Microsoft Disaster, 4 Xbox Games Studios Closed

**Sigh**  Another day, another Xbox disaster, it seems Microsoft just cannot seem to learn from anythin’, huh? It’s like a pandemic of moronic idiocy and incompetence, where Western gaming companies just succumbin’ to it left and right. Microsoft is the latest one to keel over and drop any goodwill with its fanbase. We pushed the idea that Microsoft needs aggression to win players over

Looks like Team Green got the message but went ‘bout it in the completely opposite way. So, to the fools at Microsoft and greedy corporate snakes, this piece is for your eyes. The rest of you lot can take your jollies and express your outrage for the mind bafflin’ decision to shut down 4 Xbox Game Studios. While even more bad news follows ‘bout the Perfect Dark Reboot bein’ in rough shape. Let’s break this down.

A Brief Timeline Of The Ticking Time Bomb That Is Microsoft’s Abysmal Xbox Disaster

Xbox is shutting down 4 studios, 3 are permanent 1 is shifting to other studios, and Microsoft is in such a disaster.

Oh, wow… where to even begin to unravel this shit show. Pardon our colorful language; we’re extra ticked off today. Look, we’ve been fans of the OG Xbox from day 1. When Xbox was competin’ neck-and-neck with Sony and Nintendo, that was an awesome era of gaming. Ya’ know, the time when Xbox had exclusives that we’re beggin’ for remakes now. Anyway, we’re huuuge advocates to promote healthy competition in the industry. It gives players the best options to spend their hard-earned moola wisely. But lately, Microsoft is laggin’ a lot, especially in console sales 3:1 behind Sony’s PS5.

The downfall really kicked in with the meme-worthy epic failure of the Xbox One launch. But that was just the beginnin’. It was all just a comedy of errors, except instead of laughin’, us OG Xbox die-hards were weepin’. Why? Well, there weren’t any system-sellers games, for one. The lack of first-party titles and then what little Xbox exclusives they have, they are giftin’ to the opposition. It just made ownin’ an Xbox console a moot point. Despite completin’ the tenure of a decade at Microsoft and Xbox, Uncle Phil Spencer’s words feel like empty promises, too.

We were promised Xbox exclusives every quarter; the studios had been given a free hand, too. But, the management was utterly trash. Not only did several AAA projects either get canned (see Scalebound, Phantom Dust, and Fable Legends) or were mediocre at best (Redfall, Halo Infinite) when they came out, but there was hardly any variety (when was the last time you saw a new Gears game or new Killer Instinct?) The treasure trove of IPs that Microsoft was sittin’ on only piled up to be locked in the vault. It is infuriatin’!

Why 4 Xbox Games Studio Closing Down Is A Disaster By Microsoft?

This is such a shit show.

This is where it hurts even more. When Microsoft scooped up Bethesda, there was the potential for somethin’ great. We saw it, too, in the form of Ghost Wire Tokyo, and Hi-Fi RUSH. The hypocrisy in callin’ Hi-Fi RUSH a breakout game, then shuttin’ down the very studio that made it. Which is where we’re at now. This kind of corporate two-timin’ is why Microsoft is in the disaster it’s in. Uncle Phil Spencer is the one to blame ‘cause he’s the one in charge. But we really see the corporate overloads tuggin’ at his leash now.

He was the main reason Xbox fans had hope. But now, it’s become abundantly clear that is not the case. Because under Uncle Spencer’s leadership, Microsoft spent billions to scoop up studios to bolster its first-party line-up. Yet, what did they do with’em? Nothin’, but Jack. And now that the reckonin’ is comin’, who suffers? The hardworking employees at the Xbox Game Studios that got shut down, as Microsoft is a glutton for disaster. 2 of the most prominent Xbox studios shut down, includin’ Tango Gameworks and Arkane Austin. Both those two sting especially hard.

But besides those two, there were two other studios that, instead of divesting or downsizing, just shut down completely. Blaming it on poor sales when folks in charge at Microsoft don’t even do their own games the service of incorporating quality control and testing them out thoroughly before release? Yeah, it’s like an infant throwin’ a tantrum when they don’t get their way. Let’s briefly look at the now-defunct 4 Xbox Game Studios that Microsoft shut down in this disaster of a move. Let’s look at the 4 Xbox studios that Microsoft closed and their official stance as confirmed by IGN.

1.) Tango Gameworks Was The Variety Spice That Microsoft Needed, But It’s Gone Now

Tango Gameworks was one of the best Xbox Game Studios of Microsoft that got shut down int he disaster.

Microsoft hypocritically up until March of this year, 2024, were signin’ praises of Tango Gameworks. Sayin’ how proud they are of the studio. Now, just yesterday, they dropped the hammer on it. Aaron Grrenberg, the EVP of Microsoft, just wrote it off in simple words. Thanking Tango Gameworks for their contribution and the studio is closed. That’s it, not even so much as a reason or mention of why? It’s fudgin’ disrespectful is what it is!

Shinji Mikami

Tango Gameworks was initially the brainchild of Shinji Mikami, one of the legendary Japanese video game creators of the industry. His pedigree and name alone gave Xbox offerings the assurance of quality games. He is Mr. Resident Evil and responsible for The Evil Within, too, as well as Tokyo Ghost Wire.

Shinji Mikami recently explained his decision to leave Tango Gameworks, and now we know why. He was not given the resources and creative control he wanted. Plus, he saw the writing on the wall that Microsoft is a sinking ship. He cut his losses and left, and we don’t blame him one bit.

2.) Arkane Austin Was A Studio Worth Preserving Not Shutting Down

Xbox Game Studios are in the biggest disaster yet thanks to Microsoft

The other studio from Xbox’s line-up that was cut down on the choppin’ block was Arkane Austin. Okay, so maybe this one wasn’t exctly doin’ so hot right now, ‘cause of the whole Redfall fiasco. But still, Arkane Austin is also responsible for one of the best gamers of all time in Dishonored, and Prey.

Redfall was one bad game!

They’re ingenuity and innovation for level design and bringin’ new experiences for players is somethin’ to cherish! Not let go into the ether, ya’ corporate dinguses! Seriously, why the hell were they let go? It’s not exactly inspirin’ any confidence now is it? Those who worked on Redfall ports of PS5, well, that ship’s sailed. Anyone who purchased the DLC will get a refund or somethin’ equivalent. What a waste….

Arkany Lyon, one of the Xbox Game Studios that survived the snap disaster by Microsoft, their chief, Dinga bakaba, didn’t mince words on Twitter. He called out the BS of the executives, and rightly so, on his Twitter feed.

“To any executives reading this, video games are an entertainment/cultural industry, and your business as a corporation is to take care of your artists/entertainers and help them create value for you.”

“Don’t throw us into gold fever gambits, and use as the strawman for your miscalculations… You say we make you proud when we make great games, make us proud when times are tough. We know you can, we seen it before…”

We’re not gonna lie, we felt these words. It’s the man pourin’ his heart out to those who were affected.

3.) Alpha Dog Studios Was Showing Signs Of Potential And Greatness, But It’s All Over

Another Xbox Games Studio that fell to the Microsoft disaster.

Say what you will ‘bout Mighty Doom, but it has the perfect blend of cutesy chibi-sized fuzzy visuals and the bloody aesthetics of DOOM. The studio behind it. Alpha Dog Studios’ is part of the culling happening. This is one of the Xbox Game Studios with so much talent, and to see it shutting down, well it’s all on Microsoft as they’re to blame for this disaster.

Mighty DOOM!

Seriously, we may be primary console gamers, but even we respect mobile games that provide tons of fun. Imagine if Alpha Dog Studios was working on something big, like say a proper roguelike DOOM? But instead of mobile, it was a AAA venture. **Sigh** What could have been… It just sucks big time.

To rub salt in the wound, Mr. EVP of Xbox just highlighted that Mighty Doom will shut down its servers in August. Also, players won’t be able to make in-game purchases. This is all they get, wow… what a send off.

4.) Roundhouse Studios – The One Studio Of Xbox Games Where Microsoft Mitigated Some Disaster

Roundhouse Studios.

Playin’ favorites, are we, Microsoft? Well, it doesn’t matter, though, since the original identity of the Roundhouse Games is gone for good. The only silver linin’ here is that Microsoft actually retained employees and shifted them to other Zenimax/Bethesda projects. This includes the Elder Scrolls Online games.


There May No Longer Be Any Credibility Of The Xbox Band After This Recent Debacle

Exodus of talent from Xbox Game Studios in the biggest historical disaster of Microsoft.

This is an unprecedented level of screw-ups by a company that’s ruderless and doesn’t know what to do with IPs that’re beloved by millions. Seriously, just study the natural growth of home-grown gaming franchises by Sony and Nintendo. Follow their strategy, and you’ll be golden Microsoft. But what do they do instead?

Lay off people instead of reallocatin’ them to other projects or studios. It’s not like they’re short on revenue, either. Just this year Xbox gamin’ revenue jumped 49%, but they still fired people! WHAT?!!

The closure of 4 major  Xbox Game studios isn’t an isolated incident, either at Microsoft. There were projects in the pipeline, that could have offered Xbox first-party line-up the much-needed support. Both in terms of quantity and quality exclusives. But now, the dream is dead. Not only that, there is a series of aftershocks to follow, too. What do we mean by that?

The Projects At Xbox Game Studios Are Going Through Development Hell

The Perfect Dark reboot is in trouble.

Well, as we said, long time Xbox fans are not gonna take this move well. It is a PR nightmare, for sure. Here’s the kicker though: Several in-production games that fans were anticipatin’ are reportedly in a rough state, too. The Perfect Dark Reboot is in a rough state, anyone got wind of the Fable game? Ya’ know, the one with the trailer that got record dislikes. The reason bein’ ‘cause it was showin’ one of the worst female characters in video games.

Final Thoughts On Xbox Game Studios Disaster By Microsoft

Well, there y’all have it, our news coverage, analysis, and fanboy lensed ramblings on the disaster of 4 Xbox Game Studios shutting down by Microsoft. Seriously, this was such a bad move, and now we’re not hopeful at all for the future. Anyway, that’s our take, but y’all tell us yours now in the comments below. We look forward to the feedback.

If you’re wonderin’ that this mega failure is just confined to Microsoft, think again. Lots of executive blunders and moronic decisions in 2024 are commonplace. Don’t believe us? Just look at WB Games embracing live-service, or Ubisoft screwing up with Star Wars Outlaws paywall idiocy. It’s a maad world we tell ya’. Anyway that’s it for today, we’ll see y’all in the next one.

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