All Hidden Cactuar Locations in FF7 Rebirth (Final Fantasy VII Rebirth)

All Hidden Cactuars Locations FF7 Rebirth

Where are all the Hidden Cactuar Locations in FF7 Rebirth? Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has finally hit the shelves with an interesting battle system that carries on from the previous iteration and tons and tons of minigames this time around–something that we’ve loved from the classic FFVII release back in the good old days.

Sprouting with nostalgia, FFVII gives you another mini-game in control of Aerith over the Costa Del Sol region of Nibelheim. In the main Scenario “Fun While It Lasts”, Aerith is tasked to find all the hidden Cactuars in Costa Del Sol’s City Center and Penny Docks. It’s kind of tough to find the location of all the Hidden Cactuars in FF7 Rebirth b, butut we’re here to help you narrow all those Cactuars. As you narrow down the location of the hidden Cactuars, Tifa will tell you’re getting Warmer.

All Hidden Cactuar Locations FF7 Rebirth – Summarized

Here are all the Hidden Cactuar Locations in FF7 Rebirth:

  • Costa Del Sol Main City Street: Behind the two shacks on a fire hydrant.
  • Costa Del Sol Main City Center Near Football Field: Near The Yellow Chocobo Statue on top of rocky scaffolding.
  • Costa Del Sol Penny Docks 2nd Bridge: Stamped on the rocks at the end of the dock.
  • Costa Del Sol Main City Street: Found left of the logo of the Surf n Tan Shack

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How To Find All The Hidden Cactuar Locations in FF7 Rebirth?

Find and Photograph All the Hidden Cactuars FF7 Rebirth as Aerith

You’re tasked to find and photograph some Cactuar murals that are scattered throughout the City Center of Costa Del Sol. For the record, they’re brightly colored, adorned in a vibrant pink. So, if you spot one, you have to pull up your Camera, steady the reticle till it turns yellow and you’re good to go.

Hidden Cactuar Location 1 – FF7 Rebirth

Fire Hydrant Behind Costa Del Sol City Center

Finding the first hidden Cactuar is relatively easy. When you first start off this mission or Main Scenario, you have to navigate using Aerith behind the two shacks found at the left. Just slip between the two shacks or stalls near the borders. Behind the shack, you’ll find some kids playing around near Fire Hydrant. If you look closely enough, you’ll find your first Cactuar painted on the Red Fire Hydrant. As you’re close to the Fire Hydrant, Tifa will tell you “You’re Getting Warmer! Warmer!”

Hidden Cactuar Location 1 FF7 Rebirth

Hidden Cactuar Location 2

Costa Del Sol City Center

As you make your way away from the Penny Docks of Costa Del Sol, in the midst of the City Center, near the Football Field, surrounded by some rocky structures.

Hidden Cactuar Location 2 FF7 Rebirth

You’ll come across a Chocobo Statue adorned in yellow. Peer and look left and upward, and you’ll find your next Hidden Cactuar on top of some rocks. You’ll also spot some other Cactuars in green but those won’t count to your Hidden Cactuar Photographs.

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Hidden Cactuar Location 3 – FF7 Rebirth

Go to the Penny Docks at Costa Del Sol

Now, it’s time to head towards the Penny Docks. At the second bridge, leading to the waters, as marked on the map, you’ll come across a few stone pillars with some people already admiring the Hidden Cactuar Mural. Get close to the Hidden Cactuar and Photograph it, and you’re down to just one Cactuar.

Hidden Cactuar Location 3 FF7 Rebirth

Hidden Cactuar Location 4

Hidden Cactuar Location 4

Now, it’s time to find and Photograph the last Hidden Cactuar. And you’d be surprised to know that it’s right around the City Center Main Street where you just started. You just need to keep your eyes peeled and look a bit up. Go down the Main Street, till you find the Surf & Tan Shack. And if you look closely, you’ll find your last Hidden Cactuar on the left of the logo.

Hidden Cactuar FF7 Rebirth at Surf n Tan Shack


And that wraps up everything you need to know about finding all the Hidden Cactuars in FF7 Rebirth. They’re are also tons of fake or dud Cactuars adorned in green that won’t count to your photographs, so make sure to look for all the Pink ones!

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