13 Underrated Action Games That Deserve Remasters

Y’all know we love our action games, but today, it’s all ‘bout the underrated ones that deserve remasters. Yep, so, if you thought we’re through with the action gaming genre, you’re dead wrong, ‘cause we’re just gettin’ started. The 13 picks we’re goin’ with are some of the most awesome and epically enchantin’ titles you’ll ever play. The sad bit here is that they’re insanely great, but players didn’t exactly line up to play them day one. 

Either that or the other popular entries got most of the attention from’em. Well, no matter, ‘cause today we’re throwin’ the spotlight over these dope gems, and you’ll love what they offer. Seriously, y’all are gonna kick yourselves for missin’ out on’em, but, hey, better late than never, right? Also, we’re not askin’ for much from the devs here; just simple remasters with a brush-up on visuals will do. Now, let’s go~

Which Underrated Action Games Deserve To Be Remastered On Current-Gen Consoles?

Keep in mind, the underrated action games we’re gonna list today are what we believe most deserving of remasters. Not full-on reboots or, heaven forbid, like the worst video game remakes of all time. ‘Cause that’d be like a never-ending nightmare for us. No, these games are fine as is; we just need ta’ play’em on current-gen hardware, and no, streamin’ ‘em don’t count. Besides, we don’t wanna game on PC, shockin’ right? Well, here’s a newsflash: most gamers prefer playin’ games on a traditional console instead. 

Don’t believe us? Nintendo’s recent on-record figures show 132 million lifetime units of Nintendo Switch. That’s just one of the big three competitors; PS5 is soaring, while Xbox X|S is playin’ catch-up. So, back to the original point, we got 13 spectacularly fun action games that we just want modern ports of. Don’t tamper with them to the point they lose their charm, and fun is what we’re sayin’, capeesh? Alright, time to get this party started!


Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem Is In The Exclusive Club Of Once-A-Generation Underrated Action Games

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is one of the most underrated action games.

Kicking off our list of top-tier but sadly truly underrated action games is a Nintendo-exclusive horror game. Ha! Bet y’all weren’t expectin’ an M-rated title from the house of Mario, eh? But, lo and behold, they’ve got what is probably the most unique horror game of all time. We’re talkin’ ‘bout Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. The elements of puzzle-solving, the use of a complex and really intricate magic system, as well as multiple playable characters in flashback sequences, are such well-executed mechanics.

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Seriously, this gem of a game was so ahead of its time and still holds up extremely well. Only trouble is, ya’ can’t play the darn game without ownin’ a retro Nintendo hardware in the Nintendo GameCube. Seriously, why, Nintendo? Why can’t there be a remaster of his magnificent first-party title? You’ll be hard-pressed to find another action horror game that does this kind of juggling so brilliantly.

Spooky stuff.

In Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, y’all are gonna be trippin’ big time. You’ll see the game’s many ways of messin’ with your head. The subtle changes to the environment as the lead protagonist’s sanity drops. We’re talkin’ hallucination of disturbin’ imagery, blood, gore, and even reality itself collapsing.

The plot spans centuries and deals with ancient cosmic horror with plenty of ways to reach the bad ending. There’s great replay value, too, in the game to try and conquer the titular darkness. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem is the type of game that’s too daring for some of the snowflakes of today, but for us, it’s the benchmark of uniqueness in horror gaming.


God Hand Is The Epitome Of Underrated Action Games That Badly Deserves A Remaster

God Hand is one the most underrated action games that deserve remasters.

Next up, one of the cheesiest and cringe-inducin’ but fun-as-hell and mind-bogglingly underrated action games ever. God Hand is such an enigma in that it’s hard to describe just where its tonal shifts really diverge. It goes from a tragic story to a parody to just plain goofy, but that’s why we love it and want a proper remaster for it. We’re not kiddin’ when we say this: God Hand is perhaps the only 3D beat’em up style action title where the learning curve will impact your enjoyability.

Long story short, if you ain’t willin’ to put in the time to master the moves, prepare for a butt-whoopin’. And that’ll serve as either motivation to git-gud, or you’ll quit; either way, God Hand be like ‘dat. A big reason for the quirkiness of God Hand is the brains behind it. It’s the horror gaming icon Mr. Shinji Mikami, one of the living legendary Japanese video-game creators. This is a stark departure from his wheelhouse, but it just goes to show the man’s just a never-endin’ fountain of creativity.

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Dem moves~

As for the gameplay of God Hand, expect a challenging but really fun button-mashin melee-fest. The trick is to not be a one-trick pony. If you’re not gonna switch things up, well, you’re gonna see the enemies gang up to layeth the smack-down on your candy behind. Haha, sorry, The Rock’s recent Wrestlemania appearance got us in the mood for that reference.

Oh, yeah, before we forget, there’s even a God Hand mode, ala Devil Trigger, which allows for temporary invincibility and power moves until the meter runs out. There’s also the roulette wheel mechanic that’ll slow down the action until you bust out the roulette power moves. So, y’all can see the appeal of a remaster.


Killer 7 Is Suda51’s Debut Title, Outside Japan, And It Is Bonkers Good!

Killer 7 is one of the most bizarre and underrated action games ever that deserves a remaster.

Killer7 is part of the cult of underrated action games that just hit you with a different vibe. Nevermind the cool-lookin’ art style and aesthetic or the fact that the game’s an FPS, Killer7 is just brimmin’ with atmosphere. Seriously, if you’ve never experienced a game from Suda51 before, y’all are in for a treat. You play as 7 different assassins with different playstyles and really distinct auras.

Here’s the twist, though: all 7 of the different assassins are the same person manifesting in different forms. Each one’s abilities provide somethin’ truly quirky and vital to the gameplay. Intrigue built yet? It sure as heck did for us. You’ll need all seven of the personas to bypass obstacles; sometimes there’re requirements to fulfill before you can unlock certain killers.

Uniquely immersive and over the top.

What’s great about Killer7 is that players can shift up and switch between the different assassins on the fly. It saves a lot of hassle, and y’all can solve puzzles with just usin’ a little bit of big brain energy. There’re pre-defined paths the first-person shooter segments can take with the eventual divergence occurin’ where you gotta choose which way ta’ go. Don’t worry, though. It’s mostly a linear experience with minor changes, so you’ll not miss out on anything drastic.

The transition might take some gettin’ used to, from the third-person exploration to the fps on-rails shooter. There’s a classic arcadey feel to the gameplay. Then there’re the enemies you’ll encounter, with those creepy smiley faces and the eerie laugh. The whole idea is to shoot’em dead on their critical points, collect thin and thick blood points that recover the health and stamina, or give upgrades to stats, respectively. The point is, this is such an out-of-left-field experience that we wish to try it again, so Killer7 needs to get its remaster.


Lollipop Chainsaw Is The Sexy Zombieland Action Game With A Lot Of Heart

Lollipop Chainsaw is one of the most guilty pleasure underrated action games that we wanna see get remastered.

For our next choice of underrated action games that are fully deservin’ of the treatment of remasters, we’re gonna raise some eyebrows. Yep, Lollipop Chainsaw is bold, it is daring, and it is loud, but also, it’s packin’ a lotta fun. Despite the news of a remake, which we’re doubtful will ever be as good as the OG, we’re still hopin’ for a remaster. Why? Well, there’s the chance it’ll fumble and muck up the legacy of the original Lollipop Chainsaw. But also, because of the phrase, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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So, then, what does Lollipop Chainsaw have that’s got us simpin for it? Well, the no-duh answer is the lead protagonist, Juliet. She’s a zombie-slayin’ cheerleader tryin’ to get her boyfriend’s body back to reattach his head to it so she can go on a proper date with him. If that ain’t the most “Aww” and WTF premise ever, we don’t know what to tell y’all. What follows is Juliet’s escapades through the undead-infested suburbs, streets, and other dimensions, too, briefly. 

Lollipop Chainsaw.

In all seriousness, though, the gameplay of Lollipop Chainsaw is pretty slick. You use Juliet’s acrobatics and athleticism to defy gravity and shred zombies using her chainsaw. The hack-and-slash component is really awesome, and what makes it all work is Juliet’s bubbly and full-of-life personality. She’s a bundle of sunshine and pretty easy on the eyes, too. Kind of like in our favorite video games with hot and cool female heroines.

When you unlock upgrades and tear through enemies, it’s a pure adrenaline rush that you’ll feel hooked to. Especially when you unlock the chain-saw blaster that gives Juliet a powerful projectile attack. Hell, she even uses her boyfriend’s head to solve puzzles, too; it’s just too weird, and we love it.


Tenchu Fatal Shadows Is Among The Top-Tier Action Games That Remains Underrated

Tenchu Fatal Shadows is one of the highly underrated action games that deserves remasters.

We’re gonna go with one of the most incredibly fun and highly engaging action games ever that’s also severely underrated. Tenchu: Fatal Shadows is a gripping and highly innovative action stealth title that’ll test your gamer instincts. Featuring not one but two femme fatales: the newly scorned Rin, who’s green and out for vengeance, then there’s the deadly beauty, Ayame. Both become allies after a little scuffle and team up to bring their enemies a swift but painful end.

What’s so great about Tenchu: Fatal Shadows is that its gameplay structure is so fun to play in. There’s a dramatic narration before every mission, like an episode preview to get you hyped. Then, when you do enter a level, you gotta rely on your gamer instinct and judgment to remain unseen. Navigate the level, learn the patrol pattern of your enemies, then strike when no one’s watchin’, ninja-style. It’s an invigoratin’ feelin’.

The combat's pretty dope.

Another thing that Tenchu: Fatal Shadows does to set itself apart is the implementation of the body disposal mechanic. Like, sure, Metal Gear Solid probably wrote the darn book on this, but Tenchu does this in a feudal Japan setting and makes it feel authentic. It adds to the experience and makes things more of a challenge. You’ll need to conceal your assassinations, too. Oh, then there’s the dual and completely distinct playstyles of Ayame and Rin.

Both characters use a diverse and unique killer set of moves in the assassinations. Speaking of which, the double-kill assassination animations are legit fire and absolutely badass to pull off. The tools at your disposal to become the gritty kunoichi ninja add a layer of relative realism to the gameplay dynamic. Overall, Tenchu: Fatal Shadows is ironically a shinin’ beacon that commands attention for a remaster.


Syphon Filter Is Criminally Underrated And We Wanna See That Change

Syphon Filter is one of the OG PS1underrated action games we wanna see get remasters to.

Look, we’re entering borderline obscure territory with this next entry, folks. ‘Cause apparently, Sony’s too obsessed with pointless remasters to pay attention to the underrated action games that actually deserve them. Case in point: Syphon Filer, anyone else remember this little nugget from the PS1 era? No? Well, can’t say we blame y’all; it’s been, what, 17 years since a new entry in the series? Oof, that’s rough and makes clear our point ‘bout Syphon Filter’s obscurity.

But that’s enough of the ramblin’ part; let’s freakin’ gush over Syphon Filter, specifically the first title. Imagine a 007-esque secret agent but with a family and a morality, too. Armed to the teeth with state-of-the-art firearms and really addictive cover-based shootouts. Add to that pile a degree of diverse terrains that encourage tactical play and a deeply intriguing story. That’s what the first Syphon Filter brought to the table, but don’t be fooled. It was so much more than the sum of its parts.


If you’re into third-person shooters and games that encourage out-of-the-box thinkin’ then Syphon Filter is gonna be your jam. Syphon Filter shares traits from Splinter Cell, Hitman, Max Payne, and even Metal Gear and clearly will give those vibes but brings its own little twists. Oh, and did we mention after you’re done with the main story campaign in Syphon Filter, there’s a multiplayer component, too?

Yeah, it’s a real blast when you’re teamin’ up with your buddies and doing those maps. See? This is how you do multiplayer, by making it separate and not puttin’ the whole darn focus on it. Take a hint, ya dinguses who thought Marvel Rivals, a 6 Vs. 6 hero shooter, was a good idea. With so many things that Syphon Filter does excellently, it’s a no-brainer we wanna play a remastered version of it.


Ghost Rider Is One Of Marvel’s Most Underappreciated Action Games That Deserves A Remaster

Ghost Rider is one of the most underrated action games from the PS2 era that deserves a remaster.

Oh, look at that: a Marvel property that’s no longer mainstream, and its game is most certainly one of the best and tragically underrated action games. We’re referrin’ to Ghost Rider from the PS2, shockin’, right? Another great title that, sadly, many gamers wrote off. But believe us when we say this game could give the OG God Of War a run for its money. It’s not perfect by any means, but the core concept and game mechanics were highly innovative.

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It’s actually craazy especially considerin’ that Ghost Rider was the Nicholas Cage movie tie-in game. So, what does Ghost Rider have that makes it such a big deal? Well, first, the titular character is a demonic spirit bound to a human host. Ghost Rider is the spirit of vengeance, and he seeks to punish the guilty, who’re the demons terrorizing humanity.

Ghost Ridin~

You get to play as Ghost Rider in all his glory. He’s got a fire skull that breathes the burning inferno, demonic chains that he uses to slap around and slay demons, and a shotgun to blast fools, too. Oh, and he’s also got more than a couple of special abilities to do some serious damage. There are different themed stages where Ghost Rider must slay enemies, and there’s a boss fight, too. They’re gimmicky as hell, but the fun part is watchin’ Ghost Rider cuttin’em down to size.

You also get to ride Ghost Rider’s bike, and there are platforming and chase segments for it. Those switch up the pace nicely, and they’re pretty fun, too. Ghost Rider is criminally underappreciated, so Insomniac, Marvel, if you’re lookin’ for a new idea for a game, this one’s it. In the meantime, we’ll settle for a remaster of this gem.

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Prince Of Persia: The Warrior Within Is Perfectly Ripe For A Comeback

Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within is one of the most fun and underrated action games that we'd love to see remasters for.

Argue all you want about the tone of Prince Of Persia: The Warrior Within, but none can deny that it’s a master class on action games, and it’s a shame that it’s underrated by the fandom. So, here we are, championing the oft-forgotten gem, which is more than ready for a remaster. Now, let’s see how Prince Of Persia: The Warrior Within was such a game-changer.

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Right off the bat, the fluidity of movement and traversal for Prince was so much more varied. The combat was such a fun part of the experience, too, and the Prince wasn’t shy ‘bout gettin’ blood on his hands. The combos and finishers, in particular, were brutal, and the story also introduced the most menacing threat in the series’ history, the Dahaka. Seriously, that sinister appearance and the imposing figure were really spooky.


Oh, yes, the Prince was able to dueal-weild weapons here, as well, but made the dagger of time his primary, which was, in all honesty, a head-canon of ours that the game fulfilled. But anyway, in addition to all of the highlights, there was one other thing, too, that Prince Of Persia: The Warrior Within does fantastically. It’s the innovation of the sand powers. There’s almost a Zelda-esque aspect to the exploration, as it’s a relatively open-world experience. One that Ubisoft surprisingly doesn’t drop the ball with.

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In order to unlock the true ending of Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within, not only is it important to 100% the game, but thorough exploration is a requirement. But it’s the fun kind, where you finally unlock the means to send the Dahaka packin’ for good. It’s a grind, but when you’re havin’ fun, is it really, though? A question for the sages, but for our money, Prince Of Persia: The Warrior Within is really deservin’ of a proper remaster.


Apocalypse Is The PS1-Era Title That’s Just Pure Mindless Fun

Apocalypse is one of the most mindlessly fun and underrated action games that deserves remasters.

Okay, so the Bruce Willis voices are cringe; we’ll give y’all that, but here’s the thing, though: Apocalypse is one of those underrated action games that just works, and it’s one we’d love to see get remastered. Why? Well, ‘cause of Die-Hard, of course. But, seriously, the gameplay is super fun to the max. Like after we recently gave it a try, the action and intensity really left a great impression on us.

You’re engaging in a top-down and sometimes third-person perspective shoot’em-up. While all around Brucie, things are goin’ to hell, literally~ There’re a ton of power-ups and weapon variety to keep the flow of the game interesting. Oh, and one interestin’ little tid-bit of info is that the game devs behind Apocalypse are NeverSoft. They’re responsible for the outstanding Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. Go figure~

Apocalypse PS1 gameplay.

Apocalypse feels like one of the earlier iterations of the Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skaker series, too. The bonkers traversal is retor but still contains the flashes of brilliance of its next step of evolution. However, the third-person shooter element is where Apocalypse really hits its stride. You literally shoot anythin’ that moves, but then the enemies try to swarm you with sheer numbers. So whaddya do, then?

Well, for starters, the game’s flamethrower is a huge help, and the visual of settin’ ablaze a sea of enemies, well, it’s just chef’s kiss~ The sub-machine gun never runs out of bullet, heh, Solid Snake would be proud, eh? But truthfully, it’s a good thing ’cause there’re a lot of enemies, and they come from all directions, too. The platforming and gunplay of Apocalypse are truly somethin’ special, and we’re beggin’ for a remaster here.


Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut Is The Most Bizarre Action Game Ever

Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut.

Now, we’re gonna head on over to the bizarro land, for that’s the thematic element of Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut. Don’t let the cover or the naysayers prevent y’all from enjoyin’ one of the most maddeningly exquisite and yet perplexingly underrated action games. Why the eloquent praise and vocab for Deadly Premonition? Why, because of its creator Mr. Swery65, he’s got a talent for the most anime games ever.

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Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut is a smorgasbord of everything, really. You’ve got a murder mystery, supernatural evil, and a hauntingly serene town to explore with plenty of silly shenanigans to get into. York Morgan is a comically hilarious main character who talks to himself and is an FBI agent.


When it’s nighttime, that’s when things really get twisted in Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut. In addition to the menacing Raincoat Killer, there’re also the undead monstrosities that seemingly only York Morgan can see. The mysterious acid trip of seein’ things of the otherworldly nature is gonna have you glued to your screen. Plus, there’s the bit about how York’s conversations with the local cops.

(Hilarity ensures everytime this guy opens his trap).

York’s monologues alone are worth the price of admission. He’s such a goofy character, and his ramblings make exploration and interaction with the crowd of Greenvale an absolute joy. Another reason we love Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut so much is that it is the antithesis of Resident Evil 4. Instead of redefining the genre, this game just carves out its own quirky identity. The soundtrack’s killer, too.

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Anarchy Reigns Is The Peak Of Underrated Gems From PlatinumGames

Anarchy Reigns.

We’re in the final push of our list of great but underrated action games, folks. It’s fitting that we give the third spot to a game that exemplifies the action genre, but, sadly, didn’t got the credit for it. We’re talkin’ ‘bout the mega niche title from PlatinumGames Anarchy Reigns. This combat game is doin’ what most other titles can only dream of.

Anarchy Reigns is that cool. You get to dish out the satisfying beat’em up punishment on your opponents in a really wicked campaign. You pick either the black side or the white side, and after completing both, you unlock the red campaign for the true ending. All three campaigns offer up a different perspective of the same story events. The gameplay is so utterly addictive, you’ll probably do it long after the story, too.

Well, hello good lookin'

Speaking of gameplay, y’all be happy to know there are a multitude of characters, 17 to be exact, to play as in Anarchy Reigns. Every single one of‘em has uniquely over-the-top and outlandish move sets exclusive to them. Y’all are also gonna be real happy ta’ know, our bae, Bayonetta, the Umbra Witch herself, is also in the game, too. We know who we’re definitely playin’ as our main, now.

Anarchy Reigns is open-world by design, and it allows that feelin’ of retro beat’em ups only it’s a 3D setting. Also, your playable characters are OP anime heroes with cool-lookin’ weaponry. In fact, we just love using the finishers of all the characters in Anarchy Reigns; some are so brutal that they belong in the Mortal Kombat universe. So, yeah, Anarchy Reigns remaster? Yes, please!


Asura’s Wrath Brings The Rage, Roar, And Punch That Destroys Universes

Asura's Wrath.

For the runner-up spot on our list of underrated action games we have one of Capcom’s finest in Asura’s Wrath. No joke, the titular character, Asura, needs anger management. Though, to be fair, if our kid got nabbed by some deities, we’d be pretty peeved, too. Well, there you have it, the plot of Asura’s Wrath in a nutshell: angry dad’s rage boilin’ over those who took his precious beloved daughter.

Now, he’s gonna put whole planets to ruin, cause he himself is a deity, too. Asura’s Wrath is more of an interactive Quick-Time-Event fest with a cinematic-style presentation. His voice, by the talented Liam O’Brien, is what keeps the action so high-energy and emotional. The entire slug-fest that Asura brings on his enemies is a visual treat to behold.

Asura's literal wrath.

Don’t worry ’bout messin’ up in the button-mashin’ segments. You’ll love the outcome, regardless of how well you time your button presses. This game’s a pure power fantasy, and it’s all ’bout showcasing Asura’s power and destructive nature. Even those who’re well-wishers but still conspirators feel the wrath of our hero.

The opponents that Asura encounters are really powerful, too. And it’s through this adversity that he eventually learns how to conquer and grow stronger. Like literally the first boss fights such an epic visual of fighting off being crushed by a finger that’s bigger than the entire planet. Yet, Asura literally punches his way out of that situation. Such is the grandioseness of Asura’s Wrath and why we want a remaster for it.


Dino Crisis And It’s Sequel Are The Often Overlooked But Awesome-As-Hell Action Games

Dino Crisis.

Finally, we’re gonna cap off our list of spectacularly underrated action games with Dino Crisis. Since both are from a bygone era, we’re includin’ the both of’em to highlight this franchise. If you thought Resident Evil, with its zombie-infested metropolitan setting, was scary, well, prepare for a mindblowin’ idea.

Replace the zombies with dinosaurs and the city to an isolated tropical destination. Throw in some terrifying ambient sounds of not knowin’ which dinosaur species is around the corner, and you’ve got yourself Dino Crisis. We can only imagine what current-gen from the ground-up remakes of classic games would look like. But just in case there’s a screw-up, we’d like to play the original two Dino Crisis games in a remaster.

Dino Crisis 2.

The tight inventory management and the inclusion of a complex injury system that requires using the correct healing item were some really great mechanics in the original Dino Crisis games. You actually had real anxiety-inducing levels, where time management was a big factor, too. Using laser doors to block the path of enemy dinosaurs is a really fun idea that, when executed right, is tons of fun.

Sure, Capcom’s experimentin’ with Exoprimal which is a co-op online shooter with dinos, but it’s not the same. They’ve recently struck gold with hit after hit, including their latest offering, Dragon’s Dogma II, that’s hit the 2.5 million sales milestone. Now, it’s time for Dino Crisis to get some love, too, with hopefully a proper remaster, if not a remake.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we’re done! It’s over~ ohh, thank goodness, too, ’cause we’re spent. But, we’re finally through with our list of fantastic yet criminally underrated action games that deserve remasters. So, then, fellow retro niche gamers, how’d y’all rate today’s fine selection, eh? Have we got all of’em, or are there still some that’re missin’ from our list? Rant away in the comments below; we’d really love to hear from y’all. The feedback helps us tremendously, too.

We’re gonna be off now, but before we do take a hike, take a gander at our favorite no-WiFi mobile games. They’re great for when you’re without internet and just wanna pass the time. Welp, until next time, everyone, take care, stay safe, and happy gaming!

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