Shinji Mikami Explains Tango Gameworks Exit & His Future Games

Greetings, fellow Japanese gaming enthusiasts; today, we get a peek behind the curtain of one of the legendary Japanese video game creators, Shinji Mikami. If y’all don’t know, he’s a big deal in the gaming world, particularly the horror gaming niche. His works include but not limited to major franchises like Resident Evil and The Evil Within.

So, yeah, those nightmare-fuel games as a kid, it’s all Mr. Mikami. But anyway, it’s not just ‘bout the past today, no. ‘Cause today, he speaks ‘bout what can we expect in the future from him, too. We’ll look at, analyze, and interpret his own words from his most recent interview. No twistin’ of the words from this guy; he tells it like it is, and we have massive respect for him for doin’ that, too. Now, let’s get into, yeah?

Why Exactly Did Mr. Shinji Mikaki Leave Tango Gameworks?

Tangoworks confirming Shinji Mikami's departure.

So, the thing ‘bout Mr. Shinji Mikami leaving is that the guy was actually a lead on projects in name only. It’s such a baffling move, too. Like we get that Tango Gameworks was created by him, and he was the CEO of it. But then, Microsoft was makin’ power plays of scoopin’ up studios left and right. They bought out Bethesda, which had Tango Gameworks… naturally, the guy went from top to a, in his words, ‘a rank-and-file’ employee’. He wanted to work on ‘smaller scale projects’ but got pushed into bigger ones.

Shinji Mikami

He wasn’t fully in charge, but he also probably wasn’t given the full control over projects like he wanted. He speakers, ‘I had producer attached to my name, but I wasn’t an executive or anything of that sort’. We really wanna bash our heads against the wall here because Microsoft this colossal failure is on them. When we said Microsoft needs to turn up the aggression to win players over, this isn’t what we meant! Seriously, read the room, Microsoft! If you look at it a little differently, this is a testament to Shini Mikami’s resolve, ingenuity, and creativity.


He stayed there, kept his head down, and worked on projects that delivered consistent quality. Case in point: Tokyo Ghost Wire is really bizarre, and it’s really fun; it was all him. Plus! 2023’s best indie hit Xbox game, Hi-Fi RUSH, is totally amazing and a fantastic gem of a game by Shinji. It’s one of the Xbox exclusives stupidly making its way to PS5. No, really, instead of Microsoft’s classic Xbox IPs that should get remakes, gifting the exclusives to the opposition is the way? What?! But anyway, after such a long spell, Mr. Shinji Mikami decided enough’s enough and left.

Shinji Mikami Wants To Move On From The Horror Games Association With Him

What's next?

So, that’s the sad bit ‘bout Shinji Mikami out the way; let’s focus on his mindset now and how he feels ‘bout the future. Also, what’s he doin’ now that he’s free from the corporate thumb of mandate-heavy executives? So, during the interview, Mr. Shinji Mikami explained he’s settin’ up a new gaming studio named ‘Kamuy’. While details are scarce, he did bring up one important bit that’s worth mentioning.

So, the thing is, Mr. Shini Mikami is primarily known for his horror work. The man wants to remove that perception from our minds. What the fudge does that mean, right? Well, he doesn’t wanna be the guy that you go and meet up and say you’re Mr. Resident Evil! By the way, he totally is. But anyway, he wants to deliver smaller-scope titles for players, ones that don’t dive into horror.

Shinji Mekami created The Evil Within.

It’s a need of creative fulfilment that he’s lookin’ to sate. He will work on titles with a brighter outlook and aesthetic instead of the decrepit and spine-chilling of horror gaming. If his talent for humor and underrated action games is anything to go by (God Hand, Hi-Fi RUSH), we honestly cannot wait to see what he comes up with next. The man’s mind is an international treasure, people!

Why Did He Wait So Long To Leave Tango Gameworks?

Ghostwire Tokyo

So, a few of you might be thinkin’, and rightfully so, why didn’t Shinji Mikami leave Tango Gameworks in 2015? If he was so sick of not havin’ his way, he should’ve quite early. It’s not like there’s any shortage of studios that would hire him in a heartbeat. Well, the guy is a man of principle. He felt the need to give his input, and his obligation to do justice to his assigned projects made him stay.

Hi-Fi RUSH is awesome.

We don’t know ‘bout everyone else, but that kinda dedication is exactly why the man’s demands should have been met. After his final project was out the door, he left, and more power to him for that brave step. He’s more than earned his keep and deserves to do as he pleases. We sure as hell will be keepin’ a close eye on his future game offerings.

Final Thoughts On The Explanations By Shinji Mikami

Well, there y’all have it, folks, our news coverage ‘bout Mr. Shinji Mikaki, one the gaming world’s best creators hands down. We’re forever thankful for his contributions to the gaming industry and wish him all the best. So, what do y’all think of this development? The studious interference annoys us to no end, but how do you feel ‘bout it? Are you just as enthusiastic as we are about what he’ll bring in the future? Tell us ‘bout it in the comments below.

We’re gonna take off, but before we do, we’re gonna leave you with somethin’ more Japanese-centric. Say, anime? Particularly our review of the 2024 breakout anime The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic. Its execution is brilliant and brings a unique twist to the Isekai genre while following established tropes. Welp, that’s it for now; we’ll see y’all next time, so take care, stay safe, everybody!

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