Stellar Blade Hype! All You Need To Know Before The Game is Out

Wow, that Stellar Blade video game hype is takin’ the internet by storm, eh? Well, we can’t blame y’all ‘cause we’re all aboard that train lock, stock, and barrel, ourselves. Seriously, this game’s hittin’ all the right checks in our ideal fantasy video game. Dare we say it could even nab the prize as the breakout champion of the greatest action games of all time in 2024?

Well, that part’s still up for debate, but we’re likin’ its chances from what we’ve seen. So, with that in mind, we’re gonna do a little deep dive to give y’all the info on Stellar Blade. What’s the vibe, how it’s gonna play, and what are its highlights? Those kinda things. We’re also gonna give our own hot take on the game’s hype and why some folks are triggered by it, too. It’s gonna be a blast, now, let’s go!

What Is Stellar Blade, And Why Are People Buying Into The Hype?

Stellar Blade hype is real, people.

So, then, unless you’re not a gamer, a gamer leadin’ a busy life lately, or just a casual who’s outta the loop, you probably know of the Stellar Blade hype. But for the uninitiated, Stellar Blade is an action-adventure, hack-slash, open-world-esque video game with RPG elements.

Stellar Blade is full of hype because of its scale and scope.

Big whoop, right? There’s like tons of those, right? Well, normally, yeah, that’s correct, but this game’s got the gaming fandom celebratin’ big time. Why? Well, it’s a big-time AAA Korean video-game with a passionate developer. Plus, the game’s visuals and the gameplay have incredibly dope polish, too.

Now, then, after that brief little introduction’s over, let’s break down the individual facets of the game. We’re gonna tell you why it’s got such a huge following.

From Project EVE, A Humble Yet Ambitious Beginning To The Hype Beast Stellar Blade

Project Eve is what turned into the hype beast that is Stellar Blade.

The thing ‘bout Stellar Blade is that its workin’ project name was Project EVE. It was originally gonna be a multi-platform game back in 2019. However, the problem was that there was a long delay in development. The devs were goin’ for more refinement, and overhauls were in the works. But then there was the 2021 PlayStation Showcase, and wow, the game looked even more impressive.

Fast forward to 2023, more gameplay was shown off, and everyone went bonkers over it. But then there was another delay. The upside, though, was that Sony was comin’ in with the killer deal of securin’ exclusivity. Yep, PlayStation’s publishin’ the game now, so fat chance of it comin’ to other consoles. Ya know, the kind of thing we’re nudgin’ Microsoft ta’ do as well.

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Anyway, the Project EVE codename was dropped, and Stellar Blade was the name that was on everyone’s lips ’cause of the hype. People were just ecstatic ’bout the whole presentation. From the bootyful screenshots (nyuk~ nyuk~) of the gorgeous female protagonist, the mesmerizing soundtrack, and the banger display of combat, it was epic. Somethin’ along the lines of a truly wish-fulfillment fantasy of the average gamer.

What’s The Story Of Stellar Blade?

What's the story.

The story of Stellar Blade, according to the Game Director, Kim Hyung-tae, takes huge inspiration from the anime/film/manga Battle Angel Alita. It’s not the only one, but since we’re anime enthusiasts here, it felt appropriate to bring up. Anyway, in Stellar Blade, it’s a doom and gloom, post-apocalyptic sci-fi backdrop. Overall, it’s pretty bleak for humanity, and the story’s dark and ain’t afraid to show gore.

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The story of Stellar Blade is a contributing factor to the hype.

If you’re squeamish, we don’t recommend this game ‘cause it ain’t for the possum-bellies. Anyway, humans are practically either instinct or in hidin’ ‘cause of the Naytiba. They’re the primary antagonistic alien force players will encounter and fight. Most are grunts, but they’re pretty well-organized and have Alpha Naytiba. The alphas are basically the head-honcho big dogs and boss fights of the game.

Likable heroine needs to save the day.

Eve, the protagonist, is one of the last survivors of humanity. She must work together with her squadmates to lead the charge against the Naytiba and take back the earth. Yep, people keep bringin’ up Nier Automata comparisons, but for us, it’s more Mass Effect, which is equally as awesome. So, yeah, that’s the synopsis/premise of Stellar Blade in a nutshell, and it ain’t no wonder there’s so much hype.

Is Stellar Blade Coming To PC?

Is The game gonna be on PC?

So, we know the game’s not comin’ or portin’ over to rival consoles, but what ‘bout PC? Let’s face it: Sony’s more loosened up during the PS4 and PS5 gen over releasing their exclusives on it. Case in point, there’s even the case of PS trophies comin’ to PC with the Ghost Of Tsushima port. Well, there are exceptions to PS-exclusive PC ports like Bloodborne ‘cause they hate it, apparently.

But anyway, what about the hype train of Stellar Blade, and will Sony cave in to release it on PC? Here’s the thing ‘bout that: on launch, there’s No PC version of Stellar Blade. They’re bankin’ on players to just buy a PS5 if they wanna play this tantalizingly entertaining game. We’re not gonna criticize this technique ‘cause it’s the whole darn point of a console exclusive, to be a system seller.

3 modes.

However, after a waitin’ period from 6 months to a couple of years, when Sony’s lookin’ to milk the fan base some more, y’all can expect a PC release of Stellar Blade. Yeah, it’s sad, knowin’ that only Nintendo’s the one stickin’ by the principle of ‘wanna buy our game? Buy our console, buddy.’ They’re ruthless with emulators, too, as just this year, Nintendo smash-settles with Switch emulator Yuzu. Anyway, the game will run in 3 modes: performance with 1440P and 60 fps, 4K resolution with 30 fps, and balanced with 4K and 50-60K FPS variable.

The Stellar Blade Demo Gameplay Was A Mix Of Souls-like With Nier Automata And God Of War

Demo was fun.

So, then, onto the main question of hype ‘bout what’s the gameplay of Stellar Blade gonna be like. Well, there was a demo not too long ago, and boy, howdy, was it epically enjoyable. We got to see the game’s vibe firsthand. The hack-and-slash element is straight out of Nier Automata, and it is really satisfying. While the cinematic executions feel like they’re from God War. But you’re gonna be managing between ranged and melee, sprinting and dodging, then blocking and countering, too.

The combat of Stellar Blade is definitely worthy of praise.

But don’t be fooled; this game’s got a seriously challenging’ difficulty curve if you’re plannin’ on playin’ in hard mode. The emphasis on parryin’ enemies is much more, and in that sense, it’s a Souls-like. Ya’ can’t hit stuff blindly, is what we’re tryin’ to say. By doing parries and dodges, you’ll build up the Beta meter, which is gonna let you unleash power counter-attacks. But there’s more to the gameplay than just combat.


There is a semi-open world structure where you’ll traverse, explore the world, and do side-quests. Movement is fun, fluid, and really intuitive, too. There are NPCs who’ll react to Eve’s presence either coldly and dismissively or be more welcoming and accept her. It all depends on if you take the time to help the human survivors with their problems. This game’s got a plethora of styles and builds for players to tweak and experiment with. There are diverse environments hiding all sorts of secrets and upgrade components.

You Can Adjust Difficulty Anytime, And There’s Even An Action Assist Mode For Combat In Stellar Blade

Easy Mode.

One of the more welcome features that deserves praise and hype in Stellar Blade, especially if you’re a casual gamer, is that the game’s difficulty is adjustable. Seriously, how many of the players who wanna try the SoulsBorne games are not able to ‘cause of the steep learning curve? Stellar Blade throws this convention out the window and includes the option of changing the difficulty. You don’t even gotta start a new game for it, too.

Action assist mode in Stellar Blade is well-deserving of the hype.

So, if at any point, you’re feelin’ like the game’s becomin’ too much of a pain, pause and change difficulty mode. It’s that simple, and you’ll immediately feelin’ the power fantasy you’re playin’ this game for. Now, ain’t that just swell, eh? Besides, that’s not all that the devs behind the game, SHIFT UP, have up their sleeve, oh no. You see, they’ve even gone the extra mile to include a very handy action assist mode in the game.

The help is much appreciated.

What the action assist mode does is that it slows down time. This allows enough time and room for players to dodge or parry enemies. So, basically, it’s the equivalent of a cheat mode or the over-powered mode. We’re not sayin’ that to demean anyone or judge’em. It just feels like an exploit that y’all are gonna be using Eve’s burst guage on a loop to do some serious damage.

How’s The Skill Upgrade Path And The Progression System In Stellar Blade?

Right then, continuing the train of thought from the game’s combat, there are quite a few different upgrade paths for Eve. Specifically, there are 3 that were available in the Demo. Attack, Survival, Beta. Pretty self-explanatory, which one’s which, but two were locked. We assume it’ll have to do with story spoilers. Hence the demo didn’t have them, or the devs just wanted to spring something unexpected on players. Either way, we’re beyond stoked, and the hype is real for Stellar Blade. We can’t wait to try it when it’s out.

When you finish enemies in combat, you earn SP, which’re the experience points that you use to unlock skills. Your beta meter increases, too, which is gonna be super important if ya wanna survive the boss enemies. Anyway, there’re gears y’all can equip for extra boosts in addition to using the skills you unlock. The different abilities are really flashy and cool-looking, with a huge aesthetic appeal on top of the practicality. You unlock upgrades when you meet up with Eve’s squadmate, Liliy, and after, you can use practice mode to try out your new skills.

There are also throwable grenades that you’ll pick up in the game. The shock grenades, in particular, are really life-savers. They stun-lock the enemies, including bosses, which opens up the window to go ham on’em. We’re not kiddin’; the bosses are tough as nails. Those shock grenades, along with our nano-tech suit gear, as well as the abilities we unlocked, we needed to pull out all the stops to survive. Did we mention the hype is real for Stellar Blade yet?

Will There Be Downloadable Content (DLC), MTX, And New Game Plus In Stellar Blade?

New Game Plus in Stellar Blade is definitely worth the hype and praise.

Stellar Blade is gettin’ glowin’ reception and hype from fans ‘round the world. Wanna know why? It’s ‘cause the devs have a clear vision of their game, aren’t goin’ against trends, and they’re pro-gamers. Seriously, they’re sayin’ we’ll get free DLC post-launch. Now that’s how ya’ make the people root for your game, not by locking content out via Season Pass, ala Ubisoft with Star Wars Rebels. There won’t be any sort of microtransactions save for third-party collab cosmetics. That kinda checks out, too, since Capcom, winner of the 2023 Metacritic Publisher Of The Year, did it, too.

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New Game plus.

Another huge talkin’ point ‘bout Stellar Blade is the new game plus mode that’s comin’ post-launch. No joke, these are the kinda things that give games replay value, and we’re super glad it’s happening here. There might even be more surprises when you try the game a second time. The game’s pretty large, even for a casual campaign playthrough, clocking in at about 20 hours. That’s the statement from the devs, by the way, not our words.

Fashion baby~

As for free DLC for Stellar Blade, well, y’all are gonna give fashion souls fandom a run for their money. The amount of fan service and glamor in this game is just so fantastic. You get the cutesy outlook for Eve, then go into risque territory, too. With the promise of future content, the sky’s the limit for what the Stellar Blade hype fandom will achieve.

Is Eve From Stellar Blade Getting More Hype Because She’s Like Bayonetta?

The heroine is beautiful.

Now, we turn our attention to the main reason there’s so much hype for Stellar Blade. The heroine of the game herself, Eve. She is such a beautiful sight to behold, and the devs openly admit this fact, which is refreshing to hear. They’re not concerned with tip-toeing around the subject. The devs paid special attention to Eve’s back, and it shows in the presentation and camera angles. They know what gamers love, and by golly, they’ll give it to them. 

Stellar Blade hype is because of its female heroine being so pretty.

The horrendously mind-baffling trait of most Western game developers of churning out drivel is driving gamers loco. Their games are dull, unimaginitative, and have unsightly main characters, too. In fact, Western devs are responsible for the worst female characters in video games. Compare that to the outstanding achievement by Eastern developers; the difference is just night and day, folks. Like, Stellar Blade is the first Korean game of this magnitude. And, yet, it’s already in line with the works of legendary Japanese video game creators.


Seriously, the most obvious comparison for Eve is that she’s provocatively attired, like Bayonetta. Well, here’s a newsflash: people love Bayonetta, so why not should there be others like her? Like, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, is it not? So, why such a fuss? We’re so ready for this game to come out.  In fact, it’s been on our radar among the most unique video games with cool and hot female heroines. Spoiler alert!: Eve’s headlining it!

The Hype Behind Stellar Blade Outfits And Customization Are Fire~, And We Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

The deluxe edition of Stellar Blade is hype worthy.

Now we’re gonna get to the main meat of the hype surroundin’ Stellar Blade. Yep, it’s the cosmetic aspect of the game’s protagonist, Eve, that’s got everyone talkin’. Even the naysayers are yammerin’ ‘bout it, which is free publicity at this point. Wanna know why? ‘Cause gamers are suppotin’ the dev, despite the criticism from a minority of moronic imbeciles who’re out of touch. We’re proud to stand beside devs who actively go out of their way to acknowledge gamer demands.


So, then, what’s so special ‘bout this game’s aesthetic side? Well, for starters, the costumes are eye-catchingly picturesque. Second, there’s tons of variety in how the outfits look on Eve, whether it’s a different color scheme or an entirely new design. Now, we should mention there won’t be any gameplay improvement or stat boost with any of the outfits. But! If you choose the most NSFW one, the devs are playfully includin’ a little bit of a hard mode for those brave souls. So, do so at your own peril, fellow thirsty simps~

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Cute and stylish

Oh, yeah, before we forget, aside from the outfits, players can also customize the overall look of Eve through her hairstyle. Like, there’s a bunch of different hair styles to mix and match up. You’ll be spending hours to find the perfect look you want for Eve during your playthrough. Which is a testament to the quality and efforts of the game devs. 

The Korean Special Music Video By Singer/Actress, BiBi, And The Korean Model, Shin Jae Un, Is Killer Marketing Promotion

The model is the reason for Stellar Blade

We’ve already said our piece many times before that Sony’s marketing game for their video games is lightyears ahead of the competition. It’s the reason why Sony’s PlayStation is ahead of of Xbox 3:1 in the console sales. But, more than that, they’ve really gone the whole 9 yards with Stellar Blade to hype it up. First of all, the musical video to promote the game, starring up-and-coming Korean actress/singer BiBi, was a masterstroke of genius.


The lady can sing, and she can most certainly act. Her vocals are haunting and mystifying, perfectly capturing the vibe of the game. BiBi has gone all out to depict Eve in live-action, which is a really brilliant level of dedication. Like even the behind-the-scenes video of making this is an interesting watch, too. The make-up artists did a bang-up job of making her look the part as well.

You gotta watch this.

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Simply gorgeous.

Then we come to the model after which Eve’s body and appearance are based on. The lady is a bombshell, and her looks definitely are a work of art. Seriously, she is a fine specimen and the right woman for the job. We were blown away by her in-game facial and body scan design, but when we saw her real self, it all made perfect sense, too. Her name’s Shin Jae Un, and now she’s got way more fans than before the game. Go figure~

Stellar Blade Will Be Uncensored In Every Version **Cough** IGN France **Coughs**

Uncensored hype of Stellar Blade.

So, to all the hissy fittin’, wokey-wokey panderin’ numb-skulls with the fragile self-esteem of a snowflake, avoid this game. No, it’s for your own sanity, ‘cause the thirst is strong in Stellar Blade, that’s why the hype for it. Like, in what world is it wrong to like a beautiful female character in a video game? Secondly, who are the so-called video game journalists to tell what are beauty standards that’re obtainable or not? Lookin’ at ya’ IGN France, we know what ya’ did.


They tried to get Stellar Blade shut down, instead that move backfired big time, ‘cause the pre-orders for it started pouring in. Then, why they knew they goofed up, they published a condescendin’ apology, too. We’re not sure what they were thinkin’ in the first place if they were at all. But the fact of the matter is that the Stellar Blade fandom united to prove that enough is enough. We’re through with bein’ dictated and our choices taken away.


If anyone’s wonderin’ how is it possible to even be that beautiful? Well, it takes hard work, a strict diet and lifestyle, and sacrifice. That’s what the model for Eve in Stellar Blade has been doin’ her whole life. Now, she’s gettin’ her reward for it. So instead of feelin’ jealous, try to be happy for her. We wouldn’t mind seein’ her in more video games, either, to be honest. To top it all of, the creative directors of Stellar Blade will not compromise the artistic integrity. That means the game will launch uncensored in all regions. So, like we said, snowflakes, back off this one. There’s gonna be blood, violence, and unapologetic nudity; deal with it.

How’s The Enemy Design In Stellar Blade By Hee-Cheol Jang?

One of the big reasons for the hype behind Stellar Blade is the enemy design.

Wanna know why Stellar Blade is such a hit with fans and its hype is undeniable? Well, it’s cause the game devs spared no expense in hiring the best talent from South Korea. Not only are the character design models and soundtracks epically cool, but one area that the game’s lookin’ to excel in is enemy designs. Every boss design, in particular, is really unique and quite honestly, terrifying.


Not only are the alpha Naytibas really intimidating and scary, but their power is really overwhelming, too. Every single of of them has unique and distinct abilities and movement patterns. Y’all got your work cut out for yourselves. Let’s face it: learnin’ and then trainin’ your muscle memory to masterin’ the counter techniques for them is gonna be an uphill task, for sure.


The man behind these spooky and skin-crawlin’ designs is the Korean horror Hee-Cheol Jang. He’s kinda big deal in monster movie designs, and he was previously only a consultant, but the devs brought him on for a more hands-on approach. He designed the weird creatures with clay, givin’ them shape before scannin’ them all into the game. It just goes to show hard, and talent will pay off.

The Shopkeeper In Stellar Blade Is Hella Cute, And Her Hype Is Eclipsing The Protagonists’, Eve

The shopkeeper alone is hype material for Stellar Blade.

Look, we’ll not beat ’round the bush here, hehe~ but seriously, though, Stellar Blade hype is not just due to one thing; there are many. One of the biggest and hottest trending things ’bout the game is the shop-keeper lady. We’re deadly serious over here; her face and voice are so darn wholesome and cute! Her entire presence alone is enough to make us wanna 100 percent the game. Not just ’cause we’re completionists, but also we don’t wanna miss out on other spectacular NPCs this game’s hidin’.

Lily is gonna be the cute wholesome gal.

Another cool feature of Stellar Blade is its cast of colorful anime-esque side characters. Lily is gonna be our go-to gal for upgrades and such. We feel like she’ll play a critical role in the story, and the fact that we’re diggin’ her cutesy vibes is all the more great. So, yeah, it’s cool to know Eve’s got other beauties around her, and we can always spend time gettin’ to know them. This kinda extra effort is ‘ppreciated.


Finally, the prologue demo of Stellar Blade has given players some really epic moments, but also another really cool badass female character. Tachy is undeniably awesome, not to mention really level-headed and very hot to look at. Plus, she’s very mission-driven and has that protagonist vibe ’bout her. Here’s an idea: how ’bout for the next game, we get Tachy as the heroine? After all, the fandom’s seems to like her a lot. So… easy money right there.

Legendary Game Creator Yoko Taro Is All Hype For Stellar Blade

Legenday Japanese creator Yoko Taro is all aboard the hype train for Stellar Blade..

The Stellar Blade hype isn’t confined to one region or country; it’s international, baby~ case in point; one of the living legends of the video game industry, Mr. Yoko Taro, is all in for the game to light up the sales chart. Why? ‘Cause the man appreciates art, and make no mistake about it: this game’s a masterpiece in he works. The man just not only showered praises on the game at great length, he specifically pointed to the shopkeeper as a cute character. The man knows what he’s talkin’ bout.

The praises don’t end there; Mr. Yoko Taro continued on and even did a comparison of his own game with Stellar Blade. Do y’all know what conclusion he came to? He specifically said Stellar Blade is much better than Nier Automata. If that’s not a seal of approval and endorsement, we don’t know what is. Seriously, this kinda compliment is the highest form of flattery, and Mr. Yoko Taro actually means it.

Can we get a crossover plz?

The gameplay, the character’s mature and titillating body type, the risque outfits, it’s all there. But more than that, what would blow our minds and, by extension, the minds of the entire fandom is if after the launch, there’s an announcement of a crossover between the two? Hell, we’d take a 2B costume for Eve in a heartbeat. So, hint hint~

Final Thoughts

Well, phew-~ wee! Wasn’t that somethin’, eh? But, we’re done with all the info ’bout Stellar Blade and the hype it’s got. We hope y’all have a better understandin’ of why that is, now. So, then, who else is giddy with excitement for this bad boy to arrive? We know we are! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, and tell us which outfit and hair style will y’all be using for Eve?

We’re gonna take off to rest now, but before we do, we’re gonna leave you with somethin’ that’s gonna help tide over until the game’s release. Take a gander at our list of the most underrated and underappreciated action games from the retro era. It’s got a treasure trove of gems worth checkin’ out so check it out. Welp, until next time, folks; take care, and happy gaming, everybody!

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