Dragon’s Dogma II Sales Go 2.5 Million Strong, Well Done Arisen!

Dragon's Dogma II Sales.

Well, would ya’ believe that Dragon’s Dogma II is quickly becomin’ the darlin’ of gamers ‘round the globe and the sales numbers do not lie, people. Haters may hate; that’s their prerogative, for sure, but we sure love the game. But the overall sales of the series passed 10 million, which are big deal numbers, people. It’s all thanks to the leadership, creativity, and gamer mentality of Hideaki Itsuno. He’s one of the legendary Japanese video game creators and he’s still active and thriving in the industry.

So, today we’re gonna celebrate this achievement by Dragon’s Dogma II and tell y’all exactly why this game’s so mass-appealing. Without further ado, buckle up, and let’s go for a ride~

Why Dragon’s Dogma II Sales Matter?

Dragon's Dogma II sales matter.

Often, business executives are gonna see what’s the best way to milk the fan base. Don’t think for one second they’re you’re pals ‘cause they’re after yer moola, capeesh? But there’s a right way to do things for these bigwigs in the gaming industry, and there’s the absolutely horrendous and vile method, too. See our nuclear heat on WB Games for insanely embracing the love-service model for the latter. In contrast, a great example of the correct way is the Helldivers 2 free battle passes system, which should be the industry norm. Dragon’s Dogma II sales prove gamers trust Capcom to deliver quality and not compromise its integrity.

Such fun

Was there an uproar after the launch of Dragon’s Dogma II that got blown waaaay out of proportion? Of course, we even told people to chill out about the whole OPTIONAL MTX in Dragon’s Dogma II. That doesn’t mean there weren’t genuine problems with the game. Hell, Capcom acknowledged this fact and promised fixes for Dragon’s Dogma II. They’re out now, by the way, but more are on the way, so quit whinin’. We should absolutely call out if there’re any issues in a game. But also devs ownin’ their mistakes then pldegin’ to course correct should also be appreciated.

Dragon's Dogma II sales.

So, in such a divisive environment where one side of game devs is just stubbornly goin’ after chasing trends of predatory anti-consumer practices. Meanwhile, the other category of game devs are tryin’ to innovate and make the experience as user-friendly as possible. In the midst of it all, what does Dragon’s Dogma II and its sales milestone mean? Well, it means Capcom’s learned from past mistakes and is on the right side of history with Dragon’s Dogma II.

Why Dragon’s Dogma II Sales Are Soaring, While Quaduple A Games Like Skull & Bones Struggled?

Taking to the skies like the game's sales.

To further hammer home our point that goodwill and trust of the gamers are vital to sales, let’s do a little comparison. For context, we’re choosing two games that were in development for a long time. Both are 2024 releases, too, mind you, so this little side-by-side juxtaposition will be fair. Now, first, let’s talk about the colossal flop that is Skull & Bones. Seriously, it’s so mediocre and awful that it’s mindblowing. Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, a decade-old game, is better than Skull & Bones, which is a 2024 release dubbed the first-ever Quadruple A experience. Yeah, that’s a thing that happened in 2024.


Now, let’s take a gander at Dragon’s Dogma II which has lots of new things different from Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen. Hideaki Itsuno is the man who’s spoken up about his vision for the original game. He’s stated how hardware limitations and the timing of the first title caused him to cut corners. Long story short, Dragon’s Dogma II is how Hideaki Itsuno wanted the original Dragon’s Dogma to be. People seem to have taken a liking to this, as 2.5 million sales is helluva benchmark in just two weeks of release. While Skull & Bones has faded into obscurity and it already at a discount. Go figure~

Hail to the king, Dragon's Dogma II and it's mighty sales

Perception is really important for gamers these days. If any game devs are plannin’ on swindlin’ people, well, the backlash is always gonna be astronomical. People are discovering new and new ways to enjoy Dragon’s Dogma II and the unique game mechanics contribute to its high sales. The Dragon’s Dogma II community’s really thriving because of how different the game design is from other AAA action RPGs. Like seriously, name one other AAA game where you can have a use a sorcerer’s destructive power and wreck things up.

Dragon’s Dogma II Is Only Gonna Get Better And Hit More Milestones, Here’s Why

Survey for future content.

A huge reason for Dragon’s Dogma II hitting the mark and having impressive sales is because of its commitment to players. In addition to addressing the issues players are having with the game, Capcom’s also asked for fan feedback. You have a voice and a say with the game devs. You can help shape the future content for the game by taking on the Dragon’s Dogma II survey. This is great for fans, and we highly recommend taking it and answering honestly to let Capcom know what you want.

romance helped sales of Dragon's Dogma II.

Personally, we’re lookin’ forward to a Dark Arisen 2-like expansion similar to the first game with a massive overhaul. If the first one had so much in it, we can only imagine what the genius and creative mind of Hideaki Itsuno comes up with next. Make no mistake, the people have spoken through their wallets; the sales prove that Dragon’s Dogma II is a hit. It’ll only get more and more players with new updates as they roll out. That’s ‘cause of the simple Business 101 philosophy of giving the players what they want. Hell, we commend Capcom for the daring move to include romance in Dragon’s Dogma II in a more prominent way.

Consistency and thrilling action of Dragon's Dogma II are second to none.

It’s these risky moves and daringly bold gameplay adjustments while maintaining the essence of the original that Dragon’s Dogma II is holding its own among other big hits of 2024. Like Helldivers 2 is doing great with 8 million sales. The other big hit is from Square Enix and they’re hitting all the right notes in Final as Fantasy VII Rebirth gives fans THAT romance. Honestly, not all Japanese devs got the memo cause some of’em, **Coughs** Atlus **Coughs**, still are clinging to corporate greed. Case-in-point: Atlus botched Persona 3 Reload DLC fiasco just got worse.

Final Thoughts

Welp, that’s our hot take on the success story of Dragon’s Dogma II and its growing sales numbers. Like no joke, if the devs just stick to delivering the best possible experience without butchering the quality and not plugging in predatory schemes, the players will happily give’em their money. It’s not rocket science, ya business executive ding dongs~ so stop shoving your dirty tactics on us. We’re not interested! But anyway, that’s how we feel about the state of the video game industry as a whole. Dragon’s Dogma II will not only survive but thrive as a serious game of-the-year contender.

The replay value, the depth of the gameplay, the level of detail, and how everything just feels so refreshing yet familiar all factor into Dragon’s Dogma II are beyond incredible. It’s rightfully deserving of all the critical acclaim and commercial success. Like the scope of the game’s so grand we have to make separate guides to cover the different aspects like finding the forger in Dragon’s Dogma II. Okay, we’ll stop gushing now, and end things here. Leave your own reaction to the game’s numbers in the comments below. Until next time, happy gaming!


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