Juicy Xbox Game Scoops! Perfect Dark, DOOM, State Of Decay 3

Well, ahoy, fellow Xbox game enthusiasts! Today, we got some juicy Xbox game scoops for y’all. Yep, not just for one or two titles, but for three whole AAA games. Finally, some good news, right? The whole of last week was a depressing, never-ending nightmare, what with the whole Microsoft disaster and all. So, we needed this bit of positivity to lift our spirits and take solace in knowing Microsoft is finally ready. Or at least ready enough to show us something new from their gaming line-up.

Take note that some of the info we’re gettin’ isn’t through official channels; it’s by some leaks or rumor mill. But it is reliable, so more than likely, what you’ll see from us is gonna end up true. But if it ain’t, well, you know what they say about rumors and hearsay, don’t pay it no mind. The bottom line is that we’re tired of Microsoft playing defense, and the timing of this series of “leaks” fits with the summer reveals Microsoft has planned. So, in short, we’re pretty confident in our stance here. Now, let’s dive into these 3 juicy nuggets of info.

Which Juicy Xbox Game Scoops Have Got Us Buzzing With Excitement?

Plenty of juicy game scoops from Xbox.

Alrighty, then~ so, first, we’re gonna address the big elephant in the room. There are plenty of classic games that we really wanna see Xbox make remakes of. One Xbox game, in particular, is gonna be from those that we’re gonna give you the juicy scoops about. So, yay! But sadly, there’s still plenty of radio silence on what the heck the other Xbox Game Studios are working on.

Funnily enough, all 3 games in question were announced during the earlier tenure of Uncle Phil Spencer, who recently completed his decade-long milestone at Xbox. It just baffles the mind how time sure flies and how ill-managed Microsoft was in its Xbox brand. But hey, better late than never, right? Besides, that’s a worry for another time; today, we focus on what we do know!

So, without further ado, the three games in question, which we’ll discuss separately, are: The Perfect Dark reboot, a new DOOM game, and then there’s the positive update on State Of Decay 3. Yeah, sorry, no new Halo or Gears game, sadly, but hey, at this point, we’ll take what we can get our hands on. Anyway, it’s time to throw caution to the wind and see what the juicy Xbox game scoops we got for you! Here we go!

The Perfect Dark Reboot Is Something We Xbox Gamers Want, Nay, Need In Our Lives

The Perfect Dark reboot was previously reported to be in trouble, but its all good now.

Arguably, the most anticipated Xbox game that we’re pleased to have juicy scoops about is The Perfect Dark Reboot. So, in case y’all are unaware, The Perfect Dark is a stealth FPS game famous for a lot of brilliant and truly original ideas. With bizarre and surreal storytelling and gameplay features that hold up even today. It’s got corporate espionage conspiracies, innovative level design with freedom of mission structure, and, of course, sci-fi aliens.

The original Perfect Dark is one of the most unique games with hot and cool female heroines in Johanna Dark. She’s a deadly femme fatale who enjoys her line of work. She dresses to impress and turns heads with her petite figure that’s deceptively athletic and combat savvy and her provocative attire, which she flaunts unapologetically. Plus, she has a charmingly cute Brit accent, too. She’s perfect! (Sorry, not sorry for the pun~).

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How Is Perfect Dark Shaping Up?

The Perfect Dark Reboot is an Xbox game that we have juicy scoops on.

The Perfect Dark Reboot imagines a futuristic sci-fi backdrop where Johanna Dark’s skillset is even more of an asset. The alien invasion aspect was shown in a few reveal footage from back when the game was under production. Suffice to say, we were more than hyped for the game. But that was back in 2020, and now until recently, we’ve not seen anything or heard from Microsoft or even Uncle Phil Spencer, for that matter.

The complete ignorance and keeping the franchise under wraps for this long was a sign of trouble in development. Last week, there was a false alarm regarding The Perfect Dark Reboot when Microsoft was busy making Xbox fans angry. Thankfully, however, the status quo is much better now. The piece of uplifting news and juicy Xbox game scoops came from GiantBomb’s Jeff Grub on X (formerly known as Twitter). He said that The Perfect Dark Reboot has its rough edges; there’s no denying it.

However, he continues after that bit to give us hope. He says the more people he spoke to internally who’ve playtested the game, the more the feedback shifted towards the positive end of the spectrum. People seemed to enjoy their time with the current state of the game. Some standout highlights were even mentioned that Jeff didn’t get into details for. There is some indication that we might get to see Johasnna Dark steal the show during the Xbox June 2024 Game Showcase. So, keep your eyes peeled for that.

State Of Decay 3 Update Is Full Of Promise, Hope, And Hopefully Excellence

State Of Decay 3 is another Xbox game we have juicy scoops for you about.

Oh, boy, another Xbox Game Studio title that we have some positively juicy scoops for. Is it Christmas already? Joking aside, though, State Of Decay 3 is a game with zero exposure since its reveal. It’s problematic when a game dev’s so quiet, but thankfully that is no longer the case now. Why? Well, before we dive into the specifics here’s a bit of trivia about State Of Decay 3.

So, the entirety of the State Of Decay series is all about sandbox survival tactics. Think the Walking Dead-esque post-apocalyptic backdrop while more immersive life sim elements take center stage. You gotta be mindful of your character’s needs, while also finding any and all means to brave the harsh challenges of the game. From the elements and wilderness, not to mention other player’s cunnings, there is a plethora of things to do.

(Only 18 plus crowd, please).

So far, we’ve had two entries in the franchise and State Of Decay 3 has only got one CGI trailer to its credit. Nothing else. We know Undead Labs is the Xbox Games Studio behind the scenes at the helm, but do you know who else is lending a hand? It’s The Coalition, the freaking Gears Of War studio. Oh, this game better be darn good, ’cause if it’s the reason we don’t have Gears 6 yet. Or else we’re rioting!

What’s The Word On State Of Decay 3?

We need this game like yesterday.

Okay, so here’s the insider with reputable sources inside the gaming world. The host of the Xbox Two podcast, Jez Corden, recently on his show gave some little breadcrumbs about State Of Decay 3. Basically, he was pretty stoked about the state of the game, giving it high praise. The exact phrasing was along the lines of:

“I’ll put out there that it (State Of Decay 3) is doing very, very well, and looks very, very good.”

Now, we’re no linguistics experts, but those sound like the words of a fanboy who’s very happy to see a favourite game of his living up to his expectations. Seriously, we share the sentiment and enthusiasm of Mr. Jez Corden. These are exactly the sort of juicy Xbox game scoops we need to keep our hope for Xbox’s future in the games industry alive.

Can you seriously imagine what kind of mindblowing features and gameplay magic will happen if Microsoft pulls this off successfully? We honestly cannot wait for the actual gameplay footage to drop. Or the actual release date for that matter. The refinement of the gunplay of State Of Decay 3, in particular, with the help from The Coalition studio, is making us salivate.

Our Juicy Xbox Scoops Point You To The New Trademark Filing By Bethesda; It’s DOOM

The new DOOM game as hinted by  Bethesda's trademark filing leak is one of the most buzz-worthy and juicy Xbox scoops.

Aaaand, finally, the last bit of our juicy Xbox game scoops is concluding with a bang, literally. Why? Well, ’cause Bethesda’s parent company, Zenimax recently filed a trademark with the title ‘IDKFA’. Now, to the average Joe/Jane gamer, it might not mean much, or it could mean absolute gibberish. But those in the know, and from the retro gaming era, know that it’s a reference to the cheat code from the classic DOOM games.

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If y’all don’t know, DOOM is a classic video game series that’s recently been rebooted in the past decade. With Doom (2016), Doom Eternal, and hell, even the Mighty DOOM game, we’ve been enjoying the new styles of the games. The forward momentum aggression in these titles is ridiculously addictive. We even have the mainline reboot of DOOM among the greatest action games of all time. Now, let’s talk about the recent buzz surrounding DOOM and a potential new entry, possibly this year.

A New DOOM Entry Would Be Utterly Delightful For Xbox Fans

Doom Game is perhaps the perfect cap to the juicy Xbox scoops.

So, we mentioned the above trademark filing by Zenimax, right? Well, here’s where things get interesting. You see, in the recent coverage of Xbox’s abysmal game studio shutdown plans (here’s our hot take on it, by the way). Anyway, The Verge’s Tom Warren ended his piece with one heck of a teaser. It’s subtle but those with a keen eye will spot it. Basically, he spoke of how Microsoft’s gonna be winning fans over to their side. On a side note, if you’re saddened by the closure of Xbox Game Studios like Tango Gameworks, we’re honoring their legacy by giving you recommendations for games like Hi-Fi RUSH.

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So, as Mr. Tom was continuing his train of thought, he goes ‘Microsoft is going to be banking on new game announcements for lifting the DOOM around Xbox.’ The word DOOM was italicized and highlighted to stand apart from the rest of the report. Now, if we put on our detective hats and put the recent trademark filing along with this reputable journalist’s words together, there’s a high likelihood of a new DOOM game popping up soon-ish.

Of course, if it turns out to be true, that opens the door to all kinds of possibilities. One of them is that the new DOOM game might be a series prequel that’s long been floated around. However, until we know more, it’s only a little glimmer of hope to hold onto, nothing more. But, at this point, there’s just too much at stake for Xbox to not deliver. We sincerely hope they do. ‘Cause a new DOOM game is gonna bring the hype and thunder back to camp Xbox. Thus, concludes our juicy Xbox game scoops for the day.

Final Thoughts On The Juicy Xbox Game Scoops

And, that’s a wrap, folks. Our juicy hot takes and game scoops for Xbox come to a close now. So, then, what’s the verdict, y’all? Do you feel any sort of excitement from these leaks, rumors, and deliberate tactical marketing? Or would you rather wait and see how things turn out? Honestly, it’s anybody’s guess at this point ’cause a lot of the time, games get announced but get stuck in development hell. Or they come out as mediocre and get bombed to the bottom of the barrel pile. Either way, we’re cautiously optimistic ’cause we actually want stiff competition in the gaming industry. Otherwise, it’s gonna be a monopoly, which is never good for the customers.

We wanna hear from you all about your feelings and how you feel that Microsoft can turn things around for Xbox fans. Do you even want that? Or is it past the point where you don’t give a toss anymore? Ramble away in the comments below. We look forward to reading the feedback from y’all. Oh, and before we leave, here’s something else to get excited about this year. Did y’all know that the Lollipop Chainsaw Remake is set to sizzle the summer of 2024? If not, now you do. You’re welcome, internet. Now, we’ll be off, so until next time, take care, everyone, stay safe, and happy gaming!

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