Indie World Showcase Announced, Silksong Finally Arriving?

The newest announcement for today is a brand new Indie World Showcase coming tomorrow April 17th at 7 AM P.T. just a few hours from now. The announcement includes that the showcase stream will be running for around 20 minutes for everything that is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year, and obviously, when there is news of new Indie game announcements, the question arises; is Hollow Knight Silksong finally coming after what seems to be an eternity?

The news arrived via Nintendo’s own official pages on various online websites, here is the link to the official tweet via Nintendo of America on X/Twitter;

Speaking about 20 minutes of new Indie announcements, there is plenty of stuff to hope for if you’re an Indie fan like the apparently fantastical hopes of Mother 3 or Hollow Knight Silksong getting announced. This time however the hopes are up for Silksong with respect to an older piece of news where Hollow Knight Silksong had a few retail listings pop up, although these weren’t specified with a release date or a price. It has been many years single Hollow Knight came out and Silksong was officially announced, so it’s already later than sooner for it to finally get announced and arrive.

It’s especially sceptical to think that the Nintendo Switch itself is being considered to be succeeded very soon so having the game announced should be the right move. This is however all unconfirmed thoughts right now, and the real picture will soon be revealed with the Indie Showcase in a few hours.

Hopes are high and no fan wants a bland stream, so alongside Silksong there should be some good announcements coming our way in the Indie World Showcase. We’ll be sure to cover the whole steam so do stay tuned to our website for everything on Nintendo and more in the gaming industry and a little beyond.

Hollow Knight Silksong Indie World Showcase

For more on Nintendo, check out the company’s official website for everything they have to offer in their First Party, Third Party and Indie games and much more. You can also follow this link over here to go directly to April 17th’s Indie World Showcase stream when it releases.

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