Pokemon GO Fest 2024 Necrozma Incoming

The newest announcement regarding the Pokemon GO Fest, the year’s biggest event for Pokemon GO, is for the special Legendary Pokemon Necorzma from the Alola Region coming to the game later this year when the live and global event begins. The Pokemon will be joining Marshadow and many more exclusives coming in a couple of months.

Necrozma will be coming as the official Raid Pokemon for the GO Fest. Sharing this news, although not confirmed yet officially, there is information circulating online that the legendary Pokemon will come alongside its signature forms from Pokemon Sun and Moon or Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon to Pokemon GO. The Pokemon is also known for its unique ability and unique Moveset that no other Pokemon can learn, as well as its lore that ties it very close to Ultra Beasts and Ultra Space, the place from where Ultra Beasts originate.

Necrozma Forms:

The Pokemon suffers from immense distress and pain when it is in its incomplete form, which makes it a violet one in its usual form, hence why its fusions and ultimate form give it great power and ability. The Pokemon shares a very popular fanbase which would love to see it and its many forms in Pokemon GO.

These forms are unlocked through fusions with the remaining two Legendary Pokemon from the same games that were released on the 3DS. The Dusk Mane form is obtained through fusion with Solgaleo while Dawn Wings comes through merging with Lunala, and the third Ultra Necrozma form that gives it the Psychic and Dragon Match Type comes through a special item that either of the two prior mentioned forms holds to use its special Z Move in the original games. Since Pokemon GO doesn’t normally move to use the same manners to get special evolutions and forms, the forms could be coming through a special new mechanic later in the game. There is still some time till the Pokemon GO Fest events start worldwide so we could be getting more news and updates later as they draw nearer.

Regardless, a special raid Pokemon was missing beforehand for the Pokemon GO Fest and this looks like an excellent addition to the remaining line of rewards and special content that players can get by participating in the Pokemon GO Fest 2024. The Global event will also hold a free event which can be upgraded by purchasing the GO Fest ticket, as some special encounters such as one with Marshadow among other rewards are locked behind this paywall.

Pokemon GO Fest Tickets:

The ticket does not seem to be too high of a cost to get, so it could be a worthwhile purchase for people to fully double down on the Pokemon GO Fest this year. With a wide variety of Pokemon from the Alolan lineup, fans of the Alola Region might find it very enticing to spend a little money, but whichever manner they choose, there will be plenty of stuff to enjoy in Pokemon GO later the last couple of days of May and through the months of June and July.

The Pokemon GO Fest Live Ticket are still up for grabs for just a little more while via the link given at the end of this article for Pokemon GO. The Pokemon GO Fest Global event will be coming worldwide as a free event for most of it, with a purchasable ticket available for 15$ USD via the Pokemon GO Web Store or from the ingame Shop tab. If you’re interested, check them out if you’re considering getting the most out of the biggest yearly event for Pokemon GO. The Global event will be running in July for two consecutive days, July 13th and July 14th.

We’ll be sure to cover any more official news coming our way regarding Necrozma and the Pokemon GO Fest 2024 so if you’re a fan of either or are just a casual player of Pokemon GO, stay tuned to our website for more news on the franchise and on Pokemon GO. We also have plenty of other content coming within the Esports and Gaming industry as well a little outside of it, so we’d definitely have something of your preference.

For more on Pokemon GO and the Pokemon GO Fest, check out the official Pokemon GO website.

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