Pokemon GO April Community Day Bringing Bellsprout

Pokemon GO is on a roll as usual month after month and with April, the Community Day featured Pokemon has been announced to be Bellsprout, the Grass Type Kanto Pokemon from Gen 1. The Pokemon’s whole evolution line will be featuring the monthly event coming with an event-exclusive Fast Attack move, event bonuses, bonus raids, and all the usual that comes for any Community Day Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Bellsprout’s Community Day is arriving in just a few days on April 20th, at the usual three-hour timeframe window from 2 PM to 5 PM local time. We’ll be going through everything that Niantic has announced for the special day that will be held in this fresh spring season.

Bellsprout Community Day:

Bellsprout will be spawning in ample numbers throughout the three hours of the event in Pokemon GO. The shiny encounter rate will get a boost too, and coupled with numerous spawns it’ll be the perfect time to stack on Bellsprout candy and catch plenty of shinies. The featured Community Day move for Bellsprout is Magical Leaf, a Fast Attack that any Victreebel will automatically learn it if evolves from Weepinbell during the three hours of the event or five hours after it concludes. This means that the special move window is from 2 to 5 PM, then from 5 to 10 PM on April 20th. Players can gather ample candy to evolve Bellsprout to Weepinbell and then to Victreebel so it won’t be too much of a hassle, and Victreebel is a worthwhile final evolution to have on a team with its Grass and Poison Type Moveset. Its stats are not too shabby and it would be useful to have in battles, but even if not it’s just good to have a Shiny Victreebel just for the collection.

If you’re an old fan then you’d remember James’ Victreebel that always had a knack for trying to devour him whenever he took it out of his Poke Ball. This is the time to get one of your own, even a shiny one possibly on this Bellsprout April Community Day.

Magical Leaf holds a 10 Power Rating for a Fast Attack move in Player Battles and in Gyms and Raids its power is 16. It’s useful as a fast move that gives a good charge-up rate, so it’s a nice moveset to have for Victreebel.

Event Bonuses:

For all the active bonuses coming for the event day, there will be plenty of time for people to take advantage of getting bonus candy and stardust, as well as an additional special trade on the Bellsprout Community Day in Pokemon GO. Here is the full list of all the event bonuses coming on April 20th:

  • Players will get a 3x boost to Stardust gained from catching Pokemon during the Community Day event hours in the game.
  • Players will also get a 2x boost to candy received from catching Pokemon. This makes it the perfect bonus to easily stack up on candy for the Community Day Pokemon in order to evolve it. It’ll make the grind less of a hassle, although it’s not recommended that you skip any spawns because any Bellsprout in the Pokemon GO overworld could be shiny.
  • Players who are Level 31 and above have double the chance to get XL candy from catching Pokemon as well.
  • Lure Modules used during the event hours will last for a full three hours instead of the usual amount. This will make it perfect to use at the very start of the event, and there will be no need to use more than one.
  • Incenses will also last for three whole hours when used during the event, this excludes the Daily Incense, however.
  • Players will be able to make two total special trades on the Bellsprout Community Day instead of the usual one. Additionally, this event bonus will last for a longer period, the same amount as the evolution window for Bellsprout to learn the exclusive Community Day move from 2 PM to 10 PM on April 20th.
  • Trades will also have a big cut of Stardust needed to half the usual amount.
  • Snapshots in Pokemon GO will also hold a surprise so players should be keen to try the Snapshot function during the event.

Field Research and Special Research:

For event-themed Field Research, players will get additional encounters with Bellsprout as well as other rewards such as Great Balls, Stardust and more.

There will also be a purchasable Special Research Story for 1$ USD that will come with additional rewards for those who buy it or get it as a gift. Players can gift it to any person that they have added inside the game and have a Great Friends status or higher. Both options will be available in the ingame Pokemon GO Shop.

Bonus Raid Battles:

The new streak of bonus 4 Star Raid Battles will also be coming in this month’s Community Day for Bellsprout, with Weepinbell being the Raid Pokemon. These special raids will only be available to those who are at the location themselves, as remote raid passes will not be usable for these.

Battling and defeating Weepinbell will cause the area around the Gym to spawn many more Bellsprout in the vicinity, making it feel as if the Community Day is still on. The Bellsprout that spawn after these Gyms are defeated will also have the same chance to be shiny as the Bellsprouts that spawn during the normal three event hours, so this would be a great thing to go for if people want even more than what they can gather in the normal three-hour timeframe.

Pokemon GO April Bellsprout Community Day

Pokemon GO Showcase:

There will be a special Showcase happening during the event as well featuring the Community Day Pokemon, so if anyone can find extra big Bellsprout, they should try and participate to see who has the biggest one. The winning players will get great rewards, as well as those who participate in these showcases in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Bundles and Boxes:

For the Community Day, there will be two Boxes available in the ingame shop for purchase, as well as an additional exclusive box available on the Pokemon Go Web Store.

The bigger event bundle will cost 1350 Poke Coins that will land players 50 Ultra Balls, 5 Super Incubators, 1 Elite Charged TM and 5 Lucky Eggs.

The smaller event bundle costing 480 Poke Coins will give 30 Ultra Balls, 1 Incense, 3 Super Incubators and 1 Lure Module.

The exclusive Pokemon GO Web Store bundle will cost 5$ via the given link which also includes the 1$ Special Research mentioned above. Alongside the ticket, it will also give players 10 Ultra balls and 1 Elite Charged TM.

We’ll leave it to you to decide if you’d like to buy any of these.


For the special Grass Type Pokemon, there will of course be special stickers available during the Community Day that players can get either as a small purchase for a few Poke Coins in the ingame shop or simply by spinning discs on Pokemon GO Gyms or Poke Stops and opening gifts from the friends’ tab.

There is everything to enjoy for those who are fond of the featured Pokemon as well as for those who just want some bonus perks available, so for those who play Pokemon GO, April 20th will be a perfect day to go out and enjoy the weather and play Pokemon GO together with friends.

For more on Pokemon GO, check out the game’s official website. Check out our website for more on Pokemon and everything else happening in gaming and more. We’ve also recently made a big article going through everything that the Pokemon franchise has to offer for people looking for a perfect Pokemon gift, so check that out if you’re interested in any Pokemon merchandise for yourself or for a special someone.

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