Ubisoft Paywall Idiocy: Star Wars Outlaws, Season Pass & Editions

Extra, extra, read all ‘bout the absolute truths like the day is bright, the night is dark, and Ubisoft is a tone-deaf moronic company with their idiocy of Star Wars Outlaws! Ya know’ ‘cause they looove their season passes. Locking content behind a paywall and then having the gall to justify it by sellin’ it back. It’s classic swindling by dinguses who’re nothin’ more than money-grubbers.

It’s not the first time this kind of corporate greed’s reared its ugly head. Just take a look at WB Games for embracing the live-service model. It’s another example of a business executive’s stupidity, who is out of touch with what gamers want. Anyway, let’s look at the timeline of this entire Ubisoft’s latest debacle and break it down to the average gamer. Here we go~

Why Are Star Wars Outlaws Season Pass And The Game’s Different Editions Facing Fan Backlash?

Star Wars Outlaws is being set up for failure by Ubisoft.

Right then, to the meat of the issue, it is. Here’s the deal with fans voicin’ their frustrations with Ubisoft and the Star Wars Outlaws. Star Wars Outlaws is a single-player AAA open-world video game; thank goodness for that, eh? That means it’s got a definitive end and won’t be milked to death. That part is A-Okay, but here’s where things get muddy. Star Wars Outlaws is comin’ with three different editions.

Gold Edition.

There’s the standard one, which is pretty self-explanatory; it’s the base game. Then, if you’re like feelin’ really antsy ‘bout mere 3 day early access with some pointless cosmetic and rip-off DLC that might or might not be worth the value of the money you’re forkin’ over, there is the Gold Edition. Oh, but if you’re truly outta yer’ mind and just wanna burn money, there is the Ultimate Edition, too. The Ultimate Edition nets you a cool art book, but hoo boy, is it pricey as hell.

Ultimate Edition.

Now, we don’t know ‘bout y’all, but Ubisoft’s track record of makin’ bold claims and then that backfiring is a thing. Case in point: the first ever Quadruple A game, Skull & Bones, is woefully inferior to a decade-old Ubisoft title, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. It’s like as technology and progress is happenin’, Ubisoft’s doin’ it in reverse. The biggest peeve here is locking content behind a paywall of the season pass. Specifically, the Jabba the Hut mission; only available with the season pass or the hella expensive Gold and Ultimate editions.

What’s Ubisoft’s Excuse And Response To The Backlash Against The Season Pass-Exclusive Mission For Star Wars Outlaws?

Star Wars Outlaws Backlash At Ubisoft is real.

So, we all know the scummy practices that companies like Ubisoft and EA, or WB Games, hell, even SEGA, do. That last one still stings muchly ‘cause it’s recent. Atlus flubbed up by straight up lyin’ ‘bout Persona 3 Reload DLC Episode Aegis. Not only that, but their response and thick-headedness only made the Persona 3 Reload fiasco even worse. It’s like Ubisoft thought: how dare a Japanese company try to one-up them in the predatory schemin’. Hence, we have the present debacle, which is equally a big of a screw-up by Ubisoft with Star Wars Outlaws.

The simple excuse, if you can even call it that, is Ubisoft’s PR department goin’: “To Clarify, the Jabba The Hut Mission and the Hutt Syndicate are one of the main syndicates of Star Wars Outlaws.” Thanks, goofus~ like we didn’t know that already.  They continue, “they will be part of the experience for anyone who purchases the game, regardless of Edition.” Oh, by golly~ gee, happy days~ we’ll get to see the Jabba The Hut and the Hutt syndicate in glorious cutscenes!

But here’s the question: can you play their ‘exclusive’ mission without ponyin’ up the extra dough? To that, they say, “The Mission will be available to those who purchase the season pass or an edition that contains the season pass.” In other words, that’d be a big F* you, NO, ya can’t. Great job, Ubisoft… NOT! Calling it optional is like hilariously patronizing the payin’ customer and a cowardly, sleazy tactic. Shots… Fired!

Locking Story Missions Behind Paywalls Is A Predatory And Ugly Practice That Gamers Won’t And Shouldn’t Stand For

More flub ups.

Seriously, this trend needs to die in a ditch and never needs to be ever spoken of, ever. What’re we talkin’ ‘bout? It’s the aggravating concept of locking content from the base game behind a paywall. No, really, the sheer magnitude of incompetence and the audacity to mask it behind corporate lingo is as infuriating as it is ironically admirable. Forget the actors; these executives should be the nominations for the Oscars, eh?

The fact that the mission was designed to be part of the game but then later cut up into a separate paid DLC exclusive and had the ‘optional’ label slapped on is sickening. Where is it gonna end? If y’all don’t voice your concern now, these snake-oil salesman-type executives will never learn. Pretty soon this might become even more of a thing, so for the greater good, speak with your wallets. Oh, and requiring an internet connection even on the physical edition didn’t help Ubisoft either with Star Wars Outlaws.

These games are already expensive as is, and instead of giving incentives, these kinds of BS moves are further driving gamers to not purchase them. You’re supposed to give away freebies, not charge for cosmetics then be all ‘Wha~ Happen~’ when you get roasted. Like, just look at the general state of Western game developers at large. We’ve got their fumbles listed by the dozens, like, say, Suicide Squad Kills The Justice League losing it all ‘cause of the corporate mandate. They killed off the Arkham Legacy, and this game was nothin’ more than a cash grab.

Gameplay-Wise Star Wars Outlaws Is Showing Potential, But There Are  Problems: Online Connection For Physical Edition And Kay Vess Is Horrendous-Looking

This is the worst just why?

Another huge turn-off is that the physical edition also requires an online conneciton to install. Like, WHAT?!! That’s just nuts and wrong. But even more blunders by Ubisoft again as the gameplay trailer of Star Wars Outlaws was serviceable, but even that wasn’t without its flaws. Chief among them is the fact that Key Vess, the heroine, can easily stack up against our list of the worst female characters in video games (2024). Seriously, go take a look at the actress behind Star Wars Outlaws’ Kay Vess; she is insanely hot and gorgeous… Yet her character model, in comparison, is ugly as sin. 

Hint: this kind of colossal failure is credited to Western video game developers. The hate from beach whales who can hardly look themselves in the mirror are pushin’ this agenda hard, it seems. On the flip side, if you take a gander at our favorite unique video-games with cool and hot female heroines, you’ll notice all of’em are Japanese. Go figure~

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Hell, Why is divide even such a thing? We play video games for escapism fantasy, not realism. Why is it wrong to look at beautiful female video-game characters? Speaking of which, there was supposed to be a customizable protagonist in Star Wars Outlaws, but it got cut. Thanks for nothin’ Ubisoft. If y’all wanna see how to turn a profit while still holdin’ good critical acclaim, just look at Capcom; they’re the Metacritic Publisher Of The Year. They hold fan surveys and acknowledge feedback with the promise of fixes for bugs and issues instead of dismissing them.

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What Can Gamers Do To Stop Ubisoft From These Slimy Season Pass And Exclusive Edition Paywalls?

Let’s all now gather ‘round, ‘cause we’re here to offer up solutions to the problems surrounding the season pass and the different editions of Ubisoft games like Star Wars Outlaws. Here’s what you can do to ensure Ubisoft doesn’t swindle your money off of ya’.

Ubisoft fudging up Star Wars Outlaws.
  • Exercise the restraint that’s beyond the capabilities of a 4-year-old. Seriously, y’all, don’t pre-order or pay full price for Star Wars Outlaws. Tell yourself that, tell your circle of gamer friends that, and share this message with all honest, hard-working gaming enthusiasts. Do not pay for this game, and wait till there’s a steep price drop. Hell, Skull & Bones got one pretty quick after launch, too. So it’s all about holding your nerve. Besides, if the game’s a buggy mess, you can wait till everything’s fixed before trying it out.

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  • Make sure Ubisoft pays attention. Use your social media, and post on official Ubisoft forums how you truly feel ‘bout these paywalls that lock you out of your single-player content. Make enough noise that Ubisoft has no choice but to listen. To paraphrase Cody Rhodes’ catchphrase, ‘the undesirable becomes the undeniable’.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it, folks. Our genuine two cents on the issue of the abysmally greedy and imbecilic Ubisoft ways that are probably gonna ruin Star Wars Outlaws for us. How do y’all feel about it? Inform us in the comments below, and while you’re at it, tell us how will you be playing it. On launch? Or waiting it out and then getting it on sale? We’re really curious to discuss it with y’all, so feel free to drop your feedback, ya’ hear?

We’re gonna be taking off now and leavin’ you with something that’s actually fun and exciting. Mr. Yoko Taro, the creator of Nier Automata, says the upcoming Stellar Blade is an even better game. Words cannot describe how much we’re anticipating that one, people. It’s definitely triggerin’ the woke populace, that’s for sure. But anyway, stay tuned for more gaming hot takes, and we’ll see y’all in the next one. Happy gaming!

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