PlayStation Trophies Arriving On PC With Ghost Of Tsushima Port

With the long-awaited Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut port finally coming next month to PC on May 16 thanks to Nixxes Software, PlayStation revealed system requirements for the game including exciting info regarding the new in-game PlayStation overlay for PC that will allow players to earn trophies and cross-play with their PlayStation friends in the multiplayer Legends mode for Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima is a big anticipated release on PC since it was mentioned in the Nvidia Leak and it is nice to see that PlayStation is equipping the port with extra features for fans to fully immerse themselves in the experience!

PlayStation Overlay Adds Trophies, Friends List and Profiles

PlayStation Overlay on PC

While PlayStation ports have always supported Steam and Epic achievements, they fail to replicate the excitement gamers get from earning PlayStation trophies and going for that sweet Platinum and the PlayStation Overlay aims to scratch that itch. If you use the same Profile in the PlayStation PC Overlay that you normally use on PS5 then you can also sync your trophies between the devices. However, it is disappointing that PlayStation still doesn’t offer cross saves which is becoming a necessity in today’s gaming space. 

While Friends Lists will also be available, it is to be seen if this feature will have any meaningful effect considering that Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut will be the only PlayStation game utilizing multiplayer features on PC, and that too in a niche mode. It is also appreciable that PlayStation is not opting for a custom launcher as that only complicates things and negatively affects the consumers’ overall experience.

Ghost of Tsushima PC Requirements Revealed

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut System Requirements

While the overall system requirements seem to be good, it’s weird that Ray Tracing is missing entirely from this spec sheet considering that it was one of the main reasons that fans wanted PlayStation to port the gorgeous game that Ghost of Tsushima is. PlayStation Ports generally include all the bells and whistles like DLSS and Ultrawide resolution, so it will be interesting to see how performance scales with an open-world game like Ghost of Tsushima. Recently, Nixxes ported Horizon: Forbidden West to PC and it was a very well-done port with minimal performance issues.

Stay tuned to EsportsNext as we cover PlayStation’s upcoming release Stellar Blade!

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