Capcom Is 2023’s Publisher Of The Year On Metacritic: Here’s Why

Capcom is on top of the world right now with both commercial and critical success, even winnin’ the title of 2023’s Metacritic publisher of the year, too. Rightfully so, too. Let’s face it: few developers and publishers are deliverin’ the quality and consistency on that scale. So, today, we’re gonna celebrate this incredible achievement. We’ll also gonna take a good look at the how and the why Capcom achieved this feat.

Who knows, if some bozos at WB Games, who moronically decided to embrace the live-service model, pay attention, they might learn a thing or two ‘bout how to run a successful video game publishing company. Now, let’s get into this by takin’ a gander at Capcom’s fairy tail meteoric rise to the top. Here we go~

The Capcom U.S.A., Inc. Output Is More Consistent And Mainstream Than Other Video Game Developers – Square Enix, Konami, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, WB Games And SEGA

Capcom winning 2023 publisher of the year on metacritic is because of its consistency and gaming variety.
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We’re not hatin’ on other companies here, but it’s clear as day that Capcom’s gaming releases just blow the competition outta the water. Seriously, Capcom’s track record with major hits every year is nothin’ short of phenomenal. Like, we know we’re usually heapin’ praise on Square Enix. After all, they’re responsible for giving’ us games that deserve remakes, like Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

The sad truth is these kind of games are hyped years before release. They’re also few and far between. Konami’s busy milkin’ Metal Gear, while Sega’s doin’ the same with Atlus doin’ an Atlus through the Persona 3 Reload DLC. As for Bandai Namco, for all their success and genre-defining SoulsBorne entries, they’re not as accessible for casual gamers. Whereas Capcom’s release schedule is packed with great numbers and quality games.

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Capcom's struck gold!

The reality is, even Capcom does take it’s darn sweet time, time, and the wait between announcements and actual release is really long. But Capcom plans things smartly by spreading their offerings really well. They’ve managed to turn their fortunes around simply by capitalizin’ on the vacuum in the gaming market.

They’ve struck gold, is what we’re sayin’. Now, let’s take a brief look at the big-sellers from Capcom to see why it won 2023’s Metacritic Publisher Of The Year.

Capcom’s Greatness Is In Awesome RPG Games Like Monster Hunter World Online And Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter World is one of the reasosn for Capcom winning the 2023 Metacritic Publisher Of The Year title.

Capcom is winnin’ the perception war, on top of the sales chart crown and 2023’s Metacritic Publisher Of The Year, too. Case in point: According to Capcom’s own sales data, as of 2023, the Monster Hunter games accumulatively have sold 97 million units, with 25 million coming from Monster Hunter World alone.

Given that it’s a game from 2020, and Monster Hunter Rise is from 2021, and both got an online component, which doesn’t bog down the fun, it’s mindbogglin’ that even in 2024, there’re games that muck it up.

Monster Hunter Rise is another huge hit by Capcom.

Lookin’ at you, Ubisoft. But WB Games, EA, and others are guilty of this, too. Instead of honoring the legacy and history of their IPs, these idiotic business execs chase trends. Naturally, that kinda corporate greed is gonna leads to bad sales.

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Their sheer arrogance and moronic wordplay came back to bite’em where the sun don’t shine. Like seriously, take Ubisoft, for example. The first ever Quadruple A game, Skull & Bones, doesn’t hold a candle to their decade-old offerin’, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag. You don’t see Capcom doin’ that, huh?

Dragon’s Dogma II Is Capcom’s Dungeons & Dragons-Style RPG With Style And Excellence

Dragon's Dogma II is just awesome.

Whereas, in less than a span of a month, a niche title and a sequel, Dragon’s Dogma II sales were skyrocketin’ to a 2.5 million units milestone. Clearly, people love what they’re sellin’, eh? The two Dragon’s Dogma games are action RPGs with a focus on unique gameplay mechanics, with fun combat and really cool traversal. There’re huge differences between the original Dragon’s Dogma and Dragon’s Dogma II. Meaning it’s not just a reskin with a new label, there’s actual effort behind the game.

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Even if you fault the state in which the game was out, Capcom’s acknowledged the issues and promised fixes for Dragon’s Dogma II. Hell, some of the updates are even out now. Also, we’re super glad that Mr. Hideaki Itsuno got to realize his vision. If y’all didn’t know, he’s the brains behind the game, and he’s one of the legendary Japanese video-game creators.

Think ’bout that a little, huh? Instead of stifling creativity, Capcom’s givin’ the man the respect, the resources, and the space to create the best possible version of his game. So you see, ya’ pea-brained greedy execs, maybe don’t go against creative leads, okay? Do the opposite of that, ya’ ding-dongs. Those who only look to profitability as the only measure of success are only gonna get disappointment.

Resident Evil And The Horror Game Remake Trend Is Why Capcom Is The Metacritic Publisher Of The Year

The Resident Evil franchise is a seller, too.

If you’re still wonderin’ how Capcom got to claim the 2023 Metacritic Publisher Of The Year crown, listen up! There’s the juggernaut Resident Evil series, particularly their remakes. With Resident Evil 2 Remake sellin’ a whoopin’ 13 million alone. The much-hyped Resident Evil 4 Remake crossin’ past the 7 million mark, is also pretty darn special.

Even the Resident Evil 3 Remake, which, by the way, we classify among the worst video-game remakes ever, has nearly reached 9 million units in sales. Before y’all point to the nostalgia factor, we’d like to point out that Resident Evil Village. It’s a new entry to the series and is nearing 9 million units, too. So… that argument falls flat.

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The key here is that Capcom switches up the vibe of every entry while retaining the core Resident Evil mechanics. It’s ’bout survival in a zombie infestation while inventory and ammo are limited. The character development is amazing, too. Simple yet effective horror elements keep this series appealing to fans, old and new.

Street Fighter 6, The Arcade Cabinet, Capcom Cup FGC Tournaments Helped In Getting The Metacritic Publisher Of The Year Status

Street Fighter 6.

Can we all just take a step back to appreciate what Capcom’s doing for the FGC, aka, the fighting game community? Seriously, their tournaments are much more excitin’ and full of buzz than the joykill that’s Nintendo. Sure, they may have Super Smash Bros. but the harsh rules by Nintendo are harmin’ the community tournaments.

You ain’t findin’ none of that BS in Street Fighter 6 or the Capcom cups. It’s nothin’ but fun times all around. The game sold 6 million copies in just 7 months, which is helluva impressive for fighting games. Speaking of Street Fighter 6, this game’s such a refreshingly delightful and the most accessible entry to date.

They really want people to play their games, huh? And they’re makin’ sure to incentivize it for the players. Giving us a host of new and wonky characters alongside the veteran fan-favorites. They’re not dumpin’ on legacy characters, which is really classy. No wonder Capcom is showing its teeth to hold onto the Metacritic Video-Game Publisher Of The Year.

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Devil May Cry Is The Flagship Action Game Capcom Franchise That Elevated The Genre

Devil May Cry is why Capcom is the Metacritic Publisher Of The Year.
(Image Credit: Reddit)

Now, the elephant in the room which greatly helped Capcom in becoming Metacritic Publisher Of The Year. It’s the big dog of Capcom’s heavy hitters that elevated the company’s popularity to astronomical heights. We’re talkin’ ‘bout the one and only Devil May Cry series.

Devil May Cry is a colossal mainstay of Capcom, responsible for the greatest genre-defining hack-and-slash titles. In fact, if y’all look at our list of the greatest action games of all time, you’ll see plenty of Capcom offerings. Devil May Cry occupies a high position in the rankings.

Part of the reason for these games’ popularity is ’cause they’re stylish action combat. The characters not only look badass and have that cool and awesome vibin’ personality, too. The biggest draw, however are the slick moves they can do, which are really dope as heck. Plus, the killer soundtrack helps well.

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What Can Capcom Do To Hold Onto The Crown Of Metacritic Publisher Of The Year?

Capcom IPs.

Now, we get it: it’s the innovative ability of Capcom’s in-house developers and their mass-appealing IPs that got them over. Capcom is firmly secure as the Metacritic Publisher Of The Year. The question is, now that they’re at the mountaintop, how the heck do they stay there? Well, here’s our two cents on a possible solution for Capcom.

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Bionic Commando plz.

Capcom is sittin’ on a gold mine of video game franchises. All they gotta do is tap into it. Make the presentation really epic while keeping the fun factor and the spirit of innovation that they’ve already mastered intact. But, most importantly, the consumer-first approach that they’re doin’ needs to continue as well. If they do this, they’ll be golden. We’re referring to Ace Attorney, Mega Man, Bionic Commando, hell give us Dead Rising, too.

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Megan Man and Dead Rising too plz.
The two of Capcom’s mega franchises in one, Mega Man and Dead Rising, we’ll take both of their revivials please Capcom.

On that note, there’re two mammoth video game series that Capcom’s sleepin’ on. If they can dust them off, give’em a good shine, and put the care and resources into marketin’ them, oof~ it’s game, set, and match. It’s gonna be bananas. They’ll guarantee themselves as Publishes of the decade. Now let’s see which two IPs we’re talkin’ ‘bout.

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The Marvel Vs. Capcom 4 Has A Huge Fan Demand Capcom, Just No Woke Pandering

Marvel Vs. Capcom series is a major contributor for Capcom becoming the Metacritic Publisher Of The Year.

The first of the heavy hitters we wanna see from Capcom, which’ll really help’em retain their place as the top Metacritic Publisher Of The Year, is the Marvel Vs. Capcom series. We’ll admit Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite was a misstep and blunder. Like seriously, where were the X-Men or Dr. Doom? And even the art style felt cringe cause it had that M-She-U fatigue to it.

MVCI is no!

But, all’s not lost since Capcom’s known for listenin’ to feedback and even doin fan surveys to gauge interest. We urge everyone to trust them to course correct. So, the first order of business is to give a proper numbered sequel with the complete roster of Marvel and Capcom characters. Don’t cut out the most popular ones and pander to any agendas for the art style either. Seriously, we do not want a repeat of the worst female characters in video games.


Finally, make the gameplay even more fun again. We are actually salivating at the idea of a 3D Marvel Vs. Capcom fighting game. Can y’all imagine the kind of fun and combo chains people are gonna get into? So, yeah, Capcom, please, please, please, work with Marvel, and Marvel, get your head out of your rear end. Instead of duds like Marvel Rivals, a generic heroic 6 v 6 shooter, focus on cooperatin’ with Capcom for Marvel Vs. Capcom 4.

Capcom Needs The Dino Crisis Remake To Give Fans That Proper Dinosaur Game

Dino Crisis.

Dino Crisis on the new RE enginge from Capcom is usin’ will ensure they remain the Metacritic Publisher Of The Year. Seriously, this is such a no-brainer that we’re a little stumped that Capcom’s not greenlit it. The potential to see the visceral and predatory dinosaurs on the current-gen hardware is gonna be a feast for the senses.

Justi imagining the scope of the game’s danger in the environmet of prey vs. predator is givin’ us chills. The use of cutting-edge weaponry is gonna feel glorious and incredibly satisfying. That is, if you manage to to kill one of the menacing colossus reptiles, otherwise, you’ll see the gory details of your character gettin’ devoured. Hehe, we’d be dark and edgy.

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Dino Crisis 2 is one of the all-time classics that elevated Capcom's reputation to the Metacritic top Publisher Of The Year.

We’re not gonna lie, a huge part of the appeal of wanting another Dino Crisis game is the characters. No kiddin’ the redhead bae, Regina, is gonna look drop-dead gorgeous and smokin’ in the new graphics. Dino Crisis is a strong contender that can easily square up against our favorite games with hot and cool female heroines.

Oh, and it wouldn’t be a Dino Crisis game without the creative input of the guy who pitched it to Capcom. So, Capcom, you wanna stay on top? Give the people what they want and how they want it. In this case it’s a new Dino Crisis game with Shini Mikami at the creative helm. Nuff said!

New Entries For Classic Capcom Niche Series:

After the two super popular IPs from Capcom, we’re gonna recommend Capcom pay attention to these gems. We’re not kiddin’ when we say that Capcom will blow the roof off if they revive these franchises from obscurity into prominence. Let’s quickly go over’em.

Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Strider And Viewtiful Joe Are Timeless Capcom Side-Scroller Platformers

Ghost 'n Goblins is really gonna help Capcom stay on top of the Metacritic Publisher Of The Year ranking.

The first little exquisite gem we’re gonna point towards is Ghosts ‘n Goblins by Capcom. This is a throwback to old-school, hardcore platformers where it’s a true test of skill and grit. Don’t worry, though; it’s not Dark Souls hard, just a lil’ bit of concentration and you’ll master it. You basically dodge enemies and smithe them with Ser Lancelot’s javelin.

Just don’t get hit too much, or you’ll see the unsightly visual of the short guy in his underpants. We’re not kiddin’ that’s what happens, each hit literally strips away his armor. It’s a really fun series and we wish Capcom revives it to keep its place at the top of Metacritic as Publisher Of The Year.

Viewtiful Joe.

Viewtiful Joe is such a gem that’ll make many critics become fans of Capcom. No, really, it’s the epitome of the parodies and it’s fully embraces it’s cheesiness. We’re cravin’ a full on revival of this series either as a remake or a new entry. Basically, our boy, Viewtiful Joe, gets movie effect powers which are laugh-out-loud outlandish and over-the-top.

You use’em to lay a poundin’ on enemies while tryin’ to earn as many stylish points as you can. The formula might seem simple, but trust us, it’s really complex to pull off perfectly. But don’t let that stop you, as it’s kinda like the cinematic and comical version of the early 2000’s tropes. It’s anime-as-heck, too.

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Strider will definitely help Capcom with keeping the title of the top Metacritic Publisher Of The Year.

If you, like us, love ninjas, then meet one of the OG shinobi of video games, no not Shinobi from SEGA, but Capcom’s Strider. What’s so unique about Strider is the sci-fi setting he’s from, and the tools he uses. The guy’s got tech that sends out Ourobors Satellite, it just wrecks everything in sight, and does it in spectacular fashion.

But that’s not all, he’s also in command of an army of cybernetic wild animals that he can call on for assistance. Combine those with stealth, precision, flexibility, and a really awesome look with a floating scar? Yeah, we want another Strider game, Capcom. Like, the last one was in freakin’ 2014 for cryin’ out loud, a decade ago!

SNK, Darkstalkers Series, And Power Stone Are Fighting Games For Capcom To Retain Metacritic Publisher Of The Year

SNK vs. Capcom is epic.

SNK Vs. Capcom is the oft-forgotten franchise from Capcom’s history, mostly overshadowed by the popular Marvel Vs. Capcom series. But, it’s criminal to think this doesn’t deserve another crack when the figting games are goin’ through a bit of renaissance.

The ratio system with a more refined balance could really help SNK Vs. Capcom carve out its own identity with fans. Espeically the whole balance feature to even things out. You got to choose between the King Of Fighter or Street Fighter meter use, too. The crossovers are just fun.

Fanboys will flock to champion Capcom to remain the best Metacritic Publisher Of The Year.

Next up, we land in the diamond among gems of fighting games by Capcom, Power Stone. Seriously, if they’re hellbent on maintainin’ their hold as the top Publisher Of The Year at Metacritic, then they need to bring back Power Stone, asap!

The 3D aspect of the game wasn’t just for show, it played into the traversal, and the transformation sequences were legit fire! Being mindful of the surrodings could give you the edge you need to win a fight. It was tons of fun to get into a scrap.

Darkstalkers franchise needs a comeback.

Finally, another extremely underrated fighting game series that Capcom we’re practically beggin ya’ for it’s comeback is Darkstalkers. This is the most anime fighting game ever, with the colorfully lush aesthetic, and exaggerated expressions and fantasy body designs. (Hi Morrigan~).

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No joke, though, the lore, the gothic backdrop, and how the infamous monsters from fiction are depicted, it’s just ripe with potential to dazzle everyone. We’re fanboys, sue us if ya’ wanna, but let us gush over this magnificent series in peace. Capcom, you’re on notice, bring it back!

Onimusha Series And Okami Need New Entries Badly By Capcom

Onimusha is one of the most underrated action adventure games by Capcom.

Okay, so if Capcom’s serious ’bout keepin’ the shower of praises and acclaim of Metacritic as the best Publisher Of The Year goin’ then there’s one series we wanna see get more love from’em. We’re referrin’ to Onimusha.

This games’ all ’bout huntin’ down demons in a Japanese historical setting. The combat is beyond epic, and it’s one of the finest hack-and-slash series by Capcom. Little bit of trivia, Ninja Gaiden crossover happened with Onimusha, we wouldn’t mind seein’ that collab again.

Give us Okami and we're pretty sure Capcom is gonna be on top of the rankings of Metacritic best Publisher Of The Year.

If the Legend Of Zelda inspiration is what you’re seekin’ in your Capcom gaming, then look no further than Okami. Seriously, this game’s just jaw-droppingly impressive, both from a technically visual aesthetic to the mix of it’s platformin and puzzle style of gameplay. Using the Celestial Brush is decimate enemies of Amaterasu is a surprisingly cathartic experience.

We can only imagine what the new innovative techniques and technological loops can bring to the Okami formula. So, Capcom, for the love of the holy Japense deities, please give us new entries of Okami. Seriously, we’ll praise you Capcom, just like Solaire of Astora does the sun, and you’ll have an iron grip over the Metacritic rankin’ as the Publisher Of The Year.

Final Thoughts On Capcom Holding The Top Metacritic Publisher Of The Year Position

Phew~ talk about a rant that got outta hand, eh? But, this needed to be said for Capcom if they’re really serious ’bout securin’ the position as the best Publisher by Capcom on Metacritic. Now, we can only hope this message reaches the big-wigs, in charge. They’re doin’ great, and they don’t gotta do anythin’ different. Well, other than show the neglected IPs some more love and give’m the spotlight, too. But there ya’ have it, folks. Let us know if you’re in the same boat as us and love whatever Capcom’s puttin’ out there.

Or, if you’re one of the negative nancy’s then pray tell, what would you have Capcom do? Tell us about it in the comments below, we really wanna see what y’all have to say. We’re gonna close our piece with some praise for a Western studio game that’s doin’ wonders. We’re referrin’ to Helldivers 2 which recently crossed 8 million units. Those are some mighty fine numbers, eh? They’re also doin something right, like Capcom! Anyway, we’re gonna take off now, so we’ll see y’all next time.

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