Dragon’s Dogma II Survey By Capcom, Dark Arisen 2, Please!

Dragon's Dogma II fan-survey.

The hits just keep on rollin’ with Dragon’s Dogma II, and now we got Capcom doing a survey. By golly, do we feel like kids in a candy store ‘cause this feels like a fantasy dream. Yep, y’all got some time to leave your feedback to Capcom for what y’all wanna see in the game next. It’s funny; things in the gaming sphere feel like the Cold War, where you got two kinds of gaming companies.

One type is the category that’s tone-deaf. See WB Games’ insane decision to embrace live service or Atlus mucking up the goodwill cause of the Persona 3 DLC fiasco as examples. But then there’s Capcom, publish of the year 2024. They’re hammering out hits like Dragon’s Dogma II with promises to fix the issues instead of ignoring reality. But anyway, let’s circle back to the survey now.

What’s The Deal With The Capcom Survey About Dragon’s Dogma II?

Dragon's Dogma II Survey.

So, then, big wigs at gaming companies~ if you’re readin’ this, pay attention! Capcom’s survey for Dragon’s Dogma II is how ya get goodwill with your customers. Now, if you’re wondering just what in the actual heck is in the survey, well, we’ll tell ya’. This is basically Capcom’s way of gauging interest and getting feedback for the game. If y’all ever wanted a game company to know what you want, this is the best way to do it.

You’re gonna get asked by Capcom to answer a bunch of questions about your experience with the game. Relax, there’s no need to worry, it ain’t no quiz, so just answer honestly. Oh, and if ya’ do take the survey, there’s a neat little prize in there, too. Just take your time and read through the questions in the survey, then type in your answer or choose from the available options. Sometimes, there are multiple answers you can pick, too. Like we said: no pressure, just go with what’s relevant to you.

With that out the way, we’re gonna go ahead and list our own personal list of changes we wanna see in the game. There are a bunch of pre-made answers as options that y’all can pick from in this survey about Dragon’s Dogma II. However, if ya wanna word your own answer, then pick the Other option, and voila~ type away your suggestions in your own vocabulary. This is the perfect opportunity to get a fantasy fulfillment scenario for Dragon’s Dogma II. So, strap in, and we’re goin’ all in for this one, folks. Here we go!

This Survey Should Open The Door For A Dark Arisen 2 Expansion In Dragon’s Dogma II

New horizons, same excellence.

Yep, plain and simple, we’re just gonna come out and say it. We wanna see Dragon’s Dogma II get a major overhaul expansion, aka Dark Arisen 2 ala  Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen, and this survey’s gonna help in that regard. So, here’s what we’re hoping the majority of the fans will also do if they feel the same way. Y’all go to the survey, then when you answer if y’all are willing to buy DLC for the game, pick Yes. Don’t worry. They’re not gonna charge you for it in piecemeal, so no need to panic and chill out about the MTX situation for Dragon’s Dogma II.

Survey should have info on what the original did better than the current-gen Dragon's Dogma II.

So, then, when the survey asks what you wanna see in the future content update to Dragon’s Dogma II, pick the obvious. You write down the changes and improvements that’ll make the game feel better than it already is. But! Don’t forget the Dark Arisen 2-like expansion, as that’s what’ll really keep Itsuno-San on his toes. The man just thrives on challenging himself to deliver the best possible action-game experience.

For context, while the original Dragon’s Dogma was fun, it was only after the Dark Arisen expansion that things got a lot more interesting. There were new weapons, tweaks to game quests, more story, and, best of all, new enemies that truly challenged player skill. The Bitter Black Isle was truly terrifying and ominous but also exciting to traverse. Imagine Dragon’s Dogma II with that kind of content add-on, and it’ll be the game of the freakin’ decade if this survey does what we’re expecting from it.

What Changes To The Game Can This Survey Cause?

Look, it’s great to desire something, but we gotta temper expectations, too. This Capcom survey for Dragon’s Dogma II is not gonna change everything. We get that, but addressing some of the common complaints is gonna go a long way to Capcom’s goodwill. They’re gonna cement their status and legacy as the company that really listens to its fans and gives’em what they want. So, here are the things that this survey can help highlight. It’ll show Capcom what to do, so don’t sleep on it!

The Dragonsplague Needs Some Tweaking/Nerfing In Dragon’s Dogma II

Needs nerfing.

Right, to business then. The first thing we wanna point to y’all who’re gonna be taking the survey for the game is the issue of Dragonsplague in Dragon’s Dogma II. Seriously, we get it; it’s a pain to deal with, but it ain’t a deal breaker; get over it. However, makin’ things somewhat easier for players might win’em over, too. So there is a case for it. Maybe don’t change things too much that it goes against Itsuno-San’s vision. One of the ways to do that is to perhaps eliminate a major cause for the Dragonsplague.

Yeet is fun but the survey should offer suggestions for better treatment of the curse in Dragon's Dogma II.

We’re talking about making the pawns that join you from the rift either get cleansed when in there or the curse gets temporarily mitigated. Give players a chance to counteract it without having to constantly stress out. While yeeting pawns into the brine-infested waters is fun, it is a hassle to assemble pawns that suit your party. This will encourage players who have been burnt by the Dragonsplague to return to the game.

Make Fast Travel A Viable Option With A Twist

Ferrystone fast travel.

There’re several differences from Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen to Dragon’s Dogma II. One of these is the state of fast travel. The changes we wanna see highlighted in the survey of Dragon’s Dogma II are connected to the rift travel via ferrystones. Now, we know Itsuno-San is adamant about players exploring the game’s world and is discouraging about fast travel. Maybe a good middle ground is needed here. So, what we’re thinkin’ is, maybe include some form of dimensional travel segment where rare enemies also appear randomly. 

Ferrystone should be made fun again.

It’s really something to think about, eh? At the same time, Capcom could also consider the option to modify fast travel further from that in the first Dragon’s Dogma. Instead of the usual: toss a ferrystone, the portal opens, and poof, ya’ arrive at your chosen portcrystal destination, you have a whole shadow realm to explore. Maybe include some wonky terrain, too, that keeps players on their toes. 

Or, ya know~  if this is too much, the devs can just reduce the frequency of ferrystone drops. Or better yet, put a timer on them; if they’re not used, they’ll disappear from the inventory. It’ll make things interesting, that’s for darn sure. Whichever route they go with, it has to be better than its current situation. We’re really hoping this Dragon’s Dogma II survey makes it happen.

Better And More Variety In Spells For Sorcerer/Mage/Trickster

Mage Spells need more variety in Dragon's Dogma II, bring it up in the survey.

Okay, so this is one of the minor nitpicks we got with Dragon’s Dogma II that we really wanna see addressed in the survey. Y’all know we love the whole mage and sorcerer vocations. There’s just somethin’ ‘bout the magic casters that appeals to us. Anyway, while we appreciate for the most part what Dragon’s Dogma II is doin’, we gotta bring up some gripes. The thing we’re let down by is the lack of variety in spells. Hell, if they’d just kept the spells from the original and tweaked them, we’d have been fine. But, no, the significantly low spell count is just plain awful.

Sorcerer spells.

We wanna see necromancy, we wanna see hex-based spells and maybe add some additional effects, too. Also, would it be too much trouble to just add a few unique offense spells to the Trickster? Like, don’t get us wrong; the whole gimmick is cool and flashy until it’s not. Just sayin’ letting your pawns do all the heavy lifting can feel tedious. Dare we say, a little boring, too? The point we’re emphasizing here is we want more spell variety; give us that glorious sweet eye candy spell spectacle.

Trickster spells in Dragon's Dogma II the survey should address need attack power.

Like don’t get us wrong, the visceral impact of debilitations in Dragon’s Dogma II are eye-catchin’, but we want more, not less of it. Hence, we’re bringing this to the attention of y’all who’ll take the Dragon’s Dogma II survey. Mention this!!

Enemies Need Variety Needs Highlighting In The Dragon’s Dogma II Survey


Another area of improvement for the survey takers of Dragon’s Dogma II is the enemy variety. Let us rephrase:  the unique enemies and late-game bosses are fun as hell to slay. But~ the rest of the map feels like it’s peppered with the same old, same old. No, really, it’s goblins, random mercenary bandits, the tediously annoying saurians, and the occasional Chimera and Griffin. The Cyclops and golems are there, too, as well as harpies, but here’s a newsflash, people! They’re all older enemies~ nothing new. It can feel pretty draining once you’ve slain a 1000 of the same enemy type.

Troll be trollin'

We just feel like this area’s lacking in Dragon’s Dogma II. More enemy types mean players can’t just rush into a combat situation without prep. This will lean into the more tactical play Itsuno-San is goin’ for. Best way to do this now is to do the whole Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen thing again. Seriously, we need this stuff yesterday, so chop-chop people, time’s a wastin’. Get to fillin’ that survey, and don’t forget to include this bit about enemy variety, too. That’s all we’re askin’.

Lastly, A Better And More Deeper Romance Aspect Is Needed

Romance needs better development in Dragon's Dogma II so bring it up in the survey.

Look, we’re a bunch of saps for the mushy stuff if it’s done tastefully and with class. We enjoy the spicy bits, too, if they’re not half-baked or forced. For context, our list of the steamiest dating simulator romance games with great stories is gonna show we care for this sort of thing a lot. Dragon’s Dogma II, though a vast improvement in terms of romance over the original, is still lacking. This is something we wanna see rectified. Call it a personal preference of ours, but there ya’ go, for anyone who shares our thought process.

sweet romance.

Seriously, with such a dense and more character-centric focus on storytelling, romance needs more fleshing out. Square Enix did this with a focus on THAT romance in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. So, it’s highly likely Capcom can one-up that, too. Capcom can do this simply by integrating better NPC-related quests and more detailed romantic scenes that deepen the relationship aspect of the game. Do that, and you’ll have happy customers; it ain’t rocket science.

Spicy flirtatious romance.

Oh, and have more NPCs that feel so different that you wanna romance’em. That’s another specific request from us, but hey, as long as Capcom’s in the givin’ mood, we might as well, right? So, here’s to more interesting and gorgeous lookin’ ladies that we’ll be awestruck by. Not the mess that gives rise to the worst female characters ever in video games, no thank you. Keep that junk away!

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s a wrap, buddy-boos~ We’re officially done with our list of suggestions for the Dragon’s Dogma II survey. Think there’s an area of the game that could improve that we forgot to bring up? Tell us about it in the comments below, but more importantly, mention it in the survey! It’s still time to take it; it’ll end sometime in the mid of April, so get to it! Now, we’re gonna take off to play some more Dragon’s Dogma II.

But, before we leave you, though, we’re gonna point you toward one of our most useful guides about the game. We’re not kiddin’; finding the forger and using his forgeries in Dragon’s Dogma II is a long-winded path. So, use our guide to make things easier. Anyway, that’s all we got for y’all; now take care, and happy gaming!


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