8 Amazing JRPGS Of 2024 To Lose Yourself In

2024 is bringin’ a lot of quality video games already, and there’s still plenty to come, too, but JRPGS are where it’s truly at. Seriously, we’re spoiled for choice, and not a single of of them is a copy-paste of each other. This is a testament to the creative drive and talent that Japanese game creators have. The JRPG genre is goin’ through its second renaissance, and we couldn’t be happier ‘bout it.

So, with that in mind, we’re gonna lock in 8 of the most dope JRPG offerings of the year to highlight their epicness. The games we got today are gonna feature some of the most quirky traits that homage to the genre’s roots. But they’ll also have innovation, too. Now, let’s begin~

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Which 8 JRPGS Of 2024 Are Worthy Of Your Attention That You Need To Play?

Alrighty, folks~ so today we’ve got an even 8 selection of JRPGS that’ll suck the time out of your life. Oh~ that sounded better in our heads, heh… but we’ll own it. Seriously, though, these 8 games offer so much content and unique mechanics; it’s gonna be a while before y’all put them down.

Some are the bigger hits you’ll know of, but some are not that mainstream. But it’s surprisingly delightful to hear that they’re in the top 10 of the sales chart. Welp, without further ado, let’s bring on the JRPG goodness~ here we go!


Sand Land – Akira Toriyama Legacy Moves Forward With A Fitting Tribute Through One Of The Best JRPGS Of 2024

Sand Land is one of the surprise hit JRPGS of 2024.

Kicking off our list of dope-as-hell JRPGS of 2024, we’re goin’ with a classy tribute to a legendary man. The one and only late great Akira Toriyama, famous for his contribution to Dragon Ball, Chrono Trigger. His latest art design work for the game Sand Land is his swansong; he’d finished it before his passing.

Now, we get to revel in his greatness one last time. So, anyway, y’all might be wonderin’ just what is Sand Land, right? Well, it’s an action RPG with a really tight-knit story. It’s got humor, the action is really intense, and the colors just jump out at the players, too.

Combat Linked To Traversal And The Awe-Inspiring Art Take Center Stage

The animation and aesthetics of Sand Land make it one of the memorable JRPGS of 2024.

Sand Land stars the heroic personification of the demon “Prince” Beelzebub and his rag-tag band of misfits. The game’s world is rife with conflict between humanity and demons. Whole stretches of the world’s geography are nothin’ but the unforgivin’ and scorchin’ desert. Water is not only a precious resource, but it is the very reason for the strife.

Our hero’s job is to find the source of water, The Legendary Spring. Those aren’t under the monopoly of the King, an antagonist figure. Along the way, you’ll encounter enemies to fight. You’ll need to combine Beelzebub and his companion’s skills to beat the livin’ snot out of’em.

The true appeal of Sand Land is that it’s one of those JRPGS of 2024 that have a distinct visual aesthetic. Using Beelzelbub’s hover car isn’t just for looks, though, as it has multiple practical uses, like rammin’ into enemy vehicles. Plus, it is super fun to use in boss fights and gettin’ ’round, too.

The depth of the level of customization for vheicles in Sand Land is another unique trait that makes it stand apart from other RPGS. As you explore the world, you’ll notice the gorgeously breathtakin’ level design. Mr. Akira Toriyama may be gone, but Sand Land is there to remind us of him. This way, we can pay our token of reverence for his legacy.


SaGa: Emerald Beyond – The Time And Space Bending Adventure Is One Of Mindblowingly Epic 2024 JRPGS

SaGa: emerald Beyond is one of the best JRPGS of 2024.

We’re movin’ right ‘long our list of the top-notch 2024 JRPGS that’ll captivate yer’ mind like no other with SaGa: Emerald Beyond. This niche title might not be the most appealin’, but trust us, it’s definitely worth checkin’ out. Why? Well, how ’bout the fact that y’all get a great amount of replay value? Like, no joke: SaGa: Emerald Beyond takes the multiple paths and branchin’ storyline gimmick and runs with it.

You get to explore not only a diverse cast of characters, each with their own narrative and goals that cross over into the overachin’ story, but also alter the course of destiny for them. Meanin’ there’re some hidden paths only available if you pay attention and make different choices.

Time Travel With Meaningful Impact On The Story And Combat With Complexities Shine

SaGa: Emerald Beyond is one of the most fun JRPGS of 2024.

The use of time-travel as a plot device is a slippery slope; only a handful of video games can tackle it well. We’re happy to announce that durin’ our time with SaGa: Emerald Beyond, we were pleasantly surprised by the story and writin’. SaGa: Emerald Beyond gets the reprecussions of time travel right. Some of the changes you won’t see comin’.

Another unique aspect of SaGa: Emerald Beyond is the progression system. You basically don’t get the traditional experience points you’d typically get in other RPGS. The sheer randomness of skill gains during fights and how you use them during fights can turn the tide of battle. It’s handled in such a layered and well-thought-out way that we can’t help but admire this game.

Finally, what is arguably the biggest draw of SaGa: Emerald Beyond is the game’s combat system. It is full of complexities that might feel intimidatin’ for newbies, but get this: If you stick it out, you’ll not only find it accessible, but intuitive, too. Things will slowly start to make sense, and you’ll be slaughterin’ enemies by the dozen.

The strategy element is key in this one, folks. Ya’ can’t button-mash yer’ way out of a tough battle. Your enemies, especially powerful bosses, will be stronger than you. You’ll have to rely on your character’s abilities and the formation of your allies to win. It’ll take some gettin’ used to, but once things click, SaGa: Emerald Beyond more than lives up to its hype as one of the best JRPGS of 2024.


Granblue Fantasy: Relink – The Most Anime Game Ever Is Surprisingly Full Of Heart And Depth, Plus It’s Got Co-op!

Granblue Fantasy Re:link is one of the most beautiful JRPGS of 2024.

We’re big on unique fantasy concepts in any medium, and Granblue Fantasy: Relink is high on originality as it is fun to play. This magnificent 2024 game manages to subvert expectations in the best way to be one of the highlight JRPGS of the year. How? Well, let’s see… firstly, Granblue Fantasy: Relink is set in a skyward backdrop with nothin’ but the vast and majestic and spacious skies with floatin’ islands to explore. So, right there, immediately, the players get a sense of adventure thrust upon them.

Then, there’s the cast of cliche and trope-laden characters that somehow still remain interestin’ and compellin’, too. This is no easy feat, people, ’cause they could easily have fallen into the cringe and cheesy territory. They still kinda’ do, but, despite that, they add really pleasant and entertainin’ interactions with our playable character, the Captain.

The Companions Not Only Look Unique But Play Differently, Too; You’ll Love Experimentin’

The characters and story of Granblue Fantasy: Relink make it one of the most fun JRPGS of 2024.

So, then speakin’ of the side characters not bein’ what you’re expectin’ in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, they also offer support in gameplay that redefines how support characters should be. What do we mean? Well, every companion you recruit plays with a specific style and weapon. You can choose to use any 4 at a time and even take control of them, too.

The trick is to see which pairing works well for your present situation. In fact, swithcin’ up companions is kinda encouraged. That’s a good thing, too, actually. Otherwise, you’ll be missin’ out on some characters if you simply didn’t use them after goin’ through the trouble of recruitin’ them.

Oh, and did we mention that Granblue Fantasy: Relink is one of those video games that’s based on anime? We’ve got a list of the vice-versa; meanin’ anime based on video games. The story, for the most part, is the same, but the game goes into more detail for the plot points than the show. Anyway, why we’re goin’ with Granblue Fantasy: Relink as one of the must-play JRPGS of 2024?

Well, the biggest appeal of this game is the co-op element. Yep, up to 4 players can come together to play this one. Sure, not everyone’s gonna control the Captain, but that’s ok. Like, we point y’all to the epic selection of companions with anime-style personalities, abilities, and skills. Why wouldn’t you wanna try your hand at playin’ them? Besides, with the end-game grindin’ this game’s got, we highly urge the co-op play.


Unicorn Overlord – The Sleeper Hit JRPG That We Absolutely Feel Addicted To, And You Will, Too

Unicorn Overlord is one of the most addictive JRPGS of 2024.

We’re in the thick of the JRPGS of 2024, and we couldn’t be more proud of this next pick on our list. Unicorn Overlord is such a mammoth of a tactical roleplaying game with a brilliant setup. There’s tons to discover and gloss over; the choice is truly in the player’s hands. The way the story is so captivatin’, you’ll wanna fully comb every inch of what it has to offer.

Not only that, but the tactical side has depth in the traditional Fire Emblem-esque style of presentation. It is a nice touch. The camera movements pannin’ out and showin’ a bird’s eye view of things, then zoomin’ back in to show off the spectacle of combat in real-time, is a masterstroke.

The Genius Camera Motion And Tactical Play Enhance The Enjoyment

The classic grid-style tactical combat feels amazing in Unicorn Overlord making it one of the huge 2024 JRPGS.

Once again, we gotta emphasize patience to get the best level of enjoyment in this gamin’ genre. Unicorn Overlord is no exception. If y’all want somethin’ faster-paced with retro vibes, just hop on over to our list of the greatest action adventure games from the PS1 era. Anyway, the tactical element doesn’t have to be borin’, and Unicorn Overlord proves this.

You’ll have to train your eyes to multi-task, but it’ll be worth it. So much stuff happens on the screen that it can feel overwhelmin’. When that happens, remember to take a breather and remind yourself this game’s not a sprint to the finish line. You enjoy it in a slow way, and learn from what isn’t workin’ out for you in the tactical element. This methodical mentality will do you wonders in havin’ a great time with Unicorn Overlord.

The main grippin’ element of Unicorn Overlord, the one that makes it such a standout among other JRPGS of 2024, is the game’s cinematic experience. There’re a lot of companions and characters to choose from. The ones you don’t recruit won’t impact the narrative in the slightest. But if you do go through with the effort, we promise you it is gonna be worth it.

The shockingly heartfelt backstories of all the characters in Unicorn Overlord are truly a sublime addition. Seein’ them interact with the main character and their bonds flourishin’ is such a wholesome feelin’. Of course, the flip side of this coin is that when you see them kick ass together on the battlefield is an adrenaline rush like no other, too. Especially with how cinematic the presentation and fights can get.


Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes – May The Kickstarter Success Story For This JRPG Provide Peace To Its Creator

Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes.

Aaand in the upper half of our selection of the very best 2024 JRPGS, we have Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes. We’re not gonna lie, when news broke out ’bout the tragic passing of game creator Yoshitaka Murayama, we were heartbroken. The man’s legacy through the first two Suikoden games is unmatched. He is one of the unsung heroes of the JRPG niche.

Anyway, his latest game, which was a kickstart funded one, by the way, maaad respect for that. But somehow, the story gets more depressin’ ’cause the man worked tirelessly for years to make it. It’s the true spiritual successor to Suikoden since Konami’s doin’ jack with the IP. But, before the game was out, he died of heart disease. Rest In Peace, you legend.

Yoshitaka Murayama’s Labor Of Love Shows In The Game

Combat Of Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes.

The game design philosophy Yoshitaka Murayama of the supportin’ cast makin’ the experience stellar for the player shines through brightly. What do we mean? Well, the game lives up to its title, and there are a hundred heroes to recruit and pair up in your squad. The combination of their unique abilities is a really mesmerizin’ sight to behold.

The sense of camaraderie where you explore the dungeons with your team of heroes is a heartwarming experience. Given that the in-game world where fantasy wish fulfillment exists with a desire to understand cooperate is strong, well, it’s somethin’ to really appreciate. Especially in today’s climate, where there’s a hard divide in our society.

It’s the whole shebang that comes together in Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes to deliver the perfect gamin’ experience. You try the 100 plus heroes in Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes, to find the best possible combination. Some are more balanced than others, but actually, that’s part of the game’s charm. The sense of wonder when you go through an unknown dungeon with a party of brothers and sisters in arms is the best kind of feelin’.

Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes does have a sensitive and mature subject matter, thematically. But the contrast of that with soothin’ soundtracks and delightfully picturesque aesthetic and silly comic relief moments creates that perfect balance. It’s why we feel like Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes is rightfully deservin’ of its place among the best JRPGS of 2024.


Persona 3 Reload – Despite The Fact Fans Got Soured By Atlus And Their Greedy Dumbassery This Is One Of The Perfect JRPGS of 2024

Persona 3 Reload.

Finally! The top 3 of our 2024 JRPGS, and we’re kickin’ it off in style with Persona 3 Reload. Contrary to the popular opinion that Persona 5 is the best of the franchise, we think the OG Persona 3 FES is peak Persona. Why? Well, pff~ pick any number of reasons. From the catchy openin’ beat to the head-rockin’-worthy soundtrack, Persona 3 Reload hits its stride from the get-go.

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The mysterious and ominous Tartarus tower with a chilly ambiance is such a fascinatin’ and hauntin’ location. The memorable cast of characters from the OG Persona 3 is just as well-developed in this remake. It does justice and keeps their charm and epic dialogue intact. It really feels so great to see them again with a brand-new coat of paint. Look, we’ll address the elephant in the room, too. The Persona 3 Reload DLC fiasco was a crapfest by Atlus. But the base game by itself is pretty dope.

Persona 3 Reload Tightropes Fun Combat And Wholesome Romance

Combat Of Persona 3 Reload is more polished and that makes it one of the must fun JRPGS of 2024.

Regardless of the fact that we placed Persona 3 Reload among the worst video game remakes of all time, we cannot deny its awesome gameplay. Particularly, the combat in Persona 3 Reload is much more polished and has a pep to it. You gotta make each move count, and the new UI, which is based on Persona 5, certainly helps visually.

But, yeah, the attacks and animations, not to mention the colorful and bright designs, help give more liveliness to the combat. There’s a punchiness to the attacks, and you GET THAT satisfactory feelin’ when they land on enemies. There’re other enemies, too, like Death, which you gotta really grind your gears to beat. So, there is a challenge for those willin’ to seek it in Persona 3 Reload.

Of course, now we come to one of the major reasons Persona 3 Reload is up there with the popular JRPGS of 2024. Yep, it’s the romance, guys; we know it, y’all know it, so don’t deny it. Anyway, while the romance is tame in comparison to the steamiest dating simulator romance games with great stories, it’s just as endearin’.

The social simulation element of Persona 3 Reload is so special that you care ’bout these characters and their simple but joyous moments. Takin’ the time to get to know’em better and learnin’ their backstories make these connections very sweet and intimate. These little touches elevate Persona 3 Reload to new heights. Personally, we feel like it is an awesome way to play the current iteration of our favorite entry in the series.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – One Of The Most Anticipated JRPGS Of 2024 Delivers Big Time

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Our runner-up choice for the most beloved JRPGS of 2024 is gonna be a no-brainer: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Is there any doubt it’s in such a high position? After Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a bigger, much more polished sequel to its predecessor. There’s more downtime and a much more grand scope to things. But at the same time, it’s these iconic characters that you get to know better that’re the show-stealers in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

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So, this time ’round, Cloud and the gang are on their way to a number of different locations. The experience finally feels like an open world that players can explore like a true RPG instead of just the linear path of the story. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth does a great job of makin’ the players feel the high stakes of the story, too, and doesn’t push it in the background either. There’s a much more balanced approach to the presentation, which we really appreciate.

The Open World Map Exploration And Side Activities Give Plenty Of Oomph to FFVII Rebirth

The open world exploration in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is great and makes it one of the most compelling JRPGS of 2024.

So, we’ve talked ’bout the open world map and how it’s a welcome change from the first part of the remake trilogy. Our only concern is that we hope to see a full retellin’ of the Final Fantasy VII trilogy. ‘Cause with news surroundin’ Final Fantasy VII Rebirth developer Square Enix in the red by $140 million loss, and cancellin’ games, it’s not a good sign. They’ll probably remove features like this from the third entry if we ever get one. If that comes to pass, at least we’ll always have Final Fantasy VII Rebirth to fall back on.

Anyway, with that mopin’ outta’ the way, we’ll gush ’bout how the devs cleverly use the open-world design. Don’t think it’s just for show and that there’re no side-activities in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, no. There is plenty to do, like finding Cactuar locations in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Or even findin’ the Tonberry King in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Anyway, let’s address the huge reason, the elephant in the room, so to speak, why Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is among the upper echelons of 2024 JRPGS. Y’all ready for this? Get this: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth confirms and delivers THAT romance. Ya’ know the one; it’s the one that’s hotly vouched in the fandom.

But yeah, the canon romance option culminates in a moment of genuine sweetness. It’s an elation that’s undescribably wholesome and epic. But enough of that, y’all get to kick ass as Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, or any of the others in combat encounters. Hell, the demo chapter lets players take control of Sephiroth, too. How’s that for a power fantasy? Pretty cool, right?


Dragon’s Dogma II Is Capcom’s Most Ambitious Title And The King Of JRPGS In 2024

Dragon's Dogma II is the king of JRPGS in 2024 and beyond.

Our final entry for the king of JRPGS in 2024 is none other than Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma II. Hideaki Itsuno’s brainchild, Dragon’s Dogma II, was his dream RPG, that he’s finally put out for the world to enjoy. Not only is Dragon’s Dogma II sellin’ gangbusters, surpassin’ 2.5 million sales milestone in less than a month, but Capcom’s rulin’ the roost with Metacritic’s 2023 Publisher Of The Year award.

Dragon’s Dogma II is much more expansive and contains a lot of new features and differences from the original Dragon’s Dogma. There’s plenty to see and explore in the game world. Pawns have this perilous Dragonsplague, which is the Arisen’s true nightmare. Thankfully Capcom’s nerfed it in the new batch of updates to the game. But, yeah, the offerings of Dragon’s Dogma II have set the benchmark for action and open-world exploration in roleplayin’ games.

Combat, Hunting, Intriguing Side Missions And Lovely Waifus Seal The Deal

Combat in Dragon's Dogma II is the apex of all other 2024 JRPGS.

Let’s face it: Dragon’s Dogma II is our personal favorite game of 2024, and not even the hype train of Stellar Blade is gonna change that. We just love how the world is alive, and there’re hidden mechanics and cool little details to discover. The combat is by far the real star of the gameplay in Dragon’s Dogma II. Havin’ the ideal pawn party is gonna be critical. While knowin’ ’bout debilitations and their cures play a huge part in gettin’ good at the game.

But also, there’re important NPCs and merchants that’re hard to pin down in Dragon’s Dogma II. There is no UI or marker that helps you find them. So, for those, you gotta discover on your own or follow our guides. Like say, finding the forger and using his forgeries in Dragon’s Dogma 2, or the solutions to the Sphynix riddles in Dragon’s Dogma II. Both are tied to important characters in the lore.

Speakin’ of important characters, did y’all know Dragon’s Dogma II actually has romance? Yep, and the ladies y’all woo are more than just eye-candy. Y’all are gonna have to jump through a lotta hoops to get them to do the deed with your Arisen. Seriously, the level of depth in character customization and the build options in Dragon’s Dogma II are levels of freedom that’re unrivaled.

The nature of the quests that rely on other quests to have been completed or not done prior is a complex web that players are gonna have to figure out on their own. The point were makin’ here is: Dragon’s Dogma II more than justifies itself in climbin’ the throne of top-dog of 2024 JRPGS. It’s awesome, and so far, it is the GOAT of RPGs and a definite candidate for winnin’ the 2024 1game Of The Year award.

Final Thoughts On The Most Awesome JRPGS Of 2024

Well, there y’all have it, folks~ our list of the most exciting and top-tier JRPGS from 2024 for you to dive into and forget reality. No joke, we don’t know how many family events we skipped just for the immersive experience these games provide. So, then, what’s the verdict, folks? Do y’all agree with our choices and think they’re the best hits of the year, or is there any game we’re missin’? Remember, we’re only referrin’ to the titles that came out this year exclusively.

Now, if y’all are lookin’ for somethin’ similar, don’t you worry. We’ve got plenty of recommendations in the tank for y’all. For instance, do y’all know what JRPGS try to emulate? It’s the anime experience, and we’re all about that. So, with that context, we point you toward our list of the 16 most unique shonen anime ever with originality that’s unmatched. Give it a looksee; we’re pretty sure you’ll love it. Anyway, that’s it for today, but check back in soon for more similar gamin’ lists that’re in the pipeline. Take care, everyone; stay safe, and happy gaming!

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