Even More Xbox Game Studios Shutdowns Plus Other Bad News

Well, lookie, here, eh? As if the Microsoft disaster just last week wasn’t bad enough, right? But now, even more, Xbox Game Studios shutdowns are in the cards. **Sigh** Folks, we tend to give corporate snakes and moronic executives helmin’ gamin’ companies a tough time. It ain’t no secret. Crapfests like these are exactly why we despise their presence! People who have no iota or inklin’ of gamer’s sentiments or, hell, the ability to read the gamin’ fandom’s pulse are the problem.

They’re the reason we strongly believe people at the top should be the first ones to get future-endeavored. Instead, the sad reality is the opposite of that. We get to see and hear ’bout talent loss and the end of the livelihoods of hard-workin’ game devs. They get canned and become scapegoats for the failure of the top leadership. It’s utterly hogwash, and if there’s a recocknin’ comin’, the top brass should be held accountable, not the talent, especially that who deliver.

Why Even More Xbox Game Studios Shutdowns Are Comin’?

Even more Xbox Game Studios shutdowns coming.

In case y’all were busy, the gamin’ news last week was extremely depressin’. Seriously, 2 fan-favorite Xbox first-party studios got the Thanos snap removal treatment. Tango Gameworks (The Evil Within, Tokyo Ghost Wire, Hi-Fi RUSH) and Bethesda’s Arkane Austin (Dishonored, Prey 2, Wolfenstein) studios no longer exist. So… whatever Xbox goodwill with the fanbase was there, it’s poof~

But that’s just two; the other two were not as mainstream, but they were showin’ potential and promise, too. Case in point: Alphadog Studios’ Mighty DOOM is a ton of fun to play. Combinin’ the vibe and feel of DOOM’s non-stop action within the cutesy chibi aesthetic is a masterstroke. Finally, the Roundhouse Studios was a support studio. But instead of lining’em up with a new project, the dinguses shut down the studio. The team was allocated elsewhere.

That all was last week, folks. But now, if the new report from Bloomberg is anythin’ to go by, we’re gonna get more bad news. It seems there’re more Xbox Game Studio shutdowns in the pipeline. We don’t know yet the specifics and who’s next up under the choppin’ block, but it is inevitable. This is gonna sour fans even more than before. Y’all should voice your displeasure to the official Microsoft social media platforms. One fan’s got the right idea. He nuked Uncle Phil Spencer’s camp in Fallout 76. Pretty funny stuff and harmless since it’s not real life.

The Audacity Of Xbox Corporate Vice President, Mat Booty, Is Tonedeaf And Moronic

Xbox Game Studio shutdowns by Microsoft were bad but the responses were even worse.

In case y’all wonder if Microsoft could stoop lower and just be more condescending to its dev talent, will till ya’ get a load of this: You see, Mr. Head honcho of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty, after days of multiple dev studio shutdowns says that they need games like Hi-Fi RUSH for prestige and awards. If that ain’t the most tone-deaf, insensitive, and downright prick choice of words, we don’t know what is, folks.

Seriously, Microsoft! If y’all want games like Hi-Fi RUSH, maybe STOP KILLING THE DEV STUDIO THAT MAKES THEM!!! It’s perfectly crystal clear now the reason and cause why Shinji Mikami left Tango Gameworks. His resume and talent as one of the legendary Japanese video game creators weren’t being appreciated or given the respect they rightfully deserved.

Of all the Xbox Game Studios that got shutdowns by Microsoft, Tango Gameworks was the best one. They were deliverin’ some killer games with unique, fun, and such a wacky vibe that’s full of charm. Plus, Tango was the bridge between Japanese support for Xbox. Now that it’s no longer even a functionin’ studio, we’re back to the drivel churnin’.

The Xbox Game Pass Price Hike Is The Salt In The Wounds After Studio Shutdowns

Even more bad news.

Now, imagine how the hell Microsoft one -ups its own crapola of screw-ups and mismanagement. By rubbin’ salt in the wounds, that’s how! We’re talkin’ ’bout the recent report that Microsoft’s subscription service, the Xbox Game Pass, is stagnant for years now. So, what the hell is Microsoft’s big brain energy tellin’ ’em to do? Why, to jack up the fees, of course.

Now, y’all can pay for the privilege for tryin’ out games for a month at an even higher price. In case this is flyin’ ‘bove your head, we’re bein’ sarcastic here. The price hike is a serious issue, and it’s completely idiotic, too, when you put together the fact that Xbox has no serious contenders. By that, we mean a lack of exclusive games. Like seriously, they’re givin’ away what little exclusives they have to the opposition.

If the Xbox Game Pass prices go up, it is essentially gonna make the customers just drop the Xbox brand completely. Hell, if they’re gettin’ exclusives on a different console, they’ll shift to it. And if the price differences between the subscription services ain’t that big of a deal, but gamers’ll obviously go for somethin’ with greater value. Right now, it’s Game Pass but if Microsoft jacks up the price, suddenly that’s not gonna be the case.

What’s The Path Going Forward For Xbox And Microsoft?

Look, obviously, there’s no light at the end of this tunnel, it’s a disaster from start to finish except there’s seemingly no end, yet. Microsoft needs to do better, they’ve tried playing ball and fooling the player base with their nice guy approach, but their facade is fading. Uncle Phil Spencer, particular, who recently hit the decade milestone at Microsoft and Xbox, needs to step up and explain everythin’. There’s no comin’ back for the Xbox brand otherwise. Players want transparency, assurance, and commitment from Xbox management.

Or else, it’s gonna be a bleak future in the gaming industry folks. With the recent Xbox Game Studio shutdowns by Microsoft, gamers loyal to Team Green need somethin’ positive and uplifitn’. He’s a simple lesson for the business big shots who’ve been the architects of this failure of Xbox. Stop playin’ with words, show some backbone, and take the plunge to make games that gamers want! Microsoft needs aggression to win players over, but not anti-consumerism. Also, don’t flippin’ fire the dev teams and close studios when you can reallocate them!

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Final Thoughts

This roundup is just depressin’, really. We frankly just hope those who lost their jobs durin’ the Microsoft shutdowns of Xbox Game Studios land on their feet. We sincerely wish they find better opportunities that fully make use of their talents and creative potential. But, other than that, though, we wanna hear everyone else’s take on the issue. How do you feel ’bout these moves by Microsoft and the face-savin’ stunts, they’re pullin’ now? We hate it all, ’cause people’s livelihoods are adversely impacted. Bu, yeah, tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

To cap off this sad piece, we’re gonna leave y’all with somethin’ positivity. Just like any good underdog story with feel-good vibes in it, take a gander at our selection of the 16 most unique shonen anime with originality that’s unmatched. You’re welcome, internet. Alrighty then, that’s gonna do it for now, but check back in soon for more scoops and hottakes real soon. Take care everybody, stay safe, and happy gaming!

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