s break down why everyone’s foaming at the mouth for the MTX (Microtransactions) in Dragon’s Dogma II. Basically, Capcom’s implementation of monetization for their new game is ruffling a few feathers with the vocal minority. Yep, shots fired, we said it. Here’s the thing, though: Dragon’s Dogma II doesn’t have the predatory microtransactions other games do. None of the items you get by spending real money are anything game-changing. Aside from helping you out in a pinch, you’ll mostly have the same experience.

Sure, having the benefits of those items might give a slight edge when you’re playing a new game. We’re not denying that bit, but here’s the thing, though. When you get mid-game, hit late-game, or if you’re post-game, then none of those things matter. Your experience and inventory, G, the in-game currency, will be enough for you. Plus, you’ll probably have unlocked everything in the MTX through gameplay alone. So, what’dya need them MTX for? Besides, if someone is getting them, it’s not like Capcom’s put a gun to your head to buy’em, too, have they?

Have a ball with your pawns and enjoy your time in Dragon's Dogma II instead of complaining about MTX.

On that note, Dragon’s Dogma II is a wonderful game with lots of love and care put into it. It’s got so much content and small details that make the experience immersive. Plus, there are so many differences that we’ve made a comparison of what’s different in Dragon’s Dogma II from Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen. The point we’re making here is that the original Dragon’s Dogma and the new Resident Evil remakes all had MTX, so why the tantrum over Dragon’s Dogma II? Our guess? People are just peeved because of the performance issues of Dragon’s Dogma II. Something that since then, Capcom’s promised fixes for through updates to Dragon’s Dogma II.

Why Infuriated Gamers Need To Chill Out?

Chill out in the game instead of whining about MTX in Dragon's Dogma II.

Let’s just tackle this bad boy head-on and tear apart the argument of the haters of Dragon’s Dogma II for measly MTX. Here’s a newsflash y’all:  you can literally buy all the stuff from MTX in-game without paying for it with real money. Just play the game, be on the lookout, and take your time exploring every area. You’ll find everything. If this model sounds familiar, that’s cause it is! Ya know who else is doing this kinda thing? Helldivers 2, which has recently crossed an eye-opening 8 million sales milestone.

Gee, wonder why? Oh, wait, we know why! It’s cause of the free battle passes in Helldivers 2, which should be the norm in the gaming industry. They allow progression through gameplay instead of forcing people into MTX. Kind of like what Capcom’s doing. Now, here’s a breakdown of whatcha can get from MTX that people are blowing a fuse over. Deep breaths, in goes the good air, out goes the bad. Let’s continue, yeah?

Which Items Can You Get From MTX In Dragon’s Dogma II?

So, this is a list of items y’all can pony up the dough for getting early on through MTX in Dragon’s Dogma II. Simple, right? Now, we’ll discuss each one individually to tell you its purpose and function in the game. Then, you’ll realize the hissy fit is all for nothin, and we can all go back to enjoying our time with Dragon’s Dogma II. Cool? Cool~ so, here’s whatcha get:

Rift Crystals.
  • Rift Crystal Clusters – Well, nothing new to see here. You get these pretty much by having your pawn hired by other gamers online. Rift Crystals are the currency for hiring pawns or for purchasing rare or specific items like The Art Of Metamorphosis. They’re also drops in the game, especially late and post-game, so you shouldn’t worry about it.
Wakestones help you out a lot.
  • Wakestones Again, nothing special; you can buy these or farm them late game. Sure, they’re a little harder to come by, but the in-game shop vendors also sell them. Wakestones insta revive the Arisen if you fall in battle. Same deal if the pawn is carrying it. You can also use Wakestones to revive NPCs who die/get killed.
Makeshift Gaol Keys are useless MTX in Dragon's Dogma II.
  • Makeshift Gaol Keys – A one-time get-out-jail key, which you can use to flee the prison if you’re arrested. It’s pretty redundant if you get the original Gaol Key in the quest ‘The Caged Magestrate’, then make its forgery through the forger and return the counterfeit key. Keeping the original with you ensures you can use it infinitely, so no need to buy Makeshift Gaol Keys.
Port Crystals.
  • Port Crystals – Okay, yeah, we got nothing, except more port crystals are always handy to quickly reach via magical fast travel to specific destinations for item/exp farming. Though given that the Dragonplague is a thing, it’s probably best you not use too many Port Crystals.
One of the relatively specific use MTX in Dragon's Dogma II.
  • Harpysnare Smoke Beacons – These aren’t super important but may be required for specific quests involving harpies. Either luring them in to hitch a ride or perhaps to slay a whole bunch. They’re also available in-game, so why would you buy them with real money? Got moola to burn, do ya? Well spend it elsewhere other than this MTX in Dragon’s Dogma 2
Explorer Camping Kit is a pretty handy MTX but nothing game-changing in Dragon's Dogma II.
  • Explorer’s Camping Kit – The camping kits are plenty in the game to buy, though of lower quality mostly. You can find higher-tier ones while exploring, so keep an eye out. The Explorer’s Camping Kit allows players to assemble a resting spot when out exploring. Convenient for saving your progress and accessing all the other functions of inns. You rest to recover from the overtime damage and cure debilitations. But be careful cause there’s a high chance of getting attacked when you’re resting. Overall, having sturdy ones is a good investment, but we still think it’s not necessary to buy them.
The Art Of Metamorphosis.
  • The Art Of Metamorphosis – This allows you to make changes to your Arisen or main pawn’s appearance. Was rare, but gonna be easy now with the planned updates to the game. Long story short, don’t bother with this MTX in Dragon’s Dogma II.
The Ambivalent Rift Incense.
  • Ambivalent Rift Incense – Okay, so this one’s really tricky to get in-game early on, but it’s of little consequence. You use the Ambivalent Rift Incense to shape pawn behavior and their inclination during combat. Pretty good if ya know what you’re doin. Otherwise, meh, you can do without.
Heartfelt Pendent.
  • Heartfelt Pendant – One of the gift items that’ll zoom the affinity for the person you’re giving it to a high level. It’s alright, mostly for wooing your favorite NPC in the game, in the vein of the steamiest romantic dating simulator games with great stories. Get it if ya wanna, but you can do without, too.
Music & Sound Collection.
  • Music & Sound Collection – An essential nostalgia must-have, but other than that, not a deal breaker. We still wish ‘Into-Free’ was used in the menu. But anyway, through this MTX, the sound effects and some tracks from the original game replace those of Dragon’s Dogma II.

Final Thoughts

Well, there y’all have it, the whiny, bratty, and downright moronic noise of naysayers complaining about MTX in Dragon’s Dogma II, canceled. You’re welcome. Now, fellow fans of the game, we hope y’all have a good understanding that you don’t need to spend money to buy these extra features. It’s cool if ya really wanna, but they’re not forced on anyone. Plus, when everything’s available in-game, it just automatically reduces the arguments against this game. The grind is part of the fun, so might as well embrace it. You’ll enjoy your time a lot more that way.

But anyway, what do y’all think of our two-cent analysis of the situation? We’re curious to hear your opinions, so leave’m down below in the comment section. Well, that’s gonna do it for today, we’re gonna be off now, but before we leave, we’ll give you something to really bash. Anyone remember the first Quadruple A game, Skull & Bones from Ubisoft, being inferior to the decade-old Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag? Yeah, go whine about that~ and until next time, happy gaming!


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