Roblox The Hunt: Grab the Rewards Now!

Roblox Event The Hunt will be ending soon and we have covered all the details here so you do not waste any time and get to hunting!

In these events, Roblox collaborates with around 100 experiences on its app to award players with a single badge for completing a specific quest in each game. The badges can then redeem cosmetic rewards like Staff of the Vault Explorer and The Hunt: First Edition T-Shirt.

The Infinite Vault acts like a hub for the futuristic-designed Roblox The Hunt event and the vault contains portals to all of the experiences participating in the event.

Roblox The Hunt Hub
Roblox The Hunt Hub

All Roblox The Hunt Games

3008Horror Experience Set in a Furniture Store.My Restaurant!Restaurant Simulator
A Wolf Or OtherRealistic Werewolf Horror ExperienceNatural Disaster SurvivalRound-Based Survival Experience
Adopt Me!Pet Adoption ExperienceNEED MORE FRIENDSSingle Player Story Experience with Multiple Endings
All Star Tower DefenseAnime Centered Tower DefenseNinja LegendsNinjutsu Training Simulator
Anime Dimensions SimulatorTravel Different Anime Dimensions to Defeat BossesObby But You’re On a BikeObby on a Bike
Arm Wrestle SimulatorFight and Train for Arm WrestlingPet Simulator 99Pet Simulator
ArsenalFirst Person ShooterPiggyHorror Escape Experience
Astro RenaissanceDress Up Game With a Space ThemePLS DONATEEarn Robux In-game with Stands
BARRY’S PRISON RUN OBBY!Obby Experience Set in a PrisonProject SmashFighting Simulator
Bayside High SchoolRoleplay Game Set in a High SchoolPull a SwordClicker Game with Knights Setting
BedWarsTeam and Strategy GameRB Battles Minigames!Multiplayer Minigames
Berry Avenue RPRoleplay in a TownRedcliff City RPCity Life Roleplay
BIG Paintball 2!Paintball Based FPSRestaurant Tycoon 2Restaurant Tycoon
Bike of HellObby on a BikeRoyale HighHigh School Roleplay
Blade BallMultiplayer Dodge The Ball GameSCP: RoleplayAction RPG
Break In 2Horror Experience and Sequel to Break InShindo LifeNaruto-Style Game
Brookhaven RPRoleplay in a CitySlap BattlesFighting Game about Slapping
Car Crushers 2Physics-based Car CrashingSnowboard ObbyObby on a Snowboard
Car Dealership TycoonManage a Car DealershipSonic Speed SimulatorSonic Experience
Carry A Friend!Teamwork ObbySpongebob SimulatorSpongebob Experience
Catalog Avatar CreatorTry Marketplace Outfits for FreeSpray Paint!Draw Grafitti
Cheese TDTower Defense in a World Filled with CheeseSTEEP STEPSClimb Mountains
Club RobloxMultiplayer Family SimulatorStrongman SimulatorGain Strength at the Gym to Unlock New Areas
Collect All Pets!Pet SimulatorSuper League SoccerSoccer Experience
Combat WarriorsGory Fighting GameSurvive the Killer!Horror Survival Experience
Creatures of SonariaRPG Creature Survival GameSwordburst 3Open World RPG
Deadly DecisionsMurder TriviaThe Floor Is LavaLava Survival Game
Death BallAnime-Centered Dodge the BallThe MimicHorror Experience
DOORSHorror Experience with DoorsThe Strongest BattlegroundsAction PvP Game
Dragon AdventuresPet Dragon RPGThe Survival GameSurvival Game set in Medieval Times
Dress To ImpressDress-Up Model ExperienceToilet Tower DefenseSurvival Game set in Medieval Times
Drive WorldMultiplayer RacingTotal Roblox DramaRoleplay in a Famous Talent Show
Driving EmpireDriving ExperienceTower Defense SimulatorMultiplayer Tower Defense Game
Dungeon Quest!Fantasy RPGTreasure Hunt SimulatorTreasure Hunting Experience
Elemental Powers TycoonTycoon Game centered around ElementsTsunami GameSurviving Tsunamis
Emergency HamburgEmergency Services RoleplayTwilight DaycareDaycare Roleplay
Emergency Response: Liberty CountyEmergency Services SimulatorUltimate FootballAmerican Football Experience
Escape Running HeadHorror Experience during which you need to Run Through MazesUndead Defense TycoonZombie Survival Game
Football Fusion 2American FootballWar MachinesIron Man Flying Simulator
Fruit BattlegroundsOne Piece Battlegrounds GameWar TycoonWar Experience with FPS and Tycoon
Funky FridayMusical Rhythm GameWarrior Cats: Ultimate EditionCat Roleplay
GreenvilleRoleplay Driving in TownWeapon Fighting SimulatorMartial Fighter Simulator with Guns and Spells
Gunfight ArenaFirst Person ShooterWild Horse IslandsHorse Training Simulator
Legends Of SpeedSpeed SimulatorWorld // ZeroFantasy RPG
LifeTogether RPLife Roleplay
LivetopiaBus Focused City Roleplay
Lumber Tycoon 2Lumberjack Simulator
Lumberjack SimulatorLumberjack Simulator
Maple HospitalHospital Roleplay
Mega Hide and SeekHide and Seek
Mega Mansion TycoonMansion Roleplay
Metro LifeLife Simulation and Roleplay
Military TycoonMilitary Themed Shooter
Murderers VS Sheriffs DuelsMultiplayer and Solo Duels
Muscle LegendsTrain Muscles to Beat Other Players
My Hello Kitty CafeHello Kitty Cafe Tycoon
100 Games part of Roblox The Hunt Event
All Star Tower Defense part of Roblox The Hunt Event

All Badges for The Hunt and How to Unlock Them

Roblox ExperienceBadge How to Unlock
3008 The Hunt: Honor to Mr. EggParticipate in Mr. Egg’s Objective Consumer Program
A Wolf Or OtherThe Hunt: Futuremetal EggComplete the Futuremetal Egg quest
Adopt Me!The Hunt: First EditionComplete Tom’s time machine quest
All Star Tower DefenseSlayed BunnyKill a Randomly Spawning GOLDEN Bunny in Story Mode
Anime Dimensions SimulatorAnime Dimensions – The HuntClear 2 Dimensions
Arm Wrestle SimulatorCompleted The HuntFinish Benji’s 6 Missions
ArsenalOperation: InfiltrationComplete “Operation: Infiltration” PVE mode
Astro RenaissanceDifferent Realities – The HuntTalk to Moonlight and find the 12 Space Shards across the 4 Portals in the lobby and defeat the final boss
BARRY’S PRISON RUN OBBY!Golden Donut Trophy!Find the 10 hidden donuts
Bayside High SchoolBSHS The Hunt Quest | Brought to you by e.l.f. UP!Get a B or Higher on the Vintage Jazz Floor
BedWarsThe Hunt – BedWarsCollect 15 Eggs in the new “Egg Hunt” game mode
Berry Avenue RPThe Hunt: Brought to you by e.l.f UP!Talk to the Beach Girl, complete her scavenger hunt and prepare the “Acai Bowl”
BIG Paintball 2!The Hunt: First EditionGet 50 tags or kills
Bike of HellVelocity VanguardComplete The Hunt playlist and win the Korblox bike
Blade BallThe Hunt: First EditionComplete all the quests from The Hunt event
Break In 2The Hunt: Break in 2Survive Wave 3
Brookhaven RPThe Hunt: First Edition (Brookhaven) 2024Complete a Brookhaven Egg Hunt
Car Crushers 2The Hunt – Car Crushers 2Complete the Tutorial
Car Dealership TycoonThe Hunt: Car Dealership TycoonFind the 25 bunnies
Carry a Friend!The Hunt: Enchanted ForestComplete the Enchanted Forest level
Catalog Avatar CreatorCompleted The Hunt! | Brought to you by e.l.f UP!Win on the new Clan Wars 2014 mode
Cheese TDThe Hunt – Cheese TDBeat the new “THE HUNT” mode
Club RobloxThe Hunt: Club RobloxComplete the Duck Corp. story
Collect All Pets!The Hunt: First EditionCollect 30 pets
Combat WarriorsThe Hunt: First EditionComplete “The Hunt: First Edition” in-game event
Creatures of SonariaSpring Meadows 2024Complete the 4 Meadow tasks
Deadly DecisionsThe Hunter becomes the HuntedComplete the Hunt playlist
Death BallThe Hunt | Death BallBeat the new “Korblox Deathwalker” boss
DOORSThe Hunt: Escape the BackdoorComplete the new “Backdoors” level
Dragon AdventuresDragon Adventures: The HuntFind the Mother Dragon’s Egg
Dress To ImpressDress To Impress x The Hunt: First EditionTalk to Momma Bunny in the lobby. then find and return her 40 Bunnies
Drive WorldDrive World x The Hunt: First EditionCollect a Trailer from the Junkyard and fill it up with 30 Scraps to build a new car
Driving EmpireCompleted The Hunt EventCollect 30 eggs and participate in 3 races
Dungeon Quest!The Hunt: Dungeon QuestKill 100 enemies, collect 1 loot, and defeat 2 bosses
Elemental Powers TycoonThe Hunt: First Edition x EPTComplete any Elemental Tycoon, collect a Green Egg, and defeat a boss
Emergency HamburgTruck HunterComplete a delivery over a distance of 10 kilometers
Emergency Response: Liberty CountyTHE HUNT: Find 3 Clover Coins in ER:LCFind 3 out of the 12 Clover Coins in the ER:LC event
Escape Running HeadThe HuntComplete stages 1 to 3 and collect all the stars
Football Fusion 2Completed the hunt eventAttempt a tackle and a catch
Fruit Battlegrounds[The Hunt] The ApprenticeReach level 15 and kill 2 people in a row
Funky FridayThe Hunt 2024Complete all 4 of The Hunt 2024 songs
GreenvilleGreenville – The Hunt: First EditionTalk to the NPC at spawn and find the 8 tech parts
Gunfight ArenaThe Hunt | Gunfight ArenaComplete the Gunfight Arena HUNT quest
Legends of SpeedThe HuntComplete 3,000 steps
LifeTogether RPThe Hunt: First EditionUse LifeSnap to photograph all the hidden eggs
LivetopiaThe HuntComplete the Egg Hunt quest for the event
Lumber Tycoon 2Egg Acquired: The HuntChop up wood, and bring it to the cave near the spawn point. Feed the wood to the Birdman, collect the egg it lays, and bring it to the Store.
Lumberjack SimulatorDefeating The BunnyDefeat The Hunt Zone champion
Maple HospitalMaple Hunt 2024Complete the “Purple Haze Portal” story quest
Mega Hide and SeekCompleted The Hunt!Win 2 rounds
Mega Mansion TycoonThe Hunt: First EditionCollect 4 eggs by buying 80 buttons and unlock the book
Metro LifeMetro HunterComplete the hot air balloon game
Military TycoonCompleted The HuntComplete The Hunt in-game quest
Murderers VS Sheriffs DuelsTHE HUNT x MVSD CHAMPIONSComplete the 6 challenges in The Hunt quest
Muscle LegendsThe HuntGain 2,000 Strength
My Hello Kitty Cafe100 Customers Event BadgeServe 100 customers
My Restaurant!The Hunt: First EditionServe 100 customers
Natural Disaster SurvivalThe Hunt: Lost ClocksFind the three lost clocks while surviving disasters and bring them back to the time traveler in the lobby
NEED MORE FRIENDSTHE HUNT: Escaped the adventureFind 10 Crystals around your house. Then use the Portal and complete the puzzles
Ninja LegendsThe HuntGain 3,000 Ninjitsu
Obby But You’re On a BikeThe HuntBeat W1 in less than 10 minutes, win 3 races, and beat W4
Pet Simulator 99The Hunt: First EditionReach Area 20
PiggyTimeComplete the new The Hunt chapter
PLS DONATEDiamond Donor!Talk to Carlos, then hack the computer inside the Gold Nuke statue and donate 5,000 diamonds to him
Project SmashThe Hunt: Project SmashComplete the new The Hunt quest
Pull a SwordObtain the Renewal ReapersPull the Renewal Reapers inside The Hunt zone
RB Battles Minigames!The Hunt EventComplete the in-game The Hunt quests
Redcliff City RPThe Hunt: First Edition 2024 Redcliff City RPFind the 5 tablet pieces and return them to the Archeologist
Restaurant Tycoon 2THE HUNT Restaurant Tycoon 2Collect 100 Golden Eggs from customers
Royale HighRoyale High x The Hunt Completionist Badge!Collect 50 eggs in the new class and hatch an egg
SCP: RoleplayDimensional RelicComplete The Hunt in-game quest
Shindo LifeThe Hunt: Shindo LifeComplete the new Egg Hunt quest
Slap BattlesThe HuntComplete the Hitman’s quest and return his handkerchief to him safely
Snowboard ObbyCross the line! – The Hunt: First EditionComplete over 100 levels of challenges in any world
Sonic Speed SimulatorCompleted The HuntComplete the Hunt quest
Spongebob Simulator“The Hunt” BadgeDestroy 55 chests, 100 doubloons, and 25 drills
Spray Paint!Act of KindnessHelp Hobo Joe retrieve his spray cans
STEEP STEPSPlatform ProblemsComplete the Hunt Quest on Torii Trail
Strongman SimulatorStrongman The Hunt: First EditionComplete The Hunt: First Edition challenge
Super League SoccerThe HuntComplete 2 matches
Survive the Killer!Energy CoreCollect and escape with an Energy Core, then return it to the Fabrication Machine in the lobby to restore its power
Swordburst 3[THE HUNT] Swordburst 3Complete Swordburst 3’s Cyber Egg quest
The Floor is LavaThe Hunt: TFIL EditionStop the Korblox Deathwalker from changing the course of time. Collect his legendary egg on the “Korblox Realm” map and put a stop to his terror.
The Mimic[THE HUNT] The MimicComplete the in-game The Hunt: First Edition quest
The Strongest BattlegroundsEra ClashThis badge is earned by completing the ‘Era Clash’ quest
The Survival GameThe Hunt: Tyrant’s DemiseFind the ancient treasure
Toilet Tower DefenseToilet Tower Defense x The Hunt: First EditionFind all 15 eggs scattered across the map
Total Roblox Drama[HUNT] Survive Until MergeSurvive elimination until the merge
Tower Defense SimulatorDefeat Deathwalker! | The Hunt First EditionComplete TDS The Hunt: First Edition game mode
Treasure Hunt SimulatorThe Hunt TrioDiscover the three treasure chests
Tsunami GameExtraterrestrial [The Hunt]Complete the in-game The Hunt quests
Twilight DaycareYou’ve Completed Your Twilight Daycare Mission!Complete 5 tasks from The Hunt: First Edition challenges
Ultimate FootballCompleted The Hunt: First Edition in UFComplete 4 quarters
Undead Defense TycoonThe Hunt BadgeCollect 150 eggs by defeating Egg Zombies
War MachinesThe Hunt: War MachinesCollect 60 Hunt Fragments
War TycoonThe HuntComplete the scavenger hunt
Warrior Cats: Ultimate EditionThe Frozen HuntComplete Tier 0
Weapon Fighting SimulatorThe HuntComplete in-game The Hunt quests
Wild Horse IslandsThe HuntEnter the Neon Portal on Mainland and complete the Neon Circuit race
World Zero[THE HUNT] World ZeroComplete the in-game Egg Hunt
100 Badges for Roblox The Hunt Event
Roblox The Hunt Badges

All Roblox The Hunt Rewards

RewardUnlock Requirement
The Hunt: First Edition T-ShirtJoin The Hunt and Earn Your First Badge
Vault Holo-CompassEarn 5 Badges
Infinite Holo-PendantEarn 5 Badges (Gold Track)
Staff of the Vault ExplorerEarn 20 Badges
Infinite Holo-ScepterEarn 20 Badges (Gold Track)
Vault Explorer’s WingsEarn 40 Badges
Infinite Hunter’s WingsEarn 40 Badges (Gold Track)
Vault Explorer’s CowlEarn 60 Badges
Infinite Hunters HoodEarn 60 Badges (Gold Track)
Vault Explorer’s CrownEarn 95 Badges
Infinite Hunter’s CrownEarn 95 Badges (Gold Track)
Vault Star HeadphonesCollect after the video star drops the headphones
The Infinite EggEarn 95 Badges
13 Roblox The Hunt Rewards
The Infinite Egg - Last Reward for The Hunt

Note: Items only available through the Roblox The Hunt marketplace for limited periods not included. First-Edition Hunt Pin is a developer-only item for experiences participating in Roblox The Hunt event, hence the exclusion.

These lists are up to date and hopefully will help you as you grab your remaining badges for The Hunt rewards.

If you liked playing Anime Dimensions Simulator or Fruit Battlegrounds for Roblox The Hunt then check out this article where we list The Best Roblox Anime Games 2024.

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