Dragon’s Dogma II Debilitations/Status Effects, And Cures Guide

A mighty hail to our fellow Arisen exploring the world of Dragon’s Dogma II and its lethal debilitations. Are y’all aware of how these things work? Or are you just winging it so far in the game? Either way, there’s been a mega overhaul to the status effects and debilitations from the first game. We got a comparison piece If ya wanna know more about what’s new in Dragon’s Dogma II from Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen. Anyway, for today, we’re focusin’ on those pesky negative statuses and how y’all can cure’em.

Understanding these debilitations can really help you use’em against your enemies instead of the other way around. It’s gonna be a doozy, this one, so sit tight and let’s get this show on the road, people. We’ve got a lot to cover, so pay attention, too.

What Are The Debilitations In Dragon’s Dogma II?

So, unlike the Dragonsplague in Dragon’s Dogma II, these debilitations can impact the Arisen in real time. Not only your character but your pawns, too, and can lead to a quick death. Basically, the debilitations are the negative status effects that the Arisen or their pawns can get from the dangers of the environment or enemy attacks. 

If ya don’t tend to’em right away, well, it’s curtains for you. Some are more deadly than others, with an advanced version of them that’ll quickly sap the health away. While some won’t deal direct damage but will be primers for other debilitations. Now, let’s get into them one by one, then we’ll tell y’all how to cure them. Here we go!


Tarred – One Of The Worst Debilitations In Dragon’s Dogma II That’ll Cause Slippin’, And Slowin’

Tarred is one of the worst debilitations in Dragon's Dogma II.

We’re gonna start with the lube, no, no, no! Not the kind you’re thinking of ya pervs, staph! Jokes aside, though, Tarred is one of those debilitations in Dragon’s Dogma II that’ll screw you over in plenty of ways. Dang it! We’re not intentionally making innuendos here, we swear! But anyway, Tarred is something that’ll happen if ya somehow get drenched in oil. Either by those pesky goblins throwing oil barrels your way or you dropping one near yourself and covering your Arisen and pawns in it. Sometimes, powerful enemies who spew oil can cause Tarred status, too.

So, big whoop, you’re covered in oil, ya might be thinkin’, what’s the worst that can happen, right? Well, here’s the thing with Tarred. You’re gonna lose your balance, slip up while running, and! Get this: ya ready for the mindblowin’ fate of the Tarred Arisen or pawns if ya don’t treat it right away? You’ll be setting yourself up for catching fire. Whoa~ unbelievable! Right? Seriously, though, it’s a no-duh thing that you should avoid getting Tarred, and if you do, cure it instantly.

How To Cure Tarred Status Effect Debilitation In Dragon’s Dogma II?

Cure For Tarred.

So, how can y’all cure the Tarred status effect, one of the most potentially risky debilitations in Dragon’s Dogma II? Well, there’re a couple of ways to do that. The safest way is using the curative Wicking Remedy, which is easy, ya grab two Cinnamon Barks out in the field and combine them to make it. Another way if you’re out of those is using a healing spell like Halidom to cure Tarred; it’ll cure other status effects. There’s a secret method to curing Tarred. Though, we urge caution as it can lead to another status effect. Skirting along the body of water to wash away the Tarred status effect. Pick whichever suits your situation best.


Caught Fire And Torched ~ Toasty, Crispy, And Hot In The Wrong Kind Of Way

Caught Fire is among the dangerous debilitations in Dragon's Dogma II.

Let there be fire~ just kiddin’, but seriously, though, if y’all could avoid this bit, that’d be great cause they’re gonna kill you fast. Caught Fire is self-explanatory, right? You catch fire and lose health in steady intervals. Either enemies use magical fire spells or use fire-enchanted weaponry, or they throw bombs and exploding arrows at you. Whichever reason gets you trapped in these two deadly debilitations in Dragon’s Dogma II, you gotta treat it ASAP. Torched is the advanced, even more harmful version of Caught Fire; it’ll constantly drain your HP until you die.


Oh, and one interesting tidbit for y’all. Remember the Tarred status effect? We just discussed it above; pay attention! Anyway, if you’re already Tarred then you won’t get the Caught Fire debilitation, no. Instead, you’ll bypass it to directly get the Torched status effect. So, ya know, the two are kinda connected. Best you avoid both Caught Fire and Torched. If ya do get embroiled in the scorching situation, well, then don’t wait to die for crying out loud, and treat the condition straight away. Sheesh~

Curing Caught Fire And Torched Status In Dragon’s Dogma II

Quenching Syrup is good for Caught Fire and Torched debilitations in Dragon's Dogma II.

Welp, now we see how y’all can treat both Caught Fire and Torched debilitations in Dragon’s Dogma II. The first is easy, like with Tarred just jump near the body of water, do a little washin’ up, and you’ll be golden! Secondly, y’all can also use the spell Halidon if you’re playing as a Mage or have a pawn that uses it, and if you’re playin’ as a Warrior, there’s a skill Revivify, both instantly remove Caught Fire but not Torched. For a surefire way, though, simply use the Quenching Syrup. It’s a curative that you’ll find when you’re looting in the wild, or you can buy it in shops when you see it’s available.


Drenched – Out Of The Frying Fan, Into The Possibility Of Tundra


So, we’ve spent two debilitations of Dragon’s Dogma II yappin’ ‘bout diving into the water as a cure for’em. Now, let’s discuss what being Drenched opens ya up to in the game. It’s just one thing after another, folks. Previously, there was slipping and being lit up; now with Drenched, you’re left vulnerable to cold/ice spells, as well as lightning zaps! Oh, and Drenched also gives you some resistance against fire, but then ya get double the damage from ice and lightning-based elemental damage. If that wasn’t enough, a well-placed ice spell can and will freeze you!

It’s the kind of thing where you gotta be mindful of your status effect and where you’re fighting. If ya see water nearby, maybe don’t go in. Usually the Brine will take the Arisen and their pawns in deeper bodies of water, but mostly, you’ll end up Drenched. It’s best to take your time to assess the situation, if you’re outmatched with the enemy while Drenched it’s best to do a tactical retreat. Oh, and there’s rain in Dragon’s Dogma II that’ll make ya Drenched, too, so be careful, ya hear?

How Will You Cure Drenched Status In Dragon’s Dogma II?

Cure for drenched status effect.

Right then, so how do y’all cure one of the more complex debilitations in Dragon’s Dogma II? Well, it’s simple, actually, you don’t use skills other than the Mage spell Halidom. It’s a versatile spell that’ll cure Drenched, but also a bunch of others. This includes the previous two of three debilitations, Caught Fire, and Tarred. But, if ya wanna know the curative that’ll treat Drenched, then it’s Parching Concoction. It’s simple enough to make by cobblin’ together two Hill Beech Barks. But you can also buy the Parching Concoction directly from shops and traveling merchants as well.


Ice Bound And Frostbite – This Ain’t The Kind Of Cool Ya Want


Now, we’re gonna dance around two of the really perilous and scary debilitations in Dragon’s Dogma II. They’re the type that’ll ruin your Arisen and pawns if you’re caught in’em, but if you dish’em out, enemies become cakewalks. We’re talkin’ ‘bout Frostbite and Ice Bound. Both of these are gonna mess you up in different ways. Frostbite is the initial stage of the ice-based elemental effect that’ll slow down your movement. Like we’re talking really slow maneuverability, enough for enemies to pounce on you and send ya walloping all over. Frostbite also makes you more susceptible to ice-attacks and spells, too.

Frostbite is an even more powerful version of Ice-Bound and is one of the most  dangerous debilitations in Dragon's Dogma II.

Oh, but here’s the kicker: Frostbite is just the beginning. If ya get tagged with continuous ice-based spells and hits, you’ll eventually get Ice Bound. This one’s even worse than Frostbite. Wanna know why? Well, it’s ‘cause you’re gonna get encased in ice. Completely immovable, and y’all can bet your bottom dollar enemies aren’t gonna let that chance to attack go to waste. So, yeah, avoid these two at all costs. Wanna know how else can Ice Bound status effect can also trigger? If you’re Drenched and get hit with an ice attack, you’ll bypass Frostbite and get Ice Bound instead.

What To Use For Curing Frostbite And Ice Bound In Dragon’s Dogma II?

Warming Salve cures Ice-Bound.

Alright, alright, enough of the gloom and doom, ya saps. Listen up, here’s whatcha do if y’all get stuck in Frostbite or Ice Bound debilitations in Dragon’s Dogma II. You need a curative known as Warming Salve. It’s pretty easy to buy or find in random drops when you’re out adventuring. If ya combine Morning Tide, plenty of these are at alchemist shops or in the wilderness, with Sunbloom, another flower you can easily get in the fields, you’ll make a Warming Salve. Easy stuff, so don’t forget it!


Blighted And Fulminant Poison – Another Lethal Pairing Of Dragon’s Dogma II Debilitation

Blighted is one of the harshest debilitations in Dragon's Dogma II.

Oh, hell, now we come to the very essence of debilitations in Dragon’s Dogma II. They’re the ones you don’t take lightly or risk immediate death. So, Blighted is essentially poisoning, but it gets worse and worse the more you let it linger on. Or if ya get repeatedly struck by poisonous attacks. Ya know, enemy poison arrows, or snakes, poisonous bats, or rats, maybe the Chimera’s snake-head takes a fancy to ya? Regardless, you’re gonna be in trouble if the Blighted condition remains on your Arisen or Pawn. You’ll have ta’ work on remedyin’ it immediately.

Fulminant Poison.

Let’s face it: if y’all thought Blighted was bad, oh, trust us when we say it gets much more devastating. Fulminant Poison is the evolution of Blighted and you’ll feel its sting pretty early on. If simple poisoning does damage over time, then Fulminant Poison saps huge chunks of your health bar in seconds and keeps going until you rid it. What’s more, you’ll take high damage from all kinds of attacks, too. Pretty deadly and unsustainable if ya ask us if ya wanna take on powerful creatures like Drakes or Ogres. Fulminant Poison is like the end, so heed our warning; cure it without delay!

What’ll It Take To Cure Blighted And Fulminant Poison In Dragon’s Dogma II?

Blighted and Fulminant Poison are cured by Panacea.

Now, let’s talk ‘bout the cure for these two really evil kinds of debilitations in Dragon’s Dogma II. Lend us your ears, fellow Arisen; it’s important stuff! So, here’s whatcha do for curing both Blighted and Fulminant Poison conditions: Use either Detoxifying Decoction or the Halidom spell for Blighted. The former is available as random drops from rogue bandits, or you can buy’em from shops. For Fulminant Poison, it’s a bit pricier; either use Panacea or Allheal Elixir. Both of these are expensive as hell, so save up and have some on hand when you’re out.


Petrification – The Most Painful Kind Of Death Awaits

Petrifaction is one of the most horrifying debilitations in Dragon's Dogma II.

Now, we’re gonna talk ‘bout the most painfully vicious way the debilitations of Dragon’s Dogma II can hurt you. Seriously, the implication of the Petrification is like a never-ending nightmare you’ll constantly live through. Can you imagine turning to stone as you slowly turn into a statute? That’s just a whole ‘nother level of messed up, yo! Anyway, if y’all somehow have the unfortunate honor of being on the receiving end of Petrification, you’re done. End of story, you’re gonna have to reload or somethin’. Nah, we’re playin’; y’all need to be more careful, though.

Petrification is a menace, so when you’re fighting a Medusa? Either go in for the kill immediately or play ping pong and keep your distance while peppering it with projectiles. Better yet, if you’ve learned a petrification spell or have enchanted your weapons with an effect that causes Petrification? Oh, that’s gonna be bananas to use. Just the visual alone of encasing enemies in stone. Fufufu~ we’re salivating at the prospect. But, for context, Petrification is like even an extreme version of Ice Bound. ‘Cause there’s a chance to escape from Ice Bound, but with Petrification, there’s none. Well, aside from curing it.

What To Use For Curing Petrification In Dragon’s Dogma II?

Malleating Elixir is the cure for petrification.

Speaking of curing Petrification, did ya know it’s a very specific item that’ll fix the condition? This fact makes Petrification such a unique status effect even among other debilitations of Dragon’s Dogma II. So, here’s how: Buy or make a Malleating Elixir. They’re 1000 G a pop; G is the currency of the game, by the way. To make a Malleating Elixir combine a Cinnamon Bark, pretty common, also used in curing Tarring, with a Goldthistle. The Goldthistle is a rarer find but not impossible to locate. Better to stick with buying a Malleating Elixir to save yourself the hassle, though.


Silence – Speak No More, Spells Be Nada, Too, So How Do You Cure It?

Silence in Dragon's Dogma II is one of the crippling debilitations in Dragon's Dogma II.

Silencio~ sorry, channeling our inner Premenger there, hehe, joking aside, though, Silence is the bane of our magical Arisen and pawns alike. Silence is the single most cruelest deabilitations in Dragon’s Dogma II. Why? Because unlike other debilitations and status effects in the game, Silence renders a mage, sorcerer, and magic-users of all kinds useless. Silence also kills off pawns instantly if they’re nearby a Drake. So, if you’re a mage, sorcerer, mystic spearhead, magick archer, trickster, or even a wayfarer who uses magic, well, consider your magick gone. Not only that, but you can’t communicate either, which is a pain.

This sucks so much and infuriates us to no end cause your whole set up gets dismantled with Silence. You’re basically stuck in defense and damage control the whole time. You’re gonna be running around manically to revive your fallen pawns. Don’t get us wrong, it makes for a hilarious visual, and in hindsight, we’ll have a hearty chuckle ‘bout it, too. But when you’re in the moment, panicking to get your magickal skills to work, no thanks to Silence nullifying them? Yeah, you can bet your behind it’s a stressful situation like no other.

How To Undo And Cure Negative Debilitations Like Silence In Dragon’s Dogma II?

Soothing brew cures silence.

Okay, now the elephant in the room: how the heck do ya cure this vilest of debilitations in Dragon’s Dogma II? Well, here’s where things get a little tricky, but don’t panic. To cure Silence, you need a Soothing Brew. Its combination recipe requires Syrupwort Leaf and Moonglow. Both are fairly common to come across during the landscapes; Moonglow will be available at night. The Soothing Brew itself isn’t all that expensive either, so whichever options work best for you. Side-note: Anathema and Necrotic Shriek archstaffs for sorcerers have a good chance to inflict Silence on your enemies.


Sleep – Rock-a-bye Arisen, One Of The Tame Debilitations In Dragon’s Dogma II

Sleep is potentially one of the dangerous debilitations in Dragon's Dogma II.

Well, we’re almost done with all the fatal debilitations in Dragon’s Dogma II. Let’s talk ‘bout the most tame one. Sure, its still got the potential to harm the Arisen and pawns, but it ain’t that bad. Though, even that’s pretty relative. So, Sleep, as you can imagine, is the ‘affliction’ that’ll cause ya to go nappy time on the battlefield. Sleep will not cause direct harm, but it opens ya up to a lot of clean strikes and hits, which from bosses can one-shot you! So, y’all can see that Sleep is a problem, especially when you’re in the middle of combat with enemies all around ya.

Favored Canopy is great for inducing sleep on enemies.

Good news, though: y’all can invoke the power of Sleep as a mage through the power of the Favored Canopy staff. It’s got the Sleep enchantment with a decent chance to render an enemy go nighty night. Though, don’t think for a second that it’ll be a guarantee every time, though. Nothin’ like turnin’ the tables on your enemies, huh? Sleep is a weird one, though, as it’s got some really funky ways to get out of. We’ll go over’em now and tell y’all how to do it.

Curing One Of The Relatively Harmless Debilitations In Dragon’s Dogma II, AKA Silence

Cure for sleep.

So, the first thing to keep in mind with Sleep is that it’s one of the few debilitations in Dragon’s Dogma II with no direct damage. Now, to cure Sleep, y’all can wait for your pawn to come and shake you awake. Y’all can do that, too, as the Arisen to your own pawns. There’s more! So, to cure Sleep if you’re a mage, the spell Halidom can wake ya up. But, but! If y’all are insisting on not wasting skill slots on Halidom, then use the Waking Powder curative to wake up from Sleep. Combining 2 Grandpetals makes the Waking Powder.


Unconscious – You’ll Be Seeing Stars, Feel Dizzy, And Get Rekt!


And then there was one, the final ailment among the many debilitations of Dragon’s Dogma II. This one’s no rocket science, and you’ll guess by its name what it does. So, then, folks, here’s Unconscious. Now, it’s exactly what it sounds like: the Arisen or the pawns pass out. Unconscious happens with a mighty blow from a powerful creature sending you flying off. Or!  Unconscious can also happen to your Arisen if they’re struck by lightning attacks. You’ll see’em having a dazed look on their face as they’re stunned briefly by the enemy’s attack. One of the many intricate little details in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is that where you hit matters.

In the case of Unconscious, you’re most likely gonna be successful if y’all hit enemies on the head. That, too, if you use a blunt weapon, no less. Or ya can smithe your enemies with lightning spells. They’ll stun’em for sure, but be careful since you’re left open when casting spells. If you get hit, it could cancel your spells, and you might even end up Unconscious yourself. That’s the gamble you’re gonna have ta’ play if you’re going for Unconscious. Though we’re pretty sure it’s safe to opt for it, so go ham.

Just How Exactly Can You Cure Unconscious Status Effect In Dragon’s Dogma II?

Sobering Tonic cures Unconsciousness.

Anyway, that’s all well and good, but how exactly do ya’ cure these darn deabilitations like Unconscious in Dragon’s Dogma II? Well, it’s not that hard to do. Here’s what you’ll need: A Sobering Tonic. Yep, just one of these, and you’ll be back to your monster-hunting ways without any hindrances. You can buy it from vendors or make it yourself by combining Grandpetal, see Sleep above, and one Morningtide, see Frostbite and Ice Bound. Both ingredients aren’t super hard to locate, either, so you should be good.

Final Thoughts On The Debilitations/Status Effects And Their Cures In Dragon’s Dogma II

Phew~ that was a pretty big deal, but we’re through with our thorough and detail-heavy explanation about debilitations in Dragon’s Dogma II. Hope y’all enjoy going through it, and do leave feedback if you think it’s helpful. So, how are y’all enjoying Dragon’s Dogma II so far? Got any secrets and tips to share? We’re all ears and would love to geek out with fellow gamers about Dragon’s Dogma II. For instance, these debilitations can become an advantage in the game, if ya know how to use’em right.

Anyway, that’s gonna do it for now; we’re gonna take off now. But before we do, take a gander at our fantastic guides for Dragon’s Dogma II, like forgeries and finding the forger. Well, until next time, take care, and happy gaming!

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