Games Like Stellar Blade To Tide You Over

Wow, that Stellar Blade hype by Shift UP Studios sure got people buzzin’ while some are moanin’ ‘bout its success, huh? Well, the haters can cry us a river for all we care. ‘Cause our review of Stellar Blade got us fanboyin’ hard. Also, if you’re now done with the game but need that fix, we’ve got a whoopin’ 15 suggestions for video games like Stellar Blade. Yep, so until the DLC or a sequel announcement comes, let’s focus on those, yeah?

Don’t worry, you probably know the obvious ones. We’ll also recommend’em, but we got some surprises, too. Believe us, this list is one you wanna consider all the alternatives for Stellat Blade. We thoroughly cherry-picked each and every single one of’em. Now, let’s begin~

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Which Games Like Stellar Blade Should You Check Out For A Similar Ballpark Experience?

Look, we’ll not mince words here; there’s nothin’ 1:1 exactly the same between Stellar Blade and other games like it. But you’ll get similar vibes from the options we got for y’all today. Some, or you could say most, of our selection, is gonna focus on underrated action games, but not all. With 15 titles, there’re plenty of games for you to choose from. 

There’s bound to be one or two that’ll tickle your fancy. So, without further ado, let’s kick off this party~ Here we go!


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Stellar Blade’s Combat Parry Takes Inspiration From This Souls-Like Of All Games

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a lot like games similar to Stellar Blade.

Kickin’ off our list of games like Stellar Blade is the one Souls-like that actually differs from the Souls-Borne genre. We’re talkin’ ‘bout the one and only Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Straight to the point, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s biggest draw is that it’s fair in its difficulty curve.

Just as in Stellar Blade, you can master this game much quicker once you learn the parry mechanic. Ya’ can’t just charge in willy-nilly and expect to button-mash yer’ way out of a boss fight in both titles. Both games are from Eastern developers, meanin’ you’ll get those special touches not in Western titles.

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Parry and kill!

Another cool feature that both games possess is that they’re both full of boss fights with bizarre and outlandishly grotesque designs. You’ll find out the hard way when you’re out explorin’, and suddenly… a boss fight triggers like an RKO outta nowhere~ hehe… seriously that giant snake can go die in a ditch, buried under rubble after ten thousand nukes on it.

Oh.. hehe… sorry, we got a little carried away there. Anyway, there, y’all have it. If you’re lookin’ for the core combat that’s within the same ballpark as Stellar Blade, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is your best bet.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – Grand Semi-Open World Action RPG Awaits With Beautiful Female Characters, Nuff Said!

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is one of the best games like Stellar Blade.

Next up, we’re goin’ with another blockbuster hit of 2024 that’s got a lot of hype ‘round it. We’re talkin’ ‘bout the magnificent Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, as it’s got similar vibes to games like Stellar Blade. Well, maybe not fully, but it’s there. Like seriously, just take a look at the production value and polish both games have graphically.

They both have jaw-droppingly gorgeous female characters, complete with beautiful models, as well as their facial expressions that look stunning. The devs aren’t shy ’bout them showin’ a little skin, too. Also, the attack’s visuals feel impactful every time you land a hit on enemies in both titles.

Sweet, spicy, and wonderful personalities.

Plus, the combat in both games has a learnin’ curve, but thanks to their adjustable difficulty, y’all can enjoy the story without pressurin’ yourselves. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a sequel to the Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is a reimagining of the original FF7. There’re differences between both versions. So, we recommend tryin’ out both those, plus a few other games to play before Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Oh, and without gettin’ into spoilers, both games share story elements of deception, where the true enemies don’t reveal themselves until pivotal moments in the story. So yeah, you’re darn right Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is similar to games like Stellar Blade.

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Shadow Of Colossus Remake – One Of The Most Captivatingly Awesome Games With Vibes Like Stellar Blade

Shadow Of Colossus Remake is definitely one of those games with vibes like Stellar Blade.

Oh, boy, this next game is such a timeless masterpiece that will never lose its luster. Whether y’all go with the OG or the remake of Shadow Of Colossus, you’ll feel completely enamored with the world. In fact, many of the similarities of the desolate earth in Shadow Of Colossus feel like a parallel to games with post-apocalyptic backdrops like the one in Stellar Blade.

The huge open world isn’t like some divide between stages; it’s one huge layout without any loading screens. There is a feelin’ of melancholy, a darkness that’s swept everythin’, yet embers of a prosperous time still linger.

The desolate environments look jaw-droppingly compelling in both games.

Of course, that’s not the only thing Shadow Of Colossus has in common with Stellar Blade, though. Oh no, the most obvious comparison between the two games is that both feature terrifyin’ and gigantic boss fights. In Stellar Blade, these’re the Alpha Naytibas, while in Shadow Of Colossus, it’s the titular Colossus or Colossi. Every single one of them has weird quirks and shapes, seemingly mindless in nature, but when the veil of deception drops, you realize the true monsters aren’t them.

In fact, the beauty of such profound storytellin’ is further enhanced in Shadow Of Colossus ‘cause of the distinct language used. It’s not real, created specifically for the game. The tragic elements in Stellar Blade come through just like in Shadow Of Colossus, and that’s why both games are pretty similar in tone and design.


Remnant II – Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalyptic Themes With Hack-And-Slash And TPS With Rewarding Exploration

Remnant II is one of the most addictive games like Stellar Blade with focus on combat.

Now, here’s some variety in the list of games that’ll get direct comparisons to titles like Stellar Blade. Remnant II is actually really one of the best third-person shooter and action games that’s really grippin’. The end-times vibe, the eldritch horror abominations, and the excitin’ and addictive combat builds with a mix-and-match style approach feel amazing.

One of the things that makes Remnant II one of the most fun games in recent memory is its attention to detail. The class system, in particular, makes the case for Stellar Blade’s style of gameplay. The different builds you can make in both titles dependin’ on your playstyle, is a common highlight in both.

The spooky eldritch horror vibes in Remnant II.

The other common denominator that links Stellar Blade to games like Remnant II is that they both have unique boss fights. Yeah, but here’s the unique thing ‘bout Remnant II that tweaks things further. Remnant II has random procedural level generation, which keeps you on your toes. Every playthrough is different and offers you somethin’ different.

Enemies you fought later in your first time through Remnant II show up early on, and vice versa. Stellar Blade, with its new game plus, offers somewhat of a similar experience, too. No wonder both Stellar Blade and Remnant II are games that feel somewhat like each other, right?


Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Commander Shepard’s Struggle Against The Unknown Is Much Like Eve’s Against Naytibas

If y’all are wonderin’ why we’re pickin’ Mas Effect: Legendary Edition in our list of games like Stellar Blade, we’ll we’ll tell ya’. You see, the story beats in the Mass Effect games mirror those of Stellar Blade. For one thing, both have humanity’s place threatened by sinister forces.

Then there’re the obvious parallels between the selfless and brave actions of Commander Shepard and EVE. The bond of the protagonists with their companions in both games is a worthy highlight. There’s even some killer romance and chemistry in Mass Effect Legendary Edition between charactcters.

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Mass Effect Reapers...

But really, the sci-fi themes, futuristic technology, emphasis on explorin’ uncharted territory, and facin’ a threat that could easily exterminate humanity (the Reapers and Alpha Naytibas are both scary), are other commonalities between Stellar Blade and Mass Effect Legendary Edition. By the way, if y’all are wonderin’, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a trilogy of games encompassin’ one story that’s a lot like Stellar Blade.

It is absolutely worth checkin’ out if you want a similar yet wholly unique experience that delves into heroic fantasy. Obviously, there’s great replay value in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, as you can choose between Renegade and Paragon paths, too.


Star Wars: Jedi Survivors – One Of The Best Sci-Fi Games In Recent Years Like Stellar Blade

Star Wars Jedi Survivors is one of the best games like Stellar Blade, period!

Look, we’ll not beat ‘round the bush here and tell you that if you enjoy games like Stellar Blade, Star Wars: Jedi Survivors is gonna feel right at home for y’all. Why? Well, it’s ‘cause the open-world nature of Star Wars: Jedi Survivors gives off similar exploration-centric gameplay.

The combat is another area where both games succeed in providin’ an exhiliratin’ feelin’. The sense of satisfaction as you execute combos and take down large foes is an indescribable high. Not only that, the world is drippin’ with atmosphere, and you just love to take your time to search every nook and cranny. The rewards for doin’ so are incredibly worth it, too.

Exploration in both titles is tons of fun.

The metroid-vania-esque scope of both Stellar Blade and Star Wars: Jedi Survivors is amazing. Both games are vastly different yet still very much like each other, but Stellar Blade obviously isn’t emulatin’ a full open-world experience. Still, for everythin’ we got, we’d say it’s much more than what our initial expectations were.

But look at what’s becomin’ of Star Wars now… Especially in the hands of Ubisoft, and how their paywall idiocy of Star Wars Outlaws is such a moronic and tone-deaf move. Thank heavens for Stellar Blade to give us one of the great game offerings in 2024. Otherwise, Ubisoft is just the worst.

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Lollipop Chainsaw – Fan-Service, Satisfying Hack-And-Slash, And Lots Of Fun

Lollipop Chainsaw Remake is one of the most fun games that's just like Stellar Blade.

If you’re a bit burnt out on reimaginings of beloved classics, we don’t blame y’all. After all, there are a crap ton of the worst video game remakes of all time . But did y’all know that there’re more than a few games that match Stellar Blade in things like hotness and eye-candy? One of’em is Lollipop Chainsaw, and it is just bonkers.

Plus, there’s the fact that a remake of Lollipop Chainsaw is bout to drop in Summer 2024, which is just dope. We’re really hopin’ it delivers on its premise and stays true to the original.

Combat is super fun!

Anyway, in Lollipop Chainsaw, you play as a happy-go-lucky cheerleader who’s slayin’ zombies by the dozens. Juliet’s sluggin’ it out in the streets to show she’s more than just a pretty face. We love how this game is unapologetically bold, sexy, and bloody. Kinda remind y’all of Stellar Blade, eh?

Well, the primary reason for that has gotta do with Juliet, who’s like a Western version of EVE, plus she’s a blonde… so… there’s that. Oh, and both are action combat-focused in their gameplay while givin’ players a feast for the eyes, too. It’s why we feel like Lollipop Chainsaw is a lot like Stellar Blade and other games within the same ballpark.


Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis – One Of the Best In-Depth MMORPG Games With Peak Spicy Wifu Customization

Phantasy Star Online 2 - New Genesis is one of the best looking games like Stellar Blade.

Comin’ in next on the list of games like Stellar Blade, we got one of the most anime game ever. We’re referrin’ to the fantasy hit MMORPG that is Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. Wow, talk ‘bout a mouthful, eh?

But anyway, this game’s got a lot goin’ for it. For one thing, y’all can customize and tweak your character’s appearance and skills to your heart’s content. Seriously, we’re not jokin’ here. We could have entire fashion galas ‘round who’s got the hottest and coolest lookin’ characters in the game.

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Lookin' good with flashy moves and risque clothes

Another way that Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis sets itself close to video games like Stellar Blade is its combat. We’re just utterly baffled by the complexity of the attacks, buffs, animations, and how traversal works in this game. It has so many in-depth intricacies that you’ll feel overwhelmed.

But then, slowly, you take the time to learn, and you’ll eventually master it. Now, what the heck does that pattern remind you of? Oh, that’s right, it’s Stellar Blade, ain’t it? Y’all can get into a slugfest between your anime waifus in this one, folks. No judgments from us.


Metal Gear Rising – Revengeance: The Most Engaging And Skill-Based Power Fantasy Sci-Fi Action Game

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is one of the best games like Stellar Blade.

Now, we come to the purely gameplay-wise comparisons between Stellar Blade and other games like Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. This game is a double dose of an adrenaline rush with the added concoction of speed and weed. Seriously, never before have we felt such a rush while also feelin’ like a power fantasy flick badass in a video game.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is the true redemption story arc for Raiden from the Metal Gear series. It’s here where he truly became the badass everyone now knows him as. Also, he gets to wreck people in a million ways. We’re not even jokin’ ‘bout that.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is dope.

So, what the cost of this power is? Oh, ya know, losing half his body, but tis but a scratch for him. In exchange, Raiden becomes a walkin’ talkin’ cringy WMD who goes berserk and literally chops his enemies to ribbons. It’s not all button-mashin’, though, as Raiden has to use his abilities sparingly and at the right time.

Kinda like how, in Stellar Blade you gotta use the burst and beta skills to get the edge in a fight. So, as y’all can see, it’s easy to compare games like Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance to Stellar Blade.


God Of War: Ragnarok – One Of The Inspirations Behind The Cinematic Style Of Gameplay In Stellar Blade

God Of War: Ragnarok is one of the most fun games like Stellar Blade.

Now, this is gonna be the most obvious suggestion for games that’re just like Stellar Blade. But hear us out, before rollin’ your eyes at us, yeah? You see, God Of War: Ragnarok might be the no-brainer suggestion, but sometimes, the most obvious answer is the correct one, too. The cinematic flare in Stellar Blade is undeniably epic and God Of War-esque.

Whether it be through the story cutscenes, the plot twist unpredictability, or the combat-savvy executions, you can’t help but make these comparisons. With good reason, too. While the parry mechanic might be from Sekiro, here’s somethin’ else, too. The brunt of the combo and satisfaction of landin’ successful hits is straight outta God Of War Ragnarok.


God Of War Ragnarok is also full of incredible polish and technical details, somethin’ Stellar Blade shares, too. The environmental details, the bloody gore, visceral animations, and gore are somethin’ both games don’t shy away from. We gotta admire that these games are so close. But the thing ‘bout games like Stellar Blade obviously deserves props as it’s a debut title.

For a first outing by Shift Up Games, this game more than delivers. However, we remind everyone that God Of War: Ragnarok one-ups everything. The fantastic gameplay, immersive level design, and superbly deep story are chock full of spectacular cinematic excellence. Stellar Blade’s got it all, but it’s nowhere near the epicness of God Of War Ragnarok.


The Entire Devil May Cry Saga (1,2,3,4,5) – The Best Of Action Games Genre With Focus On Spectacle Combat

Enterin’ the top 5 of our list of awesometacular games like Stellar Blade is the incomparable Devil May Cry series. Yep, that’s right, we’re not just goin’ with one title. We’re goin’ with all 5 of’em, minus the reboot that should never be spoken of again. So, anyway, you wanna talk ‘bout the action-adventure games from the retro gamin’ era that popularized the genre, Devil May Cry will be the poster child of that.

Why? Well, it’s gotta do with its protagonist, the Devil Hunter, son of Sparda, Dante. He’s like the Muhammad Ali of video games, people. He’ll talk a lot of trash, but with the power, skill, and cool factor he’s packin? You bet your bottom dollar he can he can back all of it up. Plus, Devil Trigger theme; nuff said!

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These 5 games aren’t carbon copies of each other, no sir-ree-bob. Every entry is an extension and advancement in the gameplay department. Like seriously, Dante just gets cooler with every iteration. But then there’s his brother, too, who is a silent but deadly killer, and y’all can play as him, too. Both just wreck demons like nobody’s business.

But there’re  Lady, Trish, who’re just baes, and they can hold their own in a scrap, too. Newcomers Nero and V add lots of new dimensions to the already balls-to-the-wall combat. It’s just all ‘round craaazy non-stop fun when it comes to the Devil May Cry games that’re like Stellar Blade but only more wackier in tone.


Darksiders 3 – Badass Heroine Who Grows Through Her Experience With Humanity? Check!

Darksiders 3.

If you’re tired of the sausage-fest, and want games that’re top-tier but have a female protagonist, too, like Stellar Blade, we got just the thing. Presentin’ one of the most criminally underrated video game franchises, Darksiders. Within that series, the third entry, Darksiders 3, stars the horseman of the apocalypse, Fury.

She’s a woman who’s fiery, feisty, badass, resourceful, and quick to action. In a way, her views are clouded by her duties like EVE’s are at the beginnin’ of Stellar Blade. Throughout the course of both heroines’ journeys, the two gain more insight and become aware of the deception surroundin’ the whole situation.

Darksiders 3 combat.

Not only that, both heroines also realize the folly of followin’ orders. The truth is dropped like a bombshell for them. They also grow out of their naivety, which showcases their character growth. Sure, there’re more differences, too. Fury is much more impulsive than EVE. Plus, the range of skills between the two is also vast.

While EVE’s beta and burst skills are excellent and suit her well, Fury has a whip as her main weapon, along with a host of other hollow powers and weapons. But here’s ‘nother common element that makes Darksiders 3 really similar to games like Stellar Blade. Both games rely on perfect dodges, parries, and counterattacks. 


Nier Automata – The Major Inspiration Behind Stellar Blade And Lots Of Other Games Like It

Nier Automata is a direct inspiration of games like Stellar Blade.

We’re in the upper echelon of games that’re like Stellar Blade, and comin’ in at number 3 is the hot and everybody’s favorite, Nier Automata. Now, fans can and will forever speculate ‘bout which game was the actual inspiration behind Stellar Blade. It’s inevitable, but how ‘bout we tell y’all that one of the GOAT game developers, Yoko Taro, showered praise for Stellar Blade, even called it better than his own game? Shockin’, aint it? Well, it’s true if the man himself says it. But the devs at Shift Up also admitted openly that Nier Automata was the primary inspiration behind Stellar Blade.

2B vs. Eve, pick your winner!

Not only that, but the character designs for EVE and 2B share similarities, too. Sure Eve’s taller, but overall, both are petite, buxom beauties with a panache for rainin’ death and destruction on their enemies. Also, like the whole plot twists and major bombshell revelations are par for the course in a Yoko Taro game, kinda like in Stellar Blade. The thematic sci-fi story also draws parallels between the two titles. Even the composer for both games is the same guy. Come on people! It’s not rocket science that Nier Automata is gonna give you similar vibes to games like Stellar Blade.


Ninja Gaiden Master Collection – The Most Intense Series Of Action Games You’ll Ever Play

Now, we enter the big leagues of games like the hype beat that is Stellar Blade. This one’s another trilogy, specifically the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection. And let us tell you, this is the peak of the genre of the greatest action games of all time. These games’ challengin’ but fair difficulty and troublesome enemy AI is gonna be a test of your reflexes.

The ruthlessness of enemies is that even if you dismember enemies, you gotta finish them right away. They’ll lunge at you and self-detonate, otherwise. They’re gonna counter you, too if y’all don’t mix up your combos.

Don’t even get us started on the boss fights, too. They’re menacin’, but they can also end surprisingly quick, too, if you’ve mastered Ryu’s moves. Oh, and did we mention that our hero, Ryu Hayabusa, is surrounded by hotties? Yep, whether it’s the scantily clad powerful blonde Rachel, the graceful and beautiful priestess warrior Momiji, or the twin kunoichi femme fatales Kasumi and Ayame.

All 4 of’em help Ryu throughout the games in kickin’ some serious butt. The overtly hyper-proportionate physiology is more than welcome in our eyes. Plus, it’s in the same vein as EVE, and therefore, the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection is like the games similar to Stellar Blade.


The Bayonetta Trilogy – The Most Common Comparison For Games Likes Stellar Blade

Finally, we’re gonna cap off our list of exciting and dope-as-hell games like Stellar Blade with the most clear pick there is. What better way to celebrate a queen with another, right? Yep, make way for the Queen, Bayonetta from the 3 Bayonetta games. These games are hyper-sexual in nature, and definitely not for kiddos.

So, when playin’ this one, put the little ones to bed before it. Anyway, the charisma, poise, swan-like grace, and the she-devil seduction of Bayonetta have made her a gamin’ icon. It’s only fittin’ that Stellar Blade, focusin’ on EVE, who’s one hell of a fiiiine lady, we make comparisons to Bayonetta.

Look Bayonetta is more like a non-stop fun marathon that you’ll never tire of. The action is the true highlight and spectacle. You gotta be wary of enemies comin’ at you from all angles. Avoid gettin’ hit then spam the assortment of spells to lay the smackdown on your enemies.

EVE is the same way, minus the salacious poses and witch powers. But also, the two ladies discover more ‘bout their origins, which gives them some existential crises, too. Seein’ them overcome it all, then rise to the occasions is a delightful experience. Hence why, we’re pretty confident in sayin’, Bayonetta games are a lot like Stellar Blade.

Final Thoughts On The Best Games Like Stellar Blade Worth Your Time

Phew~ boy, howdy, that sure was a biggie, wasn’t it, folks? But we’re finally through with our list of top-tier games like Stellar Blade. It was a tall order, but we were more than ready and eager for it. Now, it’s your turn to find the one that’s best for y’all. Give it time; there’s plenty to choose from. So, then, how’d y’all would rate our picks for today? Are there some that feel outta place to y’all? Or do they fit in well with the Stellar Blade comparison? Tell us ‘bout it in the comments below. We really look forward to what y’all have ta’ say.

Oh, and if none of today’s games give y’all that vibe, don’t worry. We’re stubborn and don’t give up easy. So, for the picky ones, we got the perfect list of games. Take a gander at our favorite list of games like Helldivers 2. Like, it’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s action-packed with a twist that it’s multiplayer-focused, but y’all can brave it solo, too.  It’s ‘nother one of the biggest hits of 2024. So, that’s ‘bout it for today, we’ll take off now. Until next time, gamers, take care, and happy gaming!

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