7 Fun, Exciting, & Unique Games Like Hi-Fi RUSH You Gotta Play

Welp, we’re back at it, folks. We’re not ready to forgive Microsoft for its inexcusable failure and disaster of shuttin’ down 4 Xbox Gaming Studios. But thankfully, Tango Gameworks’ legacy is still livin’ strong with games like Hi-Fi RUSH. And, so, today we’re gonna give you similar games like it. Really, even if Shinji Mikami didn’t play a huge role in Hi-Fi RUSH, his mentorship and influence are the reason for its charm and success. After all, the guy’s one of the legendary Japanese video game creators.

The surprisingly fun and immersive story with a likable cast of characters in Hi-Fi RUSH gives it its unique identity. It is a diamond among gems, and with the recent reverse-review bomb of the game on Steam, it’s a clear sign fans want more of it. Unfortunately, after Shinji Mikami’s decision to leave Tango Gameworks before its closure, a sequel is unlikely. Having said that, we have 7 awesome recommendations with a similar experience that y’all can check out. Now, let’s see which ones we got today!

Which Games Have The Same Quirkiness And Energy Like Hi-Fi RUSH?

Games like Hi-Fi RUSH.

We’re not gonna waste your time with games that are totally and especially tonally different. Instead, we’ll give you 7 bizarre and entertainin’ games just like Hi-Fi RUSH or within the same ballpark. You’ll find yourselves gigglin’ involuntarily, or just rockin’ out to some rad’ tunes.

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But, most importantly, the thing you’ll be doin’ in every single one of our recommendations is havin’ fun. ‘Cause that’s what Hi-Fi RUSH is all ’bout. Now, without further ado, let’s kick off this party already! Here we go!


Bomb Rush Cyberfunk – One Of The Most Fun And Unique Indie Games Like Hi-Fi RUSH

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is one of the most fun games like Hi-Fi RUSH.

Kickin’ things off in style, we got Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. No joke, it’s got one of the coolest names out of every video game in existence. Seriously, the epicness just oozes outta the game’s title, and then when you hear the musical score, it’s bananas. You get to use in-line skates, bikes, or rollerblades to traverse the streets while outrunnin’ the authorities. There’s spray-paint wall taggin’, and trick challenges to test your reflexes and observation skills.

You can even trigger nostalgic memories of classic GTA by fightin’ turf wars with other gangs. The cyberpunk aesthetic in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk gives off a similar look to Hi-Fi RUSH. There’s the tight-knit bond between Red, the protagonist of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, and his crew, the Bomb Rush gang. That bond is mirrored in the character dynamics of Chai, the hero of Hi-Fi RUSH, and his friends.

Without a doubt, the soundtrack and musical dance moves in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk are phenomenal. It is here, where the game truly shines, and you feel the love that’s put into makin’ the game. Much like how Shinji Mikami’s influence is in Hi-Fi RUSH. So, if you’re like us, who enjoy video game soundtracks, you’ll definitely love Bomb Rush Cyberfunk brings.


Metal Helsinger – Awesome Musical Rhythm FPS That Delivers Sensational Satisfaction

Metal: Hellsinger

Oh, lookie~ one of the most intense rhythm games with vibes just like Hi-Fi RUSH, except it’s more supernatural! We’re talkin’ ’bout Metal: Hellsinger! And wow is it an adrenaline rush like no other. You literally gun down denizens of hell and rock out to the metal rock tunes in the backdrop, too. How awesome is that? Seriously, though, Metal: Hellsinger is gonna keep you at the edge of your seat, ’cause the action is non-stop.

You’ll switch between ranged and melee weapons while timin’ your hits to the beat of the music. That’s the core gameplay mechanic that Hi-Fi RUSH also has in its combat. Except the movement in Metal: Hellsinger is even more chaotic. The first-person perspective shifts the camera in ways that can feel disorientin’. But that’s where the challenge comes from. The gameplay offers a diverse set of enemies that require you to perfectly master traversal and aimin’ on the go.

The better you sync your attacks to the beat, the higher the damage you dole out. Also, in Metal: Hellsinger, the musical score ramps up in intensity the more you sync your attacks. It’s a sign you’re doin’ great in the game. The addition of VR to Metal: Hellsinger creates a new dynamic for players, too, though we prefer without it. Anyway if you’re lookin’ for games like Hi-Fi RUSH, Metal: Hellsinger is it.


Destroy All Humans! Is Amazing, Faithful To The Classic Gaming Era, And Innovative, Too

Destroy All Humans!

Movin’ right along, our list of games like Hi-Fi RUSH has one of the silliest yet addictively fun entries, yet. We’re talkin’ ’bout the ever-green jolly Destroy All Humans! Remake. Trust us when we say, this one’s very true to the original, and has that charmin’ likability. The goofiness and the antics of the protagonist alien is gonna be havin’ you snortin’ like a warthog.

It’s a whole role reverse scenario where you play as the invading alien takin’ on the US government. Players have wacky tech and abilities at their disposal in Destroy All Humans’ gameplay loop. You can nab people and toy around with’em or use your weapons to shrink them down to size. There’s even a flyin’ saucer space-ship with entire levels dedicated to the gimmick.

As far as how well Destroy All Humans! compares to games like Hi-Fi RUSH, well, it’s the innate concept that’s so alike. The humor, the aesthetic, and how the traversal plays out in the games is of a similar energy. Besides, there’re enough differences you might end up likin’ Destroy All Humans more. Either way, you’ll be thoroughly entertained. It’s certainly better than the cas-gran and lifeless attempts of beloved IPs like the worst video game remakes ever.


Jet Set Radio – One Of The OG Inspirations Behind Games Like Hi-Fi RUSH

Jet Set Radio is one of the most entertaining games like Hi-Fi RUSH.

If you’re into excitin’ and really anime-style games, then it don’t get no better than Jet Set Radio. This game is gonna get you to bust a groove and bob your head involuntarily. Its musical beats will give you the same energy as other games like Hi-Fi RUSH. Jet Set Radio is pure gamin’ nostalgia bliss of the 90’s. You use the skateboards and in-line grails to grind and just sail across the fictional depiction of Tokyo.

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Your movement is rewarded with further momentum in Jet Set Radio. The more tricks you perform without losin’ your balance, the better your braggin’ rights. Like we said, the 90’s era when it was a simpler time. Our hero in Hi-Fi RUSH is a rockstar wannabe straight outta 90’s, too. So you can see, why we make comparisons between the two games. But really, the two also share the thematic elements of fightin’ against oppression and rebellin’ against propaganda.

In Jet Set Radio the police and rival gangs are comin’ after the protagonist’s posse. The cat-and-mouse chase and markin’ the territory with unique graffiti is what Jet Set Radio does to stand out from other games like Hi-Fi RUSH. The thrillin’ and punk lifestyle is definitely gonna appeal to gamers who indulge in those. So, yeah, Jet Set Radio gets two thumbs up from us.


Crypt Of The Necrodancer – High Octance Roguelite Action With Catchy Rhythm Beats

Crypt Of The Necrodancer.

We’re close to the finishin’ line, folks, and our next pick for games like Hi-Fi RUSH is a banger, literally! We’re talkin’ ’bout Crypt Of The Necrodancer, and boy howdy, is this game tons of fun. Not only do you gotta master your muscle memory for gettin’ good at Crypst Of The Necrodancer, but you gotta always remain vigilant of your surroundings, too. This game’s too much to handle for some, so, if you’re strugglin’, know you’re not alone.

Still, this game’s too great to give up on, especially early on. The gameplay loop of randomness in Crypt Of The Necrodancer is what you’ll get hooked on. Seriously, even after several tries and failin’, we couldn’t put this game down. It’s a testament to how enjoyable it is. Also, this game’s got power-ups and upgrades that’ll ease some of the stress. But again, you gotta play hard to earn them.

Also, you gotta time your movement as every beat changes the dungeon’slayout back and forth. So, yeah, that’s why people get salty ’bout this game. Sure, Crypt Of The Necrodancer doesn’t have the accessibility mode of Hi-Fi RUSH, but that’s ok. If you play Hi-Fi RUSH on hard mode, the challenge is equally as great. So, might be a stretch, but there is some same ballpark wavelength between Crypt Of The Necrodancer and other games like Hi-Fi RUSH.


The Artful Escape – One Of The Most Enjoyable Games Ever With Unique Emphasis On Music Like Hi-Fi RUSH

The Artful Escape is one of the most fun and enjoyable games like Hi-Fi RUSH.

Do you like it when the hero of the story has a simple dream and the resolve to see it through? It’s exactly the case for Hi-Fi RUSH’s hero, Chai. The same wholesome positivity with even grander stakes is in our next entry for games like Hi-FI RUSH. The game in question is ‘The Artful Escape’. Let us tell y’all, this is without hyperbole when we say, ‘The Artful Escape’ is a masterpiece.

The sheer imagination and innovation that went into makin’ this platformin’ game is brilliant. It’s got the retro vibes of the best action adventure games from the PS1 era. But also, the movement fluidity and polish, as well as the visual fidelity of modern-gen games. So, basically, the hero of ‘The Artful Escape’, Francis Vendetti, is a guy doin’ shrooms and zonin’ through dimensions.

What players see is somethin’ straight outta an acid trip. From otherwordly deities and eldritch abominations to everyday alien folks, and everythin’ in between. Also, there’s the really dope air guitar solos that Francis can do on command. Come on, you gotta love that. There’s a huge story that involves emotional beats and the legacy of ancestors. Seriously, the feels and music are strong in ‘The Artful Escape’. The whole presentation and everythin’ else is stellar, it’s why we picked it as our runner-up choice in games like Hi-Fi RUSH.

[Honorable Mention 1]

Devil May Cry 5 – One Of The Influences Of Hi-Fi RUSH

Devil May Cry 5.

Before we cross the finish line, folks, we quickly like to get the 3 recommendations outta the way first. They were considerations that we couldn’t rank for one reason or another. So, the first one is the ever-popular and one of the inspirations behind games like Hi-Fi RUSH, Devil May Cry 5.

Not much to say, folks. But if you love the greatest action games of all time, then you owe it to yourself to play this one. The Devil May Cry series is the epitome of spectacle action gameplay. But the 5’th entry, Devil May Cry 5, is next-level epicness. From seamless combat with in-depth variety, and spectacular movement and enemies comin’ from all directions, this game’s a wish-fulfillment fantasy.

Chai’s whole moveset in Hi-Fi RUSH’s combat is practically based on Dante’s style from games like the Devil May Cry series. So, yeah check it out, both are awesome.

[Honorable Mention 2]

Bayonetta Games Have The Perfect Balance Of Timing-Centric Rhythm And Spectacle

Well, whaddya know! ‘Nother series of games that’re up there in cinematic action and gameplay like Hi-Fi RUSH. This time, however, we got the deadly femme fatale, umbra witch, Bayonetta. She might not exactly be the 1:1 copy of a colorful and family-friendly style of Hi-Fi RUSH. But! Hear us out, first, yeah?

You see, in the 3 Bayonetta games, we see the titular heroine, strut, pose, and do all sorts of insanely jaw-droppin’ stunts. Or rather she prances around seductively, while her magic does the work. It’s eye-catchin’, and it’s fun to pull off, especially since you gotta be mindful of enemy placement and positions.

That satisfyin’ feelin’ of pullin’ a no-hit run on a Bayonetta level is an elating feeling. Plus, we did it in unique games with hot and cool female heroines. What else could you ask for, really? The gameplay and presentation between Hi-Fi RUSH and games like Batonetta are similar yet different. It’s why they’re an honorable mention.

[Honorable Mention 3]

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Remastered – Dope Traversal And Killer Music Just As in Games Like Hi-Fi RUSH

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 Remastered.

The Final honorable mention is Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 HD Remastered. Seriously, the whole skateboardin’ rail grindin’ combo mechanic is the true template for every fun traversal ever. Even in Hi-Fi RUSH, this is present, so don’t tell us it’s not similar to games like the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series.

The ability to just swoop across great distances, defy gravity, and get that serious hangtime in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 HD Remaster is second to none. We just love rackin’ up the points as we switch between verts, grind rails, and even manualing to chain combos.

Hi-Fi RUSH might not be exactly like the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 HD Remaster games. But that’s okay, it’s ’bout the vibe and energy, folks. And speakin’ of vibe and energy, the musical tracks from the Tony Hawk game shaped our taste in music growin’ up. Superman by Goldfinger, anyone?

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Sunset Overdrive – The Most Wonkiest, Over-The-Top, And Colorfully Delightful Game Ever

Sunset Overdrive.

Aaaand, finally! we’re at the top slot of our list of cool-as-heck games like Hi-Fi RUSH. No need for formalities here, folks, the game is Sunset Overdrive. It’s part of the Xbox exclusives we wish Microsoft would remake if they can secure the rights from Insomniac. Hi-Fi RUSH bein’ the indie darlin’ hit of 2023, its most blatant inspiration is Sunset Overdrive.

Sunset Overdrive is the coked-up version of Hi-Fi RUSH. Its language is foul and jokes are more adult, but we’re not gonna deny we were howlin’. In contrast, Hi-Fi RUSH is much brighter and tame, a much more wholesome experience, if you will. That said, both games give you tons of mobility options and combat quirkiness, too.

The sheer scope of guns and the wackiness of Sunset Overdrive is what you’ll love ’bout it. You can even get killed in the game and come back as a zombie, too. How neat is that? Also, the multiplayer modes are tons of fun, too. The parkor, wall-runnin’ and run-n-gun approach will constantly provide endless entertainment for y’all. In that sense, it ain’t rocket science to suggest that Sunset Overdrive is similar to games like Hi-Fi RUSH.

Final Thoughts On Games Like Hi-Fi RUSH

Welp, there y’all have it, folks. Our picks for the best games that give off the thrillin’ vibes like Hi-Fi RUSH. Seriously, go try’em all, and you’ll see why they’re the best alternatives for it. Hi-Fi RUSH is a labor of love that deserved better, and the studios behind it also needed more respect from Microsoft. Xbox has got morons in charge for even considerin’ to shuttin’ it down. Them cryin’ ’bout it after for needin’ more games right from Tango Gameworks’ wheelhouse is just idiocy. But anyway, back to the topic at hand, how’d y’all rate our picks?

Do y’all think our list’s missin’ an obvious choice? Tell us ’bout it in the comments below; we’re really lookin’ forward to the feedback from y’all. Also, if you’re in the mood for somethin’ similar but not quite a full-on exact copy of Hi-Fi RUSH, we got you. Take a gander at our list of amazing yet underrated action games that deserve remasters. Trust us; it’s full of gems that most gamers would love if they gave them a chance. Anyway, that’s ’bout it for now, we’re gonna take off for the day. But check back in soon for more gaming lists. Until next time, take care, everybody, stay safe, and happy gaming!

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